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Wordless Wednesday.. DREAM - REALITY (Humour)



54 Response to "Wordless Wednesday.. DREAM - REALITY (Humour)"

  1. Neha Says:


    PS: this would be the quickest comment on any blog dashboard said - posted 21 seconds ago :P

  2. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Neha :- I am surprised tooo he hehe eh THANK YOU so much, you firsttt.. :) I posted and next i saw it said a comment he he hee THANK.

  3. pallavi Says:


  4. Jidhu Jose Says:

    Hahhaha...really funny

  5. saritha Says:

    Ha ha ha ha.....

  6. Ananya Says:

    LOL :D
    I feel so sad for the guy :P poor thing :P

  7. DiDo Says:

    LOLLLL too good

  8. DiDo Says:

    LOLLLL too good

  9. R. Ramesh Says:


  10. Shilpa Garg Says:

    OMG!! Poor guy!!..the second one!! :D

  11. Jaspreet Says: should never stop dreaming!

  12. A Says:


  13. Girish Says:

    Come on man, you can do it. The finish line is just around the corner!! :P

    LMAO ROFL :):):D

  14. kavita Says:

    Lolz...thanks for the laugh.

  15. callezee Says:

    He is trying to bend but somewhat it not bend,3-ROFL,enjoyed.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    What a comparison :D :D
    Too good Bikram!!

  17. Phoenixritu Says:

    LOL! What imagination!

  18. Angels Never Lie Says:

    hehe...tough competition

  19. Anonymous Says:

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  20. rohini Says:

    Bikoholic :)

  21. Titaxy Says:


  22. Ria Says:

    lol!! :P

  23. Enigma Says:

    He he! Too funny!

  24. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Pallavi :- Thank you so much.

    Jidhu Jose:- Thank you my friend.

    Saritha:- :) laughter is good for health :)

    Ananya :- Yeah me tooo. but then thats wht happens when we wake up from the dreams .. Into reality :)

    DiDO:- Thank you so much ..

    R. Ramesh:- Ramesh bhai but aapka post was more full of laughs :) and the old on on the Cycle girl tooo I still laugh thinking of it he he hehe

  25. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Shilpa :- YEah poor guy WOKE up while dreaming of all that he he he.. Thanks a lot

    Jaspreet :- Yes ones shud not stop dreaming, because thats what makes us reach our goals :) Thanks a lot...

    A:- Thanks My friend

    Girish :- He hehe Yeah yeah Go for it .. Yes jsut round the corner under that Sink by the side he he hehe Thanks for visiting me ...

    Kavita :- Thank you , thats the whole idea have a laugh...

    callezee :- Thanks for Visting me, please do visit again.. YEah he is trying his level best to make that turn.. bless him... he he he Thanks you so much

  26. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Dialoguewithyou:- thank you so much. yeah what a comparision he hehe if only dreams become a reality....

    Ritu:- THanks a lot..

    Angels Never Lie:- Yeah i know So very tough...

    Anonymous:- THank you for visitng...

    Rohini Ji:- yeh kya tha... he he hehe NOW i am laughing THANK you so much he he he he I like this word though so very much :)

    Titaxy:- Thanks a lot

    Ria:- Thanks a lot

    Enigma:- Thank you for finding this funny :)

  27. Anonymous Says:

    =)) ROFL =)) I can't stop laffin.. =))=))

  28. Rajlakshmi Says:

    hahahahaha ROFL ROFL :D

  29. Harman Says:

    its very funny..Couldn't stop laughing!
    poor guy!

  30. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Funny.. put a smile on my face.. :)

  31. NRIGirl Says:


    This morning when I was driving the kids to school we saw a man riding an yellow bike with black lines, he wore a brown leather overall and had tiger ears and tail affixed to his helmet.

    Also he had his goggles on! Suddenly when we looked it looked like a tiger was on the road! Kids were overjoyed! It made their day and you've made mine.

    ~ NRIGirl

  32. Renu Says:

    good comparison:)

  33. BK Chowla, Says:

    What a comparison.
    Why are you surprised?I have always maintained that a good content gets the maximum attention and comments.

  34. chitra Says:

    ha ...ha .... Good one.

  35. Swarnjeet Brar Says:

    awesome man my lips are tied let others chip in

  36. Milan Salaria Says:

    Interesting !!!

  37. Milan Salaria Says:

    Interesting !!!

  38. Ajay Says:

    do the second first before you do the other

  39. Cherry Says:

    ‎2nd one wins....'cause his work is quite explosive....!!!!!!!

  40. magiceye Says:


    thank you for the laughs!!

  41. Tomz Says:

    and that was funny...absolutely

  42. Sakshi Says:

    Totally funny! Thanks for dropping by on my blog! :)

  43. sm Says:

    like the pics
    and the title

  44. Madhu Says:

    ROFL :P :D :P :D

  45. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Manna :- he heh ehe meri halat aisi ho gayi hai .. too many dreams :)

    RajLakshmi:- Thank you Thank you :) glad you liked it

    Harman:- YEah poor guy probably went under the sink when he slipped :) waky waky he he he

    Ananth Majumdar:- EXCELLENT thats what it was for .. laughter the best medicine Keep smiling matey...

    NRIGirl:- Wow Excellent THanks for saying that .. NOW you have made MY DAY by writing all this THANK YOU.

    Renu :- :) Thank you

    BK Chowla Sir:- THank you.. yeah you are so right if the content is good attention comes tooo.. I guess i am just greedy then he he he

  46. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Chitra :- Thank you.. When i was studying back home, One of my best friends name was Chitra tooo :) Dont know where she is now .. anyway THank you so much

    Swaranjeet:- Thanks
    Milan:- Thank you
    Ajay:- oh yes I shall keep that in mind.. dont want to do the first one with a heavy stomach he he heehehehehehe :)

    Cherry :- Oh yes i can understand where you are coming from baiji.. I have attended a lot of camps and night outs with you ha ha haaha

  47. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    magiceye:- Thank you deepak ji ...

    Tomz:- glad you found it funny.. thanks matey

    Sakshi:- You are always welcome, thanks for visiting mine, please keep dropping by again and again...

    sm :- Thanks matey.. Thank you so much..

    Madhu :- ok ok get up not stopp rolling too much.. :) Thank you ...

  48. Tanvi Says:

    Hehheeeee rofl :D

    You have a knack for humour, very comparision :)

  49. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    I liked the first pic. :)

  50. UmaS Says:

    LOL...where did u get this ???? ;)

    Love the first one....second one is totally ROFL !!!! :)

  51. Sh@s Says:

    He he...good one.
    Dreaming or day-dreaming :D

  52. wise donkey Says:

    bikram tttooooooooooooo goooooooood.
    i didn't get it for few seconds till i saw the heading.

    hey i am still laughing over your KAHAAN question on ramesh's blog. for many things i think along the milte KAHAAN .its sort of philosophical, not just for girls on bicycle.

  53. Bikramjit Says:

    Tanvi :- THanks, Hope you enjoyed seeing it:)

    Chandrika Shubham:- Glad you like it. THanks.

    UmaS:-he he he I got it as a email.. yeah the second one is my reality and the first one the DREAM :) he he hehe Thanks

    Sh@s:- BOth i guess .. pity the reality sucks he hehehe:)

    WD :-now now you got a point there ki MILTE Kahan exactly, thats got me wondering now ... think think thin :)
    Thanks WD...

  54. Swaram Says:

    Buhahahahahahaha Awesome!