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Funny.. Me thinking what I could- Part II

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Posted by Bikram
As promised in my previous article Me thinking what I could(click if you haven't read it), If I am in my house feeling bored Sitting on my suite thinking

3. I thought I will go out to a pub meet some people, have a drink or two.. But hold on its Monday and too early to go to the pub (well for me it is its only 11AM in morning).. so I don't think I would have found anyone in the pub.

Now on other hand If it was in my hometown.. I knew exactly what I would have done.. started my bike, MUM- I will be back in a minute or so .. (The Minute is this case finishes after 60 seconds but the SOOOOOOO continues tick tock tick tock ).. She would have said something , but the roar of the engine (I have a enfield) would have drowned the sound, ride to sector XX, take the left turn reach a house in middle , park the bike, open the gate , walk into the doorway, go to back of house, open the iron door, turn right , open another door into my friend sukhvir's bedroom. ( he works on a night shift on monday and tuesday)

"Oh haan Mann, ki haal "
"theek thak, university chaliye" I would reply

No second thoughts..

He would get up, tie his turban, off we go.. Baba sehgal has been advertising his new brand of whiskey RITZ ( i am talking of 1990's 3 or 4 )..and its the in thing, so on way we stop at THEKA, one half of Ritz, in the pocket it goes, ride to the sector 16, right in front of the cricket stadium a Juice wala is standing , we have a ACCOUNT with him.. he makes half a jug of orange juice with ice, we empty the half into it .. two big glasses
GULP GULP... and off we ride to the UNI..

the fresh air starts to do the trick, by the time we reach UNI gates we are a bit tipsy.. Go to law department, well behind the law department the canteen guy makes us fresh Samose and channa.. we have that .. soon a few others turn up.. and ITS A MEHFIL...

NOW GO ON BEAT THAT ......I can go into a friends house, without calling him first telling him I am on way, I dont have to knock or ring the bell, telling who it is outside.. JUST walk in... If Aunty is there then its good news cause then we get a nice cup of DUDH PATTI-- (tea leaves in milk) with nice lovely sweet juicy Rusks.. and uncle ji would be working in this little kitchen garden, calling me showing me the lovely Carrots, cabbages , Spring onions , raddishes..

Hai bai mann ki haal chal hai

sab theek thak uncle, sat sri akal

and he would bless me with a few blessing hmmmmmmmmmm



5 Response to "Funny.. Me thinking what I could- Part II"

  1. smitzy Says:

    LOL... I don't want to sound patronizing but I KNEW IT HAHAHAHAHA there HAD to be a time when you finally got sick of it.. main to abhi bhi kehti hun India wapis aa jao.. have fun with your friends here :P

    wonderful series of posts! I loved them!!

  2. Hari Says:

    Your post echos the sentiments of many Indians who live abroad. I wish I could throw everything away and get on the next flight to India. But then ....

  3. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    I stay near my home town now!!

    So I am enjoying all these things :)

    But i recommend my fellow engineers(Indians) to settle abroad.
    I will write a post on it soon..

  4. BK Chowla Says:

    I can see how much you all miss the home town

  5. Bikram Says:

    Smitzzy:- Yes i knew you would be happy reading the article. Well friends too are abroad now.

    Hari:- yes i am with you on this one. BUT THEN... always stops us..

    Raj:- thanks for the comment, please do keep visiting. comments are always welcome.

    Chowla sahib:- Yes i miss my home, after all its HOME. SWEET HOME... no matter where you are HOME Is HOME...

    thanks for the lovely comments.