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Questions... When will they get answered...

Sunday, October 18, 2009 Posted by Bikram
At this moment I am thinking what is love , why does it hurt. I have been feeling so low lately that i am actually thinking WTF , kill myself or something, I really don't know how to make things better. it feels like been there done it all and nothing seems to matter or did matter.. I am so angry I hit the wall and now i am in Pain :) ... ..

has anyone wondered

What it would be if U don't exist ?

DO you think someone will even bat a eyelid if you go away ?

What makes you think you are needed ?
What makes you think you are even thought of ?
Will you be ever good enough for anyone ?
Will anything you do be ever good enough for anyone ?

Why do people not appreciate what they got ?
Why is it that we think of people who don't give a damn about us, we think about them all the time ?

Why is it so hard for people to see you smile ?
Why is it so hard for people to make you smile especially those who say they love you ?

Why , why why Lots of why's but so hard to get an answer for them, wonder anyone has ever got them.. or will life be like this through out, a whirlpool of emotions and heartaches.

Two people are having a decent conversation when Mr. A asks Ms B something and things fly off the handle, this buggers up the whole conversation. Then the wait starts who is going to ask or talk first.

HAS THE RELATION BECOME A GAME who does what first ?

and the silent treatments, The phone conversations start paused adequately with long silences...

U still there ? YUPP STILL HERE

Then a couple of words and again the silence.... What do you do. then comes the finale.. right then "A" I have had enough , I got to go , bye .... and the phone gets put down...

What was to be a beautiful day gets screwed because of one thing , one small little thing.. What should happen Next time .. should that scenario be not repeated .. or should it be handled more appropriately....

What is a relation, is it so hard to ask ur partner/lover/ ur better half, something that you need. or the question is SHOULD YOU BE ASKING... OR SHOULD YOU BE GETTING IT ...

My mind is gone numb at the moment.. god knows what all is going through it at the moment wish i had a grasp over english vocabulary so i could put it down in words, so as to portray the turmoil its going through at moment.

Why WHY WHY WHYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Should i just kill myself and see if it will have the desired REACTION....

(psst.. Like i said me and my random thoughts ... Dont worry I am perfectly sane and you will see the next post soon, got you worried there did i not MR/Ms READER.... )



8 Response to "Questions... When will they get answered..."

  1. Anonymous Says:

    brother how do do, I advice Get rid of the problem .. SIMPLE solution.. and NO YOU ARE VERU IMPORTANT .. and More important then all. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT .. and YOU KNOW THAT .. Dont think like that.. People who are doing this THEY DONT DESERVER YOU .. TO HELL with it all

  2. Bikram Says:

    It's the Opposite actualy bro, I DONT DESERVE them I GUESS... They are too good for me :) THanks for the Hausala AFZAI....

  3. Pallavi Says:

    oucch! that feeling really sucks...Glad I never experienced it, doesn't give good feeling! and yeah... everyone's shud be too important for is all come and go

    PS: you didn't exactly get me worried but shocked is right expression :)!

  4. Bikram Says:

    Thanks Pallavi.. For visitng my blog.. greatly appreciated.. Please do keep visiting. SO you got shocked, Chalo thats good GOT SOME reaction ha ha ha .. Take care..

  5. Pallavi Says:

    sure.. will come back to read more stuff...:)

    my blog link is incase you wud like to visit.


  6. smitzy Says:

    There are two things you need to constantly remind urself: you're the best, you're most important. The people who don't understand that and treat you any less are selfish morons. The best thing to do in such times would be listen in through one ear and let it go out through the other. The mind starts thinking these questions when it starts processing what it hears.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful!

  7. Punam Says:

    Got the answers to those questions?

  8. Bikramjit Says:

    Trying to get them