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Bharat OR India -- Relationships, Morals, Honesty, Families

Friday, September 17, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
I was watching a movie where there was a dialogue, that got me thinking.. Which category do we fall in, been reading a lot of blogs by the Patriotic INDIANS, wrote some details on my blog too got a few comments some with me some against me .. which is good, reading all those has made we write the following as to what i think or feel..

We the citizens fall into two categories Indians or Bharatiya.. the reason why I say this is because of the growing gap between the rich and poor. Also, the agenda of DELHI DARBAR is so what questionable,

Do we think the common man is on the agenda of INDIA ? Hence my feelings on Two


Many people have said that India  is going leaps and bounds , the astonishing success India has had , all the progress we have made but have we brought the BHARAT with us Or in the zeal to progress and make waves we have forgotten the BHARAT that we started with.

It seems that like the british ruled us and the famous Dialogue that was used so much then "Muthi Bhar Gore, lakhon croron Bhartiyon pe raaj kar rahe the".. (A handful of britishers are ruling crores of bhartiye) Well

Will I be wrong that today the same dialogue is true too, since a hand ful of families are ruling the billion strong citizens.

I don't have too much knowledge of other states but look in Punjab the RULING family, why is it that this family is become richer and richer while the whole of punjab is becoming poorer.

There is no water in the state, no electricity, what are the farmers to do, the farmers represent the BHARAT still oppressed by the rich and powerful the people who are now Indians.

There is this beautiful song by a punjabi singer I will put the lyrics and then translate as best in English it sums up everything about the state the difference between India and BHARAT...

Main mitti de naal mitti hona chhunda haan
tainu mitti naalon allergy hai mutiyare             (I want to return to dust,                                                                      but you are allergic to mud my love)

Tuhade karma ch shayad pakke vehde ne
inne maade v nahin saade Dhema Ghare     
                                        (You have Solid houses with courtyards 
                                         but ours made of mud are still very strong)

Tuhadi rakhi kardi POLICE gypsiyaan la la ke
saade munde pehre launde ne aap vichare  
                                           (For your protection Police roams around in gypsies ,
                                            But our own poor youngsters protect us )

Tuhadi billiyan tv ac de which vekhdiyaan
saade dhupan de which marde BALAD vichare 
                                                (The cats in your house watch TV in a AC Room
                                                 Our OX die in merciless Sun)

Saadi hik ton jehdiyaan nehraan langh ke aundiyaan ne
Tuhade lawn nu paani taan lagda hai naare     
                                               (We allow The Rivers to flow on our land ,
                                                Hence you  can water your lawns )

Je kite muh Modte Jattan Ne Ehna Nehraan de
Body ho joogy smelly sun lishkdiye naare     
                                            (If the farmer decided to change the river flows,
                                             your souls and body will start to SMELL)
So what category do you fall in Are you Indian or from Bharat.........?

What has all this success done to us , The India that has gone so far the people or the so called Indians in my view have lost all there values.. lets take the example of RELATIONS..

Look at what is happening to Relations.. A boy and girl fall in love, stay together for 2 - 3 -4 years and then decide to move away, what the hell is that , In the BHARAT days hardly this happened Love was so pure and people were committed , they did not have plans to fall in love use someone and then carry on.. Love has become a charade now.. We fool ourselves to think that it exists WHERE IS IT SHOW ME.. the first thing that comes to a Boys mind is how to bed the girl and the same for the girl.. Look around yourselves how many examples can you find of such relations

Families:- The bharat days had joint families , so many people living under the same roof, true there were arguments fights and all sorts of things but the love , respect was there , My cousins Call me VEERJI and whatever the situation I can say this with pride that they still don't speak in front of me, I may be wrong or whatever they still don't say anything, I am so confident that I can go and slap them even , they wont say a word this doesn't mean they are weak or what , this is called Respect Or as in Hindi NAJAR KI SHARAM.. where the hell is that now, with the so called India, People are moving out, so many fights over properties, land disputes, The young people don't bother about the elders there own parents ..
We hear stories all around us how the kids have come and settled in western countries and then asked there parents to come over to BABY SIT. How they are treated like servants here ...

I dared not think like that about my parents , My dad would have come and Slapped and beaten the shite out of me if i had done that, that does not mean he did not love me

Honesty is another thing, People were honest in the Bharat days, but look now where has all that honesty gone , being honest in today's day is a crime, I have had so many examples to prove it,

If you are honest you are thought to be a fool.
You love someone with honesty you are a fool
you care for someone with honesty you are a fool
you do anything with honesty you are a fool

What has all this success brought for us other then misery, if and only IF we had moved together taking along everyone with us , along with our ethics and morals we would have been really successful in calling ourself INDIA... Now we live in a era where there are MORE Bharatiyas then Indians.. and believe me the Indians who have gone miles ahead they will have to STOP , wait for the others to come along, even need be take a step backwards or two.. Only then will we be successful else we are doomed ...

We have become so mean and selfish , we hardly give a damn about what other might fell, even if we know that we may hurt the other we still carry on with our antics, where are those family values, the Cultural values , the rich heritage we had, We have indeed lost all of them .. to each his own as I have heard so many times.. What will it take or how much hard it is for us to bring a smile on someone ...

Will it bring us down if we go slightly out of our way to see a smile on someone...

I guess as i have mentioned a lot many times I am but a emotional fool without any sense, who cares what i say .....

So to all those INDIANS ... I am better off being from the BHARAT that I am from all the best to you all .. God bless

To be Continued:-


64 Response to "Bharat OR India -- Relationships, Morals, Honesty, Families"

  1. Rachna Says:

    A passionate post! I have read BK Chowlaji's posts -- most of them highlight the plight of bharat vs india. I have written a few on how the poor do not have a say in today's India. There are so many things that I want to say that my comment might become longer than your post :). Just want to tell you that I agree with you about the deterioration in morals, tehzeeb, izzat, rights of the poor, culture and so on.. We are on a path of corruption and deprivation in this country. It is disillusioning, and I feel so helpless about this situation...

  2. buckingfastard Says:

    loved the difference between bharat and did hit a chord....the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer....and dats wat we term as development nowadays.

    country envied for its cultural values is loosing it day by day...we are the western wannabes

  3. Phoenixritu Says:

    This is a romanticised view. I live near a village and I have seen the filth, squalor and atrocities committed upon women. I have seen autocratic behavior, regressive norms and superstition. Agreed the urban people have distanced themselves from some of the good in our traditional culture, but thank God we have distanced ourselves from the dirt and regressive ways

  4. chitra Says:

    What you say is true, where I stay that state is also ruled by a family, we have honour killings here. Yeah many do not know the the spelling of HONESTY.

  5. Tanvi Says:

    Enlightening post!
    Enough of problems we have(Honour killings being one of them), I am just sick of it now, seriously wanna see India grow up.... But the question when?
    We pretend something and we are something else!!!


  6. Punam Says:

    Comes from a passionate heart that's truly Indian. I agree aaj kal family values, morals, honesty aur respect kam ho gaye hain, magar phir bhi, somewhere these values are alive in some hearts. My family and my parents have taught me the values that you are speaking about, and if I am following them till date, I am sure there must be somebody else like me too.. somewhere doing the same??? Hmm?

    Cheers, Punam

  7. Enigma Says:

    All what you mentioned is true, but as Punam said, there are still some Bhartiyas in this India who are willing to make India a better country.

    But sadly,today's generation lack respect, honesty and other traits. Corruption is at its peak. All we Bhartiyas can do is be good citizens ourselves.

    The thing I hate most in India is casteism(and the reservation system). In the Hindu religion you have various castes. Even after that you are divided into further and further sub-castes.

  8. Destiny's child... Says:

    We are definitely a changed lot and the definition of love, family, and values has changed. I don't think it is right to say that we should show respect to our elders by nodding in agreement to whatever they say. Rather than asking people to learn to respect, one must try and earn it. Most of the time people shift base to pursue careers or for their convenience. I don't think it can be called a deterioration of values. As for love, I agree with you, it has become too selfish.

    Looking forward to the sequels..

  9. Bikramjit Says:

    Rachna :- Thanks. yeah the plight of India.. I disagree with that line its not the plight of india its the plight of BHARAT.. because india has gone too far ahead now.
    Please dont worry about the size of the comment.. you shud have mentioend what ever you wanted to say or better still write a blog post on it ... :)

    Thats what i am saying there are people who are living in two worlds the bharat or the India and that gap is increasing day by day.. each one thinking they are right.. but in the process we have lost so much ...

    It indeed is a helpless situation dont know what to do .. how to set it right .. If we speak then there are the so called DO GOODERS who say we know nothing or how dare we say somethine..

    Thank you so much for the comment looking forward to a post by you now :)

  10. Bikramjit Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  11. Bikramjit Says:

    buckingfastard:- HEy thanks for the visit.. the rich r richer and the poor r poorer
    and instead of being ruled by whites we are being ruled by a few families now ...

    so true the western wannabes ..
    thank you.

  12. Bikramjit Says:

    Ritu :- ok, I am sure you have seen all that, but isnot that what i am saying here.. that we are being ruled by a few families as we were ruled by the british..

    they took all the wealth with them and now thes new families are eating our country the same way.

    YEs they have disctanced themselves but that dirt i am talking of is the same which is still feeding the whole country ...
    and what progress are we talking of, the ones we see now, where all this corruption , insanity, dishonesty reside..

    I was talking to a person in delhi, whose words were if SOMALIA or any poor country in africa hosted the common wealth games they WOULD have done a better job at hosting them ...

    Have we really gained anything or have we made such a big gap that we will one day get SUCKED into it ourself...

  13. Bikramjit Says:

    Chitra:- I am glad that you agree with me , indeed a few families are doing what they want to as they want to and we are calling this progresss...

    WE are looking for water on Moon when we should be thinking of what to do about these honour killings.. girl childs being killed ...

    WE are spending crores on the stupid common weatlh games, to fill in the pockets of the few who have already plundered the money out of the games , thats who we are working for ... Instead all that spent on some remote village being brought ahead..

  14. Ria Says:

    A very passionately written post. But the point is what can be done about this!? Is there a solution?

  15. Bikramjit Says:

    Tanvi:- Yeah there are a lot of problems .. thats why this gap between the BHARAT and the INDIA needs to minimise.. either we take a step backwards OR we STOP here and let the people who are still in the BHARAT mode to catch up with us.

    The answer to WHEN , I dont know , but it can be resolved if as i have mentioned umpteen times EACH ONE OF US works on it .. does something anything ...

    YES so true we pretend we are someone else all the time , we pretend we are the ones who love the country just because we are born in this ... anyone saying a wrong word is either a traitior or the one who doesnot love the country ..

    and yet we are sitting here watching this disaster happening right in front of our own eyes and what do we do NOTHING .. zilch...

    LEts hope and pray people wake up something does happen :)

    thank you .

  16. Bikramjit Says:

    Punam :- THank GOD you said that, or you felt that way THANK GODDDD...
    where are the people who think otherwise about me Please please read this comment he he he he he ...

    you said it so right.. it was those moral etc whcih made us stand up against the british oppressors and hopefully God willing they will again unite us to stand against the IN-HOUSE oppressors that we have at the moment ...

    True what you say cheers to you too Punam Thank you.

  17. Bikramjit Says:

    Enigma:- Thanks for agreeing with me... yeah not some bhartiyas LOTS OF them .. I talk to so many individuals they say the same thing.. there are loads ...

    what you say it true, respect honesty has gone, taken over by greed ...
    Yes thats a baby step towards the change BEING A GOOD CITIZEN.. thats the ONLY Thing required ...
    If we all do One good thing, thats a Good citizen does then beleive me we are such a huge country that it will , this small baby step will change the country in a NIGHT...

    it will take just one day to change it into the beautiful country it used to be.. no wonder it was called the SONE KI CHIDIYA :)

    casteism is a bane and yes its killing us it will continue killins us till things change ...

  18. Bikramjit Says:

    Destiny's child:- I agree with you that we should not jsut nod our head to whatever is said, But the good things that we are taught at least we shud not forget those ...

    WE had a heritage, a Way of life, we are loosing that.. it was those thoughts morals that made us stand together to fight against the tyranny of bad rulers, the british But because we have lost all that we CANT unite to throw away the new breed of dictators , Oppressors who are eating us hollow.. the so called RULING FAMILIES we have now ruling our country.

    Shifting of base for careers is PAPI PET KA SWAAL HAI.. one will go where they can earn to put food on the table for the family..

    Thank you so much and yes more sequels on way :)

  19. Bikramjit Says:

    Ria :- Thanks for saying that.. regarding what we can do well that was the question in the article ... be the Bharatiya or be the indian...

    thats what we need to see where we as individuals stand.. do we keep running after what we call progress that in india is happening or Do we STOP let everyone come in stride , get together , stand together and THEN take the NEXT big step all together ...

    I dont know myself hence I asked the question.. to know for myself what can we do or what shud we do ...

  20. pal Says:

    Passionate post. I have to come back to read this again.

  21. Sakshi Says:

    Like everyone is saying, this a very passionate post. Whereas you believe in being a Bharatiye, do you also believe in Bharat Nirman?
    I mean, you have talked about the problems, how about some solutions.
    You talk about ruling families, I say, we still inherently are a democracy, and the handful that are uber and the rich don't even go and vote, the ones that go, are the poor. They exercise their right and choice, if they don't do it properly, they have no right to complain.
    You are talking about Joint Families- something I know personally and have been living in one. Forever been brought up by my parents and grandparents. But tell me, where there is a joint family, there are also little issues that are there, there is the Generation Gap that shows when the newer generation wants to move ahead with time and the older still wants to stay put with the olden.
    See, change IS the only inevitable.
    I agree with you when you say that, we need to Respect our elders, but mostly the disputes arise, when both the generations do not see eye to eye on an issue...

    As far as love goes, I think, that really we all have to move on. Okay? We all meet all types of people in our lives, and at time what we think is love is mere attraction.. and therefore the breakups. We no more stay in an easy situation, situations and relationships have become complex, with each one wanting their space in this highly cut throat world, to force a relationship because that was the norm, would be way too much!

    Honesty, is something that comes to you. And it is imbibed through your growing up. And people stick to it.. we just don't know of many.

    I am just trying to show you another aspect, being the Devil's Advocate!

  22. A Says:


    Are you joing BK Chawla and SM? You got passion of BK and details of SM.

    Very well written.

  23. Harman Says:

    there are lot of issues discussed ...Change is inevitable..agree or disagree..and to move ahead is called life where as love or breakups are concerned..otherwise its like sulking all the time..and joint families its good as long as it works and no restrictions...I have been in joint family since day one US ,,,where its hard to find these kinda families in US..but its always from both and respect..and having similar thoughts..its rare..
    Moving to west is opportunity for a better quality of life there is no harm as long as you are not forgetting your culture and heritage..and C;mmon Indian economy also moves on NRIs..not to forget..
    Dictators..ya I believe needs to be kicked out but our Corrupted system ..needs honestY...and being a good citizen of India..I think paying tax to govt is MUST... we Can aLSO SAY
    aisa des hai mera:)

  24. saritha Says:

    I agree lots of things have changed here.Even the relation between the mother and child has changed,since last few days all the tv channels are showing how a mother torched her 4 year old child,that child is battling for life in the hospital and mother did all this because she has a illicit relationship outside her marriage.

    And also parents are not eager to take care of the grand children ,they prefer staying in the old age homes than looking after the grand children.I feel the love and affection which was there before is reducing or it is not the same.

    All the states in our country are same.Ap ex cm's son has brought a house costing rs.250 crores,imagine how many poor people can have food and house with rs.250 crores.And he is CM in making.Where were one can find corrupted officials.

  25. Tomz Says:

    the post made me think...think..and think and i think i am not able to answer all ur queries..however, in punjab, i think (just the thinking of one who doesn't know punjab politics) since there exists democracy, people can choose their govt.
    the punjabi poem was beautiful and painful, the poet must be a GENIUS n thanks fr translating it for us.

    coming to the family values, i think the solutions can not be found out by any ruling parties or govt. or religion. somewhere in the journey f the country with a majestic heritage has lost its traditional values..

  26. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Its a bit tough to say that , India would have been so good if we havent got the freedom!!

    Our people are not at all honest, they just need money money and money!!
    and power to save those money and money to earn power!

    I guess in another 10 years "HONEST people were there in country" we teach to our kids.

    nice post bhai!

  27. NRIGirl Says:


    Even among poor I see lot of greed, disrespect and unloyal kind of behavior... and the same way among the rich there are plenty of down-to-earth souls whom we need to give credits to...

    What do we say about that?

    I guess rich or poor is not the question. How much one loves his/her fellow being is what makes or breaks a society.

    What say?!

    Ofcourse if you are only talking about politicians by the term "rich" they are a whole different species - so it is not even worth comparing the rest of us with them...

    ~ NRIGirl

  28. Madhav Says:

    I had given one award to you.. it is small compliment from my side to you.

    Please Take it..

  29. Madhu Says:

    no one writes about stuffs like this better than u bick...I bow to u..**

    Honesty is what we are ridiculed for..smartness makes more sense than meaningfullness in todays mordence parlance..:)

    But thats it or hate it..simply cant ignore it..:)

    U get my respect man!

  30. Rachna Says:

    Well Bikram

    These are some of my recent posts where I have tried to highlight the problems that we living in India today face and my frustrations at not being able to do much about it.

  31. BK Chowla, Says:

    This post is closest to my heart.I have always maintained that the gap between India and Bharat will have to be filled in before India can progress.You have covered most of the points in your post.
    Today, this country is being run--managed--(mis) governed by less than 10,000 people who consist of 543 MPs, their close relatives and about 400 big business families and their close aides.
    That is India
    That is Bharat-- where 83 crore earn less than Rs 20/day
    Must say, this is amongst your best posts

  32. DiDo Says:

    Fantastic write up bikram...

    loved these lines "Main mitti de naal mitti hona chhunda haan"

    Says a lot just like your post :)

  33. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Bharat and India : We have to bridge the gap.

    A very thoughtful post.

  34. sunder Says:

    Hmm.....Tamil Nadu politics is no different..ruling class have amazed wealth in the past decade...

    I may not agree with cant say this is the only correct way....nothing is right or wrong, our thinking makes it so...

    I feel we change with the environment...and every generation keeps changing...

    You are very proud of joint family? and i also lived in joint family...but never liked...only because we had joint family system, does not mean everybody liked...every thing has its upside and downside...

    At the end of the day, we all like our heydays GF will say , no batsman like Bradman, my Father will say, no batsman like Gavaskar, myself on and so forth...

  35. sunder Says:

    Hmm.....Tamil Nadu politics is no different..ruling class have amazed wealth in the past decade...

    I may not agree with cant say this is the only correct way....nothing is right or wrong, our thinking makes it so...

    I feel we change with the environment...and every generation keeps changing...

    You are very proud of joint family? and i also lived in joint family...but never liked...only because we had joint family system, does not mean everybody liked...every thing has its upside and downside...

    At the end of the day, we all like our heydays GF will say , no batsman like Bradman, my Father will say, no batsman like Gavaskar, myself on and so forth...

  36. rohini Says:

    very nice post Bikram...trully appreciate ur feelings and agree with them...the question of bridging the gap between the two is certain. the problems of this nation..u call it India or Bharat is same,....for me bth are same..and very near to me...the defects of govt..the society ..the people is same in bth the i blv...the prob of then ie..bharat we certainly dnt kn...
    but we do kn the probs of India...and thnx to the exposure this generation is getting coz of the media we just focus on it...
    we indians are in a transformation...and if we take and example. ...say of cleaning our home...when we clean it ..we disturb things kept at one place...the whole house is messed up in the process...and at the end we see a new clean home...
    india hasnt left the essence of bharat most of the poeple..say for you..and many others who have commented in favour of this post...
    the points like love family joint family.etc u have mentioned depends on people...nt on the nation..the upbringing, the circle effects the situation at that pt of time...the posts like this too make them as Indians but nt nt rite..there are many times where 2+2 never works..there is no defined path which is alws correct...the situations differ with people, and times...
    i dnt kn whether i could make myself i m in a hurry and just wrote wat i felt at this point of time...yes but one thing is sure..change if accepted with nice helps in bridging the gap between two..if bth work together...the bth words are for betterment without pointing the negative is my mantra for it...:)
    nice post agn to mention...

  37. Anonymous Says:

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  38. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Hey Bikram, Interesting post.. I have nothing much to disagree... The previous Indian culture was maintained like that because of various factors. Now that the times are changing, the changes in the culture are inevitable. Yes now with the freedom everyone has, it might be easy to get divorced. I think people should understand that the grass is never greener on the other side, and that every relationship needs work and there will be highs and lows in every relationship.
    Similarly regarding joint families, the current situation will not warrant such situation with the growing freedom...With the growing cities, and the people have jobs at different places, it will be very difficult to get back to the days of joint families.
    The examples you have mentioned of the children asking parents to come and baby sit is very poignant. Yes the level of respect for elders has reduced very much. It is very bad and I think if the people are brought up with good values, perhaps they will have better respect for the elders.
    Regarding honesty, I don't think the things have changed much - since times immemorial, not everyone was honest..and this is just a choice and not a culture difference.
    But what is getting worse is politics - money & power are working hand in hand to just fill their pockets only. A change can only occur if we ourselves work for it. I am really inspired by Dr. JP who is working to change the rules of the election game so that the nexus between power and money can be broken. Hope people support him more, so that some progress can be made.
    Waiting for you next post...

  39. Renu Says:

    Nice thoughts..and an emotional fool is any time better than the self centred ones:) are so right..where are we going?..nobody has time to stop and think.

  40. sm Says:

    good post
    Birth of Pandav and Kourav
    Gandharva marriage vivah
    is a part of Indian culture
    Many Indians know nothing just obey leaders like the fools.
    Many olden books we do not get to read by Viveka Nanda, Baba saheb and and others.
    like your post

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I always inspired by you, your opinion and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

    - Norman

  42. Mingled Minds Says:

    hmm most of u definitely belong to india rather then bharat .... its the modern india...infact every out going student of every college is taught to make his own benifit ...and in this world of competition no one wanna stand all jus keep cumulating....

    thought evoking post :D

  43. HaRy!! Says:

    wat was the movie by the way? people have written enuf in the comment boxes whatsover i wanted to write!... neverthless that love part really irked me! which a ton percent true!

  44. Babli Says:

    Very nice, interesting and thoughtful post. I appreciate for your well written post.
    You are welcome in my new post -

  45. varsha Says:

    lovely poem and an honest post Bikram.We are all of India-unless we learn to reach out to Bharat the idea of Independence will be a cruel joke for the majority.

  46. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Pal :- :( you did not come back :( :(

    Sakshi :- YEs i do beleive in the nirman, but not the way it has taken off or going on, I belive in more like bringing the whole country together..

    Joint families TOTALLy agree with you about the issues, I live in one myself.. I am not talking of Generation gap here, THe gap you meantioned is always there in each generation.. But still the RESPECT.. LOVE was all there ... It is not there ANYMORE now..
    No denying change is inevitable .. BUT is this what we want..
    Look at the commonwealth games, SO my shame for the country .. This si the UGLY truth of INDIA.. SHAME.. democracy where is it .. Father-Son-grandson and so on.. Wife, brother, sister all in ministerial posts.. THat is not a democracy that is a RULE.. with a fancy name of Democracy...

    Love is as you say I agree to it, I just spoke on my experiences in my life so far...
    We are in a limbo here dont know wether we are going or coming.. thats what the problem is ..

    Honesty is non existant.. the latest example is the commonwealth games, the whole countries reputation has been tarnished.. Has there been any change NO

    the game MIGHT go on to work but will that be a success when the leading athletes in the world have pulled off , and are not coming .. Other countries threatening to Pull out alltogether.. SO what if the games go on.. No wonder it will be called a success and majority of us will accept it too but the truth we know this has done more damage than anything ...

    THank you so much for taking your time and writing all this Really appreciate it .. This is what one wants when we write :) Thank you.

  47. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    A :- Hey, I hope i can write as well and as good as the people you have mentioned... Thanks feels like an honour :)

    THank you so much

    Harman :-
    YEs change is inevitable, but its the grwoing gap thats the worry .. YES agree with you families LOVE and RESPECT is the factor.. give space ..
    Oh yes the economy will or moves with the NRI money but hey hey hey This is the problem, we are happy to take the money or the help coming from the NRI but then we also say NRI's are loosers or traitors who left the country to work for somewhere else .. :)
    and we call ourselves Good Indians, Funny when it was BHARAT.. how the people loved and held the same NRI's in high esteem becasue they were trying to do something for there country back home..
    Really change has come .. (I hope you got my sarcasm ) he he he

    Thank you harman for the lovely point you made.. and as you say wish a day comes when we can seriously say each one that AISA DESH HAI MERA and not just listen to the bollywood song ...

    I hope it happens otherwsie as we all got up to the news on the games in delhi more SHAME to us comes ....

    I do hope and pray that the games DO GET CANCELLED and countries do pull out .. I am FOr or with UK pulling out of the games , may be i am harsh but hey I think thats the right decision ...

  48. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Saritha :-
    I agree with yopu all relation has evolved but for good or bad is the question...

    yeah the love and affection has gone down a lotttt.. we have become money minded ..

    and the Politicians.. i dont have words to say for them ..
    Thank you so much.

    Tomz :-
    Thanks for liking the poem, its the truth and the situation the farmers are in punjab.. the genuine ones..

    oh yes we have lost our heritage and traditional values, now we can see and assume why those traditions were there in the first place ...

  49. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Raj :- Welcome to My blog .. thank you Please do visti again he he he he ok this was sarcastic he he he

    What you say is the truth money rules all the way and wrong or silly are the people who say otherwise.. and I like your slogan ONCE UPON A TIME in a COUNTRY CALLED INDIA there lives a HONEST PERSON :) soon our story books will have the stories starthing with that line :)

    Thank you Raj.. THanks a lot

  50. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    NRIGirl :- the problem is all the down to earth and good people are in minute amount.. the number needs to GROW..

    Yeah true the love , respect for each other , respect for society needs to be brought up.. I liked your idea god willing lets hope for it ...

    ha ha ha different species.. you know what needs doing to strange, species they need to be killed before they do more damage..

    Thanks for the comment ...

    Madhav :-
    Thanks you mate, I will pick it up for sure I love awardsssssssssss

  51. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Madhu :-

    Thank you thank you thank you.. yayyyyyyyy now thats what i was waiting for :) my ego boosted to the seventh cloud...

    True India love it or hate it we cant ignore it hence the posts cause it hurts to see things going and feel helpless that whatever I am doing or not doing is not making any difference whatsoever..

    Thank you so much madhu...

    Rachna :-
    I will go through all of them THank you.

  52. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    BK Chowla Sir :-
    Thank you for saying that. yes sir it has to be fileld up before we ACTUALLY do any progress. and as you said the figures speak out for themselves..

    I hope some changes are made else like the CWG Games all we will do is bring more SHAME to our country

    Dido :-
    Thanks Dido, Thank you for liking what you read...

    Chandrika Shubham :-
    Yes we have to bridge that gap else we all drown... Thanks.

    sunder:- I agree with you about changes and the issues you mentioned but then shud we not learn from the mistakes and make it better Rather then BREAK it all together ...
    I also say Tendulkar by the way :)
    but we shud not forget Bradman cause he was the man who did it FIRST..
    Thank you.

  53. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Rohini Ji:-
    Thank you. I loved the example you made about cleaning the house, totally agree with it, the problem is we are not cleaning the house are we .. the people we choose to clean the house are busy fillin in there OWN personal house and instead of cleaning breaking the houses that others live in..

    Well lets hope what you say works out and we all work togtether for a better India and bring the bharat with us..

    and your mantra is beautiful ...
    Thank you

  54. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Hey, Thanks.. yes indeed the change is inevitable.. TRUE.. but we shud not forget our Values..
    I am not angaist divorces or breakups yeah if you cant live together move out, why make life hell for oneself and other around you..

    Yes as you mention since time immemorial not everyone was HONEST... but in todays case it has changed we cant say that now adays we can only say its difficult to FINE honest people because we all bend the rules for our convenience thats it the problem...

    Lets hope things change ..

    :) Thank you mate

  55. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks, yess yess i agree 100% emotional fool always better then centred ones..

    agreed that no one has time to stop and think, even the ones who say everything .. true no one has it wish people wish WE have time to stop and think and ALSO do something
    and that can be started by the one and only.. The One whose face we see each time in the MIRROR .. they can make a change and help :)

  56. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    SM:- Thanks for liking my post. it means a lot THANK YOU.

    Anonymous:- THanks you norman.

    Mingled Minds:- Yeah what you say it so true.. each to his own , hence the problem we are in.. hope it changes someday ..
    THank you.

    HaRy:- The movies was a punjabi movie EKAM..
    Thanks for agreeing with me he he he on something he hehe :) Thank you matey

    Babli:- Thank you for the visit, I shall surly visit your article.

    Varsha:- THank you very much. Well independace has almost become a joke with the things taking a turn.. Glad to see you here Thank you.

  57. p00ja Says:

    A very thought and comment provoking post i must say, as if it matters, cause all those long interesting comments just proves it all.
    But still I had to have my say too :) I had heard a very nice thing about India and Bharat recently at my Kid's school function and even I was wondering on the same lines.
    How does it matter who rules you if the Rules are not in your favor, How does one judge the ability to decide on the basis of nationality, ultimately it is the authenticity of the governing body and its concern for the citizens that matter.
    Very simplly put I would say we all are from India, but we all are not INDIANS. There’s a very small line of difference, but is significantly relevant.

  58. NRIGirl Says:

    Bikramjit! Whatever happened to Worldless Wednesday?

    I was so looking forward to it.

    ~ NRIGirl

  59. wise donkey Says:

    it all comes down to values.

    hey premarital sex existed from kunti's times. you think orphanages sprung up only recently?
    you have seen nris who ask their parents to baby sit, i have also seen parents who tell, whatever the condition work abroad and send us the money and have seen them squandering it away. i am refering to the blue collar jobs which are 3-5 year contracts.
    and earlier the respect reserved for a boy's parents was not reserved for the girl's parents. (for eg, Baghban would have looked stupid if Amitabh had had 4 girls).

    But Yes I have seen values disappear. I blame it (probably wrongly) on the tv ads which say its ok to lie cheat or do anything immoral because the product is worth it. coupled with it, our values on piracy has corrupted away many stance.

    i think what gets me is the ok factor.
    many parents today would be more upset if their child failed than their child cheating in an exam.

    i am sick of CWG. millions can die of hunger but its ok. but a structure collapses and it brings shame to us.

    of course i am against corruption and feel sick when i read a negative cwg headline in but there is a limit to how obsessed we are with our image.
    The Bharatiya I think cares not just for the image.

    cwg has become a shame game. but the rotting foodgrains are a bigger shame.

  60. wise donkey Says:

    bikram, there was a report on how incest in a state went on as an accepted practice. i think the joint family is over rated. it suppresses women in general.

    no i am not saying nuclear is great,but think its wrong when joint families are oriented around only one gender.

    I am neither a Bharitya nor a Indian perhaps by your post:)

  61. wise donkey Says:

    i think evil has always existed. its just coated in different strokes.

  62. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks for visiting me, yeah thats the point it shud not matter who rules as long as its for us and the betterment of the country in general... Yeah they can earn money fill there pockets but at least think fo the country tooo..

    Yes i like what u say We are from india but not Indians :) thats the whole difference WOWO.. thanks for saying that ...

    Yeah i know , sorry about that maybe next wednesday the True wordless woednesday :)

    Thanks for the lovely comment , loved it .. truly agree with you on the nri's asking there parents I hate them, and also some parents who have forced the kids to come here , heck my own cousins have come and are living terribly, I see them but dont know what to do..

    Its all about values nd the greed of making QUICK MONEY.
    Yes true failure is not acceptable it harms the family too hence the pressure on kids and everyone ...

    Incest:- i did not know about it , yeah joint family had bad points too, but what i wanted to say was it was still better then the way we are now.. and i am totally with you on suppressing women. I hate that too..
    men-women are equal and thank god My parents have instilled this in me, in our household my sister had the same say , sometimes more then me ...

    Yeah evil always existed its jsut that its come out in full BLOOM now ... :) and we see it everywhere around us ...

    Thank you WD for taking the time to read the article an commenting on it really appreciate this ..

  63. wise donkey Says:

    you r welcome:)
    i love visiting your blog. i don't think we see eye to eye on many things but you are really sportive about it. and thats just so rare on blogs.

    but to be honest i am just so scared of the future. the evil has become so powerful and common and accepted. there is just no integrity. no institution is sacred. including judiciary or media.

    think of the movies. earlier the police used to arrive at the last minute. the evil used to be smugglers
    then police and politician became evil
    then police politician media and judiciary are evil.

    nowadays even educational institutions are just about commerce.
    and if there is anything worse than govt its the private. ( i come from a corporate finance background and most of the business houses are just respectable on paper).

    and to make things worse, customs and traditions are used for more evil. for eg asking for car as dowry. and we have just forgotten charity and humanity.

    sorry for another rant. but sometimes its just so upsetting and your bhagat singh post is still fresh in my mind and i just feel so angry and frustrated when you think of the sacrifices of people like him.

  64. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yeah its true we may not meet eye to eye on some points but then thats what blogging is all about. your points my points we should respect eah others ..

    I agree with what you say about things changing and its going ot get worse with time for we just dont learn... for us its always next time next time

    and No dont be sorry and its not a rant its the truth thats what is happening ...
    its the same

    on stupid posts i write or change to a stupid status message on FB I get so many comments or likes and look at this hardly people coming to comment .. and on FB too harldy anyone noticing ...

    on my CWG status there was a DEBATE on it .. the problem is no one is interested let alone DO something.. let the others do it

    thats the reason ... No media has any news on bhagat singh.. i have chaecked a few but frontpage has pics of silly things ..
    spent crores on celebrating rajiv gandhi's b'day What did he do compared to the martyrs ...