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Dosta tere naam :- Us de naam jo aj kal hai NARAAZ...

Friday, October 08, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann

Dosta Tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
Dosta eh Dosti rishta hai bahut hi ajeeb  
                                                            (Friend you are strange,
                                                              Friendship is a relation  which is
                                                             quiet strange)

Khad-jana mere modhe nal modha Jod
Bina mere hungara bhariya
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                            (You stand by me shoulder to shoulder ,
                                                              without asking
                                                              Friend you are strange)

Mere te kita waar laina hai tu apne wal Mod
Bina mere naal kitiyan salah
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                            (You change the direction of any
                                                              attack on me towards
                                                              Yourself, without discussing with me ..
                                                              Friend you are strange)

Muh modan lagiyan KYUN nahin si tun khyal kita
Bina tera ton kaun banoo mera YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                             (When you turned your face from me ,
                                                              WHY did you not think then
                                                               Without you who will be my friend
                                                               Friend you are strange)
Inna v kyun karda hai gussa
Badalan to pehlan das taan dena si YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                              (Why are you so angry,
                                                               Before changing yourself you should
                                                               have at least TOLD ME
                                                               Friend you are strange)
Dostaan bina ki zindagi ,
Gham ghat jaande Tainu vekhke..
Gham de ke , Muh mod ke kithe hain YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                                (No life without friends
                                                                  Pain goes away seeing you
                                                                 You have given me PAIN now,
                                                                  turned your face
                                                                 Where are you ...
                                                                 Friend you are Strange)

Bahaan da zor hain tun
Modhe te chukan da Mainu Wada se tera YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                               (You are the strength of my arms
                                                                 You had promised to pick me on
                                                                 your shoulders when the time comes
                                                                  Friend you are strange)

Chal Rab Rakha, Jis which teri khushi hove
Use which hai meri manjoori
Tun khush rahen
Abaad rahen mere yaar
                                                      (God bless you, and you live in hapiness
                                                        thats what i want
                                                        live you life fully God bless you )

Gurdas Mann a famous punjabi singer says

Yarri Wich Nafe Nuksan Nahio Vekhide
Manzila De Samne Tuffan Nahio Vekhide
Yaaran De Gunnaha Da Hisaab Nahio Jorrida
Apne Pyarriya Da Dil Nahio Todi da ...
                                             ( We should not see any profit/loss in friendship
                                                In front of destination dont see the storms
                                               Shud not keep a record of friends GUNAH/ JURM
                                               Should never  break the heart of your friends)

Saw at a Friends Profile :-

Wishwas ban k log zindgi me aate hain.......
wo khwab banke aankhon main samaa jaate hain.......
wo pahle to yakin dilaate hain ki wo hamaare hain.........
fir na jaane kyun tanha bana jate hain.............  (thanks to Dinesh Sahib for such lovely lines )


39 Response to "Dosta tere naam :- Us de naam jo aj kal hai NARAAZ..."

  1. cost of enterprise mobility solutions Says:

    Great enjoyment guys,it kindle my old memories..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhaaaa... memories :)

  3. A Says:

    ਕੀ ਗਲ ਹੈ ! ਬਹੁਤ ਮਸਤੀ ਕਰਦੋ ਹੋ ਤੁਸੀਂ.

  4. rohini Says:

    so the moments when they arrive...

  5. chitra Says:

    You write well, dear friend.

  6. Punam Says:

    Roothe hue friend se shikayat kar rahe hain.. I hope woh jo bhi hon, sambhal jaye.. ache dost ko khona bhi toh unke liye achi baat nahin hogi.
    Like the last lines..
    "We should not see any profit/loss in friendship
    In front of destination dont see the storm
    Shud not keep a record of friends GUNAH/ JURM
    Should never break the heart of your friends"


  7. raji Says:

    @ bikram.these lines were so beautiful.did u write them ? i like both punjabi and english versions,though i understand punjabi only partially.meanwhlie ,looks like ur missing one of ur close friend...?

  8. Harman Says:

    nice picture and poetry..
    good old memories..seems like you are missing your old friends!!

    "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet them again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are GOOD friends."

  9. rohini Says:

    i m sure after reading this he will nt remain naraaj....

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Such a nice tribute... to your friends and to friendship too... Loved this particular line 'You stand by me shoulder to shoulder , without asking' - thats what friendship is about....

  11. Scribbler Says:

    so did the one who is upset read this ??? :)

  12. kavita Says:

    Khuda kare aapki awaaz apke dost tak pahunche ....

  13. Smitha Says:

    What wonderful lines for friends and friendship! Life would be so different and sad, without our friends, wouldn't it?

  14. UmaS Says:

    Thats so beautiful, Bikram...thanks for the translation... :) :)

    Theres nothing in this world, which can be equated with frndship and that bonding goes a long way....the poem explains it so very well. :)

  15. BK Chowla, Says:

    You have a knack of revisited old memories.
    Very nice post.

  16. Cinderella Says:

    I love the concluding verses of the post. Strange coincidence I just write something on similar lines.

  17. Vicky Walia Says:

    very nice

  18. Rajeev vikram Says:

    No words...too nice.
    Great,eh Photo kethao lab lai....maja aa gya hai....dosta
    and its is written very good...well done...dosta

  19. ~*. D E E P A .* ~ Says:

    oye !

    been too busy !

    nice snaps .... when were they taken ?
    i like the prev snap too ... u guys all dancing

  20. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Very touching poem bikram..
    You are quite a good poet :)

    I have read only the English version. If English version is so touching, surely the other one would be even better.. keep them coming

  21. Punam Says:

    Bikram: You have been tagged. :)

  22. Deeps Says:

    That was so touching, Bik.

    "Chal Rab Rakha, Jis which teri khushi hove
    Use which hai meri manjoori
    Tun khush rahen
    Abaad rahen mere yaar" Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!

    I hope you get back on good terms with your friend soon.

  23. p00ja Says:

    Friends rooth sakte hai, but friendship nahi rooth sakti hai. And if u want to test your friendship, send a feeler, that you need your friend, and see what happens.

  24. sm Says:

    beautiful lines

  25. Madhu Says:

    wah wah..cheers to dosti uh??

    wheres u in the pic..:P

  26. Renu Says:

    beautiful lines..last tow paras also are very good..

  27. The Holy Lama Says:

    Loved the poem and the qualities of friendship described.

  28. cherry Says:

    Aye hai Chaa gaya beeray... shayer v bam gaya hain hun tu...gud keep them pouring... ek foto kithey de hai???

  29. Tulika Says:

    Nostalgia, continues...

  30. joshi daniel Says:

    memories... :D

  31. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    cost of enterprise mobility solutions
    THanks for the visit please do visit again ...

    Thank you .. yes memories indeed

    Haanji masti karan da time si, so masti hi masti :) oh zamana changa si ...

    Rohini Ji
    oh yes thats the idea , live it when its there , later who know whats going to happen and how ...

    Oh thank you thank you So much, I am glad you liked what i wrote. though i am not that good , but trying

    Thanks for the lovely words ...

  32. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Haanji main bhi soch raha hoon, shayad theek ho jayen.. thanks for the wishes ...

    Thank you so much. YEs i miss my mates all the time.. those were the good old days ..

    Thanks a lot.. yes I am missing them. ANd i like what you say that farewell is necessary before we can meet again...

    Rohini ji
    app ke muh main ghee shakar.. how it works out ...

    Yes that what friends do, well in my eyes a friend is person who never hurts you..

    Nope Not yet :( fingers crossed

  33. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    haanji khuda kare ... Thanks for the wishes ...

    yes beautiful days and as u say life wud be barren and without colours if we dont have friends ...

    Thank you and aap sab log itna acha acha likhte ho so it comes as a boost when you say it was good .. THANK YOU for saying that.

    Bk Chowla sir
    Thank you sir, yes memories are what i thrive on.. since i have come so far away its those memories and the thought of repeating them each time i go back that keeps me rejuvinated and happy ...

    THanks and i read your post too, so very well written ..

    thanks for the visit do keep visiting :)

  34. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Paaji Thank you

    veer thank you tere pyar da, can you see yourself right in the front of the picture, sandy and ravi tooo

    Tainu yaad nahin LOHRI at babbar's house.. this is that day .. Yaad karo paaji .. tusin dance which mast si .. song yaad hai

    ral mundiyaan ne dekho yaaro kaumi rail chalai...

    so rail gaddi bani hoi hai he hehehe :)

    ~*. D E E P A .* ~
    Hey.. yeah i could see you been busy long time , thanks these are some random pics , this one was on lohri day at a friends place
    the previous one was in ludhiana where we had just finished our flying camp ..

    thank you so much , hope you wont get too busy again :)

  35. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you dost, good i dont know but i try and hopefully it makes sense .. Not as good as every other person writes .. i got a long long way to go ...

    thanks for the tag will take it up for sure

    Thank you so much. Yes even if they have left us and dont think of us as friends we should pray for there well being so wishing them all the best ...
    Yes me hoping too for that :)

    haanji aapne theek kaha , i beleive in that too, people may move away far but that emotion or want or friendship does not finish.
    I shall take your advice for sure :)

  36. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you so much.

    Cheers to dosti..
    every pic u ask who is me .. pehchano he hehe .. I am the smarted one of the two sardars he hehehe :)

    I am the one behind the two guys on the right line... :) third in the row... Hope you recognise next time :)

    Thanks for liking them .

  37. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    The Holy Lama
    Thank you for liking them.

    paaaajiiii he he he , shayar kithe ban gaye yaaraa.. eh yaar babbar de ghar di hai Lohri te, tun pata nahin kithe hain.. long time back...

    naale chaekc the previous foto , tusin janaaab seeti te seeti maar rahe hon... yad kar flying , ludhian where we stayed in the circuit house.. yaad hai .. also this was the day when the CHICKEN fleww offff .. do you remember :) he hehehehe

    Hey long time no see.. how you doing
    thank you so much...

    Joshi daniel
    Thanks for coming to my space, welcome here please do keep visiting...
    memories indeed Good ones :)

  38. Milan Says:

    Dostana indeed Bickram, I did not know this side of you at school .... you write very well ..... and on Beautifully selected heartfelt topics .... Good on you, mate !!!

  39. Navjote Kaur Says:

    i loved the poetry ...very touching
    nice picture from ur old memories