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Indians in UK- Loosers

Sunday, November 01, 2009 Posted by Bikram
I was having a chat where in I was told that people who leave india to settle abroad are a bunch of loosers also Recently a friend of mine pointed out to me that I work for the BRITS, so why should I get angry at things happening in india. I think why not

If I have come to uk does it mean I have lost my individuality, If I work for a british company then does that mean I have become a traitor or something on those terms.

I came abroad cause I knew i could not have done anything in india. I would not have a Job to start with. Cause I was not a bright student, in india its all about MARKS, SIFARISH, RISHWAT. I had none of the three.. so either i stayed there to somehow manage through my life.. OR I come here to do something.

It so happened that when i arrived here I got a job with a firm as a programmer, I went to the interview the person who interviewed me did not look at my certificates, A few practical problems were put in front of me to solve. Thats it .. I was offered the Job. So all those marks etc were good enough for a Foreign firm.. but not for companies back home.

My granddad had this passion to see me go into army, I cleared the IMA exams appeared for SSB interviews to be told that i was not good enough for the indian army. ( I will give a example here , One person got selected he was known to me , during our four days stay for the SSB, we as a group went to see the city , the SSB was in Dehradun.. We had gone to see some caves and there was a Mandir.. Now this guy refused to go in the mandir saying he is a SIKH.. he still got through and now is a major I think and OH I Forgot he was also the Son of a Lt General.) No more comments on that issue ... Pity my dad was not One...

And yeah I also Cleared the Dy Commandant exams , but My bad luck my parents could not afford paying 12 lakh Rs as was the going rate at that time, I guess its there FAULT.. they should have sold some piece of land to pay some Arsehole so I could be selected ...

Here in Uk I am working for a multi national firm, I also work for the Police, I managed to get through the interviews everything , I was not good enough for my own countries Army but good enough for a foreign countries Police force.

Just because I am a indian and I DONT work for a indian firm does that make me not Indian anymore. ?

People in India from one state to another, think they are going to a foreign place ask anyone from UP or Bihar they will call there State as there DESH.. They come to punjab to earn a living, They say while returning back home "APNE DESH JA RAHE HAIN". Does that mean they are not Indians.

So why are we demonised if We have come to UK or USA to work and Earn a living.

Why are we criticised if we speak against something in India, Why ..
We have the same right to speak out.

No one says No to the money I give or the free work I do for Indian charities,
Why are NRI's so much wanted for grooms or brides, Suddenly we are Indians.
But on the other hand we are not good enough cause we chose to settle abroad. It hurts me when that happens, is that making me selfish or the people who are using me selfish.

I reach Delhi airport, there is me standing along with a foreigner , at customs it takes 2 seconds for his passport to be checked , that too with a SMILE and Good Evening by the Custom Official, My turn comes I takes 10 to 15 minutes to go through my passport, under the UV light, this side that side, A UGLY LOOK as I am a criminal , I say Hi.. No response forget about the smile.. AM I BEING HYPOCRITE HERE OR SOMEONE ELSE. I had the same experience EVERYTIME I came on my Indian passport, Now I got british I get the Same smile and sometimes a SIR tooo.

If I am voicing my views about the corrupt practises in India, I am told that this is not good I have left india so I am a good one to speak about it.

Maybe I AM A LOOSER THEN... hurts me to feel that my own people are saying this about me , ah well I guess another reason to have come here at least here in uk I am not made to feel this way.

Sorry if I hurt anyone's sentiments.. But then thats what LOOSERS do ... I will write other experiences I had in a few days to come. Maybe then someone might tell me that I am not a LOOSER to have come to UK.

thanks for reading this


12 Response to "Indians in UK- Loosers"

  1. Pallavi Says:

    I say.. get over it Bikram.

    What are u trying to convey thru this post??? You decided to move on that was yr call stop rubbishing us and yes just by saying I love my country I love my country you maybe feeling happy and satisfied that I have at least confessed my passion as an Indian... but can you see your country beyond faults and what is not right..
    you know the biggest that irritates me and pardon me for saying so is this attitude where we don't miss an opportunity in pointing out that every damn single thing within our country which is not right. Ever cared to write a post where you have admired what is good and was well because then that will be our duty and expected of a nation. Jazz!

    Have you ever noticed that never will a US/UK citizen or for that matter any other Eurpean country will rubbish their country or countrymen no matter how wrong they maybe because the world observes and makes it a point to notice it. and on the other hand we don't miss an opportunity to point out ..

    PS:you think you couldn't have made anything of yourself if you lived in India. let me tell you Mr. I was an avg very avg student who didn't get thro to colleges despite getting a good ranking in entrance exams becoz of XYZ reasons... It didnot mean I gave up on myself. I chalked out my path, my career and plan and I am very proud to say I got to make a good life living in India and I didnt go scouting for opportunities abroad.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just answer this question....What have you done for the country, to bring about a change and make India a better place? India doesn't need the money you may be sending from UK, but she needs your time and your presence. I agree with Pallavi on all points.

  3. Bikram Says:

    yeah u both r so true i have done nothing for the country thanks for the comments. Pity though i have to give reasons and specific details. You guys just by staying have done so much. I got nothing more to say other then DOnT JuDGE BY WHAt someone has done cause i can bet you one thing me and a group of friends here have done somethings which people there have not done in 60 years and yeah like notall living in india are worthy of being indians same way its same for people who live abroad. also can i know what you have done if you dont mind my friend thannks for the lovely comments much appreciated bikram

  4. Pallavi Says:

    who questioned your Indianess? just that don't go bashing up what is wrong back here..

    wat you do for yr ppl bk home doesn't mean you will only spot the wrongs and go on... It is so unfair and uncool!

    like I said.. each to its own, you got a perspective and i got mine...I can't change yrs and u can't infulence me.!

  5. Bikram Says:

    Thank you for the comments please do keep visiting this article was not india bashing it was actually the other way round calling people abroad loosers. Sorry to hurt your sentiments pallavi.

  6. Pallavi Says:

    loosers? you know if you able to stand up and face yourself with confidence that what I am doing is the right way then damn those who term you loosers! if you got a question mark on yourself then figure out the answers. Indians staying abroad...You chose to give up your citizenship yet when you come back home you are counted as much an Indian as anyone of us! isn't that great? India mera desh, I love my country etc etc but yahan par yeh galat hai, yeh bhi thik nahin hai, bijali nahin hai, pani nahin, population explosion hai, corruption hai.. sab kuch galat hai. Bas thik hai toh yeh ki meiney apeny logon key liye bahar rehakar kuch kiya...and m not pinpointing at you alone, out there are many who have the same sentiments!

    India is now a home converted into a holiday destination ...and I think you are the hurt party here Bikram.. for reasons best known to you!

    PS: of course I am going to come bk each time you write a new post! our views differ but each opinion matters in its own right!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    My INR 10:
    Easier said than done... Get over it guys. If you love your country, it shows. It doesn't need a microphone and a speaker.

    All those people who have left India to settle abroad for a better living have made a concious choice. Some call it selfish, some call it greedy and some call it a mere stupid attraction of the glamour.

    Patriotism is not about always speaking and doing good for your country. But it is also about not tolerating if some one else slings mud on it.

  8. Bikram Says:

    Thanks maxmayur, rightly said.. It has to be spoken.. thanks for visiting the Blog.. and Writing the comment.. I agree Perfectly with you.

  9. smitzy Says:

    You have stirred a hornet's nest here bik :)

    The reason for your anger is becoz of the dirty politics being played. You claim that the people aren't really doing anything about it. But they are. Governments are turning around if they don't live upto the voters' expectations. Family politics of passing on tickets to children is being met with ridicule and disgust. The sensible section of voters are being kept up to date by our brisk media.. Trust me, India is not what it used to be 12 yrs ago.

    Youth is jumping into politics, to change what's been the ground reality. NGOs are working day in and day out for the neglected and the poor.

    Yes I call those people losers who leave their own country and its problems to go and live in a foreign country doing however degrading work like wiping cars and cleaning motels to get the satisfaction of earning in foreign currency while looking at india from a distance and claiming what a huge parcel of problems it is.. It is easier to complain now coz once you were a part of it.. had you stayed in this country, you'd still very much be a part of it and you'd have learnt to live with it too.. right now the comparisions spring up becoz you have the wonderful things and corruption free environment of UK to compare India with..

    I personally know what you have done for your village where the govt didn't do anything and that is VERY appreciable.. I also know that you have experienced corruption in close proximity during various stages of your life (the army incident).. Nobody has a grudge against you that you chose a better living environment. You're still every bit of a patriot that I am. Nobody doubts that.

  10. Bikram Says:

    Excuse ME SMITA.. Its not a Comparison IF I start comparing it will be a entirely different picture.. YOU Too have missed my POINT.. I am not saying against INDIA or Putting it down..

    THESE ARE not Comparisons these are MY EXPERIENCES and MY thoughts what I have Seen, What has happened WITH ME.

    I promised someone that I wont go on and on about it BUT its not FAIR.. Regarding me staying there I have SPENT more time in india then here in UK.
    Anyone who has written I LOVE MY COUNTY,, Let me be very BLUNT, Let me hear WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR IT.. everyone says yeh ho raha hai woh ho raha hai. .Yes ho raha hai.. Cause SOMEONE is Doing it .. my question is to all people who read this WHAT HAVE YOU DONE PERSONALLY. Lets hear it .. talking and saying is no good..

    enough of Talking high time people WALK THE TALK...
    You tell me what happened when we were to deliver the 50 odd laptops to that school.

    thanks for the comment , appreciated

  11. vijay Says:

    Bikram, you need to see the movie Hindustani (Kamal Haasan).
    India is not the vast soil between Pak and B'desh and patriotism isn't making a tilak of indian dirt on your forehead. Any country exists for the culture and race and loving and caring for and continuously grooming that is PATRIOTISM. This was explained by Hitler, by the way!

  12. Punam Says:

    Ahh.. so this was it. How I see it, is, some India-lovers want to close their eyes and cover their ears when it comes to the things that India needs to improve upon.. in the name of 'patriotism'. Sorry to say, that is not patriotism. It's unpatriotism coz hiding the flaws is as good as encouraging them. One can not do that. And people like you, who voice out their candid opinions are screamed upon, and bashed like you are making a BIG mistake.. as if you like saying all these things.. they can not understand that it is painful to acknowledge the unfair happenings in the country for an NRI and that is the reason why one speaks out.
    The flame of comments above is very clear as to how much truth pinches. And it's good that you brought out your experiences. People here have no idea that this is what happens.. the prejudices, the hypocrisy, the partiality towards foreign passport holders, the looking-down-upon of fellow citizens.. it's all murky business.
    And because they are not on the receiving end, they want to look 'patriotic'.
    All said and done, talking won't do.