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Water On Moon

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Posted by Bikram
Recently I have been hearing Indian scientists shout and dance with glee over finding of Water on surface of moon. I was in india then, Saw Indian satellite television stations go GA GA over it , so much so that they had the news story on a loop to run every few minutes, there was nothing better for them to do then shout hoarse over the miracle of finding water by our scientists.

I don't want to be a spoilsport and I hate to burst the bubble BUT do we really think this is an achievement , it seems so surreal cause think of it in this way , or if i may request anyone reading this to look at it the way i am looking, It feels absurd finding water on moon when these scientists have found so hard to find water on EARTH, Water being a major, A VITAL part of Human beings.

Our water levels are going down, the natural water resources are depleting, yes we as a nation have billions to spend on such adventures to be the first to find water on Moon, Tell me what good is it going to be for us as a nation, other then being in news that Indians did it first.

Our Metro cities where children don't have access to clean water, many die before the age of 10 because of the filthy water they are made to drink. People in rural areas have to walk for hours to get to water, No wonder the literacy rate in india is so poor, most of there time is spent in finding water.

Why are our scientists finding it hard to Get CLEAN water to villages and rural areas of our vast nation. Isn't this one of the goals to be achieved in the five year plans made by our country EVERY 5 YEARS, Why after 62+ years of independence are we still not being able to implement the most important, the basic necessities , the most vital issues.

I was reading a article somewhere where they mentioned that 17% of rural households have electricity and ONLY 57% of villages are electrified. Is it not shameful for us as a developing country, yet we have the Budget and finances available to spend on such expeditions to find WATER ON MOON.

How can we justify such audacity to those minor kids who are dieing ?

WHY can't such clever brains answer the problems faced by the fellow indians, the fellow human beings who pay taxes and all for Such Clever minds to go on expeditions like these.

I am sorry , being an indian I do-not find myself at all thrilled or excited about this find, Its time something is done about the most basic problem we have in MOTHER INDIA......, which is actually doing something for the country then running a rat race.


4 Response to "Water On Moon"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    paaji tusin taan SENTY ho gaye yaar ... ithe aa jao saade kol bahut paani haiga.. naale jyada tension na liya karo baiji ...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great, Bikram...!!! Nice to see you ACTUALLY WRITING and DOING, what I've been TEACHING and PLANNING to write about for years...!! Keep it up..!!! And DOOO get in touch next time you are in India..!!!
    Prof: KPS Shante

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i am glad we all r on the same page...we all feel for our country and the fate of its poor and downtrodden...what i see is that we must do our bit to improve the situation and try to raise our voice of reason at every possible forum so that the educated masses rise up together to make a difference...a dream but then dreams do become realities we just have to work on them
    Mrs. Dimpy Nain

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cherry Saluja Gud one...U are water on Earth is depleding..thats why scientists moved towards other heavenly bodies...u just wait for the day when we'll say , "hey i've got a fren' who lives on Moon" some person has, from India, booked a plot on Moon... He could have even spent that money to educate a Girl Child on Earth..!! BUT No..
    Cherry Saluja