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Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh

Monday, September 27, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
Harjiwanpal S Gill Bikram warm wishes after ages.Hope you & your family are good.Highly commendable to read about Shaheed-E-Azam.I am emotionally attached to him , my mother being his neice.BEST tribute to him is your write-up about him.Keep it up & do get in touch

Today 27th September is the Birth anniversary of Sardar Bhagat singh, One of the most known person in Indian history, Who was more influential then Mahatama Gandhi, inspite of being so young.

The congress may not agree to it , But it was Gandhi's Politics that made us loose a firebrand leader, I wonder sometimes how it would have been if Sardar Bhagat singh and his friends had survived, for as long as Gandhi did, makes you wonder what would have been the outcome if history had been otherwise..

Anyway Today is Sardar Bhagat singh's birthday and I dont want to discuss the dirty politics of the congress then.Sardar Bhagat singh gave a new direction to revolutionary movement in India, formed 'Naujavan Bharat Sabha' to spread the message of revolution in Punjab, formed 'Hindustan Samajvadi Prajatantra Sangha' along with Shaheed Chandrasekhar Azad to establish a republic in India,

(the following had been published by me earlier too.. My thoughts)
Been wondering sometimes, what it would be, to actually be alive during the times of Sardar Bhagat Singh. It’s one thing to watch the movies describing him, his ideas what he did, how it all happened, but to be actually there is different

I sometimes think if I was at that age, am I cut up for such sacrifices, would I be able to do what the heroes at that time did. Would I have had the courage to defy the Government at that time? Or would I be a coward running scared? or worst be an obedient citizen going about my daily chores of life without batting a eyelid, cause that’s what most were doing otherwise how could a handful of british rule so many.

The last few words spoken by him "Dil se niklegi, na mar kar bhi, watan ki ulfat, meri mitti se bhi khushboo-e-watan aayegi" (Even after my death my love for my motherland will not diminish from my heart. Even my ashes will smell of your (motherland’s) greatness and love). AM I LIKE THAT Are YOU  LIKE THAT ?

Can I or Would I be able to give up my life smiling. Does it not make you think sometime COULD YOU DO what they did.  OR Would I be one of those traitors who got greats like Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad killed, Shaheed Bhagat Singh hanged... Would I be that SLY bastard who would betray my friends at the first hurdle of trouble, would I spill the beans at the mere thought of pain?

Would I or Could I have been as brave as the martyrs, Could I have taken all that beating, torture they went through in there tender age, When I was 24 I was busy trying to make a career.

It is one thing saying it, Oh yes I could have or I would have... But think deep inside, be truthful to yourself COULD YOU, COULD I... just a thought. Not many these days think the way a 24 year old thought at that time, I know situations were different but there is one thing common, INDIA... our country it is still under oppression, still under rule the only difference is colour of skin, it was WHITE then now its BROWN. Mentality is still same LOOT The country, fill in own coffers...

But do we see Bhagat Singh NOW? NO. All the martyrs gave their life for us but we have betrayed them, we have betrayed our own brothers and sisters.

Hence the wondering that could I do what they did, because if the answer is YES and hundreds, thousands said it was YES, then we should not be where we are in the current ERA. I just wish to god and prey that when I die, I die a good death a bit worthwhile, or give me strength that I am able to do something, anything worthwhile for the country where I was born where my forefathers lived.

I am not sure if I could say what Bhagat Singh wrote "I have been arrested while waging a war. For me there can be no gallows. Put me into the mouth of a cannon and blow me off." These heroes had conquered the fear of death.


Remains a QUESTION...

“Shaheedo ki cheetaon par har baras lagen ge mele, watan par marne walon ka bus yahi nishan hoga’’.

Sardar Bhagat Singh was one of the most prominent faces of Indian freedom struggle. He was a revolutionary ahead of his times. By Revolution he meant that present order of things, which was based on manifest injustice must change (its stil lthe same now tooo),   He realised that the overthrow of British rule should be accompanied by the socialist reconstruction of Indian society and for this political power must be seized by the workers. And he was so right, Look at what stage we are in Under the so called rulers, Today We need Bhagat singh to be born again.

We indians have a tendency- we want nehru paida ho apne ghar aur Bhagat singh paida ho padosi de ghar. Effort woh karen aur maje len hum.. 

Bhagat Singh gave a new direction to the revolutionary movement in India. He differed from his predecessors ,He was the one who had a concept of post-independence society. The immediate goal of all other parties , leaders was  destruction of the British Empire but they had no inclination to work out a political alternative. Bhagat Singh, because of his thoughts, knowledge, interest in studying gave the revolutionary movement a goal beyond the elimination of the British.

This Vision and determination of purpose distinguished Sardar Bhagat Singh from other leaders of the National Movement. He emerged as the only alternative to Gandhi and the Indian National Congress, especially for the youth, when the rest of the parties were busy squabbling over power, who would have power, who would rule, The Young Firebrand Gave His life for the country, slapping at the faces of the leaders Then.. Who are still SQUABBLING NOW.

As we have seen throughout our history then and NOW our leaders have never been loyal to there party let alone the Country, The so called leaders then let there own selfish aims come in way of helping a Revolutionary who WOULD
  yes WOULD have I am not saying could .. WHO WOULD have changed the whole scenario had he lived.. He told us how we will be under the rule of our own when the british left, thats what has happened precisely..
We have to change this Attitude, We need bhagat singh born in each house, So we can get rid of our country from the leeches the so called leaders, Need I say more ...

Today On his birthday please all those reading this article take a moment and THINK...
Soora so pahchaniye, je lade deen ke het,
Purja-purja kat mare, kabhu na chhade khet.

(Only he is brave who fights for the cause of the poor. He may be cut into pieces and may be killed, but he should not leave the field.)

Inquilab Zindabad...

Look at the above pic.. He was right Money is the HONEY of mankind especially We indians...
"Lover , lunatic and poets are made of the same stuff "

"My strength is the strength of oppressed , my courage is the courage of desperation" Indeed when will we get so desperate and have the courage to throw the rulers Out WHEN....

pics taken from
revolutionary bhagat singh

Check out :-untouchable bhagat singh
Martyrdom of Sardar Bhagat Singh

I will be posting a few more articles after this as my little tribute to the Martyr who gave what not many can do for the country without any award, only wanting his fellow citizens to live in peace.. BUT shame on us all, we dont deserve to be called Indians and Shame on us to say we are patriotics and love our country.. We should all Lower our heads in SHAME....


76 Response to "Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh"

  1. A Says:

    Wow. The best post from you. Have only read in parts and scanned documents. I will come back to it tomorrow.

  2. A Says:


    I agree with you. Bhagat Singh's contribution is not completely recognized in Indian history.

    On the same token, Azad is not recognized either and so as Bose.

    Congress was (is) marred with internal politics at every stage.

  3. Punam Says:

    Bikram, I am speechless at the force of the whole write-up! Really the questions you have put up, can be raised only by a brave heart. Pity many of us (definitely including me, sadly) don't have the courage to stand up and even take a stand.

    All I can do is be grateful for being in a country which gave birth to such martyrs and regret that the same fellow citizens were responsible for his death.
    Completely totally overwhelmed,

  4. Jaspreet Says:

    A very well written post I must say!..quite a lot of facts you've mentioned here.The thing that you've mentioned about Mahatma Gandhi, I totally agree with it that we lost Bhagat singh because of him but I don't think a lot of us would agree with it.I really like this post-Loved reading it.

  5. UmaS Says:

    WOW !!! Fantastic post...never knew so many things abt him before...

    Brilliant collection of pictures and all....

  6. Ria Says:

    I loved the post and wud like to thank u for writing it, not many remember these gr8 ppl, and i want to thank u for reminding us about them.

  7. BK Chowla, Says:

    Bikram, your posts are becoming very hard hitting and analytical.So much can be written on him that pages will run short.
    But, as usual, my complaint is with the govt.On Rajiv Gandhi's birth anny--they spent about Rs 300 crores on press advertisements whereas today not a word in the media.It is a bloody shame

  8. Phoenixritu Says:

    Good one Bikram. I am a big fan of Bhagat Singh. But really, I don't think its the job of Congress to celebrate his birthday, its our job. You have done your bit, and now I will do it too.

  9. wise donkey Says:

    Sometimes I wonder the reverse, if Bhagat Singh would have done then, if he knew what would happen to his nation now. And I think he still would have.

    On Gandhi vs Bhagat Singh well both loved their nations, in different ways.

    On acknowledgement. How many South Indian freedom fighters are known to Indians? Its as if the South Indians didn't fight at all!

  10. Rachna Says:

    I hold Bhagat Singh in very high esteem. To have that kind of passion at that young age is extraordinary! And, I am sure that along with him we can acknowledge the efforts of so many unsung heroes who laid down their lives. Like wise donkey said, how many South Indian martyrs are we aware of? At one time, I really used to think that freedom movement was only restricted to North India because I hardly read any contribution of the South.

  11. RGB Says:

    That's some tribute to the legend. Bhagat Singth was a true revolutionary, no doubt. And we salute him with our heads held high. There's simply no comparing. I guess each one of us has a purpose in life which we need to identify, and do our duties to the best of our abilities.

  12. DiDo Says:

    Bravo Bikram..I just loved this oist... Bhagat singh has always been my fav ... this post was a treat for me... :)

  13. Neena Says:

    Very thoughtful post. Perhaps the present generation wouldn't have known abt Bhagat Sing had it not been for a couple of films.

  14. wise donkey Says:

    Bikram re your comment in my blog. Even one paise need not be spent on Bhagat Singh, still his actions would talk about the kind of person he was. But on Rajiv Gandhi, he became PM only because of his mother and grandfather. And he had the audacity to justify the 84 delhi riots with some line like a big tree falls. i don't know how he is different from Osama bin Laden. And thats why crores have been spent perhaps so that todays looters can use his image or whatever and indulge in more crimes.
    and to think we give Bharat Ratna to Rajiv Gandhi just makes me sick.
    he didn't have the courage to even tell it was wrong, let alone stopping the carnage and bringing the people responsible for it to justice.

    but the situation is scary. i never realised that there was not even a mention. but all the mentions are a waste if we don't have the patriotism in our heart and its not just the birthday and death anniversaries but everyday we must remember those who gave up their lives and lifestyle for US.

  15. R. Ramesh Says:

    Fantastic Uma, i also never knew so many things abt him before...thanks for sharing buddy:)

  16. Kiran Bajaj Sawhney Says:

    I truly admire Bhagat Singh personally. Amazing post. Hats off to you for writing this on such appropriate day as his Birthday.

  17. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    SO true , so very true.. you just mentioned on previous article that we may not meet eye to eye HERE we meet Dont we .. he he he he

    Really a disgrace what to say , as i mentioned earlier to where are all those people who called me a fool when i asked CWG to be stopped , they were loyal then where is there loyalty now dont they think this is wrong ... on whats happening to our history to the people who gave us our today...

    HArdly people know thae guy but they all know who Mahatama gandhi was or who nehru was or rajiv gandhi was ...
    We obviously have our priorities really screwed up , i do feel like personally emailing each one who said things to me .. We are more concerned on whats happening in the CWG games, or some stupid status message by someone ..
    but we failed t odistinguish the sacrifise by the MEN of those days , the people who or because of whom we breathe in FREE AIR .. even though we are being ruled by people worst then the british ...

    Really a pity... I have thought of a few more posts this week some will be hard hitting just to see what people have to say on issues like these ...

    84 riots i wrote a note on that too ages ago and I heard a few statements like MOVE ON ...

    this is what we are good at MOVE ON from all this as if nothing has happeend or till another thing happens ...

    I really get very agitated and frustrated and ANGRY and I do feel there is More loyalty, patriotism, love for the nation amongst people who are out of the country THEN the ones who line in it.. the ones living in it have MOVED ON....

    thank you for reading my rant now he he he :)

  18. Smitha Says:

    That was such a beautiful tribute. Very hardhitting post. Makes us think and ask ourselves if we are doing anything at all to make any difference..

    'Only he is brave who fights for the cause of the poor. He may be cut into pieces and may be killed, but he should not leave the field.' - That is so true and so thought provoking.

    Waiting for the next post on Bhagat Singh- on of our truly neglected and yet towering heroes!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    He lives - in our hearts, in our life dedicated to his philosophy.

    He is my hero and I too paid my tribute to him. You have done a great job.

    Vande Mataram

  20. NRIGirl Says:

    Bikramjit! Thank you for the detailed post. People like Bhagat Singh remind us freedom isn't free.

    Happy Birthday to Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh!

    ~ NRIGirl

  21. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Well written. :)
    The data collected is too good. :)

    The article filled my heart with patriotism.

  22. Harjiwanpal S Gill Says:

    Bikram warm wishes after ages.Hope you & your family are good.Highly commendable to read about Shaheed-E-Azam.I am emotionally attached to him , my mother being his neice.BEST tribute to him is your write-up about him.Keep it up & do get in touch.

  23. Ravineet Kaur Bobby Says:

    Beautiful Bikram...such a lovely tribute u've paid to one of d greatest leaders of our freedom struggle...soul stirring thoughts which definitely lead one to think that do we need another Gandhi or a go getter who gave up his life 4 d nation @Bhagat Singh??? Kuddos to u 4 dealing with such a touching issue with such senstivity!!!!

  24. magiceye Says:

    wonderful tribute!!

    inquilab zindabad!!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Bikram well written note bro... You have shown light to some ignorant people like us. Remembering this great leader for us all should be
    from the core of our hearts. I was just wondering if his cause is still alive within us...

    Your pal Bhupi - Iran

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Bikram well written note bro... You have shown light to some ignorant people like us. Remembering this great leader for us all should be
    from the core of our hearts. I was just wondering if his cause is still alive within us...

    Your pal Bhupi - Iran

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Bikram well written note bro... You have shown light to some ignorant people like us. Remembering this great leader for us all should be
    from the core of our hearts. I was just wondering if his cause is still alive within us...

    Your pal Bhupi - Iran

  28. Sahithi Pallavi Says:

    Very nicely written about a Very Great man!!

  29. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    I love Bhagath Singh from my very childhood! thanks for sharing this a excellent post.

  30. Vaish Says:

    Made me Speechless after reading your post! So much of fire and patriotism in the words! I loved the movie Legend of Bhagat Singh and RDB, for the best portray of his character. I agree the awareness about such true revolutionists is so less among indians!
    I could just think, if Bhagat Singh was alive now, he'd have been another Che Guevara, not just among Indians, but throughout the world!! We miss him and want him back to bring that fire in every young citizens of India!

  31. sm Says:

    Sardar Bhagat singh's birthday
    good to see that you also remember him.
    Majority Indians are forgetting the real heroes of India.
    One of the reasons British ran away from India is that they saw young men like Bhagat starting a correct way of freedom fight.

  32. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Hi Bikram,
    Timely and good post..I agree Bhagat Singh is the epitome of courage. He is my hero for courage. That said, I am not sure if force was the best method to get freedom, I being very non-violent. But I agree to the point that if we used force, we would probably have gotten independence lot earlier. And Subash Chandra Bose's Azad Hind Fauz on the way to get independence to India. And we need such people for India. Thanks for the amazing post.

  33. Madhu Says:

    bik..u wrote that.?? SALUTE*.i am getting goose bumps reading about him..:)

  34. Renu Says:

    A fine tribute to the departed soul!

    Even if today we live life with ethics and honesty we can bring a change.

  35. Tanvi Says:

    Great post about a great man! It seems you have quite good deep knowledge about Shaheed Bhagat Singh... The post is very reflective on his life and the hand written stuff is just brilliant...

    I can't write anymore, just fabulous!

  36. Avada Kedavra Says:

    wow! such a detailed post on one of the greatest men.. Loved the post!

  37. The Holy Lama Says:

    It's not easy to have such love for the country. Most of us just want make sure the we live a free and comfortable life and are not really thinking or acting for common good.

    A rich tribute indeed.

  38. wise donkey Says:

    move on!!! would they move on if it was their father who was burnt before their eyes!!!
    it happened in Delhi our capital not in some town where we can conveniently say barbaric ignorant villagers. and it was absolutely political. and sadly media has space to talk about ranbir kapoor more than bhagat singh!

    i remember a prg on a tv channel which doesn't exist on the riots. a boy talked about not going to school and how it would have been different if his father had been alive. surely that boy wouldn't have moved on.

    anyway came over to tell you today i think differently. i read 2 articles after the comment which has made me change my mind on revolution.
    one a 1998 year old article on fashion business in India in outlook and how it was just about incompetence and hype. i think 12 years later it would be worse .and 2nd the number of relatives benefiting from cwg (Indian express commonw wealth) have bookmarked both articles in my delicious.)

    these are of course tip of the iceberg. but how long can this sort of nepotism and hype go on. not for long. the majority is going to get upset and stage a revolution.
    there is incompetence in every segment of India. and that is not for lack of competence.

    the revolution probably won't end evil. but its going to happen whether i like it or want it or not.

  39. Bikramjit Says:

    A :-
    Thanks my friend.Yeah its not recognised cause it did not help the congress at that time. And others tooo... Hopefully if we keep it in our hearts we can keep there contribution alive ...

  40. Bikramjit Says:

    Punam :-
    Thanks for liking this post, even i am not that brave.. hence the questions ... Thank you so much.

    Jaspreet :-
    Thanks a lot.Yes we lost him beacause of polictics. Thanks for liking and reading this.

    UmaS :-
    Thanks a lot... glad you liked it and read it ...

    Ria :-
    I thank you for reading it .. Yeah thats what is happened we are forgetting them all.

    BK Chowla sir :-
    Thank you sir, it indeed feels good to hear this from you, Yepp the complaint with the govt will always remain. I agree with your point sadly today not many people remmebered the martyr. It indeed is a shame.

  41. Bikramjit Says:

    Ritu :-
    Thanks a lot, yes its our job to celebrate his birthday and i ma glad you also wrote the note.. I loved your note ..

    WD:- I ma sure he would have, cause it was the moment at that time .. youth was all angry with british ...

    Yeah I relly reaaly second you on that , the martyrs from south india have not been given any acknowledgment and I dont like it i have been trying to find some material on them lets see if i succeed

  42. Bikramjit Says:

    Yes he was indeed very extraOrdinary, yes we have to recognise everyones efforts at that time, pity there is not that mauch materila on the martyrs from the south..
    Maybe we can try to work on it ...
    Thanks for reading my note.

    RGB :-
    Thank you so much, and yes i like this line each of us has a purpose in life, whcih we need to identify and do it ... Nice one

    and thanks ...

    Dido :-
    Thanks A lot.. good to hear he was ur fav too.. thank you so much for saying that about the article

    Neena :-
    Thank you so much. Yes indeed the present generation doesnot know much inpite of the movies too.. which is a problem they know rest all about MTV or CWG :) etc maybe they need to be tought or told...

    R. Ramesh :-
    Thank you ramesh bhai. Thank for liking it .

    Kiran Bajaj Sawhney:- Thank you so much .. no Not hats off to me its hats off to this man who did all that he did in such a young age. Thank you

  43. Bikramjit Says:

    Smitha :-
    Thank you. Yes its one of those times now that we need to ask ourselves what are we doing. I will surly put a few more as and when i get the materials .. Thanks you so much

    Yes he does, he is my hero too, I read your article it was excellent .. Thank you for reading mine

    Vande mataram..

    Yes freedom is not free and we have to fight hard to maintain it and keep it .. hope we learn it sooner then later... as such our beautiful country has gone to the dogs ...

    Chandrika Shubham :- Thank you so much.. Glad it did that , that was the whole idia.
    hope it fills a lot more hearts , a lot lot more ....

  44. Bikramjit Says:

    Harjiwan Thanks for the comment , I have added it to the note .. and the words mean a lot to mean, glad you liked it.

    Thanks, Yes we need a bhagat to get us out of this mess for we are not equipped to do so ourselves, and not just one ,, we need a few more than that because our country is in a more mess...

    Deepak ji
    Inquilab zindabad
    thank you sir so much...

    Hey Thank you for the hauslaafzai... yes it shud be in our core heart , how can we forget ... His cause alive or not i dont know but it will be if we all get together with the same junoon and anger YEs it will work...

    Sahithi Pallavi
    Thank you so much for liking this article.

    THank you my friend for reading the article.. I am glad you liked it .

  45. Bikramjit Says:

    thanks for such kind words, YEs indeed if only he was alive now .. waht a difference it would make...
    YEs we need them back...

    thanks for visiting my blog please do visit again...

    Yes i did remember...
    and indeed i second you majority have forgotten, wonder how to get them to remember the martyr ..
    THank you SM.

    Hey, yes he was , wasnt he the epitome of courage..
    Well non-violent i respect too.. but sometimes violence is required to make that noise so people Listen to you..
    thanks for liking the post much appreciated ... Thank you.

    Haanji maine hi likha , :) aapko shak hai kya .. He was such a character goose bumps do happen.. Imagine if he was alive Now ... :)

  46. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you. yes we can bring the change if we do everything with honesty but honesty is missing thats the problem...

    No No i dont have good knowledge of him , i am trying to get it though.
    thanks for saying that ...

    Avada Kedavra
    Thanks for liking the post, mush appreciated and thanks for visiting my blog... Please do visit again...

    The Holy Lama
    Yes its not easy to have so much love for the country as he had, look at us now we cant think fo dieing .. and yes we want to make sure we live a free and comfortable life...
    Thanks for liking this. means a lot to me coming from you.. thank you

  47. Bikramjit Says:

    Yes those were the words .. MOVE ON.. in my archives you can see the post on when a tree falls..
    YEs it happeend in delhi where the intelligent and educated people lived..
    and people saw the likes of tytler and others with there own eyes yet the law is taking its time to punish it .. this is the pathetic situation..

    My chacha was killed in the riots , my cousins were so young , he was caught and burnt alive , i am not saying all were bad my chachi and the two kids were helped and saved by the neighbours . and i was told MOVE ON..

    How can i , the moment i land at delhi airport i get this sudden URGE of ANGER.. especially going through the lanes and old roads.. makes me think what a LOOSER I AM A PATHETIC PERSON sitting here and DOING nothing , how come the killers are still alive...

    Yes everythng is a a tip of the iceberg, during punjab terrorism days, the govt at that time systematically destroyed a whole generation of youth, I remember i was not allowed to go anywhere in punjab by parents anytime..

    and yes revolution is coming and it will come.. WHEN i dont know I guess when a bhagat singh is borm, a Azaad comes forward or a rajguru or sukhdev comes forwards ... Then it will happen Hopefully there will be not that many gandhi's or nehrus to stop...

  48. Raksha Bhat Says:

    My first time here Bikram:)I must say this was quite an enlightening read:)


  49. Mrs Dimpy Nain Says:

    great writing bikram and i am glad that bhagat singh still has the power to stir the spirits of thinking minds like u and me.sometimes i think during those times we had a visible enemy and today the enemy withint is milking the country dry still no bhagat singh or the likes of him have arisen to take some steps to put an end to all the things we donot want in our country but quietly accept and carry on with our lives.

  50. Jasjeet Kaur Says:

    Very interesting read. Thought provoking at the very least. Thanks for pointing out the significance of the day- I had no idea.

  51. Akash Ghai Says:

    Inqilab Zindabaaaadddd!!!!

  52. Gagan Mann Says:

    Bhagat Singh was a true patriot; a nationalist par excellence. He was not today's version of the extremist who kills innocent people in the name of God or a political cause. Bhagat Singh is our nation's pride. It would do good to the current MTV generation to know of a man, who lived by his ideals till he breathed his last. There can be one and only one Bhagat Singh. Indeed.

  53. Gagan Mann Says:

    lagdae Bhagat singh sardara ve tainu ik vari fer auna paoo

  54. Gagandeep Singh Bawa Says:

    We just have no words to write in his Grace, but the one u have written are simply awesome and touching.

  55. Manu Bhandari Says:

    wonderful thoughts about a great man

  56. Harman Says:

    Very well written Bikram...A perfect tribute to the Martyr..
    Soora so pahchaniye, je lade deen ke het,
    Purja-purja kat mare, kabhu na chhade khet.
    As far Indian gov is concerned lot had been said..but will we ever get freedom from these lecherous politicians..common man suffers, but every time its the same story ...I think this was not the freedom we looked for..where still people are on poverty line, where inflation is at its best, where still people look for bribe before work,where every other hr a women is abused or where there are thousands sitting home after degrees in case of unemployment...the less we talk the better it is!!!its A shame!!

  57. Anonymous Says:

    excellent points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

    - Murk

  58. A Says:


    I have very strong opinion on how India was liberated and they don't match with a lot of text books. May be I will write a post on it....I was going to but I will have to wait for a reason.

  59. Raksha Raman Says:

    Hey Bikram,

    First up, thanks for sharing so much about one of the greatest men Indian history has ever witnessed. It is indeed sad to see the mindset of people who have become slaves to hypocrisy! The unsung heroes are lost in pages of history.

    Our 'first family' spends hundreds of crores on advertisements each time but there was not a single tribute paid to this great martyr who had the audacity to stand up to himself and support the cause of a nation that would have otherwise bled to death!

    Sadly enough like it always happens in our country, the hypocrites rule the roost and the real heroes are silenced forever!

    Good keep coming up with eye openers like this post that might help change the mindsets at least to a certain extent.


  60. Punam Says:

    The comment that you added on later to your original post, by Mr. Harjiwanpal S Gill, is proof enough that your message has been heard by those who matter, for Bhagat Singh and also for all patriotic Indians.

    Even a little drop like this post makes a difference. A big one. It awoke dormant feelings in many.. esp from the loads of comments that you got.

    Kudos to u for writing this.

  61. Girish Says:

    Very passionate post!
    I'm sorry for commenting so late coz frankly, all those things u said are quite true and I don't think in any other way!
    When it comes to death for our motherland or any other enjoyable life, I would say I'd prefer living!
    This doesn't mean I'm unpatriotic, but I don't live an age where there are martyrs!
    Bhagath Singh became my most fav freedom fighter, after I saw Rang De Basanthi!!

  62. radha Says:

    Good post. If people like Bhagat Singh, Sardar Patel were there to lead the country, it would have been a different story altogether.

  63. Enigma Says:

    I agree with A. Leaders like Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra, Sadar patel Bose are not at all recognized and given due credit.

    "Today We need Bhagat Singh to be born again." We really do.

  64. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Raksha Bhat
    Thanks for visiting and welcome here do keep visiting ...
    Thanks for the compliment..

    Dimpy Mam
    THank you mam, yeah he does pity we are forgetting him.. yes we had a visible enemy but even then He did warn us of the enemy we have now US the people are the enemies now ..
    hopefully one day a bhagat singh will be born ...

    Hey thanks for reading this, Long time haan... YEah most of us had no idea of the importance of the day ... THank you


  65. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    How are you, yes bhagat singh sardar nu dubara auna paina hai... bahut jaldi auna paina hai... and your comment is wow indeed he was not a entremist he was a Freedom fighter... and he is our nations pride if WE can make him ome. cause at the moment we are forgetting it alll :)

    oh yaaaaraaaaa.. you also read my article ... Thank you so much BROTHERrrrr... majaa aa gaya yaaar...

    THank you for saying all that ... bhabhijaan da ki haal hai :)

    THank you so much bro. much appreciated.

  66. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks harman, nope i doubt if we will get freedom from them.. until and unles they are all shot dead...
    no other way
    and YEs this was not the freedom our heroes gave there life for, yes indeed its a shame ...

    Thanks my friend for appreciating and commenting.. do visit again...
    Thank you for visiting

  67. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yes text books have been manipulated , by the congress and the leaders and looking forwrds to your post please do write Cant wait to read it now jaldi jaldi ...

    Dont wait too long :)

    Rakhsha Raman
    Hey welcome here , thanks for visiting me ...

    Sad it is for sure, yepp so much money is spent on ads, and as mentioned Rajiv gandhi's b'day so much money was spent and THis person was jsut a PM who became a PM just because he was Indira Gandhi's SON THATS IT .. that was the only qualification he had... This is the sad truth...

    Thank you...

  68. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yes i was also surprised to get a email from him, he was my senior in school , I did not know at that time the link.. Thanks to him
    and thanks to you for reading it again ... :)

    thanks for apprecaiting this all wish more and more people read such articles by everyone and something in them wakes up... something to do good for the country whatever it is big or small anything...
    THank you so much for such kind words ...

  69. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    THank you .. dont be sorry about anything .. you came and read thats so nice of you.... taking out time to read this

    yeah true i appreciate what you say, but i was talking if We were living in that time along with bhagat singh :)

    Yes that movie did a lot of goood to have come at the right moment hope it keeps on doing goood :)

  70. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks for visitng me ... and liking this post .. yes only IF they were here or had lived longer
    it wud be a different story but as they say Good people die early...

    YEs they are not recognised at all, and I dont agree with anyone saying its in there heart I think the time has come to COme out and show and make it public so that the leaders we have are scared and do things as is expected by them...
    yes we do need a bhagat singh born in every household ...

  71. Girish Says:

    Ok then :)
    If I had lived in the time of Bhagath Singh, then I would have joined him, rather than go along with Gandhiji (no offense meant to him. I like the guy, but it took way too long to gain Independence because of him)!!

  72. sunder Says:

    Hi Nice post...well when we talk of freedom struggle, bhagat singh has always found prominence as a heroic that way, i dont thnk there is regrets..

    May be yes, we may not remember his anniversaries....

    Your closing comments are bit pessimistic ..Can we blame it on India's population...

  73. Deeps Says:

    A passionate post, Bik! Your love for your country, your respect and awe for this inspiring freedom fighter reflects through your post. I wish ever one of us were as passionate.

    Loved this post!

  74. Parveen singla Says:

    Inqlab Jindabad. Country needs Sardar Bhagat Singh today more than it did ever. Kahan hai wo log jo mulq ka muqaddar apne lahu se likhne ka hosla rakhte the????

  75. Anonymous Says:

    A thought provoking post. Even I have thought about it many times - that would I have followed his path had I been from that era? The answer I get is a definite yes. Knowing all the tortures one would face is not enough a deterring reason 'cos they had the 'deewangee' factor which I think I would have had owing to the circumstances. After the initial awe of his actions gave way to a deeper research on his life, I am intrigued by the maturity of his thoughts and the vast spectrum he wrote about- philosophy, religion,politics, even love! I wrote an article on 23rd March - do check it out some time - Inquilab Zindabad!

  76. sushant jain Says:

    bhagat singh ka nam ate hi ankhe bhar ati h