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Laughter the best medicine

Sunday, January 17, 2010 Posted by Bikram
The fun is to read this in Hindi-punjabi

Hum ghar ko Jaate paye the
Koooota pada nigaaah main
Sooota pada tha rah main

Humne woh Jhal khilaariyaa
Kooote ko Thuda maariya

Koote ki Antadiyon main bal pada
Woh magare magar chal pada
Koota ne Dandi Baaad li
Pinni ki pinni Kaad li

Hum wahan se Nas pade
Lokin saare Has pade

Naste Naste hum cy-Kle main baje
Cy-KLE ka Peepu bana diya
Chimta tod ke Handle main mila diya

Kooota taan Magron leh gaya
Par cy-Kle magare pai gaya

I remember this one cause we were in a NCC camp in luckhnow and my best friend narrated this poem, since the chandigarh contingent had nothing else to do :) ... and it made everyone laugh so much that we did not have to do anything else, for the whole camp ...

for all those who had difficulty understanding,
Koota - Dog
Soota - Sleeping
Jhal khilariya-( did a stupid thing)
Thuda - Kicked
Rah - Raasta
Antadiyon - Intestines
Dandi Baad - Bit me
Pinni - Calf
CyKle - BiCycle


18 Response to "Laughter the best medicine"

  1. Gaurav Says:

    From what I've understood, the poem is funny.

  2. Dharmjit Says:

    that was funny reminds me of chatur sppech in 3 idiots

  3. Harman Says:

    ha haaa haaa... good..!!! something new.n funny.... too gud..!!!

  4. BK Chowla Says:

    This would not have been the same unless it was Punjabi-Hindi

  5. Madhu Says:

    LOL..this was great one..really good!

  6. Insignia Says:

    that was funny and thank you for that translation at the bottom..Really helped :-)

  7. Neha Says:

    hahahaha..though it took me a bit of time to understand it; but it was amazing...:D

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh paaji.. u forgot the second line

    Hum ghar ko Jaate paye the

    ICE-Cream Khaate Paye the..

    ha haha I remember that episode , the lucknow camp.. and do you remember that Wing Cdr. ahh I forgot his name yaar.. the one who said
    "Tum mere ko 10 Thapad maar do .. Main EK maroonga na , to naani yaad aa jayegi" and Did you say to him Aaa jao sir ji ha ha ha ha or someone else ..

    WOW... nice poem

  9. Anonymous Says:

    THe last one is from me JAS...

  10. The Holy Lama Says:

    Mennu punjabi sikhani hai.Koi gal nahi. Tussi translation baddi helpful.:D

  11. HaRy!! Says:

    nice!!! whr yu in Uk?

  12. Bikram Says:

    @gaurav:- yes it is funny. :)

    @Dharmjit:- thanks , you come after a long time, where have you been.

    @Harman:- made you laugh, thats the idea.

    @Chowla Sir- yeah reading it in hindi-punjabi has a charm of its own, it would not have has the same effect if in a different language.

    @Madhu:- thanks for liking this.

    @Insignia:- Thank you too for liking it.

    @Neha:- Result is what matters, in the end you understood thats what matters :)

    @Jas:- yeah i know sorry, i forgot that line. I too have forgotten the name yaar.

    @The holy Lama:- TUhanu Punjabi sikhni hai taan, daso ki sikhna hai.
    "Tussi translation badi helpful " no no "Tuhadi translation badi helpful" he he he thanks for the lovely comment.

    @Hary:- I am in birmingham where are you from

    Thank you guys for the lovely comments.

  13. Babli Says:

    Lovely, interesting and funny post.

  14. MadhaV Says:

    nice and funny post Bikram.

  15. smitzy Says:

    hehehe.. this was a nice one.. took me quite a few times to understand this fully but so worth it :) ur poems rock!! yo che!! :D

  16. MadhaV Says:

    I had added your blog link to my BlogRoll Keep Rocking Bikram!

  17. Bikram Says:

    @Babli :- Thank you for the lovely coment.

    @Smitzy:- Thanks for your comment.

    @MAdhav:- Thanks mate for adding me to your blogroll.

    Thanks you all

  18. Dreaming Eyes Says:

    hello.... rofl.. still laughing .. pure punjabi poem.. wenevr i visit to punjab i hear this kind of language as ppl in there tried to speak in hindi wth me in their punjabi accent.. and i only laugh.. wat else.. :)

    take care..

    keep blogging..