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Wednesday :- The end

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann


37 Response to "Wednesday :- The end"

  1. Harman Says:

    I wud say begins after this dead end!
    I had and always believe like this ...that everyone has to go from this world ,playing their one is immortal so why do we have to keep grudges or play dirty with others ...we don't know what is in restore for us in next few minutes...
    people forget this...
    The real life begins after the dead end..its then we start thinking ..what next now!!!

  2. NRIGirl Says:

    Makes one think! That too on a Birthday?! Sure I need that!


  3. Neha Says:

    nice..very interesting shot..

  4. A Says:


    When Neha said "nice...very interesting shot", she meant "what is the point?"

  5. Insignia Says:

    If the view fails to make a point, tell it more firmly with words!

    Whoever said, picture is worth a thousand words? :-P

  6. Ria Says:

    Hmm...just when we feel tht life has hit a dead springs up a surprise on us! :) Strange it is.

  7. Sandhya Says:

    I must have seen this type of boards before but never thought in this angle, Bikram. This photo says it all.

    'Love everyone' is the exact meaning. We might see this board soon!

    Nice one!

  8. The Holy Lama Says:

    Dead End, U turn not allowed:)

  9. DiDo Says:

    every ending has a new beginning :)

    good one..liked it

  10. Phoenixritu Says:

    Dead End means view point change karo ..... rasta nikal jayega

  11. UmaS Says:

    The "Dead End" Sign board at the Dead Man's End ????

    Did u take this shot ??? What did u think while taking this pic ???

  12. BK Chowla, Says:

    It means--Dont change the rules, change the game for a new beginning.

  13. wise donkey Says:

    hmmm read the comments, others have said what i wanted to say:)

  14. Shilpa Garg Says:

    Dead end??.... But there's a road ahead!! ;)
    Interesting shot!! :)

  15. Swaram Says:

    Nice one Sandhya :)
    Life goes on .. there's a way after the Dead End too :P :P

  16. RGB Says:

    Literally, eh?

  17. rohini Says:

    hmm...quite thoughful...dead end for living ones...and start point for the dead ones

  18. Destiny's child... Says:

    End of one journey..beginning of another..who knows!

  19. CutePriya Says:

    symbolic...the start of a new journey

  20. Shas Says:

    Its the new beginning.

  21. Madhu Says:

    pictures speak man..they do!

  22. Renu Says:


  23. Neena Sharma Says:


  24. Tanvi Nimkar Says:

    There's no dead end to life. There's always a new beginning :)

    Nicely captured!

  25. Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side Says:

    paaji i am back on ur blog...tussi ghussa mat net connection is still not stable, but will be regular soon...promise!!!

  26. kavita Says:

    Aage bhi zaane na tu,peeche bhi zaane na tu,zo bhi hai bas yehi ek pal hai !pata nahin kab dead end aa zaye ...

    Very interesting shot !

    Bikram,thanks a lot for your visit and such a warm comment ...feels good to be back in blogger :):)

  27. sharmila Says:

    interesting shot ... makes one think that's the reailty of life .... what ever one does - he/she is moving towards the "dead end" .... sad - i know !!

  28. A New Beginning Says:

    lolz that funny..the right words at the right place!!!!

  29. Babli Says:

    Very nice and wonderful shot. Great pic.

  30. Bikramjit Says:

    @Harman:- Haanji Life begins and then heads towards the End. and as you say it begins then.. cause we have no clue what where how :)

    @NRIGirl:-HAppy birthday to you i did not know it was Sorry ..

    @Neha:- :) you came .. Thanks

    @A:-How do you know what she said.. :) I dont know that point but the point is the pic:)

    @Insignia:-YEs it is worth so many words.. the picture is a dead end but there is a small path going by in my view telling me .. not to worry a new path leads to new destination right there next to the END. and the trees are greener on the end in contrast to the one nearmost ... with leaves scattered DIEING.. but the far most has greenery :) just my view and my views are crap sometimes sorry

    @Ria:-life is funny but if we dont have these little surprises whats the fun in living then ...

    @Sandhya:-yes oh we will see this board for sure.. when is the question.. not IF.. if is true...

    @The holy Lama:-he heehe yes no U turn.. cause that turn will bring us back to everything we have been through and STILL END UP HERE :)

    @DiDo:-YEs new beginning is there thanks for liking it ...

  31. Bikramjit Says:

    @Ritu:- haanji Raasta to saath main hi ja raha hai BOARD ke dekho dekho.. and us taraf the trees are greener :) but i like your view tooo thanks

    @UmaS:-My thoughts are as i mentioned earlier all and everythign comes to end, to start a new beginning .. a road a path goes by right next to it .. with the trees livelier and greener on the other side.. Maybe the Other side of the Dead end is brighter :)
    and also We have to reach here someday cant escape it :)

    @BK Chowla Sir:- Ah haa i did not think of this one.. yes change the game would be interesting .. and maybe if we can change the game and have our OWN rules to it .. Now that would be really interesting :)

    @WD:- but it always good to have ones own view tooo .. .:) thanks

    @Shilpa Garg:- You saw it yessssssssss .. nice one .. yessss thats why the pic.. dead end still has a road to somewhere

    @Swaram:- yes there is .. thanks for the visit ...

    @RGB:- oh yes literally :O

    @Rohini Ji:- hmm yeah that too can be said .. the start point for the dead .. till they reach there dead end...

    @Destiny's Child:- yeah who knows .. but one thing is for sure we all will find it out one way or another .. if there is a beginning he he he he

    @Cutepriya:-thank you so much for the visit. yes a new journey but to where that we need to find out ...

  32. Bikramjit Says:

    @Shas:- yes it is or it will be i shud say ...

    @MAdhu:-so what did the picture say to you then :)

    @Renu:-Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting, please do visit again.

    @Neena Sharma:- THank you so much.

    @Tanvi Nimkar:-yes so very well said .. life goes on i guess alwaysa new beginning if we look at it rightly

    @Shahid:-Thanks for the bvisit. and welcome back. I am not gusa or anything.. see you soon then

    @Kavita:-Wah ji wah .. kya baat keh di aapne the song says it all.. indeed and you are always welcome .. hopefully will see you more often after that long break you had :)

    @SHarmila:- Yeah it does make one think whats going on, or will happen what next ... but we all are moving towards it :)

    @The New beginning:-yeah thats true.. the words do suit the place a lot ... thanks

    @Babli:-Thanks for liking the pic. Thank you.

  33. suruchi Says:

    How very apt!
    Now if only the rest of the world could be tagged as
    “Alive n kicking end!”

  34. sangeeta Says:

    late...but u are DEAD wrong...i believe in rebirth

  35. pallavi Says:

    OMG that was chilling!!!

  36. ~*. D E E P A .* ~ Says:

    i feel the SSP in amritsar was to threaten you .. i mean they could harm ur family back in india ... that kinda threat

    i feel these happen in any community, but when u r in another country, u should be all the more careful not to spoil the bad name india already has ... we should be so careful in how we dress, speak etc so that we dont degrade our own country.

    i think u did the best that could be done in this situation

  37. Bikramjit Says:

    @Suruchi:-:- he hehe yeah that wud be a good idea.. but if u look a path goes by leading to greenery :)
    @Sangeeta:- Sorry , he heheeh

    @Pallavi:-indeed it is but truth :)

    @~*. D E E P A .* ~:-i guess you wrote the comment to wrong article he hehehe .. Thanks for it hmm yeah i guess thats what he meant to harm family in india..