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TRANSLATED:- Mainu puchde ne mere pind de log-- People in my village ask me

Monday, May 17, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
I wrote this , but it seems a few have not been able ot understand it so i will try to translate this in englaish

Mainu puchde ne mere pind de log..
Ki tun isse pind da hain waasi

--->  People in my village ask me
        Am i a resident of this village

Jadon main apne pind nu hai wapis jana

--> When i return to my village, my town

Na uthe bapu ne hona, na uthe hor kaiyan ne hona
Piplan di chavaan ne nahin hona
Khoo te baithe Totiyan ne nahin hona
Kheta nu hai wahunde pardesi, Kisse aapne ne nahin hona

--> My father wont be there, neither a lot of people i knew
      Peepal trees that gave shade wont be there
      Khoo ( is a place where we generally have tubewells bored, to water the fields, lot of birds visit it)
      the parrots that use to sit near the Khoo wont be there
     Fields are being ploughed by strangers, near dears ones wont be there

Doooron aunde nu vekh ke , Na bhaj ke Boohe age kisse ne auna
Na Nani ne maar maar hakaan , Hai kissi nu tail waran lai bulauna

---> Seeing me coming from Afar, no one is gonna run and open the big door
        neither will my NANI (grand mother) be heard calling everyone . to
       pour oil by the door when I enter to take away all bad omens...

Jadon main apne pind wapis hai jana

--> When i return to my village, my town

Uthe na nani ne hona
Na maasi - chachi nu dhaar chondiyan vekhna
Raat nu chulhe age baith ke , Na choori kut deni kisse
Na tadke uthdiyaan, Pital de channe ch deni lassi kisse..

--> My nani wont be there
      My maasi's-Chachi's (aunts) wont be visible milking the cows
      Night time sitting in front of CHULHA (stove), no one is going to give me CHOORI  (chapatis with Desi ghee and shakar, sugar etc, mashed)
     Early morning when i wake up, no one to give me lassi in the Peetal bowl...

Jadon main apne pind wapis hai jana

--> When i return to my village, my town

Mainu puchde ne mere pind de log..
Ki tun Hain isse pind da waasi

---> People in my village ask me
        Am i a resident of this village


23 Response to "TRANSLATED:- Mainu puchde ne mere pind de log-- People in my village ask me"

  1. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Nice! :) I enjoyed reading it.
    Very true one miss the churi and lassi the most.

  2. R. Ramesh Says:

    omg i am a lussi lover..

  3. Harman Says:

    nice..very nostalgic!

  4. darklove Says:

    made me think dude!.. very new.. pls let me know how i write

  5. SG Says:

    Nice post. Loved it. As they say, you can go back to the place but not to the time.

  6. Shahid Says:

    Man...thats so beautiful...would you add a little music to will be a beautiful song. Only thing whoever sings it will have to have a strong voice...and the song will rock!!!

  7. Insignia Says:

    Oh ohh...this is so sentimental. As time passes, the existence fades. The place might be there, but not those trees, those birds...And you are a stranger in your own place...


  8. Gaurav Says:

    nostalgic feelings.

  9. The Holy Lama Says:

    Be seen more often in the village:)

  10. Jas Sekhon Says:

    Jehde puchde ne tainu.. ke tun kehde pind da hain..

    Tusin janaab jawaab dewo.. ke
    main us pind daan haan jithe langhya mera bachpan .. te jisde naal main hai bahut hi zaadaa pyaar ..

    what have you reminded .. Bikram Promise me If i come should we go bakc for a visit my friend ... PRomise me .. MAIN AVAAAAANNN .. chaliye yaaaar wapis ... BOL TELL ME

  11. Ria Says:

    a very nostalgic n sentimental post.

  12. RINZU RAJAN Says:

    wow...i could feel the nostalgia pouring out of every word...

    in awe of this place called punjab and its culture...i love the food and the language...since born n brought up in delhi i have been amongst punjabis...

    the lassi,makke ki roti and sarso ka saag...punjabi food being my favourite...

    and through each and every word felt as if I was travelling through the yellow flower fields of sarso...

    amazing post...

  13. Madhu Says:

    Reminds me of lassi and madala chaas..

    P.S This is why i gave u an award..:)

  14. Chatterbox Says:

    That was beautifully worded and wonderfully conveyed the emotions and pleasant memories of the times you've left behind :)

  15. Bikramjit Says:

    @Chandrika Shubham:- Thanks for enjoying , first time i wrote something like this ...

    @R. Ramesh:- AAAjao fir lets have a few glassy's of lassi .. cheers

    @Harman:- Thanks harman. I am glad you liked it.

    @DarkLove:- I will definitely visit your blog.. thanks for visiting mine Keep visiting :)

    @SG:- YEs but now even the place is changing.. along with the time ..

  16. Bikramjit Says:

    @Shahid:- ha haha wish i knew music my friend.. But I am glad you liked it .. THank you so much..

    @Insignia:- Tuhanu hun samajh aa gaya shayad.. chalo theek hai .. haanji hun taan apne hi desh which , apne hi lokan which begaane ho gaye haan :)

    @Gaurav:- THanks mate

    @The holy lama:- yeah i do wish that hopefully soooon...

  17. Bikramjit Says:

    @Sekhon- thanks for the visit.. AAAJAAAAA ... THE DAY YOU LAND HERE .. the very next day we will leave for HOME.. PROMISE TO YOU...
    TELLING YOU.. and DARE you toooo.. I would leave everything and go ...

  18. Bikramjit Says:

    @Ria:- Thank you and thanks for the visit...

    @Rinzu Rajan:- hey thanks for the visit. YEah punjab is a good place.. my mom is there so what more do we need..
    yeah lassy-maki di roti- sarson da saag- yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
    THanks for the lovely comment THANK YOU

  19. Bikramjit Says:

    @Madhu:- yessssssssss I drem of it all the time. and again THANK YOU for the award.. my firsttttttttttttttt again yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    @CHatterbox:- YEah very happy times .. the golden days i would say .. yet to coem to terms with all that... thanks for the visit........

  20. Manpreet Sangha Says:

    Wow, didn't know you spoke alot of punjabi. I could make out most of it though. Sound like a Poem. Is it Muktsar?

  21. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    Come to my pind ull not miss anything most beutiful place on earth/go to any house ull feel its urs

  22. girlsguidetosurvival Says:

    Bahot vadhiya kavta likhi tuseen. Ghar dar ki chhadiya vag de darya ho gaye. Mudh partan da raha hi khunj gaya...

    Last I went to pind was in Aug 2005 Khoo suna si te tutan da na nishan hi nahin si. Bohd (babyan tree) khasa budha ho gaya si te pind de budeyan (old men) ne bade ch manje phadeo si. Naniji chadai kar gaye 2004 te ken haq marni si te tel chona si... Bahot vadhiya keha tasan ne.

    Hun poplar de rukhan to chavan di ki aas rakhiye agali peedhi nu ki virasat devange eh hi soch pareshan ho jayida hai...



    Desi Girl

  23. Smitzy Says:

    This was a beautiful poem. I'm glad to see you are writing poems again :) it's been too long. Keep up the good work!