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More Awards -- My AWARD Day

Friday, July 30, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
I have been lazy and bad for not taking up some of the awards that have been given to me .. So I am going to take all of them now

Thank you Harman for this one .. She has awarded me with a award and I need to answer the following questions ..

1)what do u wanna be in next life...ugly n rich or good looking but poor.... why? Same as I am now, I am happy with what i got. any richer I might has a big head and loose the people i have now, any poorer I may not be this happy , I am just right..

2)how strongly do u believe in his power..? why? :- Hmm now sure I am not very reglious, but as everyone does I am selfish so when the need comes I do remember him :) ... anyway on serious note I do believe in God, Why-Well a few things have happened in my life in the last few months/ years that has made me believe in Him.

3)If u win a 500 million lotto..what will be the first thing in your agenda?why? .. WOW Please prey this Friday, today its 25million  Jackpot.. and I have taken the ticket.. What will i do .. I will do everything I have in my bucket list, Leave UK and go settle in India and live on the interest he he he as a king. I will still have a job maybe part-time..I will also give some money to each of my near ones to help them come out of any problems they are in.

4)whom do u consider most beautiful person on this earth alive? n why....?? My mother-father, I am here cause of them.. no one can be more beautiful then them.

5)describe yourself in three words..... Emotional Foolish Man

6) next ten yrs....where would it be? With Current breed of politicians and leader SAME PLACE or maybe a step backwards.. though we have the capability of doing wonders..

7)do u believe in mayan theory ...that world will end in 2012? why? NO i don't, they said the same for 2000

8)if the country faces trouble....would u be ready to give up ur life....for your country(u r the only child of ur parents and ur parents doesn't permit this !since its not mandatory...would u still go ?) Oh yes I would, Its been an ambition to serve in the indian army, unlucky me never made through in the SSB, But I would do it ..
I can hear 2 or 3 people out there reading this smiling, cause they are nodding (to them oye u remember the letter to the president of .... ) he he hehe

Thank you to Dr. Chandana Shekar, she has awarded me so many awards

B) FREAKING FABULOUS BLOG AWARD, Rules for the award :List five current obsessions.

My five current obsessions at the moment are
1. Get my bike sorted , so I can start to use it , I am spending a lot of free time on it.
2. My Health, Trying to reduce weigh :O oooohh yeah
3. Mangoes :- where ever i find them going cheap I have to buy then and eat.
4. Bar-B-Que :- bought a new BBQ, so each evening trying something new ...
5. My Blog.

C) Cherry on top award .  Read this about three good things about me .

D) Circle of Friends Award:- Thank you Chandana to consider me in your circle of friends.

I would like to forward this Award to all my friends , EACH and every one who comes to my blog is my friend, I respect your thoughts and comments. And Thank you for visiting my blog. I am not going to name anyone here, because all of you deserve this, for being there in my hour of need and listening to my rants and READING them too and ALSO as it will fill up all the space :). Guys you know yourself whom I would give this award. So as a TEST I would like to see who all Read these articles and Actually consider me a friend and take this up too.  now don't break my heart :'(

E) The next award has come from Dr. Chandana Shekar and  Shahid its the


Thank you so much for this award.
I am indeed very thankful to Both of you .. rarely get these awards... I am over the moon with all that had been going on in the past week or so the ups and downs of life This surly has uplifted my mood and brought a smile. I wish all friends were so good to me :) ... he he he

Thank you so much for the lovely awards .. I have a few others to take.. Next week  Pakka the rest of them..


39 Response to "More Awards -- My AWARD Day"

  1. Harman Says:

    thank you,,bikram..
    well answered ....
    I really like your dedication for country ..and facing trouble times we expect youth to stand against the enemy irrespective of caste and creed...
    Jackpot...I wish you lend me some too ...:)

  2. A Says:

    I liked the ..... "Emotional Foolish Man" the best....Hahaha

    You are probably emotional but sure not foolish :)

    How did you manage to get so many awards? Write a blog to answer it.

  3. Punam Says:

    I will go with A and put the same question, "How did you manage to get so many awards? Write a blog to answer it.".. :)
    That was an interesting post.. esp the red part. Quite a smart way of seeing who ur friends are.. well, I definitely want to be inside the circle of friends.. so i will be taking it up soon.

    And the best part I liked.. when you say your mother n father are the most beautiful people in the whole world!! Definitely parents are!!!

  4. HaRy!! Says:

    Bikram sir... me happy yu happy with wat yu are happy:) !! thats nice of yu actually! i wish everyone had the so called content factor! and emotional foolish man... i cud write a blog with this i think :D ... god bless yu sir! sir was for fun.. no respect to yu :P ! he he

  5. Deepak Says:

    congrats for the awards. appreciation is always good for growth :)

  6. Insignia Says:

    Emotional Foolish Man - Bik ji!!

    Main khush hoon.. Thats the best you can describe yourself :-P

    Congrats on all those awards...:-)

  7. Ria Says:

    congrats on receiving the award.

  8. A New Beginning Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!Youve got loads of awards...and they you genuinely desrving too!!

  9. A New Beginning Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!Youve got loads of awards...and they you genuinely desrving too!!

  10. UmaS Says:

    Congrats on that heap of Awards...

    Loved the definition of beautiful ppl... :)

  11. Madhu Says:

    when u are sad,we are sad,when u are happy,we are happy! When u fall in muddy water we dance dhinchak dhinchak!! LOL
    congrats for all those..but i still am happy that i gave u ur first award..! :P

    happy friendships day!

  12. BK Chowla, Says:

    You getting awards doesn't surprise me as much as it doesn't surprise me when lata mangeshkar gets awards regularly.

  13. Dr. Chandana Shekar Says:

    congrats :)

  14. RGB Says:

    Feels like an Awards Night, with one man sweeping all the awards! Congrats to you:)

  15. Ananya Says:

    Yay! So many awards! :D you deserve them :)

  16. Ananya Says:

    Yay! So many awards! :D you deserve them :)

  17. wise donkey Says:

    it was a pleasant read, especially the beautiful persons and the life for nation, and agree on India's future.

    on the circle of friends, I am not sure if I have read your blog that long, compared with others who comment here, so not taking it up:)
    have a great weekend:)

  18. wise donkey Says:

    it was a pleasant read, especially the beautiful persons and the life for nation, and agree on India's future.

    on the circle of friends, I am not sure if I have read your blog that long, compared with others who comment here, so not taking it up:)
    have a great weekend:)

  19. NRIGirl Says:

    Bikramjit! Thank you for the Circle of Friends award you have given me! Please check out my blog to see it proudly posted.

    ~ NRIGirl

  20. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Very busy in NFS these days ,I completed it now!!

    Good many awards all at once :)

  21. sharmila Says:

    interesting to read about ur thought n cool getting so many award ... i too agree - u should write a post on how u do it ... ha ha :)

  22. magiceye Says:

    hey good on you mate!
    loved all your straight from the heart answers!

    the pic on my photings post is the bandra worli sea link

  23. A Says:


    Your circle of friends reminds me of a poem at my blog. Check it out

    Happy Friendship Day

  24. wise donkey Says:

    Happy Friendship Day to you too:)

    Taking back my earlier words, and now feel honored to have the circle of friends award:)

  25. Harini Says:

    "Emotional Foolish Man"... Really?

    And congrats on all the awards.

    And also Happy friendship day :)

  26. Rajlakshmi Says:

    woaa so many awards :D
    Congratulations :D

  27. Gaurav Says:

    a bunch of awards!

    Congratulations man!

  28. Gaurav Says:

    You're in my circle of friends, I'll take up the award.

    Happy friendship day!!

  29. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @Harman:- Thanks and oh yes do prey for me to win the jackpot.. and anything you need once i get it you can bet on that PROMISE:)

    @A:- well then you dont know me I have done some foolish things in my life so far and hence the phrase that i am a fool and stupid :)

    How i managed to get so many.. HAd to bribe Dr. Chandana and others so MUCHhhh :) he hehe

    @Punam:- same answer as "A".. yeah sometimes in life a time comes when you need to know who your friends are.. and who will be there so no harm in asking the question, its better to clear the doubts then remain doubtful and fall on your face when need comes.

    THanks for being a friend to me I so much appreciate that THANK YOU and a happy friendship day ...

    @HaRy:- whats with this SIR.. cut it out itna bhi BUDHA nahin hoon abhi..
    Looking forward to the article on EMotional foolish man.. we can exchange notes on that :) what say ..
    and OH thank you thank you thank you for the last line and GOOD it was for FUN.. THANK YOU...

    Deepak:- Thank you so much yeah sometimes apprecaition goes a long way ..

  30. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Insignia:- YEp So I am and been proven a lot many times .. am sure you will vouch for that he hehe he YEah that cud be too ke I am happy , happy with such good friends as you and people around who genuinly care for me WHAT ELSE CAN A PERSON ASK FOR.


    Ria:-Thank you so much for the wishes

    A New Beginning:- Thank you , Thank you (i had to say twice , comments came twice he hehe he ) .. and Thanks once more for saying i deserve them and that too genuinely WOWOWOW MADE MY DAY

    UsaS:- THank you so much and yes parents are the most beautiful people , woh na hote to hum kahan se hote .. end of.

    Madhu:- Oh YEs how can i forget my first ever award came from you, and yes its a special one always.
    and thanks for the lovely comment that when i am sad you sad and OH YES glad that you get to do dhinchak dhinchak when i fall in mud.. Now pass me some water to take this OFF bahut dhinchak dhincka kar liya :)

    HAppy frienship day to you tooo

    Chowla Sir:-THats realy a big complement SIR. THank you so much and it means a lot more coming from you thank you so much.

    all these comments and appreciation all cause of you so THANK YOU

  31. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    RGB:- Oh yes it doesfeel like that .. once way of impressing everyone keeping hold of all awards and putting them all together he hehe eh Thank you so much.

    Ananya and Ananya :- Two comments he hehe so replying twice :) Thank you so much for thinking and saying that i deserve them...

    Wise donkey:- thank you so much. Thanks for agreeing with what i wrote to the replies.
    Thanks for being there and coming back again and again to read what i write.. though sometimes i know i write crap.. thank you so much .

    (ps:- the above comment Cut -and past again here so please read it again :) he hehee )

    @NRIGirl:- You are the first one to take it up OH THANK YOU SO MUCH... and i did visit and saw it. Wow life is so beautiful when you got beautiful people around mmmmmmmmmmmm THANKS

    Raj:- Thank you so much, and glad you finished with NFS. phewwwwwwwwwww

    @sharmila:- Thanks a ton and liking what i write and visiting me again and again.. hmm writing a post will be a big task when a simple answer will do "BRIBE" he heheh

  32. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @magiceye:- THanks a lot Deepak ji. oh the pic it looks so good the picture, i did not realise that I did go over the bridge a year ago but i guess i missed it altogether. thanks for the info.

    @A:- Thanks I did go and read it THanks .. and HAppy friendship day to you tooo and many more to come ...

    wise donkey:- The Honour is Mine. Thanks for accepting and being a friend. THANK YOU.

    @Harini:-OH yes a lot many people will say YES to that beleive me .. Thanks for the wishes and a Happy friendship day to you tooooo :)

    @Rajlakshmi:- Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so many of them :) thank you for visiting me .

    @Gaurav:- yes my friend loads of awars. Thanks a lot

    @Gaurav :- And Thank you so much for saying that , that i am in ur circle of friends I ma honored Thank you gaurav. A very happy friendship day to you too.

  33. Shas Says:

    Congrats! on getting so many awards. You truly deserve them. I find Emotional fools cute :D

  34. UB Says:

    Friends to everyone not just a select few makes for a happy world.

  35. rohini Says:

    wow...congrts on acheiving sooooo many awards...:)
    questions are so well answered...ekdam MR India types..
    interesting read...and thnx for encircling in the circle of frnds...thnx...and same to u too...

    PS: i had visited this page when u posted it..but couldnt comment..coz of lack of again and done my part...:) niceeee

  36. ~*. D E E P A .* ~ Says:

    inshah allah ... may your friend Anup be at peace, and so too his loved ones !

    your article brings forth a lot of my own memories .. some that i liked remembering, some that i have wanted to forget

    happy friendship day to you too !

  37. wise donkey Says:

    a part of me, was scared to come across new blogs and new people, there is just too much stupidity all around..but then a blog like yours, reassures me all is not crazy:)


  38. Bikramjit Says:

    Shas:- THank you so much, I know i know I still have yours to pick up, I have not forgotten about it I did not want to look tooo GREEDY :) thats why i held a few back. Thank you.

    UB:-Yes friend to everyone makes a happy world .. hope to seey ou around more often Thank you.

    Rohini:- thank you so much ooops Rohini Jiiiii:- Mr. india types he hehe apke comments bhi fantabulous hain, always look forward to them .. makes me smile .. THank you.
    Thank you for doing your part as i said earlier looking forward to them..

    ~*. D E E P A .* ~ :- I think you put the comment on the wrong article by mistake. :) THANK you so much for the wishes, and Yeah please pray to Allah he keeps Anup fine.
    Happy friendship to you toooo thank you so much.

    WD:-I can understand perfectly what you mean. when i started i had some very good people come and visit me who over time have stopped for some reason best known to them, but then i met so many genuine and good people like yourself and now it feels good to write and then wait for the comments to come feels goood and i smile.

    Reassures me too that i am not crazy thanks for saying that and the faith you shown in me :)


  39. Anonymous Says:

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