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Adjust please

Sunday, May 02, 2010 Posted by Bikram
Phrase common to India and has become a part of Indian psyche is ‘ADJUST....

Chandigarh to Muktsar Bus .. Three seater, four are sitting already, Mr. Conductor blows the whistle, last minute entry, pats you on your shoulder "Thoda Side Mariyo", "Shift Please" --- ADJUST

Girls walking home alone, guys whistling , Not to worry, change your route or come with a male member of your family or if you are lucky with your boy friend or better still start to travel by car.. ADJUST

In a Wedding Party hall. you are sitting perfectly fine in your chairs, round the table.. When Uncle Ji or Aunty ji will come , Pull a chair from the other table, and Make sure to push it between your table circle.. ADJUST

Indian Hockey team being selected, A guy is not selected, the Local MP calls up, cause he wants his , sisters - Sister-in-laws Son to be Adjusted in the Team- ADJUST

A Team selected to Go abroad for some seminar, The principles Wife not in the team, The team needs to be adjusted.. ADJUST

A Group of artists, (punjabi singer) coming to UK for a show.. 2 -3 people Adjusted as TABLa players, or side-kicks to make a quick buck by getting them the visa.. Adjustment -- ADJUST

Too many cars on the street? No problem, there will be space for one more. Mine. You better ADJUST!

Men want to pee on the roadside? Madam, ADJUST.

The water heater broke down? Boil water on the gas until the electrician is called and he fixes the problem in.. like a decade. What do you do? ADJUST.

You don’t get your broadband signal in your home. You can’t surf the Internet properly. You call up the service provider. If you manage to get through, that is. Meanwhile, you just ADJUST.

This post is sounding like a rant, dear readers, kindly ADJUST.

Please Leave a comment and any of ur ideas of adjust, I know you all are busy and have loads to do but hey please -ADJUST


36 Response to "Adjust please"

  1. Insignia Says:

    Hmm...rant...ADJUSTED :-P

  2. BK Chowla, Says:

    Absolutely true. ADJUST and JUGAR are the two simplest ways of adjusting in India.

  3. Chandrika Shubham Says:


  4. Harman Says:

    yup very true! adjustments....on EVE teasing too?
    Kick the A******S...

  5. Tulika Says:

    Adjust.. so unjust:/

    Nice post..!!

  6. Neha Says:

    hmmm, interesting..adjustments everywhere..that's our life isn't it? the moment we are born, we have been taught to adjust..we might not even be noticing more than half of the things we have been adjusting all our life!

  7. Ankita Says:

    It's the "Chalta hai" attitude in us Indians.

    We are genetically programmed to undergo "acclimatization" wherever we go.

    It's a sag saga continuing through ages... :(

  8. Ashwin Says:

    So true! It's us Indians after all!

  9. Tripat "Prerna" Says:

    ha ha ha true...we indians know only to adjust...and hence we r also trying to adjust with the insane system of this country :)

    Wonderful post...liked it so much

  10. Bikram Says:

    @insignia :- thanks for adjusting

    @Chowla sir:- ah haa JUGAD you reminded me of somethign with that word.. very true what you said.

    @Chandrika :- :-D thank you

    @Harman:- yeah and kick them where it HURTS the most :)

  11. Bikram Says:

    @Neha:- pehle to PHEWWWWWWwwwwwwww thank god you had not read it somewhere else he hehehe Usually you have. :) adjustment is a separate GENE thread in our bodies he he he

  12. Bikram Says:

    @Ankita :- thanks for the visit. and yeah i like what you wrote Genetically programmed hmmmmm
    the pity is this is gonna continue for ages tooooo...

    @Ashwin:- thanks for the visit.. Offcourse its Us indians after all :)

  13. Bikram Says:

    @Tripat :- thank you for liking it.. and yeah only in mera bharat.. IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA he he he :)

  14. wise donkey Says:


    i think we adjust to things we shouldn't and don't adjust to things we should..
    we still have honour killings and caste panchayats!

  15. Vicky Walia Says:

    What do you do when you see your ex running around in your backyard with blood all over herself ?? PAAJI ADJUST!!!!

  16. Vicky Walia Says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  17. Bikram Says:

    @wise donkey:- very true.. its sad to hear about caste system and killing and the way women are treated in our society.. I hope we DO NO adjust to this ...

  18. Bikram Says:

    @Vicky:- HA HA AHAH AHA AHAHAHAHAHAAH LOVED THIS ONE VICKYyyyyyyyyy I should have mentioned :) ADJUST sureee

  19. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    Anyway wat will u do bikram I wud try and save by taking to hospital hahahaha nothing can beat this grt.. The EX

  20. Bikram Says:

    @Swarnjeet: Welcome to my blog how are you doing.. Long long time.. its been .. Anyway answering to your reply .. It means .. you need to RELOAD the double barrel gun you have and FIRE AGAIN... (the cause of blood earlier) :0 wink wink ha ha ha

  21. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    nice but if it doesnt fire,dont be so inhuman yaar hahaha

  22. Bikram Says:

    @Swarnjeet:- eh nahin sochiya.. But why save , I wont.. masaan picha chuthiya.. why save :)

    and paaji humanity taan went out of window when We shot her the First time.. now humanity says Reload and fire again.. why make her suffer :) theek ha na

  23. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    Then lets shooot budy,i think we need more ammo evil dies very aookha hahaha

  24. Bikram Says:


    might need the Cross , or the Garlic or silver bullets tooo :)

  25. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    stingers dude my god evil so strong hahaha

  26. Cherry Saluja Says:

    Mann Sahab...Brar Sahab...Aapasch "Adjust" Karlo Yaar...

  27. Bikram Says:

    ha ha haha Cherry All is adjusted ... just taking aim and FIRE .... he he heeh .. Brar sahib was my senior in school YPS.. and a very good cricketer if i must add...

  28. Anonymous Says:

    ok i have adjusted to your article I got up, and sat again is that much adjustment enough...

    where do you get these ideas from , I dont know wish i could write like this

  29. Bikram Says:

    @aju :- good man .. thanks for adjusting... yaar i write what i read or see or hear.. so anyone can do it .. its not a big thing..

    IF I CAN anyone CAN

  30. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    buddy i think we have adjusted pretty well hahaha

  31. Smitzy Says:

    hahahaha.. MAST!! :)

  32. sujata Says:

    understanding and adjusting..thats what we are..we squeeze in 10 kids in the back of a tiny maruti and say adjust please!!

  33. Bikram Says:

    @smitzy :- thanks

    @Sujata:) he he he, areee 10 thoda zayada nahin hai.. and on the scooter One in front.. then one between the mum-dad and one behind the mum on the stupny he he hehe :) excellent I rememeber those days when i went like that ha ha ha ha :)

  34. Dimpy Nain Says:

    Who is thinking of the poor blood spattered 'evil' ex let me see u try to adjust to the fact that i am trying to see her point of view too :)

  35. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    Shatered blasted unable put the view across

  36. Akash Ghai Says:

    Mann, I think this 'adjustment' is d most positive trait of most of d Indians.. cheers..