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WORDLESS WEDNESDAY:- Nothing wordless today lots of Words - Common Wealth games

I am sure most of my article are RANTS on stuff , I was wanting to write these few line since last night when I entered my house and switched on the TELE for the news, The first news on a BBC1, and ITV1.. the headlines was Common Wealth games, along with the pictures of what had happened, Other channels are showing how dirty places are, the threat of Dengue fever.. The pictures are splashed all over

The bridge collapsed

The Village in which the Athletes were to stay... (with a picture of the model room SUPPOSED to be for ready)

The Stadiums

The interview with people who have been shifted and removed

All in all, it was shameful , what India has done has bring SHAME to our great country.. Will someone answer or be held accountable.. 3 years we had known about the games , work did not start till last year... How much or how long will we carry on living the shameless life that we are living...

I am glad the English athletes have pulled out, and the Scottish team has postponed leaving for India. I really wish these games get cancelled... Even if Delhi put up a great show the best show ever in the games Will it be WORTH it after all the Sleaze that has befallen OUR country.

Even if the games go on, what good will it be if the Athletes pull out, the ones whom people would have come to watch ...

I have already cancelled my tickets to come, not worth spending so much money when anybody who is into sports here asks me , how much money will be enough for the politicians... I had no answer...

The Sports village is a embarrassment so much so that athletes interviewed from around the world are saying they don't want to go and sleep in such accommodations.. Look at South Africa or any other 4th 5th 6th world country they would do a proper job.

Is there no limit to our shamelessness, My question to all who reading this ,



are you still wanting for the games to go on ... The countries or the athletes who have pulled out of the even did they do the right thing... ?


All these officials, Can i please ask them HOW MUCH MONEY will be enough to stop them taking more,


SM sums it quiet nicely... I would also like all those people who have been telling me or emailing me about how I am looser-traitor , living in Uk, etc all the ones who are ready to give there lives for the country , what are they going to do about this.. are they still going to just say the same stuff they have been saying all along which is one line "I love my country " .. also... How much more can we take

I was talking to my brother in Delhi a few hours ago, his words are that majority of the SANE people wish the games get cancelled, The educated people understand this They dont want it to happen, the Common man on the streets Dont want it.. So much money has been wasted... Yet again and the DELHI DARBAR has no answers.



46 Response to "WORDLESS WEDNESDAY:- Nothing wordless today lots of Words - Common Wealth games"

  1. Destiny's child... Says:

    It's a shame. There are hardly a few days left for the games and this is how we have progressed. And add to bad infrastructure, security issues.

  2. wise donkey Says:

    it all comes down to values.

    hey premarital sex existed from kunti's times. you think orphanages sprung up only recently?
    you have seen nris who ask their parents to baby sit, i have also seen parents who tell, whatever the condition work abroad and send us the money and have seen them squandering it away. i am refering to the blue collar jobs which are 3-5 year contracts.
    and earlier the respect reserved for a boy's parents was not reserved for the girl's parents. (for eg, Baghban would have looked stupid if Amitabh had had 4 girls).

    But Yes I have seen values disappear. I blame it (probably wrongly) on the tv ads which say its ok to lie cheat or do anything immoral because the product is worth it. coupled with it, our values on piracy has corrupted away many stance.

    i think what gets me is the ok factor.
    many parents today would be more upset if their child failed than their child cheating in an exam.

    i am sick of CWG. millions can die of hunger but its ok. but a structure collapses and it brings shame to us.

    of course i am against corruption and feel sick when i read a negative cwg headline in but there is a limit to how obsessed we are with our image.
    The Bharatiya I think cares not just for the image.

    cwg has become a shame game. but the rotting foodgrains are a bigger shame.

  3. wise donkey Says:

    oh no i pasted the earlier comment in wrong post!

    no i don't think we should boycott the games. its like saying i don't want to take care of an autistic child. it might be difficult and perhaps not desirable. but when we cancel or boycott we do more damage.
    better to grin and bear it and start punishing those responsible for the mess NOW instead of waiting after the games.

  4. DiDo Says:

    I agree with wisedonkey... instead of boycotting.. we should take responsibility and start punishing the one's who created the mess...

  5. chitra Says:

    Just read sm's blog and what I see here also strong sentiments. Yesterday when the bridge collapsed injuring 26 people i was wondering CWG at what cost?

  6. Sakshi Says:

    You know, I am going to be the devil's advocate yet again!
    And, I feel that, if we are able to pull this off despite the mess, then it truly will be a miracle. I know, that the common has been suffering because of the preps, but isnt this common man going to use akll the facilities that are being created for the games themselves?
    The metro, the buses, the newer routes.. that make delhi much more travel savvy.

    India believes in "Atithi Devo Bhava" and as an Indian, today, I want that whoever comes here, sees and lives exactly the opposite of what the media is saying.

    The ones who should be thrashed, should be givcen a public trial but after the games. they should be left to the people to deal with.

    Delhi, has progressed leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and the attitude of rest of the ntion towards this is so wrong.

    Like I said, very easy to blame, to crib, how many of us actually co-operate? Tell me, if it is a two way lane minus a divderr, why do we want to jump ahead..
    we don't believe in lane driving, we will jump red lights, wont respect the other persons right on the road and crib about the traffic jams.

    It is very easy to thrash the nation that you are living in, but you will not rvrn do the simplest of the thing that is asked of you- VOTE.
    It is this very educated class that refuses to vote and then cribs about the governmnet. the lower strat we know will vote to the person who gives em the blanket and the clothes.. but making an educated choice, that we have never done.

    The day, we run like a democracy, this will not happen. Just tweeting about it, blogging about it, won't help.. active participation.. as a citizen is required.. but you would not do it. Even if it is something as simple as going and voting.

  7. Bikramjit Says:

    Sakshi :- :) hey yeah it would be a miracle if the games work , but then seriously what good is that gonna do .. the damage is so severe already,

    The top athlets are not coming, Full stop. They are not that alone fails the whole idea of the games, THe question here is not if delhi has become Savvy or not , No qualms on that Good luck to all on that, BUt all this SAVVY at what cost is the issue...

    and please I have heard this ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA and sorry I dont agree to this at all, to me it means nothing, I have heard this before too, and I will disagree with you on this point, the ground reality is not opposite to what the media is saying, I am not sure about indian media but I trust the BBC or the CNN and the interviews they have had with the people who have been dislocated.
    Yeah the ones who are guilty but we know who they are, and we knew this ages ago, still NOTHING has happened and Nothing will happen...

    This article is not at all NATION thrashing this is the people who are running it and the people who do NOTHING about it...
    As long as i was there I voted each time, sometimes we got to accept the facts, and saying things will work is not going to make it all work..

    So much money has been wasted that even if the games were a success it cant be profitable, Ask the common man, I can vouch that if you go and talk to 10 people Random on the road jsut walking, a few wont have a clue whats going on.

    Its not you or me or quiet a few who will read the article who will be effected .. its those people who are dislocated, no one is thinking of them..
    WHAt good is this ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA when we cant even cater for out own citizens who are more important then any VISITOR or ATHITHI.

    How about spending all that money in places where these people who are homeless and go hungry provided food everyday... We want to please the athithi but what about US what About ME... I have more rights then atithi..

    I know tweets-blog will hardly make a dent or nothing at all, but then i wrote this cause thats what i think and beleive in.. everyone has there own rules.. I know in my heart and I feel it in my heart that the Games will go ahead, and I am sure they will be successfull the question is WILL THEY BE...

    But I really do appreciate your concern and you being the advocate :) he he he even if its the Devil's he he he , I dont mind it at all as such we all have our own interpretation.. Thank you so much... If i have said anything hurtful to you then I apologise ...

  8. UmaS Says:

    Its a total shame on the ppl heading the Council...they need to be punished without any much of waste of money, time and nothing concrete has come out...

  9. R. Ramesh Says:

    agree totally with uma: its a total shame on the ppl heading the Council...they need to be punished

  10. Shilpa Garg Says:

    I feel, let the games happen and after they are over a strict disciplinary action be taken against who messed it up and let that be a lesson/learning for all future events.

  11. Ria Says:

    I dont want to comment on this whole fiasco as enough has already been said.

  12. rohini Says:

    Its a total shame...a big disgrace for the nation...the news on any news channel ...i feel like kicking their ass's ...
    i dnt feel about rest but i m myself veyr much helpless and feel shameful on such incidents taking place...
    wat the hell the planers executions were doing all these days..years..? at the 11th hr such incidents ..god help us...we are in such international event ..
    where India is doing good at summits, meetings, talks..and getting some dignity and space in the international forums... such dishonorable occurence cant be taken by the indian citizens,....
    severe punishment should be given to all the ir/resposible dogs (i can think of more words..)the poiliticians..should be coutmartialed...are how can any politician play with the name and image of country...
    i beg all the citizens to raise a voice against all we have any way for this...

    But still i believe the CWG should happen ...just for the sake of sports...and this disgusting management should pay the penalty for this...

    and this time i would too say enough is enough...and i as a part of the nation can understnd the people living abroad might feel more embarrased than wat we u people face the embarrasement directly..and the govt should apologise for this....:((

  13. Harman Says:

    WEll..I wud not like to comment on that...its ..always a shame for people living outside the country to hear all these news!!!

  14. A Says:

    SG and SM also posted the same story. The following comment applies here too:-

    I tell you a short story. An American came back from India and agreed that GOD exists and for sure it exists in India. People thought he has been to Ashrams to holy place but then he continued
    "There is no system, total chaos, no organization, corruption, cannoot trust anyone, people don't listen to each other...but somehow the things work out...IT HAS TO BE GOD"

    Let us pray GOD...

    Corruption needs to end regardless of CWG.

    I looked at newspapers of Australia, BBC and India. Indian media is downplaying (for a change). Indian FM says that everything will per standards. The part I don't get -> this is not really Foreign Minister's responsibility....

  15. deeps Says:

    The worries and woes and the problems raining down one by one just doesn’t seem to end…
    Things get worse day by day… it sure is a national shame! oops

  16. Rachna Says:

    It is a dicey question to answer. As an Indian, I feel angry that my country's name is dragged in muck. And, I was not a part of the decision to spend 70K crores to host Commonwealth games. This is my money they are wasting. This is my image they are slurring. And Kalmadi and company along with the politicians need to pay for this.

    That said, I still feel that the Games must go on. Why? Because you cannot pull the plug on some international event like that. How does a new venue spring up overnight? The joke on India will be even bigger. Look at the larger picture. Who will trust India's credibility for anything?

    Go on a war footing and get the games done with. It's a shame that the best people would pull out, but hopefully it will spur us not to forget the insult after the games are over. Our rage has to be channelized to the right people. Make them pay, after the Games are done with.

  17. Punam Says:

    Yesterday, when I heard the news about some ballons they had brought as a showpiece for CWG collapsing, even I was going to add a post about it on my blog.. but you've said it right.. that showpiece costed somewhere around 50 crores. FIFTY CRORES!!! I mean, how many pappus in India can be fed and given a school admission with those 5o crores? I mean.. if the government has so much money to buy showpieces worth that much, where is the money going??? It pained me to hear that news item and I was thinking, Shame on the govt for giving lame reasons like the collapse is a small thing.. blah blah... it is a disaster.. God knows whyyy India took up the baton of CWG. And the inflation is ONLY because a lot of people's hard-earned money is being wasted into a disaster called CWG. Aur phir to add insult to the injury, countries declaring that they are withdrawing from the event!!
    And more insult to the injury: Australian media infiltrated CWG premises with terror material.. NO ONE came to know about it..
    What else can be said???
    I don't think I'll write a post on it..
    Tax bharne se acha hai, woh tax amount agar hum kisi NGO ya phir social organisation ko de denge, toh atleast we KNOW it is being used for someone's welfare!!

  18. kavita Says:

    People of India chased away British rulers with the might of truth and non-violence .Now we have come to this point of disgrace.A very corrupt system of course and the citizens of India are equally responsible for this present scenario of the country.Why we let this happen again and again ?Why don't we unite and fight back this system ?

  19. Madhu Says:

    Boycott the games. Don't celebrate anybody's victory

    Dont watch it on TV. Let the TRP"s slash down..

    kiss their a** this way. Lets see what happens next!

  20. The Holy Lama Says:

    It isn't the first time that Delhi plays host to a big sporting event. Only this time around is it so horrible a management. We must not boycott the games but really punish all those who were responsible for the sad state of affairs.
    A request to the bureaucrats- PLEASE AWARD CONTRACTS TO ETHICAL BUILDERS who won't use substandard material to build.

  21. Smitha Says:

    It is such a huge huge shame! I cannot understand how the OC managed to create such a shambles. I mean, it takes talent to be able to under-perform at this level. When you know that the whole world's eyes are on you, wouldn't you go out of the way to ensure that it is a success?

    And the thing is we have spent more than enough to make it a great success. We won the bid 7 years ag0 - 7 years is a long time. We should have known that leaving things to the last minute is not done. When I hear people blaming the rain, I feel like shaking them and asking, 'Hello? Did you not know that we have a monsoon season in India?' Why on earth was everything left to the very last minute? And the hygiene standards - it is ridiculous that that Bhanot guy tried to justify it by saying that Indian standards and western standards are different! Please! All this just makes me wish that they would just call it off, or we would just throw good money after bad and still make a mess of things :(

    And I so hope that all these guys get penalized - but then why do I feel strongly that nothing is going to happen to them ?

  22. dimpy nain Says:

    its depressing to keep seeing the national shame being dramatised thru newspapers and television.each morning one gets up to read more of stuff that u wish should have been taken care of ages ago.the time has come for a mass revolution where there is a public trial of all those who have wasted the people's money to have the world look at us and sneer.

  23. Ria Says:

    And coming to ur question i wud say yes, we shud boycott the games.

  24. Mingled Minds Says:

    it is definitely a shameful was a great oppurtunity we had got and the only option would say is boycott the games and not take any responsibility until we r sure tht we wont ruin it... its the politicians to blame on..every1 comes to power and jus fills up their pockets.....india will take a long tym to becom a developed country.....hmmm

    Gud nyt..

  25. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Destiny's child :-
    Yes indeed, i wonder what good this will bring to our country ...

    WD:- Exactly .. but what do we say haan.. CWG indeed has become a shame..
    I understand what you mean.. and respect your thought that we shud not boycott the games, but i feel now is the time to Hold the BULL by the horns.. THIS IS THE TIME to revolt and let the GOVT take notice.. as they say LOHA GARAM HAI.. WAAR KARNE KA TIME HAI..

    once games get over it will be back to same old routine, I know if games dont happen it will be a bigger shame BUT if we can get together and topple all these corrupt people who have put us to shame, make then run on the streets and beg for there LIVES.. that will be the turning point for out country..

    Its the need of the hour.. for some Good we have to be EVIL sometimes ...
    Once games get over this pallava of punishing etc etc is NO good .. people like kalmadi have made there money, what they got to loose, they are shameful creatures a few years in jail wont make a differenve to them.. more over jails for them will be hotels as such .. SO WHAT PUNISHMENT...
    What have we ever achieved by taking the corrupt to the courts NOTHING.. people forget and they move on.. while the poor who are hurt there whole generation gets wasted ... Think about it...

  26. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Dido :-
    Again same to you too.. what good will punishemtn do, what good has it done so far.. we need to eradicate this disease and sometimes KILLING is the only way .. I know i coud horrible now but from experience i have seen Nothing happens .. a few years of HOTEL stay does nothing to these sleazy *^&%$ ...

  27. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Chitra :-
    Yupp .. i can give you the answer to that.. at what cost..
    At the cost of our dignity
    At the cost of our Life
    At the cost of our future

    :) there you go and a lot more I am sure .. really a shame when countries like ENGLAND which are so minute in size then india are having a laugh at our expense ... Countries who are so far behind India are having a laugh..

    Yes but will it ever happen the punishment or again a sharade of play will be played ..

    R. Ramesh:-
    I hope what you say does come true and punishment is given lets see ...

    Shilpa Garg:-
    I agree with you but we have had so many strict Disciplinary actions taking place do they change anything my guess is NO.. the only way is to take on the might and we are heading towards a civil war or something ... These people should be caught and SHOT DEAD.... all there property money sent to the Treasury.. they made to beg for one penny ...

  28. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Ria:- Yeah enough has been said .. :) same same the end result would be ZILCH... Now I also feel why did i write this article what use is it ..

    Rohini Ji:-
    Haanji so it is .. punishment is everyone talking about but will that change anything .. or lets be sure WILL anyone be punished or the commission that will be set up give the CLEAN CHITS to all the usual ...
    The dogs as you mentioned have made there money they will be living there life.. there next generation will live the life .. and That is the TRUTH.. what about the poor who have suffered but then who cares about themm...

    LEts hope and see what happens ...

  29. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Harman :- Shame it is indeed ..

    A :-
    Yes it needs to end, but WILL IT .. till we keep saying oh yes they need punishment and then maybe just MAYBE give them a few years in jail.. which are more like HOTELS for these people.. WHAT use is that.. as i alreayd mentioned they have made there money and will be living there life .. Thats what the SAD truth is and I doubt if at all any punishment will happen .. a commission will be set up thats it ... :)

    Deeps :- yes ooops :) but is someone noticing .. I doubt that too so more oooops :)

  30. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Rachna :- Can i point out something not slurring .. they have SLURRED.. its done ..
    THe bigger picture is that we are a laughing stock, i doubt if we will get any more international event soon after this ..
    The bigger picture is also that these criminals will go scott free after the games .. they may even be awarded for the same wait and watch...

    Regarding learning from insults ah well we are Indians we dont do that, these thugs will still be here next time also .. if not themselves then there people so its a continouse cirle nothing ever takes place ...

    so many commissions have been made to find the truth has any truth ever come out, who has ever been punished , by that i mean NOT the 3 -4 years of jail.. cause thats not punishemtn they live in a five star hotel inside...

    How come all these people who are corrupt and done so many frauds taken so much money , how cum inspite of the so called punishemnt , how are they still RICH.. something to think about

  31. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Punam :-
    you should have writtne your article.. yeah how many people could have been fed..

    I like your point maybe we should STOP paying our taxes.. if all it does is goes into the pockets of these idiot politicians .. I bet they will soon resign and run away if there is no money...

    Kavita :-
    YES I agree with you we chased away the british, only to be brought to this level..
    God We need the bhagat singhs , rajgurus , Azaads back To kill these mean animals.. who are worst then foreigners ...
    The reason why we dont unite is, we look at small pictures people are interested how it effects them, if it is not affecting them , then its all ok..

    Neighbours should have a child like Bhagat singh, We want a child Like Nehru.. Let them fight the die , Why do we need to die

    Gone is the time of being a Gandhi, it does not work , it worked with foreign oppressors but not here these leaders will only understand one language and that is the language of being SHOT DEAD...

  32. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Madhu :-
    YAyyyyyyy you talking my language, I like that..
    what happens next I can give you the answer to that NOTHING :)
    Thanks madhu...

    The Holy Lama:-
    Yeah this is not the first time but all i see is that we have become worse .. we started as good indians now we are all running downhill.. and if things dont change worse is going to happen..
    Dont beleive in punishment.. it has never worked and doubt if it will ...

    Smitha :- Well i guess they took too much money or hoped it will work for the 10 days of the event .. yeah it does take talent to under-perform and our leaders have done it in distinction .. will full 150% marks .. they have over performed ...

    The whole idea of getting the games was a juicy chance to fill there coffers and thats what they have done.. to hell with anything else in a few years time all these people will be living in some foreign land enjoying the HARD WORK they have put in to bringing us all down...

    I agree with you we wil lwaste more good money after whats all lost..

    and I vouch for your thought Nothing is going to happen ...
    OH YES


  33. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Dimpy Mam:-
    Thank you .. haanji it indeed is depressing.. and yes the sneering is getting bigger and bigger with all the big names backing out of the event...

    Ria :- Yayyyyy you too said it thank you thank you now i got two votes he he heehe

    Mingled Minds:-
    YEs it is. Oppurtunity lost even if the games happens its for a lost cause now.. You said it so right Money and Only money is the Idea...
    I doubt if we will ever be a developed country not till we have this GENE of corruption in our blood ... Thank you.

  34. suruchi Says:

    Uff The Commonwealth Games...
    They’ve become such an eyesore...
    I don’t know what could be a way out of this mess...
    But I am amazed to find startling reports n facts revealed each day about the complete madness going on in Delhi n wonder HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO INSANELY CORRUPT?
    Matlab khao theek hain...magar ITNA??????????

  35. Angels Never Lie Says:

    well yes da games which cud have been a grt opportunity fr del govt to beautify da city into a heaven has all together created havoc to it...esp wen i hear of pple dying in da bridge collapse, naught healthcare fr labors at work n loads n loads of money gulped by pple involved (it can be seen by shit material used almost evwhere...i doubt da italian marble too: 0)
    this is one of da most expensive games ever held n yet such a situation is worrisome to da credibiliy n honesty of da govt..(arnd 31k cr of budget)...nywy now its too late to evn boycott..we can all jus be da spectator of da shameless act n can only see my city being criticized, breaking out n much more :( yes its enough now!

  36. RGB Says:

    What I fail to understand is, why did it all come down to this 11th hour rush, when we actually had years to plan and execute the projects. There should have been professionals at the helm giving weekly/daily status update reports.

    It's sad, because so much money has been flushed out, to no effect. And now I guess we're too deep in this muck, there's no getting out. All that can be done is, get our act together (hope for a miracle) and try our best to pull it off.

    Of course, the guilty should be brought to book immediately and stern action taken against them that will serve as a warning for all the corrupt practitioners.

  37. dr.antony Says:

    The whole blog world is full of CWG.Very few can beat us in corruption.Where do you think the politicians get the money from.They spent an estimated 8000 crores in the 2009 elections. From where?

    Roti....oh no..there is no money there. don't import much and they have no place there. Makan..YES..YES..of any kind.Build houses for the poor that collapses in few months,bridges which come down before completion.Ah,,welcome CWG..we were just waiting. Who cares where the athletes pee or defecate? Let us keep on building..

  38. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yes uff the CWG.. indeed they have thats why i had my status as

    Delhi badnam hui darling (kamladi-cwg) tere liye ...

    There is no way out of the mess other then making sure people are bourhgt to book else this will repeat again next time/..

    Exactly my POInt How much will be enough.. they might as well let us know she we can say Yeh lo bhai le lo.. AB TO india ke baare main socho kuch kaam karo , kuch to tarakki ho...

    God knows how we will ever learn or what miracle is needed for us to get over this

  39. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Angels Never Lie:-
    indeed it was such a great oppurtunity but we have let it go waste.. no use now the damage is done ..

    Yes its too late for anything well lets see what happens next...

    It cam to 11th hour becasue that when the foreign media i think was allowed to go in, or the other committes sent there teams to inspect they found out all this happening.
    Corruption charges had been there for about 3 -4 monthsn ow but as usual we have this habit of wait and watch , when they came up at that moment it shud have been nipped in the bud, things would have been so different now.

    Sad nahin its pathetic.. Guilty being punished When has that happened EVER.. when doubt if things will change now tooo...

    Dr. Antony:- first of all thanks for visitng my blog, please please do keep visitng ..

    In todays date i doubt if ANY can beat us in corruption, they get there money from us.. and from all of us who have a blind eye towards them.. and this attitude of koi na, next time , is the reason.. we shout and crib when things have takne place not before it...

    I undrstand your points and fully vouch for them.. exactly who cares where athletes do there stuff.. like everyone supporting this cwg for the sake of it not understand the bigger picture... I guess thats how its gonna be ..

    in 2 weeks time when all gets over, it will be lets talk of the NEXT SCAM now ...

  40. wise donkey Says:

    i disagree on the evil for good in principle at least. look at the maoist movement. some might be in it for justice of downtrodden. thousands of children can go hungry and die due to system of state but the moment they take to violence, they have become just terrorists.

    its a vicious cycle because many times those we fight against become part of our system.

    for eg a paedophile becoming a clergy or a teacher. (not exact equivalent but i think u would get the metaphor)

    i agree on the garam loha, for eg so much was said on ipl and modi but what has happened to modi? nothing.

    i don't think kalmadi is the main and only villain. both the govts were involved. it was the attitude that somehow we will manage. but they underestimated how bad we have become in terms of integrity.

    for kalmadi and the other corrupts the punishment isn't prison but the life of an ordinary Indian for a week.

    this is not the first time it happened. when rain interupts a cricket match in India, look how Chennai and Delhi stadiums deal with it. (mohali might be an exception).

  41. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    You may disagree with me , but i still think this is the right moment to strike once and for all..

    once games get over NOTHING will happen, you will see yourself, the ayodha problem will be spalshed all over then so people forget about it all..

    its like justice delayed is justice denied.. any person worth his salt would have resigned.. I am amazed at MAnmohan singh I had him in high regard but it seems politics has got to him too.. People shud have been SACKED straight away ..

    what use will be the success of games now after all the DIRT has been put on us.. the pictures splashed in India it will be forgotten in a day or two but rest of the world will remember it for sure...

    I am not sure what you meant about the cricket match , and I am in UK so i dont know how mohali deals with it :)

  42. Ravineet Bobby Says:

    Yeah true..CWG's become a shame as well as a sham...its so sad that when our significant leaders during our freedom struggle were guided by such a compelling vision with such clear targets why havent we still been able to rise above the mediocrity....I'm reminded of Gandhi's famous words here,'We must be the change we wish to see'...maybe we need that today...

  43. Ravi Says:

    Sports are a Ray of hope and a great opportunity to spread good messages of hope and improvement
    Tom freedom in Africa (during the epic soccer game) and so on and so forth the examples are numerous - india has many afflictions no doubt and it's not about being patriotic but we collectively are a world community who should be watching out for the interests of the common good - when the indians see the collective spirits of the world community they will spiritually improve towards wanting to do a better job mect time Nd ne better hosts that child who has no exposure or an opportunity to see what we fortunate few have, gets a glimps of what th world community is - for that child I say we all who go there should go - cause that child's world is going to be totally altered to a better life -so I say we don't boycott the games - we should accept that india is what it is - and shall probably continue to be the same - athletes and fans are a unique breed who understand thias power they have so let's not be worried about our image but think of the most. Valuable resource god has given us and for the children go forward and play the games.

  44. Milan Says:

    Let's give them the benefit of doubt and wish for the BEST ... us Indians aren't bad as a community ... Our positive vibes from all of us could make MIRACLES happen ...

  45. Gagandeep singh Bawa Says:

    Pls don't worry be happy everything will be managed.

  46. Anonymous Says: