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BADLA -- Revenge (my dark side he he he Read at own risk)

Monday, September 06, 2010 Posted by Bikram

Kiven na kiven taithon Badla hai laina
Jhoote Tere wadiyaan da hisaab hai taithon laina
Bewakoof mainu banaun da hisaab hai taithon laina
                                       Tainu maaf nahin je karna

(I have to take my revenge somehow, 
those lies , those false promises I have to take in consideration,
Made me look like a fool..
                        You will not be forgiven)

Sochiya si tainu maaf kar devan
Par nahin je main inna Dayavaan
Elaan hai eh karna Tun ho ja KHABARDAAR...
Idan na kahen ke Mann ne Pehlan kyun nahin dasiya
                                        Tainu maaf nahin je karna

(I thought I will forgive you
but I am not that big hearted
But now telling you, making it obvious, You be prepared
Don't say later that MANN(Bikram) did not warn you before hand
                                       You will not be forgiven )

Hisaab barabar hai karna
Tainu rondiyaan , vilkdiyaan, Kambdiyaan hai vekhna
Tere dar nu hanjhuan which hai badlna
Hasiyaan nu Vi Gam ch hai badalna
                                          Tainu maaf nahin je karna

(All has to get even
You Crying, Begging, Shivering I got to see
Your fear changed to tears I got to do
Your laughs changed to Sadness I got to do
                                          You will not be forgiven)

Purane zakham Nasood ne hai bane
Chure jehde pith which hai mere khobe
Jung naal hai bhuri jaande...
Vekhna hai kiven teri Chathi ch ne hun Sajde
                                           Tainu maaf nahin je karna

(Old wounds have reopened and are still unhealed and ooozing
Knives you inserted in my Back. are eroding with RUST..
Those same knives I need to push in your Chest...
                                              You will not be forgiven)

Chure = Knife
Jung= Rust
Kambdiyaan =Shivering

I was chatting with a very close friend of mine , on Revenge :) he had a sob story,  after much discussion it came to a conclusion that , we might say lets forgive the person who hurt us, forgiveness is the best revenge, makes you superior and all that PALLAVA and bullocks...

But hey I am not a saint or God or whatever , I am human and I don't want to be a saint.. revenge is SWEET.. What do you think .. People...

PS:- This has no resemblance to me MUUUU HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AHA HA...


51 Response to "BADLA -- Revenge (my dark side he he he Read at own risk)"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!I agree revenge can sometimes be really satisfying and sweet ;)
    A wonderful ode to the feeling all scriptures write against :D :D

  2. Shilpa Garg Says:

    Loved your punjabi composition!! :) Yeah, we are not saints but one must forgive, coz they say it's divine!! :))

  3. Ananya Says:

    Revenge is sweet! :D
    But this one was mean and scary :P hehe

  4. pallavi Says:

    Ofcourse revenge is sweet :-) No doubts about that!!! LOL!

  5. Enigma Says:

    Yes, revenge can be sweet and satisfactory sometimes. Well written! :)

  6. wise donkey Says:

    who am i kidding of course revenge is fun. yeah forgiving is also fun. makes the person feel insignificant. but even if i don't avenge, i plot away revenge everyday:)
    as long as one is not causing serious harm, revenge it will be.

    i liked the rusted knife line:)

    (now i have to pray that it was all a fiction and i haven't encouraged you to have revenge on someone:d)

  7. Phoenixritu Says:

    I am not a fan of forgiving or being a saint. Nothing is more therapeutic than an excellently crafted revenge. Forgiveness can come later

  8. Tomz Says:

    how wonderful..and I am surprised coze only two days back i commented on somebody's post with the same statement 'Revenge is sweet'...No, what I wrote exactly was, 'sometimes, the fruits of revenge could be sweet'.

  9. chitra Says:

    Revenge or Tit for tat.Is it same.Any way as long as revenge doesn't harm either party, it is o.k. But I do not like to settle scores.Only my opinion Bikram.Then there is no difference between us and them.

  10. kavita Says:

    I am sure ,you are not someone who believes in sab aap aise he keh rahe ho ,karoge kabhi nahin ,bilkul bhi nahin! Those who plan revenge are cunning,they do it silently and secretly -they don't blog about it.heee

    I believe in forgiveness but at the same time i try not to forget just to keep myself safe. It would be a shame if the same person hurts me again.

  11. Ria Says:

    This was scary for sure!! :P

  12. smitzy Says:

    interesting post. I beg to differ though.

    REvenge maybe oddly satisfying to the person planning it. It may also be fulfilling while it's being carried out. But ultimately, when you see the person completely broken beyond repair, it's more a question of compassion. I know, this sounds small talk but one needs to be in that harrowing situation to understand. One needs to be at the recieiving end to truly realise how bitter is the whole business of taking revenge.

  13. Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli Says:

    he he interesting post. i wud never plot revenge. i have a gift of being good at taunts, i'll use that at max ;)

  14. A Says:

    Most people will try to take revenge..that is my opinion. Though people say forget and forgive, very rarely it is followed.

  15. Bikramjit Says:

    dialoguewithyou :- Oh yes sometimes it is and its not always one can ignore and do the whole forgiveness pallava...
    Thanks for liking it and saying what you said

    Shilpa:- Thank you , Thank you.. No we are not saints , i do beleive in forgiveness but sometimes that is not feasible or the right things especially if you know they have taken you for granted all through

    Ananya:- he he hhe Thats the idea but beware of the person who always forgives and then one day says it in open to be aware .. something is wrong there .. :) ok i scared you enough now he heh ee

    Pallavi:- Ah haaa Yesssssssss thanks for saying that .. just my emotionsss

  16. Bikramjit Says:

    Enigma:- See i was right he he he .. Thanks

    WD:- yes yes yes yes.. forgiving is fun but then if you carry on doing that you are taken for granted sometimes to show the people how wrong they were , esepcially the ones who have done wrong and Yet dont give a damn and go about as if they are Untouchables , they need o be brought to EARTH.. adn that too with a THUD...
    Yes the knife does rust if not taken out ... and thats what kills the person the rust Infection and all he he eheh
    dont worry you have not given me any idea .. it was already there jsut needs to materialise now thats all..

    Ritu:- YEs yes thats s oright.. yepp nothing is more therapautic... and why bring forgiveness later WHY BRING IT AT ALLL.. some people dont deserve it DO THEY...

  17. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    I have to take revenge on few people! and I will surely take it!!

    I forgive 99.99 percent people but not 100 percent!

  18. Bikramjit Says:

    Tomz:- No no not COULD it is definitely Sweet , I can already taste the sweetness on my lips MUUU HA HA HAAHA H :) the evil me ... but then the EVIL is LIVE if we go from right to left.. so its goood :)

    Chitra:- What use is revenge if it doesnot harm someone..the whole idea of revenge is to HARM them... but why shud we want a difference between them and us .. especially if they have been aal manipulative and schemeing all the time ... he he hee he

    Kavita:- oooops Ech person according to me has two sides, there is always a bad in us in everyone, sometimes when the water goes above the head we have to splash to get out ..
    Yeah those who are cunning do it in secret, they have already done it .. so telling them to be aware cause now its MY TURN.. and what more better way then to WARN them let them be prepared and then you strike so at least you dont do what they did , hit you when you were least expecting or hit you wehn you were down, I am giving ample warning and telling them I am on way :) what say does that make me BAD...
    sometimes the games need to END... yeah never forget shame if they hurt but why give them a second chance they have already hurt so time is right to strike s othey dont do what they did to you with someone else ...

    ooooh i have relly confused the whole issue now he he hee he he

    Ria:- did i scare you MU HA HA HA HA HA HA he he he thanks

  19. Bikramjit Says:

    smitzy:- thanks for the visit. I did not get you.. what broken down.. how can they be broken down they have had there fun and are enjoying .. They should have realised when they were spoiling someone else world... Or at least be apologetic or be sorry if they thought they did wrong.

    Did this compassion not come when they were playing there ruthless game all the time , carfully manipulated plan they played and played it with so much ease and oomph and nicely.
    As they say one reaps wht they sow, so if someone does wrong to someone they got to see the WROGN coming there way...
    The harrowing situation the friend i mentioned they were in that situation so i know .. Inside story you see he he he he ... and the truth...

    Well i guess i will take your word that it is bitter when one is going about the business of revenge.. Maybe that was the time they should have stopped and asked for forgiveness...

    How can a person be completely broken or beyond repair when they were clever enough to play there part and put to action the Plan.. which they executed so cleverly and so effectively... sometimes a genuine Sorry works

    Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli :- He he he but what will happen when the taunts did not work.. and it exceeds the MAX as you put ... something to Think about ...

    A :- yesssssssss its not wasy to forget and forgive , esepcially if its a tormet lasting months yearsss.. especially if the whole life takes a Jolt..
    thats why they say

    AAPKA MARNA HUA or UNKA Kehna ki yeh to unki DIllagi thi...

    I guess sometimes one reaches a stage where its either my way or the highway , if you know what i mean.

  20. sm Says:

    nice poem
    like your translation.
    revenge can be sweet when taken intelligently without harming innocent people who are surrounded with that person.

  21. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Nice poem Bikram, but somehow I feel it to be better to teach him a lesson and excuse them than exacting full revenge.

  22. UmaS Says:

    So, who are u taking revenge on ????

    Even though it feels satisfactory to take revenge, it might not give so much happiness later. But the forgiveness part is damn difficult to practise (I failed so many times), but gives a small happiness later, when thinking abt it.

    There is this Thirukural - written by Sage Thiruvalluvar, in tamil, which says "When someone does any harm to you or hurts you badly, do him so much good in return that he is totally ashamed of his actions". This one is certainly difficult to follow, but worth a try.

    Even after the huge Kurukshetra war - a revenge for the bad things done by Kauravas, the Pandavas were never happy, they finally left the Kingdom and went to Himalayas to meditate.

  23. Rachna Says:

    I am a Scorpion, and I like the person to pay in some form or the other :). Revenge is perhaps a little strong word for me. My style is subtle :)

  24. Renu Says:

    Revenge is nevr sweet, but not everybody is able to forgive even.

  25. Madhu Says:

    arrey yaar! KAiku daraata hai? waise mujhe darr nahi laga...main khudh bhavaan ki ek bhayankar peshkashh hoon..yeh kuttha kya bigaadega mera??

    Revenge is uber cool..try it! Nothing more satisfying than that!!

  26. BK Chowla, Says:

    Frankly, I liked the Punjabi part of it more than the post itself.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  28. Sangeeta Iyer Says:

    I liked the way Rachna put subtle....
    according 2 me ignoring someone or something wd be the best form of show someone how much u got affected cos of wht they did/ said would give them satisfaction...and yes chill...I so trust in the justice of the lord...if u trust in Him...wait and watch...

  29. Babli Says:

    Very nice and wonderful post. I feel its not always good to take revenge but it depends on the situation where we have to take revenge and it may not be that sweet. Very well written.
    You are welcome at my new posts -

  30. Bikramjit Says:

    Raj:-Thats my Man, let me know if i can help you , roj gym jaa ke aven hi dolle sholle nahin banaye he hehe klabhi to kaam ayenge WHAT SAY he he he he. All the best in it In todays day and age forgiveness doesnot Work.. cause people think you are stupid

    Sm:- THanks a lot. yes i agree it can indeed be sweet.. regarding the innocent people surrounding that person.. hmm yeah a thought but i also beleive that All is fair in love and war.. he he hehe

    Ananth:-Thanks I like ur idea but then why leave a chance they might strike back, agar if you have to do something then one shud make sure that They dont get a second chance then.. End of story it shud be , because if they have hurt you first time then they will surly be able to hurt you again :)

  31. Bikramjit Says:

    UmaS:-you got serious he he he he .. I know what you mean by those examples but sometimes to move on or to go to next phase you have to put a end to phase 1.. otherwise it keeps itself on the back of you mind always hurting ...
    and the hurts become infected and end up killing you, so why die because of ONE when you can kill them and end it all

    BTW i did say i was chatting to a friend about his story, this is not about me this was just a thought that came to mind.. and my thoughts on revenge I dont beleive in forgiving , I use to but not anymore .. because people think you are a fool , coward idiot if you forgive them ..

    Thanks I hope i have not frightened you off he he he he he

  32. Bikramjit Says:

    Rachna :-I am a scorpio tooo, yayyyyy I can understand subtle but then that would be mean for me , cause they did the same think , hit me in my back I beleive in Face to face.. after all JIGAR MAIN DUM ho to lets have it in open.. he he he he
    So lets warn them so they are prepared lest they say Dhokha or they were not ready :)
    Cum on Scorpio ... we know what we can do he he he he

    ragoN meiN dauDte firne ke ham naheeN qaayal - jab aaNkh hee se na Tapka to fir lahoo kya hai ?

  33. Bikramjit Says:

    Renu :- Lai you confused me now he he he maybe once taken we might find if it was sweet or not haan..

    Madhu :- Kya dialogue hai .. tusin taan CHaa gaye janaab
    and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESS YESSSS YESSSSSSSS thats what i mean Super coool I wil ldefinitely try it Now to find the PERSON to try it on ... you gonna help me out on this one ... By the way I still got to tell you that SECRET its been ages now ...

  34. Bikramjit Says:

    BK Chowla Sir :- I am glad you liked the punjabi part, as i said this came up in a discussion and I wrote what came to mind, putting myself in the other persons shoes.. ttying to think how they felt or feeel

    Anonymous :- Please stop putting such stupid links on this blog, people like you spoil it for everyone.. and why hide behind this anonymous come out in front

    Sangeeta:- hmmm ignoring yeah but that hurts you too , doesn't it .. and why give trouble to LORD they got enough on there plates already caring for all the world.. This one we can take care of OURSELF... nahinn :) he heh ehe

  35. R. Ramesh Says:

    biks..i laughed so much reading yr commment on "cyclevali ladki.":)

  36. Gaurav Says:


    keep writing, I'll learn Punjabi soon.

  37. DiDo Says:

    ailaa...wer did my comment disappear??? :((

  38. Bikramjit Says:

    Dido:- I have no idea, Dubara Likho waho wala he hehehe

  39. Bikramjit Says:

    Ramesh:- Thats the idea, laughter is the best policy.. but i thought might as well try my luck kya pata if you knew the cycle wali he hehehe

    Gaurav :-thanks my friend

  40. Sandhya Says:

    You cannot be a bad person in dream too, 'punjaban' Punjabi can't follow your punjabi!

  41. Bikramjit Says:

    Sandhya :- he he ehe yes ji, THanks for having so much faith on me THANKS a lotttttttttt

  42. Varunavi Says:

    I believe in taking revenge but not harmful.

  43. Madhu Says:

    what secret..?? tell me i say!

  44. Bikramjit Says:

    Varunavi:- Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting please do come again.. How can revenge be NON harmful :)

    Madhu:- If I write here it wont be a SECRET anymore WILL it :)

  45. DiDo Says:

    last time bhi disappear hogaya tha bikram :( tumhare blog ka aur mere comment ka solid panga hai lol

  46. UmaS Says:

    Are u worried abt what all the ppl think abt you ??? Its difficult to satisfy what the others want from you...those are times to be JUST YOU !!!

  47. Bikramjit Says:

    Dido:- hmmm kuch karna padega then.. but you still not write what is it that disappeared:) nahin maine pyar se samjaya blog to aake comment se panga nahin lene ka :) try kijiyega

    UmaS :-Hmm worried maybe a bit, what i meant was that people WHom you Forgive, they think you are a fool to have done so or a coward..

    I am not much bothered what others think cause I do what my heart tell me to, what my mind tells me to , right or wrong is upto people and there way of looking...
    and yeah one can never satisfy everyone.. and one should not try also cause you end up more hurt...
    I try to be JUST ME thats a problem in itself, cause ME says to me to forgive the idiots and let them go.. so its a catch 22 situation here he he he

  48. Harman Says:

    nice ..I generally dont believe in revenge...Ignore ...thats the way....But if that doesn't work..then may be...

  49. Varunavi Says:

    Bikram its me saritha of varunavisworld and i blog as varunavi for my food blog :)

  50. The Holy Lama Says:

    Kabhi Kabhi
    Laton ke bhoot baton se nahi mante:D

  51. Bikramjit Says:

    Harman:- yeah i know what you mean its only so many times one can forget and forgive ... when the water goes too high above head then to save oneself you have to take the step ...

    Varunavi :-yess thank you .. got it Saritha I actually took a few print outs for recipes yummy

    The Holy Lama:-EGGJACTLY bilkul sahi bola aapne .. they dont listen do they.. laton ke bhooth :)