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Friendship - Good friends

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Posted by Bikram
Don't force a friendship just because you think you ought to be friends with them. Know when to back down and know when its right to end things. Be willing to admit you're wrong and move past the incident.

Realise that a little tiff is no reason to throw years of friendship down the proverbial drain. We often keep waiting for the other to make a move in case of a tiff, don't let that happen, Make the Move or at least try it once.

Open the lines of communication, nothing will happen unless you can communicate with your friend.

Tell them how you feel and ask them how they feel.

Swallow your pride, Apologise when you're wrong. You might be thinking that you , too, were wronged, but that doesn't mean you cant apologise for wronging your friend.It may not work, but again no harm in trying.

and Least but not the last Accept that Friendships change, If none of these tactics work, it maybe time to go separate ways. GOOD LUCK TO THEM and let it go.

The reason for this blog is that recently a few incidents happen, which made me realise that No matter what you do there will be tiffs, there will be people who wont want to be friends to you, OR who would for a matter be polite to you , take you for granted anyhow all that sometime later.. but for now ...



2 Response to "Friendship - Good friends"

  1. smitzy Says:

    good post.. explains the very essence of friendship.. for me friends are everything.. and life would be really difficult without them.. thankfully havnt parted ways with any so far touch wood :)

  2. Bikram Says:

    Thanks.. yeah touchwood.. Hopefully you will never need to part ways ..