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Friday, December 11, 2009 Posted by Bikram
A new state is being , or there are plans , to carve out a New STATE in India.

Food for thought here Why are we building more states , Why not go the other way Get rid of all the States and HAVE ONE BIG STATE.. called


Easier to Learn at school, no need to remember all states there capitals, Just one Big State and One Capital Delhi (oops or is it NEW DELHI), just imagine how easy it will be for school kids.

help get rid of lot of bad habits, state rifts, state tensions, we wont have to say
JAI state name and then JAI HIND

just two words would do the trick .. JAI HIND

Lot less Bureaucracy, Lot less ministers, Lot less expenses on them, Anything you can think of would be LOT LESS

Me and My stupid Mind Thinks of Silly things OR DOES IT........


10 Response to "JUST A THOUGHT ? ? ? ? -- JAI HIND"

  1. Harman Says:


  2. Parth J Dave Says:

    Hey..I like your way of thinking! Nobody thought about making one huge state - INDIA.. Cool, man! But still, if we have only one state, then I doubt whether we all will respect our region and its culture?

    Anyway, nice post..

  3. Dreaming Eyes Says:

    hello.. jst randomly searching blogs..and stumble upon urs.. nice blog.. and nice posts..

    keep blogging..

    take care.. :)

  4. Dharmjit Says:

    hey i agree with u govt. is making states and in states they are forming districts and people demand for these saying that govt. is unfair with them.
    they even dont think about those poor people which have to study gk for their exams and interviews.

  5. smitzy Says:

    I can't believe this, I'm always last to post a comment :(
    This is a wonderful thought. I especially like the concept of lot less politicians :D

  6. Guttu Says:

    Dividing India into smaller state is actually a good thing. It will help the govt of that particular state to give much attention as it's a smaller state now. They are easy to manage.

    But the sick politicians are creating these states for selfish reasons. Recall the Koda case and what he did with jharkhand.

    If this was not the case then I am in much favor of smaller states which would add to progress.

  7. Bikram Says:

    Hi All.. Thanks a ton for the lovely comments.
    Harman:- thanks

    Parth J Dave :- Thanks for visiting, please do so again. The idea comes cause its not helping with so many either, so why not give this a try too..

    Dreaming Eyes:- Thanks for visiting my blog, please do keep stumbling as and when...

    Dharamjit:- YEah, i have gone through the burden of stuying all that, let the new generation have some Releif :)))))

    Smitzy:- thanks for visiting my blog, appreciate you liked it know me I love it when you manage to comment he he he out of ur precious time..

    Guttu:- Yeah i agree with you. But we have had this for 62+ years now.. SO why not try the other way for half the time.. Changes are always good :)

    Thanks all of you for the lovely comments, taking time out of precious time.. Appreciated


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I should say here no comments, your blog , I wonder what has happeend to all those people who were saying so much about their pride and love etc etc.. Dont see anyone coming out and saying its bad, nothing on news or media..

    next year Mayawati will want separate or Laloo ji if they loose there elections :)

  9. Durga Says:

    ha ha!
    reasons for current number of states include - ease of administration , decentralisation of power and ease of despatching justice .

  10. Neha Says:

    wow! i still dont know the names of all states :P

    your imaginery india sounds pretty awesome...