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Independance Day

Friday, August 27, 2010 Posted by Bikram

DISCLAIMER:- Please carry on reading this article if you are ready to think logically and understand.
If you are one of those people who will not listen to One wrong word against the country PLEASE STOP NOW, I am sorry.. This article is not for you, or for those who have one single track mind..
All those who think our country has nothing wrong ALSO STOP READING NOW.
All those who can only TALK and do nothing also STOP READING. 

ALSO This is not INDIA bashing its towards the INDIAN PEOPLE .. bashing those who wud not od anything but will be the first ones to argue or fight or shout and put others down... Its to people to accept the the fault and work to fix it not sit and bask that we are doing good Thanks

What is this independance day and why do we celebrate it.. This is going to be a SHOCK for all reading this , I am indian and I think we should stop celebrating the Independance day .. the whole idea of or the reason of the celebration has been lost...

In my mind or in my sense we started clebrating this day because the British LEFT us or GAVE us independance , I have said Left us or Gave us because if you think logically , with a cool mind we could not have won it with war and with the Gandhi principles Even if we did manage it would have taken many more years to do so, The british went because they could not see any advantage of there stay Had they wanted they could have stayed anyway thats not the point of this article..

We started to celebrate this day because we became a independent country to be governed by us Indians THATS IT.. But its been 63 years now of celebration no one celebrates events for ever .. Especially when now we can sit back and think DO WE REALLY DESERVE IT ALL.

The few years in the start may have been good inspite of the wars we had to fight, for the sole reason that we had Indians ruling us and No white skin to bow down to. There have been some commendable work done by some indians, I say some because there are only a handful who actually work for the betterment of the country... Rest have just taken it for granted including me .. There were people then who wanted the british to go , who genuinly loved the country Now after so many years all those people have passed away and some are on way .. Which brings us to the new CROP.. That is US ALL .

Where are we now..

Were we not better off when we had british rule..

Over this last week I have read countless articles on independance day some moaning about the conditions , some saying how they love the country, some saying this should happen or that should happen... Come next year or wait Come january we will again do this DHAKOSLA on 26th Janaury.. then it all stops.

We Indians have no , NO excuse of bringing our country to this state, look at Germany or Japan.. world war happened look at the state of those countires completely devastated.. Look at them NOW.. Can we compare even a single thing... India was not devastated True it was poor because of the wealth taken away BUT mind you British gave our country a lot, The roads they built then are still standing , Have a look at the road in each locality - in your own locality that were built just DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY, you will get the idea..

Railways was another thing given to us .

The people who gave their LIVES for the country had the right to say they love their country, How many of the people who have written big articles or commented how they love their country can actually go and give their life, HECK I dont think I can go and die..

Yes our country is corrupt, Yes its far behind, Yes our country is dirty All this is true so time has come to STOP going GA GA over stupid things and shouting at foreigners who says india is dirty YES IT IS, I say so that does not mean I am not indian or you love the country more than ME. Time has Come to WORK and FIX IT

We all each and everyone , people Living In or outside india, EACH ONE has to wake up and stop this FARCE.. IF we start now maybe just maybe in a decade or two we can start to celebrate the Independance day again when we again win our freedom this time from our own people, From US , FROM YOU from ME... it is still a maybe but then there is still hope...

I was reading an article where someone mentioned we should celebrate the day to pay respect to freedom fighters, Come on I say to them, Those freedom fighters did not give their life to get this day , they had different ideas, they gave their LIFE for US the new generation who shout at top of our voice when need be how proud we are to be indians,


Furling the national flag, singing the national anthem is not gonna achieve that. We have to start to WORK on making it better. We need to face the REALITY, till we do that nothing can be changed the first step to start changing or rectifying a PROBLEM is to Accept there IS A PROBLEM... if there is no problem then what are we rectifying NOTHING.

Lets forget of who did what , so what if a foreigner said india is dirty SO WHAT.. if it felt bad then maybe you should have gone and cleaned the place .. HECK I would do that I maynot have the guts to go and die for the country but I can go and clean the place and I have done it ..

The work on making the country a better place has to start, The first thing should be to stop moaning and actually doing something , If each of us take jsut a couple of hours out of a week it can work wonders. The problem is we will not do anything, but the moment someone says this is wrong , that is wrong we all attack them like a swarm of bees.. What we DONT Do is try to rectify the wrongness.

Looking forward to the comments I am gonna get after this article but after commenting do read the article again with a cool mind and think what I have said .. If you dont understand DO ASK....

To be continued :-


60 Response to "Independance Day"

  1. Phoenixritu Says:

    I do not like India bashing - and I find it uncomfortable to argue with you. As a country we have progressed a lot, but unfortunately our armchair philosophers and groaners, even the press would love to state what is wrong. As an Indian I would like to highlight what we've done right, and there is plenty there which people who would love to point out the negatives will ignore. Besides we have had just 63 years of independence - such a short lived tenure. We can do and are doing a lot. I am sure this will be a nation of value, given a couple of centuries of self reign.

  2. Bikramjit Says:

    Ritu :- this is not india bashing , this is INDIAN PEOPLE BASHING who wud not od anything but moan and show anger if someone saying anything about india.. Its to THEM .. sorry you did not get the point i was making ... 63 years Yep compare that to germany and Japan... its seeems more than a few centuries that you mentioned ...

    Anyway I am just writing to say this is not INDIA BASHING

  3. A Says:


    I am logical and read your article.

    Besides some spelling mistakes, you are absolutely right.

    I have given up hope also. Read articles from SM and BKC...

  4. Bikramjit Says:

    A :- ooops I shud have done a spell check.. sorry about that
    Thanks for saying that .. I was looking forward to some bikram bashing he he he he :)

  5. wise donkey Says:

    I don't know how this piece can be termed as India bashing. Patriotism is not Sycophancy.

    Why should we get so insecure over even one different thought?

    I forgot Germany, but in my mind frequently I compare ourselves with Japanese.

    I may not agree with you on Brits leaving and what they gave. And I am little suprised at you saying you won't die, for your country when in an earlier post you had said you would. i think all of us would die for the country, inspite of moaning and groaning about it, depending on the circumstances so no need to clarify.

    but i welcome the idea of not celebrating Independence day. instead of sitting at home after saluting the flag for 10 minutes, lets work for India.

    Btw if you have lots of time, do read the Simple Substitute for sleeping pill i had few more ideas and organised it. and its ok i won't crib if you don't read.

    On the web I come across posts that criticise India for sake of it, and ridicule our poverty and think everything american is to be worshipped thats India bashing.
    Phoenixritu would probably faint at it.

  6. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Well said Bikram. It is high time we did something about it. You know whenever I say this I hear hundreds of excuses why we can't to anything about this. And I have seen Wisedonkey's (I want to know the real name) blog in her comment and I think we have something concrete to work on.

  7. Dr. Chandana Shekar Says:

    Paaaji!!! I'm back ;)

    arre yaar. agar aap itna hi-fi likhoge , toh hum jaise chote mote log kya comment kar sakthe hain ji???

  8. A New Beginning Says:

    Bikram, the most valid point that I derive from your post is..what are we doing that would make us proud to celebrate our Independence day every year..yes we celebrate it in the name of the people who sacrificed everything they had in order to save their country...can we think of doint that in this day and age?
    We refuse to look at the garbage lying just infront of our homes and compain about it oft and on...inspite of the fact that we too are adding to it everyday...
    just closing ones eyes and faciong away from it doesnt solve a problem.
    The day we would do something for the country and the day we truely live up to the sacrifices thats when we would proudly celebrate each and every occasion that comes our way...I am proud to be an Indian since I would help in its progress...
    Great post..I hope people taking it as a wake up call.

  9. BK Chowla, Says:

    This amongst your best posts and i appreciate your having had the guts to say all this to 100 crore spineless people of India.
    Yes, this is not the India we had visualised.Perhaps, with divine intervention, India will change for the better.

  10. Renu Says:

    I disagree a little..there may be many things wrong here but we have so much of good also, and we have progressed a lot..why whould we always compare?
    We dont have to die to prove our love to our country..but being a good citizen is enough..
    and we can try to be a good citizen by
    paying taxes honestly
    being honest and ethical in our life.

    And i have seen rotten systems, chaos and delays and mismanagements abroad also and almost in every country..the degree is different.

  11. Madhu Says:

    you know i kind of expected what was coming through! India bashing or not...indian's need a very tight,fine whiplash on their back...i may probably get out and do something today!

  12. Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side Says:

    Paaji...again I would disagree...I think our country has done a lot of the field of IT, medical sciences and technology also, mind you they are no small achievements for a country where hunger is a major concern.

    I never agree with comparison,Our country had our own issues, our own kind of problems, I bet you ask the japanese to run the country of our size and diversity and they will run away in a week.

    Sometimes we shouldnt be looking at the condition of the road but looking at where the road is going and if I am even 1 % correct I know we are heading in the right direction.

    Its not the leaders who are leading us there but its us the people who are walking the right path,...there are anti social elements who are pulling us back but its only a matter of time...this will all change...huge changes can be done in a blitz or they take time...blitz don't last long (USSR for example)...things will change for good...may be we will not be able to see it..but the point is that no one can...the task of building a nation is a continous one...just ask your grandfather or someone of his age if he thinks we have progressed or not...yes he would say that we have...thats proof enough that things are changing...bribes are almost non existent in a lot of common places as it was before...only major tasks need bribes today...I am sure that too will be taken care of.

    Paaji relax...kuch badal raha hain kuch badalneko hain...

  13. Someone Is Special Says:

    Hi Bikramjit

    Please visit this page to receive your awards...

    --Someone Is Special--

  14. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Stop criticizing and start doing something!! yep!!
    I agree with your thoughts!!

    What I did and what i will do further I will post in few days.. I have done something and yet to read Wise's article.

  15. Enigma Says:

    Yes, I agree with your post. But if don't celebrate the independence day, I fear the next generation would even know that we were under the britishers sometime back.
    Celebrating Independence day has just become another norm in the country. Some of them don't even attend the flag hoisting ceremony. I'm not saying, you compulsorily must attend the ceremony, but if you can, you should.

    Also, as far as helping the country improve, all we can do is be good citizens ourselves, because there are people that do not want to change.

  16. Gaurav Says:

    I agree that the British gave us a lot. They were all against the foolish rituals like sati and untouchability.

    Yes, there are a lot of people who just point out the problems but never work for rectifying those problems.

    I second your thoughts.

  17. girlsguidetosurvival Says:

    It is true British Raj packed its bag because colonies were no longer profitable venture and there was a lot of native opposition both violent and non violent. As I personally know where this post is coming from I can agree with you on many counts. The widespread corruption and redtapism and middle class political apathy are to be blamed for it. Those often complaining do not even cast a vote and then swear on democarcy and badmouth it.

    Giving life for one's nation I do not know how it will play out in a times when Indian Forces is short of 8000 officers as young people are not applying for and those applying do not meet the basic qualifications. Same is the case of non commissioned and junior commussioned ranks. The recruitment drives in Punjab and Bihar have miserably failed last year as the youth did not even meet the physical standards, thanks to drugs and poverty.

    None of the Netas offering tributes and laying wreaths on two national holidays have their children serving in the forces. Germany has compulsory service requirement even Staphy graf and Andrea Agassi were not exempt. In the US both president and vicepresidential candidates, John McCain and Joe Biden had their sons serving in Iraq at the time of their election campaigns. even if it is symbolic Queen of England has her grandsons, heir apprents serving in the forces.

    Bikram is right, unless we agree there is a problem we'll not feel the need to correct it. Each one of us has to do our own share in some meaningful way than waging for or against word wars. Mine is to minimize my carbon footprint and recycle as much as possible where ever I am and work to dismental structures of hierarchy and oppression. It may not sound big but I believe in it and I am doing my part.

    Gloating on the achievements that only 20% on Indians enjoy does not make up for 80% of the have nots...

    Desi Girl

  18. Ria Says:

    I think what u have written is just so true that there's nothing much tht i can write. Totally agree with u.

  19. gayathri-vishwanathan Says:

    correct...i agree with u fully. But u know whats the real problem...its the thinking of people and the politicians who take advantage of this. Will give u an example...people always think of community and caste and samaj...this is all that people care for politicians they take advantage of this narrow mindedness of people and create rift amongst the people.

    what needs to change is people's mentality. People should stop thinking within the boundaries of caste and community. They should look at the bigger picture n that is progress of the country. They shud not get instigated by some random politician's speech n all that

  20. sm Says:

    excellent article.
    British people ran away from India when they saw they have taken everything from India and no scope to rob more. so they handed this job to our own people.
    and we celebrate it.

    I have written article on same topic i will give link here.
    may be you will like to read it.

  21. Ananya Says:

    I agree with your article, well, most of it. British did India more good than harm, for sure.

    It's true that if we work together, we can get India on track, but the point is, each and every human being is so self-centered today, that no one would be ready to contribute. They see no point in doing it. we have that 'chalta hai' attitude to let things be the way they are. And no one's ready to lead way.

    Personally, I don't know why I should even celebrate the national holidays given to us. It's like just another extra holiday we get.

    I don't understand the logic behind patriotism even.

  22. Babli Says:

    Very well written. I appreciate for your brilliant post infact I feel it is one of your best post. Keep writing.

  23. Bikramjit Says:

    WD:-Well one thing is sure this aint INDIA bashing for sure , and neither its about patriotism.
    Well thats the truth brits did leave us, I strongly beleive there was nothing for them left in us, and by taking arms we could not have won Anyway Dieing for the country is a big issue, and Wehn i said I would yes i would what i meant was I am not sure if i would just do it...

    I wanted to join the army, went for the SSB interview 5 or 6 times and each time i was not selected, in all these times One Sikh guy was selected and he was the guy who would not go into a Hanuman temple because he hated hindus, that guy is an officer now.. How and why i dont know ... But here I am in forces and went through all the psychological, physical,and all interviews FIRSt time ..

    The idea is INDIAN PEOPLE bashing yes a bit including me for sure, cause we talk the TALK and never WALK the TALK..

    criticise india YES WE SHOULD, over things which are wrong, And if someone is criticising then WE should Accept it cause its the truth, rather then getting angry at who said what , we should try to solve the problem and then GEt hold of the person who criticised to show its NOT ANYMORE. thats what i meant.

    WORK whatever it is

  24. Bikramjit Says:

    Ananth:- Thanks for saying this. yes time to start some work. dont know WD's name myself :) he he he :)

    Dr. Chandana:- Heyyyy welcome back.. Thank you for saying this is hi fi mmmmmmm thanksssssssss .. I m not sure it is. What d you mean by Chothe Mote log.. YOU are not dont say that please ... Please

  25. Bikramjit Says:

    A New Beginning:-Thank you so much. The problem is WE DO NOT celbrate the day as a rememberance of the people who sacrifised everything for the country, If we did then we would be working on what those martyrs thought and wanted, they definitely did not want the india that is today.
    YEs the day we live up to them then we can start to celbrate the day ..

    thanks for the lovely comment loved it.

  26. Bikramjit Says:

    Chowla Sir:-Thanks so much for saying this. I am glad you said that , honoured sir that you liked it.

    Its not about guts or anything its reading all that people write and all the peole who visited my articles and commenting and then when ones writes on something so true most of these people dont visit or dont even comment.. makes you wonder

    I write what i think or what my little knowledge tells me, I feel humiliation or embarassment when someone says something and does nothing, the reason why western countries are so far is because everyone does do something, yes there are bad apples everywhere but why is it that OUT INDIAN APPLES ARE ALL ROTTEN.

    I hope so too that something divine happens alas we are heading towards chaos, we might say otherwise but the difference between poor and rich is increases many a fold, and this is going to collapse and IT WILL.

  27. Bikramjit Says:

    Renu:- I must point out that yes We have Progressed but this progressing is for a few, the gap as i wrote above between poor and rich is increasing, its all going to collapse. and the progress that we say is when the whole country moves together , if a few do progress then is it worth for the sake of a few.
    There are more people living under poverty now , we are still the thrid world country.

    Paying taxes honestly yes we should but who does. rotten systems yes we got plenty here in UK, Plenty i know, but India does need a miracle, lets hope we do become good citizens..

    lets hope that majority of the people , majority indians become good citizens.. that would do the trick...

    Madhu:-YEssss I ma with you on that.. so what did you do then .. tell tell.. I want to do the same tooo... let me come over to india then we both can go together swashbuckling our lashes he heheehehe :) thanks Madhu thanks a lot ...

  28. Bikramjit Says:

    Shahid:-You can disagree, I am saying what i see and think.. Progress yes a lot we have made leaping .. but REALLY.. what have we progressed i would really like to know that, What have we progressed that has helped the common man, yes the progress has helped rich become RICHER, sure.

    Poverty is more
    Water Scarcity has increased
    More people are dieing of hunger
    Electricity has DECREASED

    we started as farming country whats happened there we have to IMPORT products

    Yes the task of building is long been 63 years we do forget that BRITISH when they ruled us also brought there views and ways and they PROGRESSED us as a country we instead have gone backwards..

    what we need is people to talk rationally, if we say india is bad or corrupt that doesnot mean We are being DISLOYAL to our country, or if we say anything else it will show that we dont love our contry .. THATS WHAT I AM SAYING.. we have to accept it first and accepting is first step, Then working towards it should start.

    Shahid my friend thanks for the lovely comment, I can understand what you are sying at your age i said the same tooo :) but life and experiences has taught me a lot of stuff... and yes Kuch badal raha hai... the problem is its only for the FEW...
    thank you so much.

  29. pallavi Says:

    Just commented at Ritu;s blog and headed right over to yours. I too, used to believe India was the best and most beautiful country in the world. But that's like a 'frog in the well'. After moving abroad, I realised what sort of life a 'common man' can lead, with dignity. Which is not the case in India. In our country, money rules! Those who are rich are respected, those who are poor have to behave like servants!! Abroad, even servants have their dignity. India is a great country, no doubts, but you and I, and the common man, need to travel MILES and MILES before we can reach what I would call a 'civilised' state, where everybody is treated as EQUAL and we rise beyond petty politics and games! Good post, Bikram.

  30. wise donkey Says:

    on the person who hated hindus. well i don't know if the army has a test to test the amount of prejudice in a person...
    but yes its crazy system.

  31. R. Ramesh Says:

    as usual i go with bkc on this..Perhaps, with divine intervention, India will change for the better..and buddy thanks 4 passsing by...i was readying about animals and their intelligence and was amazed by the studies...

  32. p00ja Says:

    very thought (and comment)provoking post i must say.
    And i agree completely with you when you say the Britishers left us when and as they wanted to, what our freedom fighters did, though commendable, did nothing to accelerate the process. Had they not left us maybe India would have progressed like HongKong.

    As for celebrating Independence day, what is it that the youth of today has done to celebrate it? Rather then pending millions on celebrating and making the day unproductive, we should work towards bettering the situation.

    And Pallavi is so right, only after moving around the globe do we realize where India stands on the global list, just coz we are told that India is a fast growing/developing nation we believe it, but never go out to see the standard of life in India is worse than most of the 3rd world countries.

  33. Rachna Says:

    This is my first time on your blog, and I like what you have written. I am battling the same disillusionment with the insidious corruption along with loads of other issues which we face but conveniently side step. I don't think, this is India bashing at all. This is more like a reality check.

  34. suruchi Says:

    Hi Bikram...
    This is such a power packed read...
    N yup making more sense than all the Independence day articles I have read so far on the blogosphere!
    One great thought if properly spread can be such a propeller:-)
    I hope urs spread the light!
    I agree with you at it all...
    It is just another day of a holiday for most of us now...

    So many of us don’t even bother to stand at the National Anthem...
    Just random little things...but go down to make a big difference!
    Thanks for a thought provoking post!

  35. RGB Says:

    Point taken. India has definitely come a long way. But we still have a long way to go. And if each one of us can do our duty to the best of our abilities, with integrity and cent per cent dedication, we are each contributing to the progress of our nation in our own way.

  36. Deeps Says:

    Very good post, Bik. Very thought provoking.

    Yes I agree there are a lot of bottlenecks in the functioning of our country, a lot of us need to be more accountable for our actions. A lot of us need to think But I'd also like to believe that our country has progressed in her own way. We, the people have become much more open-minded, much bolder to voice our opinions. And I'm hoping our country will only get better and not become regressive as we get to witness at times.

  37. Bikramjit Says:

    Someone Is Special:-Thank you so much for the award, will pick it up.

    Raj :- thanks for agreeing with it .. I hope we all do something. Looking forward to your post RAJ.. Yes one should write that way people might get ideas to do something... it will help.

    Enigma:- Next generation well I dont think they are bothered as such.. and yeah as you say its jsut a norm. And you SHOULD ..
    Yes if we all can be good or lets put it this way be jsut a bit good, a bit more thats all, do one thing that we have stopped doing, each one does one thing and we will be able to see the changes...

    I know there are people who WANt to make a change, there are , the problem is the majority of people are the ones who dont want to thats what the problem is .. a balance needs to be reached then the tide will turn..

  38. rohini Says:

    wow....interesting conversations here....:)

    peoples attitudes change with he latitudes and longitudes...

    we the people are only responsible for any development of the country...some sit back to watch the action on tv...and some get up and try to switch off the tv if smthing wrong is in action

    the reasons for the ignorance and the knwoledge of self duty is missing...we alws point out but nt in...
    there are many developments still needed to be done in India...we should nt forget ... the limitations of india...the tropical region, highest population, poverty, illeteracy,, etc..these limitations may slow down the progress..but on a haopy ending...We shall overcome...One day....

  39. Someone Is Special Says:


    You are tagged by me, visit the tag here

    --Someone Is Special--

  40. Anil P Says:

    The success or failure of anything has to do with the people, the people that the system empowers and enables.

    Celebrating days is more about revisiting the focus as it should've been when the days are first celebrated.

  41. Bikramjit Says:

    Gaurav:-thanks for agreeing. Yupp they point out but dont wanna do anything .. thanks for saying that

    Jeet:-yes i was reading we are so short of officers and the next crop of officers are not that brilliant because army has become second or third choice .. the first is still ABROAD. whatever anyone might say ABROAD is the firstchoice for a majority of people.

    I like this idea of Compulsory service, YES each indian shud be made to give 2 or 3 years of there life to the nation. THEY WHUD BE MADE TO DO IT. I second this I wud not mind it at all, any time .. at least this way i can serve in indian army my FIRST chocie and the only choice...

    I doubt about the achievements caue its been for a few as they say 20 or 30 families rule the billion strong indians, its like the MAFIA... there is no qualification required to be a minister and AND no minister RETIRES.. every other job people retire but not a Minister... it shud be compulsory
    Thanks a ton for the comment

  42. Bikramjit Says:

    RIA:-Thanks for saying that , it has made my day.. much appreciated THANKS A TONNNNN...

    Gayathri Jiiiiiii :) :-You come after ages, thank you.. yes thats what the problem is POLITICIANS..
    YEs mentality needs to change, we shud be proud of our being indians and do something.. as i mentined earlier 2 - 3 years shud be compulsory to give to nation.. FOR EVERYONE...

    Totall agree here wehn elections take place NO fanfare as in india, Hardly know its elevtions time.. REALLY and each party is reponsible to clean the mess they have put, the posters and all.
    No RALLY's NO speeches, its open and each candidate is asked questions they have to answer...

    Thanks a lot for the comment very much appreciated THANK YOU

  43. chitra Says:

    Though there is truth in what you say I think we will count our blessings and move forward. These are your views, feelings. I respect them.

  44. Tomz Says:


    For the first time in your blog...

    I am totally answerless at your question. whether to celebrate independence day or not to.

    However I think, every country has such problems...
    In our case, India is proud of her great heritage, but I think the people here not acting the successors of such a grant heritage...

    Anyway nice independence day thoughts..


  45. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    SM :- YEah they did leave us alone after they had no scope on robbing us anymore. I have seen your article excellent one SM.

    Ananya:- Thanks for agreeing with MOST of it .. Yeah thats what i want to point out we have become self centred yet when someone says anything right or wrong we go all aggressive and all. when they themselves do nothing and yet have the balls to put other down and shout how patriotic they are.

    Yepp the sense of national holidays is just that a day off, I feel they all shud be stopped especially the birthdays and death centenaries etc etc of leaders.. All that does it stops work for another day I am sure the leaders wud not want that ... Thanks

    Babli:- THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH.. wowow yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Pallavi:- Yes you said it so correct and to the point, exactly my thoughts but shhhhhh keep this to urself lest you are branded as traitor or Looser for leaving the country and coming abroad.. OH YES THAT WHAT I AM or SO I have been told by the PATRIOTIC Indians who will never dream of leaving the country even if given a visa .. ok joke finished ...

    I agree with you 100% wish people understood that, Thank you so much for saying what you said.. THANK YOU.

  46. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    WD:- You did not get the point, what i wanted to say was he got through inspite of those qualities in him whereas some like me who always had only ONE choice join the army and one aim to pass the written exams, the all india IMA exam, Getting through the few thousand all over india who got selected and YET because my Dad or grand pa was not a General or RICH.. not getting through and just because this guys dad was Lt. General he can and with such views..

    IT hurts when people who havenot even tried doing anything say that Oh he went to Uk, he is a looser, he is not indian anymore , he left the country blah blah blah.. This post was targetted towards them asking WHAT HAVE YOU ....

    ooops i am getting all hyper here I would have made a good general he heheeh I would have :)

    Ramesh:- Hey yeah divine intervention but when will it come we got 33 crore or more Gods and Goddesses why doesnot JUST one of them listen to our woes... ALAS..

    p00ja:- HEy thank for saying what you said, yeah we would have ended like hongkong, pity the general public in india doesnot understand this. and are still going on and on about what has past.
    The youth have done nothing, I remeber how UPSET i was then i was not selected for the RD parade from punjab contingent, I had worked so hard for it in NCC, we had the JAZBA in our hearts to do something ... but these days its missing ..

    yeah coming aborad has opened our eyes , pity back home when we tell our experience they consider it as a sign of loosers and traitors but then there LOSS i guess... Thank you so much..

  47. wise donkey Says:

    Sorry I was still editing when you commented, so you missed the last part in the post :)

    Informed sources however claim, Rakhi is an eyewash, on Mr.Fevicol's advice, Anu Malik has been hired to remix Waca Waca and it will be sung and performed by Bappi Lahiri (in Na'vi costume and an extra kilo of gold).

  48. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Rachna:- Welcome ot my blog, please visit again. thanks for liking it. YEah if only all and everyone opens there eyes and takes this reality check and does something...

    Suruchi:- You dont know how this means to me, thanks for saying what you wrote.. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Thanks for liking this, usually earlier wehn i wrote on this subject i got lot of abuse :) but glad so many people liked this post...
    Thank you so much. Thanks for agreeing ....

    RGB:- yes we have a long way to go yet a VERY long way, this gap between two poles rich and poor needs to be shortened.. .and each one will have to do something .. as i said earlier it should be compulsory to give 2 -3 years of your life to the country NO matter what .. rich poor , old young, whatever it shud be compulsory...

  49. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Deeps:-Thanks for saying that. No no Not a Lot of us .. nope EVERYONE of us needs to be accountable. No denying the fact that our country has not progresses Not denying that at all.. BUT is this what we want is the question do we really ...
    Though i appreciate the thought and hope that our contry needs to progress. Thanks for this.

    Rohini ji:-haanji they do change as latitiude and longitude changes.. yes we are responsible hence the line that EVERYONE each one of us has to do something.
    I can understand the limitations but these dont seem to effect the gap between the rich and the poor.. that is still going on ...
    but as you said HOPE is there .. all we need is to get that EMotion back in our people , THat emotion of the 1940's or before that..
    the feeling of oneness, the feeling of doing something for the COUNTRY without a reward ...
    Taking the country ahead WITH EVERYONE ALONG not just ourslef THats what we need
    we need a few hundred BHagat singhs, azads, raj guru's to come back and god willing ONE DAYyyyy...

    Someone Is Special :-Thanks you again will pick it up.

    Anil P:-Welcome ot my blog, thanks for visiting. i agree with you but we have lost that focus so why celbrate, other good things to do like BRInging THAT focus BACK to start with .. so lets work on that ...

    Chitra:-YEs thanks for respecting that, I respect yours I am not saying i am right I could be wrong this is what i think thats all. Thank you.

    Tomz :-Welcom to my blog, thanks for visitng, please keep coming back. Yes india is proud of its heritage but we are loosign that too, thats sad we cant even stick to our heritage.. our heritage tells us to respect the country and love it foremost everythign else comes second .. Look whats happening .. I was reading a interesting news ..
    There is this judge who has just joined and he is working so hard he is getting rid of the cases as much and not going for the dates and dates .. on one side people are saying he is doing good.. but the LAWYERS educated ones feel and are asking him to slow down cause its hurting ther business , the cases are getting over too soon.

    This is the Truth.. the news was in Times of india
    this is what we have become if someone is doing good we dont like that either...

    THanks you for the lovely comment.

  50. rohini Says:

    i agree...

  51. Harman Says:

    Well done
    your best Post among ALL..India needs to get up from dream..merely advancing in science or technology wont do wonders...infrastructure is meek poor..and very true...try to keep country clean ..merely loving or singing songs wont do anything ..if some one says its dirty...IT IS...not to be offended..I am an Indian its SUCKS when people ask for bribe for small legal work or look at the inflation its at its best ..compared to EVEN US dollars..MAN! its a very provoking post definitely an Eye opener...

  52. Bikramjit Says:

    Rohini Ji:- :) thank you.

    Harman:- Thank you so much, it means a lot. Yes i guess we are running in the wrong direction and think sciens - technology-infrastructure is PROGRESS. It is not..
    Thanks. You seem to be getting busier and busier :)

  53. Tanvi Nimkar Says:

    Well Bikram I am not the kind of person to defend my country or even pamper it... 63 years of independence and all its just show-off and nothing else. Sometimes i even question if there's anything to show-off??? I still live in this country and I completely know whats actually going on, just see the CWG goof-up? Points out to the dirty political scene... And there's lot more. When we won freedom, it was our luck, and most importantly to say Britons just gave up on us.. "We will never change"

    And its sad after so many years, we are still the same. There are people who want to bring in a change but unfortunately our system is so corrupt that they leave us. "We lose those jewels to foreign shores."
    My dad served this country striving for a change for 13 years. After his grad he got many offers in IIT but he chose to live in India. And today he is all but determined to leave this country. He tried but the bureaucrats made his survival impossible... and he gave up too, this time for his family.

    I hope we can change this scenario. And I am determined to, but I don't know if I'll be living here or not.
    All I want is a greener and cleaner India(Both dirtwise and politics wise)...

    Great post Bikram! I read it rather late, and now i am your follower :)


  54. UmaS Says:

    Its high time the actions of the Indians speak louder than the words of promise they utter.

    Good post Bikram. :)

  55. R. Ramesh Says:

    hey buddy hum log ko chod ke party bana raha hi?? ek deyega kaan ke neche..hehheh...boss, any veg chicken available?

  56. Jay Says:

    quite true man...
    the whole concept of 15th august has changed....and its treated as a just another holiday....

  57. Parveen Singla Says:

    Gr8 paaji. Readin this feels like standin in front of a mirror and seeing the ugly part of ur own face..

  58. Cherry Says:

    True..!!! But that dosen't mean that I should not be proud to be an Indian...!!! I Am...Now don't ask "Of What?"... My contribution is atleast... I am Not Corrupt & do not bring disrespect to my Nation... On the other hand... I too don't appreciate what our so called Leaders did in '47.... I wish iff decisions taken would have been NON selfish... INDIA today would have been a Different India....

  59. Parveen Singla Says:

    Paaji I too agree. No doubt we are all proud of our country. We aren't ashamed of our country, rather we are ashamed of the deliberate decisions made by our leaders to their own cause in '47 or till date. Its them who are responsible for the 'dire straits' the country is in.

  60. Parveen Singla Says:

    I support this article for I want my country to become a better place to live in. I want this so that if some body asks why are u proud of ur country, we don't have to say-:) 'Now don't ask "Of What?"