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Friday, March 26, 2010 Posted by Bikram
Do you ever wonder what life would be like for all if you were “god”. Well, I have been thinking on it for some time now, There are a lot of things that I would like to do , but First and foremost if I was god I would make sure that Human race never existed, because they are the cause of all evil that is prevalent in this little world of ours.

Man kind has become selfish and arrogant today. He wants to posses every thing in the word and deprive others of the same. What ever is created in the world is to be distributed to all but this concept has now vanished.

SO i wish I was GOD then I could have come and destroyed it all..Because when will the Real GOd come out and do it No one has any IDEA ...


7 Response to "God"

  1. Insignia Says:

    Dont you see GOD within you Bikram? if human race is destroyed, then how could GOD exist? :-)

  2. Srishti Says:

    Instead of wishing that human kind never existed, isn't it better to wish that human kind existed but not as we know it today, a lot gentler, nicer and well, better? :)

    You wanna be God? yeh toh Bruce Almighty waala scene ho gaya! ;)

  3. Gaurav Says:

    i would recommend you to listen to this story,

  4. Neha Says:

    human beings need to change..destroying anything will never bring a solution.. :)

  5. sangeeta Says:

    Wouldnt it be nice if we were all in the stone age..I think civilization is the bane of human race

  6. BK Chowla, Says:

    I think we must allow HIM to do his job. Let the God remain and guide the world, you and me.

  7. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    If I were god , I would make people to drink alcohol instead of water!