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Pagg - Turban

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Posted by Bikram
I was listening to some Punjabi radio station, when a song came up whose words were

Saadi PAGG naal Wakhri Pehchan Jag te
Kita Pagg ne hai Ucha sada naa jag te
Jaan Sardariyaan na rul oye punjabiyo
pagg ban-ni na bhul jaiyo oye punjabiyo

Wow what a song, and the lyrics were amazing, I am not sure who the singer is, but it is true we are forgetting the value of Pagg these days, I am not a good one to speak on it because I myself have stopped wearing it for a few years now. Though I must say I do think constantly of putting it back on.

I remember I was in Singapore, It was a Sunday so my cousin said lets go the cricket club, since its Sunday there would not be many people, we can have a quiet drink and come home early. We took a cab to the club, it was indeed very quiet, climbed a few stairs, opened a door to enter the bar, WHAT TO WE FIND.. there were about 20 people, 5 or 6 women and the Rest were all PUJABI SARDARS. It was as if the whole of Punjab had gathered there, I remember only one did not have a turban, well 3 actually, me and my cousin did not have it either.

The usual happened "Oye Inderjit”, Kidaan, ki haal and the usual Galwakdi, the warm hand shake...

The next was "KI piyenga" (what you drinking)...

Then the flow started the Punjabi style, chak lo, chak.. everyone trying to overdo the other NA my round... No my round ... anyway we had had a few drinks, and then a couple walked in... Or they were already there... My cousin introduced him to me, He was some hot-shot with Singapore airlines...

The most handsome-est Punjabi sardar I had seen, A beautiful Pagg on him, a shirt with the army style scarf, Had his beard nicely tucked not a hair this or that side, and his moustache standing , doing him proud. The Pagg he had was immaculate it showed he had taken pains tying it , making sure each Lad was at its place.. I was in love with his PAGG.

Then we started to talk, since I was a guest in Singapore, so I was guest for the whole of Singapore, Drinks poured in , I don't drink that much It was getting impossible for me to catch up with the guys, we started talking soon the conversation went to being a PUNJABI, I must tell you this guy was Born in Malaysia, been to India a few times But the energy , the Josh he had the pride he had in being a Punjabi , having a PAGG on was making me feel ashamed of myself.

We were quiet high but I remember promising him that I too will start wearing one soon, he replied back to me to take my time, I will know when the time right, were his words.

I remember, I had started to tie my Pagg in class 8th, my dad made me sit one day, showed me how to do it , one side going up the other side coming down, how each Ladd or turn should be visible.. Obviously at that time it was not that big a deal but slowly as I grew up, it was one thing that we did with most care.

In hostel we had dormitories , with changing rooms which had our cupboards, There were Two 6ft Mirrors on either side on the walls, it was a rush in the mornings to brush your teeth, take a quick wash, Go and Stand in front of the mirror , to tie the PAGG, it was a battle cause it took us at least 30 to 50 minutes to tie it, I mean to tie it the way we wanted to after all, going to school and girls would be there.

I must say I use to tie a decent Pagg, Then we came to college it was entirely a different ball game now being a Co-ed college , My father was always furious at me as to why I take that long, The Pagg had to match the shirt I would be wearing, so many colours to choose from.

Since I had long hair, they were parted in side, tied around so both sides of the Pagg would appear same, Once hair tied then a parna was tied which was 1.5 mtrs long, it had to be tied properly, had to match the colour usually black or white, then the battle started to tie that perfect Pagg. I remember fighting with my younger sis over the Pooni , she would not stretch it properly or roll it properly , so early morning the usual khich khich with her, finally I would give up and do both sides myself , perfectly rolled up.

A brand new turban was a pain, it had to be dot 7.23mtrs to have the perfect Ladd in end, it had to be cut in Half and then sewn lengthwise, to shorten it in length but widen it, the new one had to be stretched properly , sprinkled with water, to get the newness out, cause it had to be washed a few times to get the soft touch to it. I remember for some ODD reason all the pagg's i bought had to be from Bhatinda in punjab, though I was studying in chandigarh, never could understand the logic in that.

Sometimes the last Ladd would just be a few Centimeters short, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh taking it off, more stretch then the whole process starts again.

My mother shouting breakfast... Stop it MOM... Hold ... NOT HUNGRY... DON'T WANT IT....

Time... I can tell you all with PRIDE that I never made it to the First lecture in college, because the Pagg had not been tied properly; it was not just me, same story with others too.

In college I remember telling the new kids on the block to wear a Pagg rather then wear the Pataka which i hated, these days quiet a majority of grown up people wear a pataka, pataka is the small square piece which we tied while playing.

Getting ready for occasions was a big problem, my mum-dad would ask me a few hours before leaving to start on my Pagg, cause they did not want to get late, after a year or two it so happened , that they would leave without me , I joined them later.

THE PAGG HAD TO BE IMMACULATE... and why not , it is a symbol of pride - honour amongst sikhs. I still repent the day when I went out to have a haircut, My dad did not speak to me for weeks, If I had been in front of him, I am sure he would have Slapped me or asked to get out of the house. I do repent and think that one day I will have it back on.

I do tie it now sometimes, just to make sure I don't forget how to tie it. So many colours, I have every colour available black, maroon, purple, yellow, green, orange etc etc.

Remember the words

Pagadi sambhal jataa , pagadi sambhal oye


12 Response to "Pagg - Turban"

  1. Harman Says:

    ....every word written is so very close to reality ..I can visualize how a Sikh family behaves when their kid wanna cut their hair or beard... Turban ... is pride of Sikh community..but more then fifty percent of our youth is clean shaved... Ur blog is an inspiration to all sikh
    Good piece of writing..Keep UP!!!

  2. Dharmjit Says:

    great great post
    i must say that ur post will inspire the sikh youth either in abroad or in india.turban is our pride,our respect.and ur all description to tie a turban was really nice.
    and byt the singer is ravinder grewal and it is one of my best song.
    nice post

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gal sirre laati.. bai ji.. swaad liya ta.. and the picture is that kasauli, I got mine all ready and sewn..Washed 4 -5 times, Maroon.. and Firozi for evening.. 25th coming soon.. 9 days to go.. Excellent article.

    yours was always imaculate i remember hostel times, put some nice decent pictue. Loved reading it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have been following your blog for some days now, I have seen a change in your articles.

    You are getting better and better, and this post is excellent.
    Well done Keep it up.

  5. smitzy Says:

    I LOVED this post when I read it in the drafts and i'm just SO GLAD that you put it up. Respect for traditions is so important and the youth is forgetting it. Inspiring post! Hope the youngsters read it and realise what they are missing out on.

    Moreover, I think punjabi men look SO HANDSOME with a turban :) and you are no exception my dear ;)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Very good post, nice picture.. why you cut your hair if both the pic and ur profile pic are of same person, you look better in turban man, Not that i am Gay or anything..

    Very good post...

  7. smitzy Says:

    LOL nice comment Amit :D
    oye Aju oye.. 25th coming soon babe :P :P

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Smitzy.. the pic there is that Really you.. you too look cool. Amit

  9. Bikram Says:

    Harman:- Thank you

    Dharmjit :- Thanks again, for the name of the singer i will try downloading the song from somewhere

    Ajay:- aye shabaash, oh yaraa Chakk de, 25th Dec man , U r going to rock.. Wish I cud be there, all the best. Love to all yaar god willing we shall meet soon.

    1st Anonymous :- thanks my friend. A name would be good. Thanks for visiting and writing such a nice comment.

    Smizy:- Drafts .. u been checking on my draft :).. AM I.. so do u think i could go and talk to a lady.. he he he

    Amit:- thanks for visiting again, yeah i made a mistake cutting my hair.

    Smitzy:- you using my blog for your private messages, haan..

    Amit:- yeah She is cool...

    thanks all for the nice post, appreciated...

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Are you kidding me? Your blog is more decently maintained than mine! I love your template. I'll be visiting your space from now on ;)

  11. BK Chowla Says:

    PAGG,headgear.It is a pity that we have lost track of our culture.Not being a Sikh.I too visit Singapore quite often and it is encouraging to see so many Sikhs doing so well.
    Your posts are very nice and well written.
    Incidentally,I am not a Sikh but I am regular at the Gurudwara and maintain CHALIA at times.

  12. Bikram Says:

    anamika:- thanks for the Visit. and yes always welcome

    Bk Chowla :- haanji Sir, thanks for liking my articles.Please do keep visiting

    Thanks for the comments.