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100th Post and Good bye's

Sunday, April 18, 2010 Posted by Bikram
I started blogging in October 2009, the first blog I wrote was on making a Life is All about ASS.. Making a ASS of oneself.. Which i am sure I have made of myself a lot many times.. this all started quiet exciting, but as time went on I have got bored with it.

I wont say blogging happend for me, It did not , Someone introduced me to it .. To them I am very thankful.. Over Time I made a lot of friends.. some very dear ones.. and Some over the time have stopped being friends. I love you all and I always prey God Blesses each one of you. (ha ha ha Has anyone got it so far.. What is going on.. )

I did not think I would be stopping, I got so much stuff in my drafts.. But this being the 100th post, makes it perfect to stop .. they say you should stop when on top.. so what better time then the 100th post .. I have been sitting here since day before thinking what to write and for the life of me .. I could not think of anything, hence the thought that Time to leave.. (I am sure at this moment, i am definite of one person who is Grrrrrrrrr'ing)
That TODAY! Sorry for dropping this announcement out of the blue

Mine has always been a mediocre blog, so hopefully not everyone will be sad at Bikram's Blog passing. (Please someone Type it is not Mediocre)

I’ve enjoyed my short stint at blogging. It was a wonderful experience. It was good while it lasted. It’s been wonderful getting to know you all. It’s time say goodbye though. I wish you all Good Luck with your ventures! Adieu! .. Dont get mad when you find out ..

Afterwords- I hope you all read between the lines and try to understand ‘why’ I am doing all this and forgive me. April fools is still going on I am sure. Dont get MAd..

Some Golden Moments- I love every post that I wrote, some of my favourites. joke on you
1. Life is all about ass
(My first post)
2. Religion A Thought
3.Phone call what it can do
4.Punjab Mera Punjab
5.Of letters emails-scraps

and Loads more.. (I mentioned these cause they did not get many comments, So manybe you can read them and Comment ha ha hah .. shameless adveritising I KNOW)

UPDATE:- This is getting really sentimental.. here .. reading the comments PEOPLE, Read between the lines ... GOD... (right I thought someone will get it .. But it has not.. )
Selecting the TXT is Good idea ...........

Update 2:- Friends, My dearest Bloggers..Listen... Gaurav has a comment :) (Please dearies Select the TXT and See the NOTE.. Sorry If i am laughing and you all are Grrrriiiinggggg, but hey 100th post, so had to make it special)


26 Response to "100th Post and Good bye's"

  1. sangeeta Says:

    I got re-hooked to blog hopping thanks to you...and now this? I am speechless!!Damn you!!

  2. sangeeta Says:

    and this is one post i hated being the first to comment

  3. Chandrika S Saini Says:

    What should I say, can't find words?

    Congrates on 100th post and take a break but please do not quit. I hope this is just a joke and in the next post u will say I was just kidding. :)

  4. rohini Says:

    cngrts.....and hope posts to be published soon....

  5. Insignia Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  6. Insignia Says:

    Congrats...what a way to 'celebrate' 100th post!!

    You are quitting huh!! Ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. kavita Says:

    Dear Bikram...congratulations on your 100th post.Well , about quitting blogger i remember one of my fellow blogger friend telling me...'yahan log aate apni marzi se hain ,par zattein hain dusron ki marzi se,yahan se vapas lotna mushkil hai".Even i wanted to quit because it was getting very hard to cope up with family,work and blogging all at the same time-so i made a similar announcement,and the kind of response i got from all my friends was an eye opener.I realized that what i gained here was not only a platform to express my views but also i gained very good friends..priceless.

    Take a break but please come back.IN BOLLYWOOD STYLE...TUSSI NA JAO !!

    take care and keep happy .

  8. Tulika Says:

    Hmm.. Well, trust me I didnt had much of an association with you except the last few posts. And surprisingly I haven't commented more on anybody's space than you. I really enjoyed being here. I would have loved to say "100 and still young" but calling quits does not permit to say that.

    I hope you give a thought to this because random thoughts never stop. I hope to see you back!

  9. Neha Says:

    congratulations on the 100th post..wish you had made this a happier is a great milestone..the comments above say a lot and you won't even need to read in between the lines to understand what they are trying to say..good luck buddy :)

  10. Gaurav Says:

    *Some text hidden between paragraphs*

    Congrats on the 100th post. I know you are not going dude.

    PS: Nice use of cryptography there, hehe.

  11. Nethra Says:

    Good bye, dude.
    Sad that u are stopping blogging.

  12. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    nice one! cant scold you here!

  13. SG Says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post. We enjoyed very much reading them. But very sorry you are stopping. Someday, in the near future, we hope you will change your mind and start to write posts again.

    In the mean time, let us pray:

    naanak daas khasam partipaalay.
    saaNt paa-ee gur satgur pooray.

    Dusvidaniya (Translation from Russian Language: Until We Meet Again)

  14. Gaurav Says:

    Bikraaam, everybody is getting serious..hehe.

    Guys, select the text, you'll see something more.

  15. Quest Says:

    Its not mediocre :D
    Now give me my prize ;)
    People are quite busy to find out what this post is about I think :)

  16. knk Says:

    congrats buddy
    looks nice post

  17. A New Beginning Says:

    No blog is mediocre, believe tends to learn so much from every person in this blog world, be it a deep lesson in life or such a minor provides a lot of strength when you read and observe people in similar situations...the chords of human just interlink and spread joy...yours is a great blog aswell, honesty is its strength and Im sure you have to lot to share...Congrats on your 100th post Bikram....may the count never stop :)

  18. BK Chowla, Says:

    My best wishes on completion of 100th post. But your posts will be missed. May you would consider coming back.

  19. The Holy Lama Says:

    100 and quits. Forget, you are too old for it

  20. Madhu Says:

    U should not be quitting./.Ill miss ur posts and ur comments on mine..DAmnit! Stay in touch atleast! Besties!

  21. Bikram Says:

    Thank you everyone.. My next post is dedicated to each of you ..

    and no it has not hidden lines ...


  22. kavita Says:


  23. HaRy!! Says:

    way222222goooooo!!!! Bikram... i hav only come half way thru after a year!!! nice..

  24. Harman Says:

    Congrats..n ur 100 post!

  25. Sandhya Says:

    I had missed reading this post because I was away! Congrats for your 100th post, Bikram!

    Take a break and come back refreshed! You are an interesting blogger, come back.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Very funny.. I am wondering why did all these people ask you to stop.. JAO JAO .. go :)

    or do you expect us to say Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn BIKRammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm donttttttttttttttt