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An emotional journey:- A non-fiction post on love

Monday, May 31, 2010 Posted by Bikram

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There were the best of times and then there were the worst of times.
And all the while, it was because of the love.

Love is such a confusing emotion. At one point of time, it exhilarates us, makes us experience joy, happiness, passion. Yet at another point in time, it is the source of all the misery and bitterness in our life. Still, it’s the feeling of being loved, of being wanted that pulls us on.

Every relationship follows a same pattern from the beginning till the end. It starts with the nervous butterflies flapping away in the depths of the stomach, some coy glances, flirting and talking for hours together on the telephone. Those initial days of young budding love are probably the best. The two are just starting to discover each other. They find delight in interests they share and for the ones they don’t share, they talk about it. The whirlpool of young love sweeps away everyone off their feet.

Love makes us do so many things. It makes us care, makes us concerned about the person in our life. We put the needs of that special someone before our own. We try to help them overcome their sadness and depressions. We share their joys and happiness. We try to inspire and encourage them to do even better in life. It makes us anxious when we don’t get a call or a text from them for long. Hearing about their illness makes us want to rush to the hospital to be with them just holding their hand. Watching other couples walking around in the mall makes us miss our special someone.

Then, why does it all end? The beautiful serene picture one creates of a future with the special person of their dreams, why does that picture fade away? As the relationship matures, either things work out or they don’t. Either understanding seeps in or impatience does. And so the two make it or they break it. And then comes the feeling of depression. The abject loneliness drives us crazy. The weaker at heart try to indulge in self-harm as a way of coping. The more possessive types hatch plans to garner revenge. The egoists scoff off the relation as a bad phase and are ready to move on immediately.

But at the end of day, when they go to bed, they think of the person they were once in a relationship with and they think of all the beautiful moments that they had spent with them. Whether they would like to admit it or not, end of the day they would always love their special someone.

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35 Response to "An emotional journey:- A non-fiction post on love"

  1. magiceye Says:


    Very insightfully written..

  2. Dhiman Says:

    rightly summed up love in a so less amount of words...Bikram nice one :)

  3. Vibhuti B Says:

    Kudos Mann..
    this post has indeed turned out well..Emotional high eh!
    And is that coumn on Then & Now on purpose for the 'Love special' Super 6 round at BPL??
    Bikkisaab Londonwale has dunnit!!!
    Yayyyy!!! :D

  4. Madhu Says:

    wow...Bik: did u write all this? WHOA!

  5. gayathri-vishwanathan Says:

    wow so nice...i belong to that egoist category :)

  6. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    What a story man!
    Awesome :)

    All the best :)

  7. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    I would post another comment after reading this!
    Your post is not any special but its 200 percent true!
    Very very true , Hats off Bik :)

  8. Neha Says:

    I can't believe you wrote it..too good Bikram..very well written..good luck :)

  9. sm Says:

    very well written

  10. Abha Midha Says:

    I totally agree..... at the end of the day we fondly think about the love we once had even if we don't have it today. Nice post :)

  11. BK Chowla, Says:

    Bade chupe Rustom Nikle Ho ji Tussi.

  12. The Holy Lama Says:

    One subject learnt well, Bik? Love. May you find it.

  13. smitzy Says:

    ahem ahem :) insightful indeed :P

  14. DiDo Says:

    kya baat kya baat kya baat :P

  15. Karthik Says:

    Very profound thoughts indeed.
    Loved the opening and closing lines. Brilliant.
    Love is in the air, isn't it? ;)

  16. The Fool Says:

    Profound thoughts on love.

  17. Nethra Says:

    I suppose this is the first time I'm reading your writings. I gotta tell I'm pretty impressed. It was a brilliant take on the topic.


  18. PNA Says:


    All the people who fall n and out of love would agree to every word u wrote.. thoughtful and well written

    Good luck for BPL


  19. Haddock Says:

    Like that sketch.

  20. *Harman* Says:

    very well ...emotions very profound..sketched very well ...

  21. - The Virgin Author! Says:

    Just a query, how the hell is this thought a "random" thought? :)

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Blogger keeps crashing when I want to comment, happened twice with yours. :(

    Anyway, beautiful post on love. You truly defined what it's all about! :)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Agree with everything. But I still cant comprehend why people break up for some petty reasons?! It is still a mystery for me. A nice post Bikram.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    You are awesome. Couldn't find an err.. :)

  25. buckingfastard Says:

    true to every word i m sure!! sometimes i wish dis whole process of love was simple as in the initial days of passion!!!

    it would be better if da excitement never fade away...but is does dammit!!

  26. Gyanban Says:

    you know love is unique..literally. There is no pattern to it.some love stories begin animosity,some begin with pity, some with jealousy,and some with lust. Likewise there ends are also not the same. History is replete with cases where love stories have had varied endings.Therefore in my humble opinion, it's not a simple thing at all I'd bracket it under rather complex.

    Quite enjoyed reading your take on the non fiction topic.A good flow and simple language make it an easy read.

  27. Jas Sekhon Says:

    Best of luck paaji ... Chakk de fatte ... Chah gaye tusin taan

  28. Rajeev Vikram Seth Says:

    Dear, its too good and true feelings with right kind of words.

  29. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    i just stand up clap and admire my friend exceptionally well written keep doing it and take it to the next level

  30. Ajay Kumar Sinha Says:

    i agree with Chappan Bhai. Definitely very well written. Add some masala to it!

  31. Dimpy Nain Says:

    how true...i think we all go thru these emotions regarding our relationships at one time or the other

  32. Cherry Saluja Says:

    Thats how life treats u man...!!!! Now Love And next Hate...Its Love & Hate Relationship....BUT.. Still one has to live it...!!!!Right...

  33. Bikramjit Says:

    THanks you each and everyone who has commented on this article.. THis has had a lot of comments and I am indeed very happy and thankful. There is another person who is to be applauded for this article ..
    So thanks to her who helped me to get this far.. I hope I keep gettign there help in everything i do or want to do ...

    and THanks to everyone in the TEAM tooo BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    and kudos

  34. Amritbir Kaur Says:

    A wonderful post...led me to think for a while in silence. In life there is not a happy ending always. I once read a quote somewhere: "Loving someone is like holding a handful of Sand. If you grip too hard, it'll slip right through your fingers and disappear."
    I loved your thought provoking words.

  35. Bikramjit Says:

    Thanks for the Visit Amritbir and the lovely comment please do keep visiting :)