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Moment of Madness

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
This is in response to Blogadda' s Moments of Madness! .

I have had a very adventurous life and have done a lot of stupid things in life and here they are.

1. Around 1992 or sometime then, One of my friends was getting married in a Punjab and around that time terrorism was still little bit left, Pillion riding was banned, so we went on our own bikes, reached the venue it was a late night wedding, enjoyed a lot had lots to drink, were all tipsy, someone decided lets go back.. So off we went. On way back there was a roundabout on a GT road, usually you go around left, for some reason it was decided we go around the right side. As we did that OH MY GOD...

God knows from where these Punjab Police Commandoes came, we could hear the click click of the rifles getting cocked... Get down... On the floor... It was scary... DAMN... We became sober in a second.

Thank god we were not shot, we had to plead the officer, show him our flying I-Cards to convince we were just playing around. They made us sit there for an hour before letting us go.

2. Final year exams, one of my friends decided to steal a empty answer sheet, so it could be used for cheating in the exam, I and Ravi my best friend went to the examination hall sat on the very first desks, next to the door... as the invigilator placed the answer sheet on first desk, Ravi got up, ran clutching the sheets, I ran after him, the teacher behind us shouting catch catch.. I was running after Ravi to make sure no one comes near because if caught this is a criminal offence and could be rusticated from university.

3. On a nice Sunday morning four of us decided to go for a walk in the jungle behind sukhna lake in Chandigarh, No one knew the way, obviously we got lost, whatever food, water we had finished, tired in middle of the afternoon we reached a lake, for some odd reason it was decided to swim through it rather than go around it, Sunil a friend was asked if he knew how to swim, he said yes..

There we go, took our clothes off put them in a carrier bag, In we went...we were half way in when there was a big splash, Sunil had run and jumped inside.. He went in, then his head popped up... and again down... OMG he had lied to us... we dashed towards him, Now Sunil is a 6ft 3 inches tall Big guy, Power lifting is his hobby I mean he is HUGE, I got hold of him he grabbed me , almost dragged me in with him, I got free.. The other two had come, I swam out, used our turbans tied them together, threw it inside and pulled him out of water.

He would have died that day. Later we met a villager he told us “Sahib Woh to das haathi Dob hai”. Meaning it’s as deep as ten elephants standing on top of each other.

4. Second year in college, we thought we were the bosses of college by then, One day instead of going straight to college I went to my friend Babar’s house to go together with him, another mate Pummy was already there, as I entered they were pleased “oh good bikram you are here, we have a fight in university”, silly me didn’t even ask what it was, We went to our college to get hold of rest of the people.

I and one friend planned to go to uni to have a recce, to see what was going on, as we entered uni, next to the Gandhi Bhavan we saw a Big MOB, 100+, tall Strong, Sikh men standing. I looked like a kid in front of them, we did not take any notice.

One of the guys in them was my Chachu’s(uncle)  best friend, I stopped to say hello to him, as we talked I asked him what are they doing as they studied in Punjabi university Patiala, his words were some idiots have threatened and challenged us to meet up here for a fight, OH MY GOD..

Then I realised they were the guys with whom Pummy had picked a fight. We were only at most 8 or 10 guys they were it seemed 100+. Never felt so alone in life, I quickly told him it's us people who they were waiting for, I made up a story that I had asked my chachu to come too, so his friend said why, what’s the need since I was the nephew no need to fight, a compromise was reached. It was decided to get Pummy so he can shake hands on it, This guy got his car asked us to sit to drop us at our college gate, Believe me when I sat in the back seat I could see BATONS, SWORDS, HOCKEY STICKS, various other stuff.

I thanked god I saw this guy otherwise we would have got beaten black and blue that day.

5. A funny moment of madness, GT ROAD, Punjab, NCC Vayu sainik Camp held in Patiala, middle of the night someone decided we should run away from camp go for a walk, many of us got together, eloped into the night.

On to the road ANOTHER BRILLIANT idea struck someone lets walk naked on the main highway... Now imagine a group of boys, Naked, walking on the Grand Truck with cars blaring horns... the truck drivers using their dippers to full effect... We did that for a laugh but now it seems to be a moment of madness.


40 Response to "Moment of Madness"

  1. wise donkey Says:

    so much madness!!!

  2. UmaS Says:

    Really, the maddest of all moments !!! Crazy guys @ No 5 !!!

    And that fight - OMG!!! What if...

    Jumped into a lake so deep, without no idea of swimming - Really madness !!!

    Even though we laugh at ourselves now and enjoy those mad moments, some incidents are quite scary.

  3. UmaS Says:

    Pl remove this word verification while commenting....plzzz.....

  4. Bikramjit Says:

    @Wise donkey:- that was qucik he hehe THANK YOU so much

    @Umas:- yeah true now we laugh.. yeah No. 5 was crazy I still askthe guy who thought about it WHYYYYYY
    and the lake too i joke with him now why did he not say

    Ok ji i shall remove the word verification but hus kya :)

  5. Insignia Says:

    You did all this Bik????? Now now!! thinking about your second did all this crime!!!!

    Naked!! OMG!! But saving your friend was the noblest of all. Cheers

  6. Ananya Says:

    hats off for no.5, haha, SERIOUSLY! :D

  7. Dr.Raksha Bhat Says:

    Hey that was quite a list of goondagardi:)!!!
    Its a mad mad world:)

  8. Harman Says: fact....we always learn from our experiences good or bad!!!
    to me it appears we shld have do ..and I think u certainly have...

  9. yavnika singh Says:

    hi very well written indeed and thanks for the comment on my crazy thoughts.

  10. gayathri-vishwanathan Says:

    whoa i bow down to thee...i mean i never had this guts...seriusly bikramji tussi gr8 ho!

  11. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @insignia:- Yes I know thats why when I tell someone in india what i work here they have a hearty laugh. You know they use to have this famous saying that when in colelge you had a program , to maintain discipline make the discipline breakers as discipline incharge. :)

    Yeah just one of the few things we did.. we did a lot in those camps i will tell some later in my articles on college.

    I told you when i came out of school I was a wreck but then i was a apposite in college. thanks a ton for the lovely comment.

  12. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @ananya:- thanks for the visit and the comment. Do come again. and yes SERIOUSLY. too bad they did not have the Mobile phones with cameras or digital cameras then he hehe he :)

    @Dr Raksha Bhat:- kahan goondagardi , we were the good kids :) told you its madness it indeed is a mad mad world. Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment. Please do visit again.

  13. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @Harman:- thanks for the lovely comment and the wishes. Oh yes Guts is something that one should all have. and definitely we learn a lot from every experience. I am what i am because of my college days, thankfully. If i was what i was in school I would be a different person, and i am sure you would not want ot know that person. Well I did not like that person. :)

  14. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @Yavnika singh:- Thanks for the visti and the lovely comment, please do come again.

    @Gayathri:- nooooooooooooooo it was jsut the time and age, and the lovely people i had as my friends who stood by me right or wrong. so thanks to them all... Had a Great time, and I am a changed man cause of that. And No why would you bow..Thanks for the lovely comment, and the visit. you missed a few of my articles :) and Oyeeeeeeeeeeeee Bikram JIIIII what is this BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    and I am not great or anything the people around me were great, because of whom I had a gala time

  15. A New Beginning Says:

    OMG!!!!This is something!!Your post was so thrilling that I cant imagine it happening in real!!!

  16. Madhu Says:

    oye!U are more crazier than i thought u were..:P
    Naked? err...really?

  17. BK Chowla, Says:

    This is the height of madness.But isn't it fun going through this?

  18. The Holy Lama Says:

    Fun post and a lesson too. So we now know that turbans help:D

  19. Phoenixritu Says:

    LOL!!! Now I am regretting my post, I should have written about my experience with a katta, the time I actually drove a motor cycle on Purana Kila's ramp, the time I burnt my thigh on my mo-bike's silencer and never told anyone because I was scared they'd take it away ...

    Loved your trip down memory lane

  20. sangeeta Says:

    ROTFL, you are really crazy...I believe you now..such adventures!

  21. Bikramjit Says:

    @A New Beginning:- yeah god has been kind, we had a lovely time for 5 years in college.. a lot more we did.. there are tons of things.. each day was a new thing. God blessed me with lovely friends. It was real and a lot more :)

    @Madhu:- what did u think , how crazy was i .. and
    the answer is YES.. REALLY... One of the reasons why i had to leave the country :) he hehehehe because coming to uk was not planned at all.. I got my passport made in janaury and 3rd february i was here :)

  22. Bikramjit Says:

    @Chowla sir:- yes sir height of madness it was , i am still like that sometimes have to curb my extincts. and OH yes miss those days. they were FUN, i am what i am cause of those days.

    @The holy Lama:- oh yes turbans are very useful. Thank you

    @Ritu:- yes lots of memories, we did a stupid thing too, a friend broguht his dads revolver, we went ot Uni students centre and right in the middle I took it out of my belt and gave it to Ravi.. in broad daylight.. everyone looking. if police had seen us we were done.
    tell me ur experience with a katta ooh i ma excited now tell tell :)

    motorbikes try wearing sun-glasses and riding in middle of night...

    interchanging drivers on the go he hehe

    @Sangeeta:- he he ehe thank you so much.

  23. hitesh rawat Says:

    i'd like to do a full monty in a public place.........though with no one around .... :D

    that chachu's bro story is damn masti..... I have experienced same....when 3 us ran after beating 5 hostlers ....and hid at director's office....after lots of gallis from director....he can go home.... when we stepped out of the building.....we saw.......all the hostlers standing at the main gate....waiting for us to come out.....damn ... THat was my.. "Pee in the pants" moment :D

    though we didn't get any beating.....we called some backing and came out of the college safely.....

  24. girlsguidetosurvival Says:

    You were mujhse do haath aage dude. Those days... good old days. Yes, even I'd not like the person I was then due to my short temper but I still love parts of old me.

    Good one,

    Desi Girl

  25. Anonymous Says:

    /hey made us sit there for an hour before letting us go.//
    Serves you right.. ek ghanta kyu aur 2-3 ghanta bithadete :P
    Drunken driving eh x-(
    /steal a empty answer sheet, /
    Aih te too much hi ho gaya ji :O
    /Sunil is a 6ft 3 inches tall Big guy, Power lifting is his hobby I mean he is HUGE,/
    No offence but ROFL :lol:
    /as deep as ten elephants standing on top of each other./
    Oiieeee itna deep :O
    Ooo wais eek doubt aaya.. 10 baby elephants ya 10 full grown elephants :O
    /I thanked god I saw this guy otherwise we would have got beaten black and blue that day./
    haan boss isiki kami thi :P
    /lets walk naked/
    WTF :O
    U guys are really crazyyy.. :O

  26. Someone Is Special Says:

    Real Madness... I loved third and fifth...

    I wish you a good luck...

    Saravana Kumar - Moments Of Madness

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  27. Neena Sharma Says:

    Hidden talents or true colours, what should one say? It was fun to read...

  28. HaRy!! Says:

    bikramjiiiii i can just imagine how the clicks cud hav sent shivers down my spine!!! woweeee.... i always dread it in movies.. (although i hav a karisma for weapons :) ).... boy.. weird!

    and pls get rid of the word verification plsss

  29. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Is it ALL? Or u have more stories to tell? :D

  30. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @Hitesh:- Full monty yeah go for it .. but advice do it at night .. like us else i am sure panga:)

    thanks for coming and for the lovley comment

    @girlsguidetosurvival:- he he he wowo.. WHAT did you get up to .. now that would be interesting to know :) .

    @MEghzzy:- Finally.. its been raining cats and dogs here now (i m sure you know the reason ha hahaha )...
    lai why 2 -3 hours we did nothing wrong it was just masti.. Yeah i know answer sheet was too much.. MOMENT of madness as the title says...
    hmm next time we go to the same place the lake I will make sure to ask is it baby elephants or adult, agar Sunil dooob jata we would have surly found it out now :)

    he hehe But hey we did that walk at night... Thank you meghzy..

  31. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @Someone Is Special (Saravana ):-THanks a lot for the visit do visit again, glad you liked a few points, and thanks for the luck. , with my luck I do need a lot of those :)

    @Neena Sharma:- BOTH i think, Talent it was and true colours cause that what we were and thats what I am .. all those things made me what I am, no regrets if given a chance will do it again always :) Thanks for liking the article.

  32. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @Hary:- CUM on stop this Jiiii thingy my friend :) yeah it was a chilly moment, have had a few skirmishes otherwise too..

    and YES have got rid of the word verification ..

    Thanks for the lovely comment.

    @Chandrika Shubham:- No it is not all, the contest only wanted 5 so i wrote 5 .. loads more .. put it this way out of all the LEctures that we could attend in a year in college I had 100+ Lectures SHORT.. now you can well imaginehow many days we did not attent .. all those days were a STORY in there own..

    I have got all written down will share some day. Thanks for the visit:)

  33. rohini Says: much madenss on one page...thnk god for a bullet proof body ....
    this post is quite opposite to ur previous tag...sins wala...

  34. cherry Says:

    Yaad Hai...sab Yaad hai Beeray...1st wala...Bike te...wrong turning...I was driving...u sitiing behind....& best of all...Mota took panga with the commondoes....Pucca they would have shot us...bachh gaye...
    And 2nd one too...i was the one who wrote the paper for u...
    5th one...How can i forget that..walk...Onkar said lets strip off...I swear Truck drivers leaning out of windows & blowing whistles..& shouting "Oye..!! Oye..!!...Lovely were those dayz...

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Oh My GOD!!!!!

    You are my hero...the crazziest

    You beat me..hands down!

    I was beating the table reading your stuff. My sis was like worried with all the noise coming from my room.

    What a story!!

    *clap* *clap*

  36. Anonymous Says:

    hahahah... those seem like some real mad moments!
    Loved the "Thank God Chachu's friend was there" incident! :)
    I don't even wanna imagine the haalat you guys would have been in, had you not met that uncle!!

  37. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @Rohini:- oh yeah we were all bullet proofed and hercules and no one could touch us, those were the days ...YEah quite different it seems from the last one .. Thanks rohini for the lovley comment

    @Cherry Paaji:- yayyyyy how can we forget all those times .. you on ur hero honda and the lml vespa :) ABNM and all the pallava THOSe were the days pity they are not going to come back.. Yeah munish ne marwa dena si us din :)
    the truck people for sure and onkar singh was a kind of his own ... and the rest of the camps Patiala, did u come with us to lucknow .. NCC was good I saw the whole of india in it .. Assam, and all

    @KeshavNarla:- thanks for trhe visit .. Everybody is a hero at that age .. and calm down kahin table hi na toot jaye he hehehe
    Thanks a ton my friend for the lovely comment .. do keep coming :)

    @Kavisionz:- oh yeah they were moments of madness which hopefully wont be repeated again :) Oh yes our halaat would have been real bad .. VERY BAD ...
    Thanks for visiting and the lovely comment, Please do keep visiting :)

  38. Ananya Says:

    I wish you had cameras then :P lol :D
    And congrats for special mention in the contest! :D

  39. Bikramjit Says:

    @ananya:- yeah me too wished cameras were there but hey that would not be allowed t oclick :)
    and Thank you so much for the wishes .. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy i did get mentioned something at long last. you noticed wowow:)

  40. Mrs Dimpy Nain Says:

    wow this is great...brough back so many of my own naughty moments from my college life...those were the days my friend we thought they would never end...bikram i told u u r a natural at penning down everyday stuff and making it look so beautiful...