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WORDLESS - Not so Wordless

Iqbal Khan September 8 at 9:07am Hindustan times:- Iqbal Khan (Rudra of Sanjog se Bani Sangini): I’d like to talk not about one but many teachers who influenced me during my growing years. Mr & Mrs Solomon, Mrs Samiksha, Mr Bickram ; Mr Mohit Khanna who are all from different fields in the two schools I studied in Himachal Pradesh – LAWRENCE SCHOOL , PINEGROVE SCHOOL in Sanawar. Mr Bickram & Mohit were my fitness teachers. Mohit is now a cop in Australia and he’s my hero. I attended Mr & Mrs Solomon marriage  they’re like family to me. Samiksha & I share our birthdays on the same day  she would always get a huge cake to school with only ‘ Happy Birthday Iqbal’ written on it. I call her maa bahen as she’s just 15 years older than me but would look after me like a mother. She recently helped me shoot my short film at Pinegrove School. I love them all. Happy Teacher’s Day to all!

I know its wordless but Indeed this is wordless WHAT DOES ONE SAY ... Indeed wordless ... God bless all Good people and Iqbal was the best student I ever had .. isssh this is wordless so wil ltalk about it later sometime :)


52 Response to "WORDLESS - Not so Wordless"

  1. DiDo Says:

    iqbal khan was ur student??? WOW .. i think he's damn cute... next time u talk to him tell him on of ur blog reader is his big fannn :):)

  2. UmaS Says:

    WOW !!! Are u a fitness teacher ???? Impressed....and very impressive words from Iqbal...u shld be proud to see this. :)

  3. Shilpa Garg Says:

    Wow!! That's cool!! And truly a proud moment!!
    Cheers to the impressive teacher in you and cheers to all the wonderful teachers out there!! :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That's one bit of super exciting news.
    Congratulations Bikram for being a fabulous teacher who is still fondly remembered by his students :D :D
    Too good :D :D


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  6. Bikramjit Says:

    Dido :- See now no panga, the comment came he hehe. Yeah will surly convery the message next time i talk to him. yeah he is handsome he hehe h

    UmaS :- I use to be, when i was still in india one of the first jobs i did there, then i came over to uk.. Oh I am so very proud of what he has mentioned, hence its on the blog, usually with success people forget how they reached there, But as you can see this man is so humble and good at heart he remembers ... God bless him

  7. Deeps Says:

    Wow, that sure must have been proud moment for you. Congratulations, Bik! Here's to teachers like you who make such a positive difference :)

  8. Bikramjit Says:

    Shilpa :- Haanji thank you so much it is a proud moment for me, well i have alays been proud of him, everytime we have talked he has always been like this, God bless him ..
    and YEs cheers to all the teachers... We are what we are because of our teachers in a lot of way ...

    dialoguewithyou:- THank you so much. yeah feels goood toooo

    Mohammed Ibrahim (Admin):- Ok will check it out

  9. Ria Says:

    Wow!! I dint know this new aspect of u. Iqbal is a nice guy. :)

  10. pallavi Says:

    Wow! You were a teacher? You're a walking talking mystery man, aren't you? btw, That was a very sweet gesture of the guy to mention his favourite teachers :-)

  11. wise donkey Says:

    well u did mention the bollywood heart throbs in your comment in my post. so i am not suprised.

    hope others don't lynch me for my ignorance but i googled info about him, (to see if i know his face without knowing his name..) after reading this post. (no i don't remember him)

    so fame is relative , you can tell him you are more famous than him in blog circle:)

    but back to the main point, its definitely sweet of him. but then unless you had been that good, he wouldn't have remembered. So well done!

    And yes this is definitely the best wordless
    when you don't have to say a word about your yourself, but when others say, after years.

  12. Sourav Says:

    I never knew him before, but being a celeb trainer is some point in itself, and what makes it more wonderful is when they write such a nice testimonial about you! :)

  13. chitra Says:

    Happy Bikram?,What more does a teacher need?

  14. Rachna Says:

    Fitness teacher, superb! I think the greatest part of teaching is the interaction and camaraderie one shares with one's students. More than a celebrity praising you, it is wonderful that a student remembers you with love and pride. Way to go, Bikram...

  15. Jaspreet Says:

    Wow! you're Iqbal Khan's teacher! :)
    And the post is really very sweet.

  16. Ananya Says:

    Teacher teacher
    This post is so sweet. :)

  17. Tomz Says:

    For any professional, it is a big thing to get appreciation from the beneficiaries.
    But as far as a teacher is concerned, his greatest prize is the thankful remembrances of his disciples and which is the greatest of all prizes...
    n I feel proud of being an acquaintance of Ikhbal Khan's teacher..:)

  18. suruchi Says:

    arreee...ab u are a teacher too!
    is there anything now...ANYTHING that u don't do?
    *batting my eyelids in a sort of awe*

  19. A Says:

    Bik, you a fitness

    I have to admit that I don't know Iqbal Khan..never heard about him but seems like a famous peson. Though I watch a lot of Hindi movies, I missed him.

  20. AS Says:

    wow! iqbal khan is soo sweet!

    nice post :)

  21. Dr. Chandana Shekar Says:

    You taught him? Wow!!! That's so cool. I so like him. He is so cute and hot!!! Oh god, wish i was ur student and shared the same class as him :(

  22. Rajlakshmi Says:

    that must have been such a proud moment :D truly wordless :)

  23. kavita Says:

    Great Sir ji ! A proud moment for you and for us to:):)

  24. Renu Says:

    Iqbal Khann is really a very good actor and so good looking too,..and now I know that he is a good human being too.

  25. brandMARIO Says:

    sent u an Indimail sir...

  26. Tanvi Says:

    Wow Iqbal Khan....he was my crush five years back when I saw his serial. :P :P

    But I am happy for you... :)
    Sweet memories!

  27. Mohammed Ibrahim (Admin) Says:

    heyy there...dint get ur votes...plz do that!

  28. rohini Says:

    oh that was so nice Bikram....i just felt so nice to read such good things .... good memories are preserved without nice:)

  29. rohini Says:

    as everyone i too like Iqbal...:)

  30. Bikramjit Says:

    ROhini :- How cum u r not writing anything its been ages .. now

  31. saritha Says:

    That's wonderful of him to mention about his teachers who influenced in his growing years.

    This is indeed a wordless post :)

  32. Bikramjit Says:

    Ria :- Well there more to meets the eye.. heh ehe Thanks

    Pallavi:- Yes I was.. na no mystery , you just a bit late catching on thats all.. YEs it is indeed so very nice of him, thats what makes good people stand out from rest of the clan.. HE indeed is a beautiful human being and may god bless him with lots and lots of success.

    WD :- Yes indeed its nice of him, it makes people like me feel that whatever we did right or wrong , did have some effect on someone.. Thanks for saying that WD.

  33. Bikramjit Says:

    Saurav :- THanks my friend for visting me, No i was not a celeb trainer , he was not a celeb then :) but has succeeded with hard work Good luck to him.. YEs indeed it does feel wonderful.

    Chitra :- OH YES VERY HAPPPYYYYYYY yepp what more can one teacher want ... or need ...

    Rachna :- I was he he he Oh yes so rightly said thats what it is the moments we shared, they were just kids well I myself was just a young man fresh out of college at that time , so we had FUn and that too lots and lots of it ... And yes anytime we have talked its never visible that he is a celbrity , he is still the same a thorough gentleman.. and i am glad I know him , know a beautiful human being like him.

    Thanks Rachna for such kind words.

    Jaspreet :- Yes i was indeed.. thanks for liking the post ...

    Ananya :- he he he .. Ananya ananya thank you thank you..

  34. Bikramjit Says:

    Tomz :- Oh yes definitely,, thats what it is .. thats why I keep thanking my teachers I am what I am because of them .. because of the pain they took in teaching us ... Thanks for such kind words Tomz.. thank you

    Suruchi :- he he he YEah I am not anymore , I use to be , started my career with that then diversified .. woh kehte hain na


    ha ha ha ha ... so true.. What i dont do load and loads of things a big big list .. awww ok bahut hua stop batting koi dekh lega.. :) ha ha ha ha

    Thanks for much made me laugh and smile your comment Thanks

  35. Bikramjit Says:

    A :- YEah pity the fitness did not go well with me he he he Constant struggle with the Waistline, stomach line and the ONE PACK i got now..

    He did come in a couple of hindi movies but due to luck or whatever they never made it big, though he made it big on TV and was or IS very popular there, apparantly called the shah rukh of small screen ..which is wrong of people to compare cause i find him much more better human being then any.. he is Iqbal khan.. he did come in movies FAntoooshhh , and Bullet .. now he is in TV I hardly watch Tv myself so dont know the names

    AS :- Hey thanks for coming over, you come after zillion years it seems he he hee .. thanks for the lovely comment .. IS HE .. i will ask him when i talk to him for sure ..

  36. Bikramjit Says:

    Dr. Ji:- he he he yes i did but that was ages ago, dont know about cute or hot thats the girls department he hehe but defintely a good human being ..

    Rajlakshmi :- IT indeed is a very PROUD moment , someone remembering me. always a good feeling when it happens .. Thank you

    Kavita:- yes ji it is indeed great moment , seems kuch to worthwhile kya zindagi main :)
    thank you so much

    Renu :- yes he is a good person.. otherwise who remembers these days .. makes me proud to know him..

    Tanvi :- who is the crush now .. he he he thanks yes indeed sweet memories.

    Rohini Ji:- Haanji it is so nice of him, yeah indeed no need of preservatives.. Glad to know you also like him.. he is good actor tooo...

    I was online when u commented that why i asked immediately how cum u r not writing its been ages...

    Saritha:- Yes ji it is so good of him. Not sure if I influenced him or not but yeah its completely wordless for me that he remembers me ... Thanks

  37. DiDo Says:

    yaaa no panga yaar... i actually came here to see if my comment was published... all ready to say "wer did my commemt disappear? " LOLLL butt finallyyy itss there :)

  38. Insignia Says:


    You never said this part to me!!! Bad!!

    So let me take some advice from the expert offline.

    Happy Teachers day :-)

  39. Harman Says:

    A good post...and a good memory to keep!

  40. Nalini Hebbar Says:

    that's a happy teacher talking...and you are a grateful person too!

  41. Madhu Says:

    U teach? u a teacher?? Damn!! Raaz tha woh...happy teachers day then.And ur students would have loved u for sure..did i just say that!!

    Nevermind :P

  42. The Holy Lama Says:

    I can see that wide smile across the seas. Happy for you, Bikram

  43. rohini Says:

    hmm...yes i will but write now just interested in reading...:)

  44. Ravi Singh Says:

    And though I remember my loved teachers like most - I would like to wish well for our Mr Gabba - GCM chemistry professor who unfortunately got students like me and my friends - we were so childish that we drove him Nutts - I hope he is well from all of us not so kind students of his :)

  45. Vikram Says:

    Thats wonderful...good teachers are remembered ever.

  46. Dimpy Nain Says:

    a wonderful tribute to teachers

  47. NRIGirl Says:

    Wordless indeed!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Wowww bhai, fitness teacher.. Bhai ho toh aisa.. hugs hugs.. :)

  49. Bikramjit Says:

    Dido :-Yayyyyy alls well that end welll

    Insignia:-awwww you came I thought you have stopped liking my blog :) he heeh YEs what advice would you want I am good for nothing really :)
    THank you so much

    Harman :-THanks and yes a good memory to keep indeed

    NAlini Hebbar:-YEssssssssssss indeed I am so happy :)

  50. Bikramjit Says:

    MAdhu:- nahin ji yeh bhi secret nahin hai.. no raaz.. I am sure he would have loved me well I hope they did he he he yes ji never mind :)

    The Holy Lama:-Yesss a biggg wide smileeeeeeeeee thanks for seeing it :)

    Rohini Ji:-waiting

    Ravi :-he he heh e MR Gauba had a hard time, we were bad students I do wish for him , have sympathy for him .. he hehe edrove him nutts for sure .. he is well he is the principle of GSM now :) or WAS .. he hehe

    Vikram :-thank you paaji

    Dimpy Mam:-YEs and I am glad i had teacher like you even if its for a short period teaching me Wordstar or something like that ages ago :)

    NriGirl:-Haanji indeed THaank you

    Manna:-yesssssss thank you thank you thank you

  51. Angels Never Lie Says:

    oh wow..u were his teacher...grt...he is awsome...acts really well...its grt wen students give credit to their teachers...u mus be feelin proud

  52. Bikramjit Says:

    Angels Never Lie:- Thank you so much, yes i started my career as being one. Oh I am so proud really am. and yeah you did not LIE there he is indeed a good actor and to top it a very good human being tooo :)