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Rules of Life

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Posted by Bikram
1 . Pursue Achievable Goals

2 . Keep Genuine Smiles

3. Keep Cool Under Pressure

4. Get Along with the Rich, the Poor, the Beautiful, & the Ugly

5.Help Thy Neighbors

6. Share with others

7. Treasure Every Moment with Your Loved Ones

8. Cooperate and Reap Greater Rewards

9. Have a Few Pals

10. Forgive the Annoyance of Others

11. Lighten the Atmosphere with Humor

11. Understand "Money Isn't Everything"

12. Take Calculated Risks

13.Indulge Yourself Occasionally "

14.Respect the Disadvantaged

15. Have High Confidence in Yourself "


13 Response to "Rules of Life"

  1. Gaurav Says:

    I do follow some of them. But I don't indulge occasionally, lol.

  2. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Wonderful list!

  3. smitzy Says:

    awesome!!! :D

  4. Harman Says:

    I like the genuine smile ..caption...ha haaa haaa..its too cute!

  5. BK Chowla, Says:

    Each caption is unique in itself.

  6. Madhu Says:

    awle.the pics wre super good..quite complimented the rules!!

  7. Neha Says:

    nice collection and well captioned..

  8. Chatterbox Says:

    Superb pictures with wonderful messages :)

  9. sm Says:

    thanks for sharing it with meaningful pics

  10. Insignia Says:

    Loved all the pictures!!

  11. Tripat "Prerna" Says:

    hv come to ur blog after so may days..really njoyed here :)

  12. Bikram Says:

    @Gaurav:- Yeah you follow a few of them , But which ones is the question here :)

    @Raj:- welcome back

    @smitzy:- thanks

    @Harman:- Haanji it is thanks

    @Chowla Sir:- I am glad you liked them .

    @Madhu:- Yes you are right, they do ..

  13. Bikram Says:

    @Neha:- Thank you

    @ChatterBox:- Thank you for the visit , do keep coming

    @Sm:- you are always welcome ... Thank you for the comment

    @Insignia:- Did you now.. Pucca na you loved them all..

    @Tripat:- Welcome back, And dont be long now :)