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Snooze Button

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Posted by Bikram
The SNOOZE button on the ALARM :- Why have they made it .. I am yet to understand that .. Obviously if it is there then it is meant to be used ...

You will use it

You will wake up and press it You cant help it

Am sure you are NOT going to say I have had a LONG sleep So I am going to have a NAP for another 10 minutes or 15

The button is not there on a FIRE ALARM.. someone running to you there is a FIRE in there .. will you say I tell you WHAT press the snooze, we will have an extra 15 minute.. let it burn a bit ...


and then have you experienced sometimes when you have woken before the Alarm goes offf..

thats the best ..

You look at the Clock and say NOOOOOOOOooooooooooo

I am not moving ..

NOT MOVING Till you go offf... I will wait for you to move and then Press the Snooze button .. keep laying there and then When you go off the second time I will get up


from this post you can well imagine i am bored at work it 2am in morning and i got two more hours to go please can you all remind me not to do favours to anyone i was to have a hockey game go to a pub have fun and then sleep but because i could not say no to a favour i have had to go play the game, shower change and get to work to do a night shift ahhhhhhh i am so sleepy now and tired and i know something is going to kick off. I am so looking forward to sleep and yes hopefully switch off the alarm.


11 Response to "Snooze Button"

  1. Insignia Says:

    You really need a good sleep Bikram! Its obvious from your post.

    Good night!! :-)

  2. Srishti Says:

    Snooze button is sadistic.

  3. smitzy Says:

    LOL.. this was funny :) I have experienced waking up before the alarm goes loads of times. I just wake up and stare at my fone (i don't have an alarm clock.. DONT LAUGH) till the alarm goes off.

    The fone is kept by my pillow but it so happens that I can NEVER hear it the first time it rings. But my bedmate hears it and shouts at me to turn it off. So yeah SHE wakes me up rather than the alarm does.

    And I've never quite figured out how to use the snooze so i always give FIVE alarms at 5 mins intervals :) Needless to say, somedays even THAT doesn't work... hahahahaha

  4. Harman Says: always :)
    Snooze button is made for that purpose to catch few more minutes of sleep..and usually we get up after then RUSH RUSH RUSH.

  5. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Thats the only reason I dont use any alarm!

  6. Gaurav Says:

    I always wake up when the alarm rings the second time.

    What if they couldn't have made the snooze button?
    I guess we'd have thrown our mobiles out of the window when in sleep. LoL....

  7. smitzy Says:

    LOL that was funny Gaurav :D

  8. BK Chowla, Says:

    You really need to sleep.
    I for one never use Alarm.

  9. sangeeta Says:

    I agree with Mr. Chowla.I never snooze...infact i am up before the alarm rings...i have recurring nightmares of reaching my school after an important event is over...that keeps me up

  10. Gaurav Says:

    @smitzy: Once I even missed a college exam due to snoozing of an alarm.

    The paper was at 07am and I went to college at 08.30am.

    From that day, I'm somewhat alert about the snooze factor.

  11. Tulika Says:

    Snooze is so irritating B(

    Funny post! :D