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Religion - A thought

Monday, October 19, 2009 Posted by Bikram
17th october was Diwali , I sent all my friends diwali wishes. I received a sms from one of my friends about how not to fall into the myth that SIKHS do-Not celebrate diwali and to wake up.

It had asked me to google it and as i did there were thousands of sites which were telling all this. I am a sikh, not a practising one But i do have my moments.

This just made me feel about where us humans have we reached, how we look at each religion. We all know for a fact that all historical facts have been changed and disfigured according to the day and time of that era.

Why is it so difficult to be a sikh and still celebrate Diwali, I mean does it matter, as far as my knowledge tells me or what i have read... The Guru Sahibs told and preached of equality amongst humans, that all humans are equal.

If we are all equal then does it matter if diwali is hindu festival ?
People who say sikhs should not celebrate it are they not asking us to deviate from the path our Gurus taught us and guided us to follow.

In today's day and age it becomes very tough to follow our religion, But I am sure no where in Sikhism it is mentioned to discriminate against any race-creed and religion, then why do we do it.

I am sorry if i have hurt anyones religious feelings that was not my intention they are just a thought. random thoughts my Silly mind thinks sometimes....


2 Response to "Religion - A thought"

  1. Pallavi Says:

    Bikram, can't tell you how happy I am to read this post :))) !

    PS: the thoughts are not silly, they make perfect sense to the sane.

  2. smitzy Says:

    I'm also tired of the religion prejudice in India.. Thankfully, since my childhood, I've had multi-ethnic friends and I've celebrated Id, Christmas, Diwali, Guru Purab with equal zest. Festivals are just a way of people getting together and having a good time. Why mess it up with unwanted anti-secular c**p.

    Good post!