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Blogging - THANK YOU ALL

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Posted by Bikram
I feel on top of the world and humbled by the response on my earlier article, I was mad angry, pissed, whatever you can say .. I wrote that and put it there, I was actually going to take it off.. But then the comments came and it felt great , I am really so much overwhelmed by the concern and love, by my blog-Friends, Some have not left the comments but emailed me..

(pssst :- leave a comment instead of email, just want to show off with all those comments he he he hehe :) )

Its so strange I have not met anyone of you guys, and other than the blog comments, emails have not interacted too with many. I live on a different continent then most of you guys, Its really been a amazing experience here on my blog.

A very beautiful person introduced me to blogging, and now after the initial few bad times, I have met so many, Blogging has sort of become a integral part now. All you guys have made the experience a special one, I just wish I could personally say thanks to all and everyone who gave my blog a thought and stopped for a second thinking.

I would like to name each one of you, But I am not gonna because everyone is important (actually don't want to forget someone he he he he )

Thank you guys. I am privileged to know you all.. All those who visit my blog THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Love you loads .. take care and God bless you all...


12 Response to "Blogging - THANK YOU ALL"

  1. Sangeeta Says:

    That's downright honest and very sweet..

  2. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    So sweet of you Bik!!

    God bless you!!

    We are living somewhere but internet connects us all!

    Thanks to internet these days, as it is giving some good friends :)

  3. Gaurav Says:

    "Blogging connects good people"

    And I'm happy to be connected to good people (like you).

    Never stop blogging, Bik!

  4. BK Chowla, Says:

    It is good to see good people like you connect to good people on good blogs.
    Take care.

  5. Madhu Says:

    thats so damn effing this acknowledgment will sure bring us more to ur blog..other than the honest writing ofcourse!!

  6. Dharmjit Says:

    very true bikram.
    i also came to blogging world recently as told by my friend and yes ofcourse it is the best platform to meet similar thinking people

  7. Harman Says:

    Nice to see u back happy..n full of life!!!Net is for that to make frds around the globe!!!

  8. Dreaming Eyes Says:

    hello.. thats vry sweet of u.. and yes blogosphere is such a gud place and i hv learnt a lot on this and still learning..I hv made sum vry gud frnds on here.. so its jst a rocking place..

    keep rocking..

    keep blogging..

  9. Insignia Says:

    Oh my God!! Someone is alive and kicking!! :-D
    That was really sweet of you. So thoughtful that you published a post to thank everyone. What else are friends for? Virtual or blog or online...friends are friends :-)

    Take care

  10. Neha Says:

    see I told you last time that you are nice and you questioned me how do I know doesn't this post prove my point?

  11. Madhav Says:

    Your Good Post makes your blog popular and its really nice to visit your blogs.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Blogging is a great remedy to bring that feel-good-factor to self..isn't it.
    Blogging helps me to be sane..hmm :)

    And I tried to kill your fish by overfeeding them but seems like you starved them for long..they ate and ate and ate..but din't die...
    ;~) Have a good time:)