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Nostalgic times:- Laugh

Friday, September 24, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
I was reading a article on Nu's Blog, on the good old DD (doordarshan days).. I had these few pics to remind of the good old nostalgic days

here are a few that go WAY back...  Now make sure you comment about how many of these you remember .. lets see how far you can go .. I feel so old I remember all I guess ...

1. Gabbar ki asli pasand Glucose-D

2. Wills peene wallon ki baat hi kuch aur hai :)  (look at kabir bedi so young)...

3. Rangeen tv and the front loading VHS players ... and the ones which opened up..

4. Brylcreem Kishore Da...

5. Mere matlab ke Ad.. BAGPIPER hic hic hic

6. Campa Cola

7. Cinthol nahane ka sabun ...

and so many moreeeeeeeeeeee  maybe next time...


47 Response to "Nostalgic times:- Laugh"

  1. Madhu Says:

    aila!!! yeh toh mast che!!

    U reminded me of those old times..just when i wrote about that..

    do u remember shahid and ayesha takia feature in that complan ad..?? :P :D

  2. Madhu Says:

    mera firstttttt comment hai!! balle balle!

  3. Tanvi Says:

    Wow the gabbar pic is too good!!!
    Want more :D


  4. Enigma Says:

    I wasn't born that time(or must be a toddler), so I'm unaware of the above ads. :(

  5. Jaspreet Says:

    But I don't remember any of these..i feel like I haven't seen any of these.

  6. Rachna Says:

    I remember only 3,5 and 7 :)

  7. kavita Says:

    I remember all - and few more like Lifebuoy ,Halo Shampoo ,Shammi Kapoor n Ashok Kumar's Paan-Parag.

    Nostalgic !

  8. Punam Says:

    I remember a couple of them.. we still have the National VCR but it's no more in working condition. Annnd.. I remember the Goldspot ad.. that was great.. and the Hutch doggie (wherever you go, our network follows).. and the Nescafe (open open up.. open your eyes open your soul, dont stay behind, Nescafe)... and lifebuoy (zindagi ki raksha..) and BAJAJ Bulbs (jab main chota bacha tha, badi shararat karta tha)...
    ahhhhhhh now I am down memory lane!! Good post, Bikram!!

  9. Shilpa Garg Says:

    Gabbar ki pasand, glucose biscuit thi?? Wow! Never knew that!! :D
    Kishore Kumar in an Advertisment, this is new too!!

    Have seen only the Cinthol and Bagpiper ad! :)
    Thks for sharing! :)

  10. chitra Says:

    That made me nostalgic but do not remember seeing Kishore Kumar in an ad.

  11. UmaS Says:

    Loved these pics...ha ha ha over I use Cinthol...we used to imitate him and make fun so much...

    Keep them coming...makes me reminded of my childhood days... :)

  12. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Old memories. Nice collection. :)

  13. Ananya Says:

    Thanks for making me feel young ;D

  14. Angels Never Lie Says:

    ouw...vinod khanna used to look so awsm...cnt say da same abt his son's...:p..nywy i havnt seen a single ad may be i was too young fr lov all of em...dey r so cute...(dats da only word came in my mind)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    eeeeeeeeeee........ :D
    i love this :D
    i dont remember any of these except the Vinod Khanna Ad :D
    baaki sab Advertising class mein padha thaa specimen ke taur pe :P

  16. NRIGirl Says:

    Interesting list, but only the Cinthol ad I remember...

  17. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    I am not used to watch Hindi!
    But I remember the glucose, complan and cinthol ads. :)

  18. Harman Says:

    Very nice!!!I jus remember Cinthol!!

  19. Sakshi Says:

    Totally crazy stuff!

    Btw- You have been tagged on my blog!

  20. Smitha Says:

    Oh dear! I must be old too :) I remember most of them :) And I have seen some really old print ads too, because I used to read all the old, old editions of Readers Digest from my granddad's collection :) So I remember a range of black and white ads too :)

  21. A Says:

    I guess my memory is weak. I don't remember anyone of them. But nice ones...

  22. Babli Says:

    Very nice to see that you remember all the old Ads. I remember only Cinthol Ad. Really the old Ads were excellent.

  23. A New Beginning Says:

    wow these were nice :) do get more!!!

  24. Renu Says:

    Good trip down the memory lane..when I see Vinod Khanna and Mithun of today....I wonder how could handsome Vinod could age like this:)

    I used to love the ad of fair and lovely with Rhea also I like the one of Ponds, if anyone knows the female model, please tell me who she is.

  25. Ria Says:

    Aah seriously made me nostalgic....lovely post. :) Made me smile.

  26. RGB Says:

    EC he bulb laana, Nirma nirma washing powder nirma, Gold spot the zing thing, C for chocolate a campco chocolate, da, da, da...thanks for reminding the ads of yesteryears:)

  27. Phoenixritu Says:

    Kabir Bedi, droooool!

  28. The Holy Lama Says:

    Remember the Cinthol and bagpiper ads. That Kabir bedi ad must be from the 60s, no?

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Balle Balle...

    Awesome. Where did you find this treasure...
    I remember most of them. Kishore Kumar, Kabir Bedi ads are from the times before I was born. I don't recall Gabbar and National TV VCR ads either but they are something.India has come so far in advertising. I guess most ads are from Mather Ogilvi India.
    Keep them coming Bikram, we love it.
    Desi Girl

  30. Rajlakshmi Says:

    ummm why is it that I don't remember watching any of these :P may be I am too young :D

  31. Sh@s Says:

    Good ones. Waiting for more, maybe then i will be able to recall.

  32. BK Chowla, Says:

    Great post.I know it for a fact that Amjad Khan did not charge a penny for the ad as the company had promised X amount as charity for children's charity.
    This ad was released immly after Sholey was released.

  33. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Madhu :-
    Haanji you are firstt.. YEah I read your note too and hence my put up this article. Yes i remember shahid .. I ma Not that old he hehehe :)

    Yes ji gabbar ad was good.. I have loads more will put them soon .. cheers and thanks for visitng me .

    Enigma :-
    Lucky you then.. I have seen a few of the ones i have put.. thanks

    Hey.. well that just proves how young you are and How old I am :)

    You do gooood... I was beginning to thimk I am very very old ... :)

  34. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Kavita :- Wow yayyyy .. Yeah yeah I do remember and paan paraag was that guy jalaal agha too.. AUR MERE LIYE...

    yes Lifebouy .. laifebouy hai jahan tandurasti hai wahan :)

    Punam :- Yeah we had a national vcr too, its lying somewhere in the store now back home..

    lifbouy yess...
    Meri chori pakadi jaati ... and the EC bulb.. Asrani or was it Paintel saying Poore ghar ke badal daloonga ...
    THanks punam...

    Shilpa Garg:-
    Haanji thi and as i read from BK Chowla sir he did not take any money for the ad it all was charity..

    I did not see the kishore kumar ad myself.. yeah Bagpiper was my favourite AD he he hhe :)

    Chitra :-
    Me either but he was .. Thank you so much..

    UmaS:- did you he heehe good goood .. Yeah me too it reminds me of childhood the good old Golden days :)

    Chandrika Shubham :-
    Thank you so much.

  35. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Ananya :-
    Yayyy anything to make you smile he hehehe :)

    Angels Never Lie:-
    Yeah i understand he use to be good looking .. I am sure you are very young.. :)

    Do you now ...
    good thats because you are not as old as me he heheeh ... good goood

    Ok.. thanks for visiting me ...

    There you go you rememebr a few... and Hindi hmm we need to work on that then he hehehe .. How you doing .. dont see you too often these day You ok ...

    Thanks a lot for visiting..

  36. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you thank you .. I love tags will surly take it up very sooon.. and thanks for liking this post.

    he he he Oh no no Dil jawaan chahiye.. Old shold is nothing .. wowo thats amazing i had a few very old books my granddad gave me .. I shud get them out again been ages since i last read them ...

    No its not the memory, paaji You are too young .. thats why you cant remember .. thats how to look at it he he he he :)

    Babli :-
    thank you thank you.. yeah these are quite old I have not seen all of them ..

  37. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    A New Beginning :-
    I will try getting more for sure , I am sure i got them somewhere lying here and there ...

    Renu :-
    Indeed a good trip back to good old days.. he he ehe Well yeha how cud he I gues age is catching up with him ...
    mmm no idea havnot watched ads for ages now I dont have indian channels subscribed so dont see them often here ...

    Thank you .. glad it made u smile thats all it was about .. remmebering and smiling ...

    RGB :-
    he hehe i rememebr that too.. poore ghar ke badl doonga ..
    washing powder nirma doodh ki safedi nirma se aye he he hehee

    Yeah good old days .. thank you

    Ritu :-
    Ok ok Stop drooling now, I got a few more of him.. I shall put them on or email you.. then you can drool more what say ... :)

    The holy Lama:-
    YEah i htink that kabir bedi was 60's I was not born then myself .. SO i dont rmemeber seeing it ...

  38. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Jeet :-
    where did i find them, jsut surfing here and there and so on..
    Yeah kabir bedi is before my birth too, Yeah india has come a long way .. recetnly i was watching a show on BBC on best ads around the world or funny ads .. and one of india;s ad was featured in it ..
    Thank you so much.

    Offcourse and definitely thats why, you were not born when these came.. or too young to rmemeber but now you can see :)

    Thanks for visitng, YEah i will put some more soon .. I doubt if u will recall cause they are very old like me he he he ehhe

    BK Chowla Sir:-
    thanks fr sharing the info, i have heard from a few people i know that Mr. Amjad khan was indeed a very good man, he did a lot of work for the helpers and spot boys, spares .. indeed a ver ygood man.
    Thank you for sharing.

  39. rohini Says:

    wow....but i rem only the last one..i rem i was very small that time still i loved the ad..dnt kn whether it was vinod's or the horse's charm ....
    thnx and waiting for many more ...:)

  40. Madhav Says:

    Keep Them coming Bikram

  41. wise donkey Says:

    heh heh i had forgotten the vinod khanna ad !
    I remember the campa cola but i haven't seen the other ads.

    nice collection:)

  42. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Rohini ji I am sure it was the magneficient animal.. The Horse.. before you say man is also an animal he he hehe ...

    Yeah I shall put a few more soon..

    Thank you my friend.. Thanks

    Thats because you are too young.. and a lot younger then me thats why you dont remember most, you havenot seen them :)
    he he he he


  43. raji Says:

    @ bikram what a awesome collection!i was born in 1982 and i remember seeing cinthol and mithun's add i think... but all these pictures were cool.thanks for the rewind.

  44. Scribbler Says:

    wow now that's something to cherish !! Where did you find these precious pictures ??? Lovely

    And thankfully you mentioned that it's Kabir Bedi...I just could not recognize !!!

  45. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Welcome to my world, thank you so much please do visit again...

    Ohh you were too young to rmemeber all these well most of them i guess.. Thank you.

    You came and you commented Wah wah wah ... :)
    Where i found them , i got them in a email..

    I got another one of kabir bedi where he is just a boy it seems ... will put them up sooon

    Thanks for visiting...

  46. Naarya Says:

    sahi ! very good collection :)

  47. Tanvi Says:

    Me and husband sit and watching Old Ads on youtube for hours sometime over the weekend. It is great nostalgic entertainment.

    I remember the Cinthol ad. Vinod Khanna was so young. Everyone was :)