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Woh apni soch - What they think

Friday, June 11, 2010 Posted by Bikram
Kisi ka saath diya kisi ne saath chhora
Aetraazon ke lafzon ne mujhe upahasaka kaha

Shayad woh theek kehte hain
Dost hum jo hain unhike
Sangat ka asar hi kehlo
Lagne lagay hain kuchh jo unhi se

Kabhi prashansa, kabhi hausla afzai
Kabhi dur se muskurate hain
Aaj ye din bhi aaya hai

Woh apni soch humein pe lagate hain


25 Response to "Woh apni soch - What they think"

  1. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Nice! :)
    55-er : very funny. :)

  2. kavita Says:

    Very nice !Sangat ka asar hi kehlo
    Lagne lagay hain kuchh jo unhi favorite line.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ye kyaa thaa o_O
    kuch samja nai :(
    kisi ki prashansa karringg?? ya unko sarcastically telling...

  4. BK Chowla, Says:

    Really short and meaningful post.
    Very nice

  5. Insignia Says:

    :-) Thoughtful lines. So what made you write this? anyone troubled you?

  6. Dr. Chandana Shekar Says:

    wah wah wah ;)

  7. gayathri-vishwanathan Says:

    wah wah...ek din aap gulzar ban jaoge :)

  8. Harman Says:

    nice..keep up!

  9. rohini Says:

    nicce lines...bang.....

  10. HaRy!! Says:

    sab teek hai?:)

  11. Sandhya Says:

    Dost hum jo hain unhike
    Sangat ka asar hi kehlo
    Lagne lagay hain kuchh jo unhi se...

    Nice lines here, Bikram. Hope you are fine.

  12. R. Ramesh Says:

    Thanks danke merci danyavad nanri shukran shukriya….

  13. Angel :) Says:

    I am not very good with poetry. Couldn't quite get it!

  14. A Says:

    Oh My God, you are a poet now. Read and re-read...good one.

    If you like you can use Google and it will give you the same in Hindi and you can paste. It WILL LOOK COOL and GOOD FOR HINDI READERS. TRY it.

  15. Madhu Says:

    all ok? Trying to tell something?

  16. DiDo Says:

    nice bikram :)

  17. Bikramjit Says:

    @Chandrika shubham :- Thanks a ton.

    @Kavita:- Thanks for liking it .. and yes that hausala hafzai thank you thank you...

    @Meghzy :- sarcastic tha.. kissi ke liye aaj kal logon or doston ka kuch pata nahin hai..But I have met some good people Thankssssssss

    @Chowla sir :- Thank you sir

    @Insignia :- well long story .. you will know someday when you are FREE :) yeh mara ... he he he he ..

  18. Bikramjit Says:

    @Dr. Chandana Shekhar :- shukriya shukriya shukriya

    @Gayathri :- aapke mooh main ghee aur shakar :)

    @harman :- thanks dear

    @Rohini :- bang bang bagn :) thanks a lot really

  19. Naarya Says:

    different and thought provoking.

  20. Bikramjit Says:

    @HaRy sab theek hai thanks
    @sandhya thanks a lot haanji i am perfecty theek thak

    @ramesh thank you my friend thanks

    @angel thanks a lot for the visit well what did you not understd ask and hopefuy i might be able to tel

  21. Bikramjit Says:

    @A :- thanks my friend .. Really and yeah the idea of converting to hindi would be good tooo .. lets see

    @Madhu :- Hey you come after long.. thanks a lot :)

    @dido :- Thank you Dido thanks a lot

    @Naarya :- I am glad you liked it .. thanks a lot

  22. R. Ramesh Says:

    arreee..did my comment get posted? dunno...anywy..thanks buddy..wishes always

  23. Anonymous Says:

    wah wah Bik.. kya baat hai.. sahi jawab diya tumne ..:)

  24. Punam Says:

    Very common complaint. Woh apni soch humeen pe lagate hain. Here's another angle to it: Sometimes, we see the world through our own curtained eyes. Hum jaise hain, duniya ko bhi waisa hi samjhne lagte hain. I have been told a lot of times ki tum duniya ko apne jaisa acha mat samjha karo. Bahut thokar milegi.

  25. Bikramjit Says:

    @Ramesh:- yes it did get posted .. thanks

    @Bedlam:- wah wah to aapko for sure :)

    @Punam :- yes thats true too.. but i wrote in relation to something that happened. someone who was all ga ga over me suddenly felt i was a joker or something, and I had no and the reason why they thought i was the way I was they portrayed was because I told them they were wrong about what they said to there supposedly GURU..

    anyway yes you are true we should not think everyone is good cause .. then we will be open to get a THOKAR..
    thanks for the visit and lovely comment and i am sure i have confused you a lot :)