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Pathetic 71 year old Bastard , A F&%$£ up Indian LAW, LOTS OF PEOPLE PASSING THE BUCK, AND 35,000 cost of RAPE

Friday, April 16, 2010 Posted by Bikram
I am devastated, angry and god knows what .. It amazes me , YEAH it does amaze me everytime i read a story like this that how much more can we stoop down to..

In mumbai a girl , a newly born girl is left with the mothers sister, while the parents divorced and left to settle somewhere else, this girl grows to 12 years old and now it is revealed that she has been continously RAPED for a year and half.. by her own cousin, The mother's sister SON. The son then involves others too.. Including a 71 year old.

This was all in the news on 23rd march 2010, what has irked me more is that all the 5 or 7 accused have been granted bail, and the The 71 year old ailing bastard who could rape a girl younger than his grand-daughter get bail, the defense lawyer wants bail for him... "Sharma is ailing and has to overcome the trauma of facing the allegations against him" the lawyer said.

Is this Defense lawyer MAD or what .. has he not got any sort of heart, has he not got females in his household, or is the MONEY that he will get for fighting this case so important.

Can some SANE person please tell me , why did the JUDGE grant him bail, how pathetic can it get..

The lady judge, Malwani Pawar, granted bail to the five arrested persons—Jamuna Prasad Sharma (71), Jitendra Yadav (25), Vinod Yadav (27), Vakil Ahmed (27) and Premchand Pandit (35)—after each of them paid Rs 35,000 as bail surety.

- First of all this is going on for so long, where was the AUNT.. did she never suspect anything...

- Then there is the school which had the following statement to make
"The staff informed me that the girl was very innocent and an average student. But there were occasions, they said, when she would take 2-3 days leave without informing the school. But we did not realise the matter was so serious. Had the school management learnt about it we would have taken severe action against those guilty,” principal (Marathi medium) S M Deshmukh

Should they not have enquired from the GIRL herself, when she did come back to school , Where was she, informed her AUNT at least about her missing the classes and school

I really want to give a STANDING SALUTE to this school, they are doing a wonderful job with the schooling.

- The lodges where the girl was taken for the pure-beautiful-lovely work, The owners did they not ask why a 12 - 13 year old was coming with different MEN. Will someone ASK them this, They are as much responsible...

- The parents When will someone hold them responsible, is it not a duty of the PARENT till the child is ADULT.. Should they not be questioned.

Police not sure what they are doing, but thankfully they are not torturing the poor girl to change her and make money from the accused, I am assuming this , I dont know.

Then on 2nd april there was another case against a 25 year old woman and The Pune gang rape case will be shifted to a fast track court, home minister R R Patil said in the legislative assembly.

NOW look at the situation a home minister involved, and in the case of the 12 year old nothing , the accused get BAIL..

When will we hang our heads in shame.. WHEN ..

What do we think should be the punishment, Rather HOW CAN WE PUNISH them when the so called lawyers who have read law and know its abouts .. they get the bail done with a pathetic statement that "Sharma is ailing and has to overcome the trauma of facing the allegations against him," . WHAT TRAUMA what the F&%$ was he doing when he was inflicting the TRAUMA on the little girl..

All these political parties, The Thackreys, The Congress The rest of the CLAN.. create a ruckus over pathetic things as we know... NONE of these so called leaders have said anything.. DO they not read these news, How come they are all shut , I guess too busy in doing things for the prosperity of Mumbaikers.. Or finding something to be in the NEWS... This is what is happening in the City is someone interested or bothered .......

What has this world come to OR AM I TOO STUPID TO THINK OF THIS


19 Response to "Pathetic 71 year old Bastard , A F&%$£ up Indian LAW, LOTS OF PEOPLE PASSING THE BUCK, AND 35,000 cost of RAPE"

  1. Neha Says:

    very very sad incident..the laws are to be blamed too..and all these things happening to a girl for over a year ad nobody gotta know about it - height of irresponsibility and negligence..

    I am not taking the side of the lawyer who took the case; but as lawyers we are under the oath to protect our clients whether they are guilty or not once we agree to take up the whatever statement that lawyer gave was to protect his client..he cannot say that my client is tired after raping the girl..

  2. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Sad incident and the worst thing of life is we cant do anything unless these money minded bastards change!


  3. SG Says:

    Very very sad indeed. My heart goes out for that girl. She is the one who is facing the biggest trauma.

    There is no point in blaming the lawyer and the judge. Lawyer is supposed to defend his client. Judge do not enact law. Only enforces the laws (enacted by the politicians in the Parliament.)

    There is a system in schools in USA (where I live). In all elementary schools, every week, the school nurse examines the body and talks to the students individually. She reports to the Principal if she suspects something. Principal talks to the parents or if he determines he calls the police.

  4. Harman Says:

    its sad,,,my heart goes out for the twelve yr old gurl..who has gone through this trauma..OMMGWD..we should be ashamed of laws in our country..and BAIL..for what..??? these BASTARDS..
    should be hanged!!

  5. A New Beginning Says:

    Wy do people ever give birth to kids when they can't take care of them...leaving a little girl with a so called aunt who appears to be a pimp! hOW CAN IT BE THAT SHE DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING!!!!
    "Sharma is ailing and has to overcome the trauma of facing the allegations against him," YEH RIGHT! he needs to be thrown on the road and beaten up by a mob...its a crime that can not be forgiven....

    The little girls conscience, her mental state, her self confidence everything is ruined forever...
    and I think the parents who didnt care enough are the real culprits, all the other inhuman b... used the situation!!

    our law has to be very strict where such crimes are concerned..extremely that such criminals shudder at the thought of doing such a thing!!!

  6. BK Chowla, Says:

    Absolutly dirty, shameless. But, the lawyer argues every case on the basis of the brief with him and the prevailing laws.
    That is why we all have been saying that bit is time for Judicial Reforms in the country. But, politicians will not allow that to happen as it suits them to twist us--you and me--with sloppy laws.

  7. knk Says:

    its very sad incident
    those guys forgot god, these guys must need cruel punishment
    i hate that judge , i think she encourages rape, how sad why women judges support rapist,
    if women wont support women who will support them,

    i think law has to change , if any guy commets sin with small kids, punishment must be removing his male organ next time he wont commit sin,

    i hate them
    i think due to these kind of sins
    god allowing greatest disasters to our earth, like , bomb blasts, tsunami, heavy rains, hot summer,
    soonly world ends

    may god remove sin

  8. Madhu Says:

    Thats shocking..and i blame a part of myself to be ignorant about this news..seriously! effing guy,Indian Rules and our judicail system..Needs a kick on thier backs!

  9. sangeeta Says:

    I agree with you abt the political parties kicking up storms about trivial issues.. marathi hoardings? What are they doing about these real issues?
    Knowing them they might probably highlite the 'sharma' name foor yet another excuse 2 harass UPiites

  10. sangeeta Says:

    what were the teachers doing? any teacher worth her salt should have been able to spot that that something was wrong from the child's behaviour. I am ashamed of the apathy the teachers have shown. any statement from the principal is just an attempt to do damage control

  11. wise donkey Says:

    i was outraged and was horrified for the girl. a sad world if she had to put up with something like this..
    but when i googled more about it, different newspapers seem to have different opinion on the result of medical examination..while its easy to get emotional, sometimes when we dont know everything, we have to trust law and pray to God that justice will be served..
    on a general basis, Indian laws on rape is, senseless.

    Even with her consent, sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl will be rape, but even without her consent, sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl will not be a rape, if the rapist is her husband.

  12. AS Says:

    yes i am feeling disgusted too. I feel ashamed of my country and the law governing it. world is full of bastards and perverts like that 71 yr old dog Sharma but its the responsibility of the parents and family to protect the child esp is thats a girl child.

  13. Bikram Says:

    @Neha:- Thanks for the comment. All i would say is the lawyer knew about the incident and then to say what he said. But anyway as you say its his Job.

    @Raj:- YEah thats that it is the sense that we cant do anything and this girl will suffer all her life now, because of animal called MAN, and the worst will be Justice will be given to her maybe in 15-20 years time that too IF.

  14. Bikram Says:

    @SG:- yeah true the poor girl. yeah the school needs to be questioned, if this was UK this would have got some attention.. but india main the CHALTA HAI attitude... GOD...

    @Harman:- haanji , not hanged thrown to the dogs to eat them ...

  15. Bikram Says:

    @A New Beinning:- (sorry dont know the name )..
    Very true.. y do they give birth when they cant look after there Kids, THey are equaly responsible..

    SHe the little girl has been traumatised for ever now .. LAw is just pathetic it will take time for it to come to court then all the pallava will start It will take at least 5 -6 years to come to a decision, even that IF.. might be more then that ..

  16. Bikram Says:

    @ChowLa Sir:- yeah the lawyer should have been given the brief yeah but the statement he used to get the BAIL.. I am sure thats not justified ...

    Yeah it is right politicians will not do anything.

    @KNK:- Forgot god you said.. I doubt if they even know GOD exists.. LAw has to change for SURE..

    I like your idea of punishment AMEN to that ...

  17. Bikram Says:

    @Madhu:- Yeah shocking it is .. and one kick wont do anything a Lot of KICKS are needed A LOTttttttttttttt

    @SAngeeta:- Yeah you are right maybe the Thackerey's can find the culprits were UPItes or from punjab .. so they shud be given harsh punishment BUT HEY what if the Girl was also from outside of Mumbai , hmmmm now they got to think about that .. :)

    Teachers are to be blames a lot.. They should have done something .. you being a teacher am sure understand this much mroe then me. THe principal just had to saver her own back i guess hence the stantement ...

  18. Bikram Says:

    @Wise Donkey:- Whatever the situation IT is still wrong what has happeened. ANd no matter what the situation Giving Bail on the condition saying that the guy is going through a trauma.. CUM ON... how pathetic can that be ...

    Consent-No Consent .. It is Wrong

  19. Bikram Says:

    @AS:- yeah so are we my friend feeling Ashamed..

    I am glad that a lot of people think the same way.