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One whole year completed.. Happy birthday to the Blog

Saturday, October 16, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
It started as a constant pestering from someone , why i write in a diary , why not make a blog, So one fine day I opened a account to start with it ... 16th october 2009 ... and from then on it has been a roller coster ride The very post i wrote was Life is all about ass

Blogging has been very kind to me a bit rude too as I found out initially when I started writing .. but i guess thats part and parcel of life. Have made some lovely friends over time, Some hate me , some love me .. What i have found is its true things change.. Change in Inevitable , Some have stood by me in my hour of need  while some just brushed past, Some have called me a nice person , Some think otherwise .. Some who stood by me THEN have turned there back now... hence my writing that it has been a roller coaster ride.

I have written on everything my personal experiences, my random thoughts , my childhood memories, my college days , my friends , my family elders... a lot of my best friends read what i write though they dont comment i usually get a email from them ... I wish that I could meet all my blogger freinds ..

So this post is dedicated to All the people who read what I write, The ones who are younger then me let me say I love you all , All who are elder to me I respect you all.

Over the time I am sure i have offended a lot of you out there

I am sorry

Please let By gones be By-gones and lets be friends again, life is too short to hold grudges of any kind.  I am sorry VERY SORRY.

Chaman main ikhtilat rangon boo se baat banti hai
hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain
tumhi tum ho to kya tum ho

I tell everyone to think from there mind rather then there heart, whereas I myself am a very emotional person as all know by now , So I would like to Extend my hand of friendship to all those who are there..  God bless you all, have a good day and Thanks for reading this.


81 Response to "One whole year completed.. Happy birthday to the Blog"

  1. Titaxy Says:

    Congratulations! Happy bday, blog :)

  2. NRIGirl Says:

    Phew! For a minute I thought you were saying good bye... I was holding the breath and read it all in full speed! Thank you for not saying good bye...

    Keep it going!

    ~ NRIGirl

  3. Madhu Says:

    Congrats macha! { tamil style that!]

    hey..u are emotional??

    well, shall i tell u something better? U are totally one of the most handsome,sexy punjabi hunk ive come across..:) :)
    Okay* i am trying to pick u up! Do stand a chance?? :P

  4. Scribbler Says:

    Happy First B'day Bik !! Keep it up :)

  5. Punam Says:

    Happy birthday! :) A well-deserving wish for a well-deserving blog.

  6. kavita Says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary ....badhaiyan !

  7. A New Beginning Says:

    I love being a part of your readership and I must tell you that youve been doing a great job!!!Keep Blogging and inspiring!!!

  8. MindfulMeanderer Says:

    Happy birthday dear blog :) n Congrats Bikramjit. Wishing you many many years of blogging.

  9. Vibhuti B Says:

    oooo Very very Happy Birthday Bikky's Blog.
    Yes and an extra dollop of mwahs to you because you are far better than that private diary.
    Or we would have missed out on sooo much of the funny tales Bikky has to dish out..:D
    Wish you many more years of non-stop fun in the blogosphere!

  10. RGB Says:

    Congratulations Bikramjit! I'm happy to be one of your blog friends. I think your blog posts are honest and straight from the heart. Keep it going. And you're sure to earn more friends than you can count :)

  11. Sandhya Says:

    Congratulations! Happy Blog Anniversary, Bikram!

    Waiting to read for many many more years! You are a good writer, Bikram!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bikram's Blog!!!! You've sure achieved a lot in a year... you made lots of friends, gained lots of fans... all by way of sincere writing.. well done, and best wishes to complete many more years, filled with good traffic and adoring readers :-)

  13. dr.antony Says:

    I am happy to join you on the anniversary.
    I am not a seasoned blogger,neither a good writer.I started writing when I had to vent out some of my problems.
    It is easier to talk to strangers than to closer ones.Your friends might use it against you or hurt you some time later.
    Truth some times hurt.One cannot avoid it.I learned a lesson from here. As far as possible,avoid bringing in other people.They might get offended.
    Keep on writing. I am following you !

  14. sunder Says:


    Generally the interest fades after one year..Hope this is not the case with you...

  15. Phoenixritu Says:

    Vadhayian jee! Blogging is a very enriching experience! It opens you out, and helps connect with so many other minds. In my fourth year of blogging and am loving it very much

  16. Tomz Says:

    Happy bday, the Blog of Bikramjit..

    Wish u many more years of blogging..

  17. BK Chowla, Says:

    My best wishes to you on having completed one year of successful blogging.I think you should be happy that in a short time, you have been able to get a list of friends who care for what you write and appreciate your efforts as no one has spare time to waste.
    You have been providing reasonably good content and I hope that the trend will continue.

  18. Enigma Says:

    Happy B'day to your blog!!

    Love reading your posts. Keep writing! :)

  19. p00ja Says:

    Happy bday to Bikram d blogger! and yr blog too.
    It makes sense to act on the basis of what your mind says, but you are a happier person if you listen to your heart.

    For me even I'm emotional, and on some days when I think of practicalities I feel like kicking myself for listening to my heart, but then I realize today I'm happy coz i did what my heart said, my mind may know better but my heart feels better.

    Keep blogging.

  20. chitra Says:

    Bikram, Congratulations on your blog birthday. God Bless you.

  21. DiDo Says:

    Chaman main ikhtilat rangon boo se baat banti hai
    hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain
    tumhi tum ho to kya tum ho

    Wahhhh kya bata hai bikram sahab :) jawaab nahi ...

    Congratssss on ur blog's bdayyy and Keep writinggg... coss there are more than a few ppl who loveee readinggg wot u write :)

  22. DiDo Says:

    Chaman main ikhtilat rangon boo se baat banti hai
    hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain
    tumhi tum ho to kya tum ho

    Wahhhh kya bata hai bikram sahab :) jawaab nahi ...

    Congratssss on ur blog's bdayyy and Keep writinggg... coss there are more than a few ppl who loveee readinggg wot u write :)

  23. Banupriya Says:

    Happy Birthday to your Blog .. Wish many more birthdays post come in this place....

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Congo =P

    Do Visit Me
    I Hope You Will Like My Blog!

  25. Deepak Says:

    happy birthday to ur blog :-)

  26. Neha Says:

    congratulations Bikram for completing one year :)

  27. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Congrats! :)
    In such a short span of time u become a very popular blogger on Indiblogger as well as on Blogadda.
    Hope u become the most popular blogger of the world.

    Best wishes. :)

  28. ....Petty Witter Says:

    Oh I'm so glad I came to visit today - happy blogoversary. Now you are thinking who is this strange person, where did she come from. Well .....

    As we were both mentioned on NRIGirl's site AND I love visiting other bloggers I though I'd stop by and say hello. Nice to have met you, I've enjoyed visiting.


    Happy Birthday to the blog "Me and My Random Thoughts" :)
    congrats bikram for putting your best to make this blog so good :D

  30. Ananya Says:

    Wow! Awesome. You just reminded me of my blog's b'day. It is on 21st aug. :)
    Anyway, keep writing. I love reading your blog! :D

  31. Ananya Says:

    *october I meant! :/

  32. Harman Says: have been very consistent ,and same time its very informative (your Blog)some thing I can say as REAL..its always we look forward to your blogs
    Keep up the Good work..
    and "no sorry" shld write what you feel straight from heart it at least gives an idea what you think ..and lemme tell ya Critics are the best guides ..they teach ,make you angry and you tend to bounce back with more force :)
    Good luck!!

  33. Ria Says:

    Congrats and hope to see many more such posts from u. :)

  34. A Says:


    Just one year...I thought you have been blogging for 10 years....

    Very good job. I enjoy reading most of your posts. Keep it up :)

    I am almost completing one year too...

  35. Madhav Says:

    Congratulations to this awesome Blog and Bikram !!


  36. sm Says:

    Please let By gones be By-gones and lets be friends again, life is too short to hold grudges of any kind. I am sorry VERY SORRY.
    true words

  37. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Congrats on the reaching the milestone Bikram :)
    And my due respects to you :)


  38. girlsguidetosurvival Says:


    You did it. Keep writing people will come and go... Desi Girl definitely enjoys her time on your blog and chats.

    All the very best,

    Desi Girl

  39. Insignia Says:

    Congrats on completing a year Bik. Wish you many more years of blogging.

  40. Rachna Says:

    Congrats and best wishes! I can relate to your sentiments. May you prosper along with your blog.

  41. suruchi Says:

    Happy birthday to Biky’s blog
    N hope your extended hand of friendship form a fist of power packed relations with all whom u desire...
    Reading u is always fun...whether here on your page or in my comment box..
    So I for one would always be cheering for u n hoping for many more birthdays to come:-)

    P.S. 40 floored comments already...aapke to bade he fan following hain ji..n here I was thinking I was the special-est follower:(

  42. Deeps Says:

    Happy Budday hai ji!! Congratulations on completing one year!! It has been a pleasure knowing and reading you, Bikky :)

    Keep sharing the way you do!
    Here's to many many more posts!

  43. The Holy Lama Says:

    Baby Bik has turned one! That's news. You have proved yourself the proverbial"lambi Race ka Ghoda hai".

    Heatiest congratulations and hope you celebrate many more bdays and we come over to party.

  44. Sh@s Says:

    Congrats! and wish your blogo baby a very Happy B'day. May it have a long and an exciting journey ahead.
    Keep writing and keep rocking!!

  45. Sakshi Says:

    Congratulations! Party!
    There is no offending in a blog. Because, our thoughts do in the end reflect on us as being the person that we are. Therefore I believe, that 'Chak de fatte!' and keep up the great work!

  46. Vaish Says:

    Congrats to you and your blog!
    It's not very easy to get to this level within 1 year. It's all your efforts! Keep writing! Rock on!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats Bro.. Hugs.. :)

  48. Renu Says:

    Congratulations ! and wish you many more !!!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats on completing one year Bikram.. You have made lot of friends in blogosphere and I am sure you will make many more in future.. wishing you all the best! :)

  50. UmaS Says:

    Congrats on the first birthday, blog !!! :) Wonderful milestone, Bikram...keep blogging...ahem bugging tooo... ;) ;)

    Its a great place to make friends and am so happy to have made one. :) :)

  51. R. Ramesh Says:

    congratssss. way to go sure u will score like sachin in blogging:)

  52. Madhu Says:

    Congrats Bikramjit! I hope you have many more years to delight us followers.

  53. Gaurav Says:

    Congratulations Bikram!! Keep writing!

  54. rohini Says:

    Happy birthday to "Me and My Random Thoughts" ./ Bikram.. since the time i m reading ur blog i dint find any reason of you asking for sorry....
    all the posts u wrote were from clear heart..which is visible all the time...
    and if by any case as u think some might have got hurt..then by this post they will only give u wishes...
    all the best for ur journey...
    in a year nice accomplishment...

    varied posts..and maintaing great PR are the USPs of your blog...keep it up....:)

  55. rohini Says:

    ps commented on your first post...i think its the shortest post...:)

  56. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Congrats friend!

    way to go , you are improving day by day!

  57. PNA Says:

    Congratulations Bikram :) I repeat a comment I just wrote elsewhere, blogging is special in many many ways :)

  58. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you for the wishes ...

    NA i remember what happened last time when i said or played a joke on good bye.. someone got really nasty to me .. so not saying that

    :) and you will know when i leave :)

    thanks for saying that

    THank you thank you

    Ooooooooohhh and shhhhhhhhhhh aisi baaten blog pe khule aam shhhhhhhh secret secret madhu
    Email me :) he he he he

    WOWOWOWWOO thats made my day-year - life everything you saying that...

    lai stand a chance , how dare i say no ... :) he he he

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCHhhh for being there and reading my articles and always commeting and yes you gave me my first award toooo :)

    tabhi i lasted one year ... so whats up for second year for me :) he he hehe

  59. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you so much.. I am trying ot keep it up lets see how far i get

    Thanks a ton and thank you for the flowers and the post MOST indebted to you for that... THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Wadhiyaan aap nu v ji. thank you so much ....

    A New Beginning
    Thank you.
    Wow i am glad you like my articles , when i started i did not think anyone would read them ...
    but thanks to you and all others its going on SO thank you for visiting me all the time ...

    Thanks for the wishes.. AMEN to that lets see how long i survive :)

    Thanks you

  60. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Vibhuti B
    Vibhzyyyyy Thank you thank you .. awwwwwwww really Thank you and wowo to you for coming and reading all i read THANKS...

    Thank you so much. YEssssssssssss thanks for saying that .. Oh yes I hope more friends come this way , no number of friends is enough we always need more

    Thank you, dont know what to say to that now , I am speechless or shud i say WRITELESS :)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying those lovely words they do mean a lot , after all the problem and being down the dump these words mean a lot THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    THank you. Yes i have got so many friends TOUCHWOOD :) and thanks for the lovely wishes AMEN to them :)

  61. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you so much. Well if you say you are not a good writer I am surly far away behind so please dont say that...
    Yes indeed easier to talk to strangers for sure ... yeah some friends use it to hurt you... truth does hurt but i feel that if your friends cant hear you then whats the use.

    Thanks for following me and thank you so much for reading me :)

    Hey you come after ages , how you doing...
    Thanks for the wishes .. well i hope so too that the interest doesnot fade away fingers crossed

    Ritu bhen THank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh Vadhiyaan tuhanu v ... yes its a good experience meeting tealking reading knowing so many different people ..
    wowo 4 years i got a long long way to go yet :)
    Thank you so much....

    THank you so much for the wishes .. I am sure my blog appreciates each time you come and read and then comment TOOO :)

  62. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    BK Chowla
    Chowla Sir Thank you for the lovely wishes, I am very happy sir i did not expect this to happen and now that it has I am over the moon ... oh yes i am blessed to have so many friends who read me and then comment tooo and spend there precious time here ...

    Thank you sir and I hope so too that i am able to write what i have been writing so far ...
    hopefully get better with time THank you.

    Thank you so much.. for the wishes I am glad you love readign my posts , i am blessed :)

    Thank you so much... my blog says thank you tooooo :)
    Yes you say it right , heart is pure I beleive tooo...

    Yeah end of the day thats what matters ... Thank you so much for saying that

    Thank you and for the wishes ..

    DiDo DiDo

    :) thank you so much...and my blog is at the position it is at becasue of all you readers who come and spend there precious time reading this and then commenting tooo :)

    pssst sometime twice he heheheh :) thats why i wrote to you twice he he he :)

    Thank you for making this day such a beautiful one THANK YOU...

  63. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting please keep coming again ...

    THANKS for the lovely wishes I am sure with all the love and care from all of you coming this way I hope to carry on writing

    THANK you so much

    Hey Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting please visit again ...
    Thanks for the wishes I will surly visit your blog .. Thanks

    Hey how u doing , long time no see...
    THanks for the wishes

    Thank you Neha for the wishes, could not have been possible with all of you completing the year so it should actually be THANKS to you all :)

    Chandrika Shubham

    Thank you so much. and AMEN to that wish and HOPE.. though i doubt it he hehehe :)
    thank you.

    ....Petty Witter
    Hi welcome here , Thank you for visiting me , please do visit again.. Thank you for the wishes ,

    Yes I read the post from NRIGirl I am glad you came here thanks to her I got one more reader, I will surly visit you too and Say hello to you there :)
    Thanks a lot...

  64. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks for the wishes ... I am glad you like the blog and visit it regularly thank you taking out the time :)


    HEy tomorwo its ur blog birthday yayyyy partyyyy timeee :)
    Thanks for wishing me and my blog... and reading my articles :)

    Thank you....

    Thnaks for saying that. You have been regular here so i must say thanks to you for taking out time and reading me and then commenting , I always look forward to your comment , and till i get one it seems somethins is missing :)

    I know what you mean , write what i want to and from heart..
    Thanks for the wishessssssss and Thank you ...

    Hey.. no my friend god knows where i will be in 10 years time :) but yeah just one year so far..
    Thanks for saying those lovely words they mean a lot ..

    so when do you complete a year :)

  65. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you so much for the wishes

    YEah life is too short who knows whats gonna happen the next moment so why have grudges .. :)
    Thank you.

    Thanks for saying that , and the wishes ...

    Jeet Thank you for saying that, I enjoy the chats and the comments so much ... Thank you so much.

    Thanks for the wishes. I hope so too .. as i mentioned earlier my blog is where it is because of all the readers and people who take out time .. Thank you.

    THanks so much, thank you for the wishes .. I hope so tooo :) god willing

  66. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    HEyyyy yayyyy thank youuuuuuu
    AMen to that yeah a fist is always better then just a hand :)
    I am glad you read me and find it funny , and I am so happy i visited your blog when i did its been really great to know you and the jokes we have shared indeed makes my day ...

    Thank you for the wishes .. Each one of the fan has a special and special-est place .. :) and you indeed are the special-est *wink wink* remember the DATE .. you-me and G :) I am doing all this because of that IF you must know .. he he he he he he he

    Thank you thank you... No the pleasure has indeed been mine ...
    yeah heres to a lot more wasting of your time reading my articles :) he he he he :)

    thank you

    The Holy Lama
    Yes Baby bik's blog, I hope all of you take care of it and keep your loving eyes on it all the time :)
    Thnak you for the wishes and yes party time is all the time .. you jsut got to turn up :)

    Thank you. and from my baby blog tooo .. Thanks for visting and reading and commenting .. Thats what makes it so very special all the time ...

    Tain tain taiin drum rolls party timeeeeeeeee :)

    Thank you so much. I am glad you find no offending in the blog, YEsss chakk de fatteee indeeed :)
    thank you.

  67. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you for the wishes. I hope so tooo with all your wishes Thank you.

    Hey Manna thanks forthe wishes and hugs to you tooo.. how you doing

    Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much. YEah i have made a lot of friends i hope i keep them all as friends :)
    and amen to the wishes Thank you...

    Thanks you so much. yeah dont worry about that the bugging part will continue even if stop blogging .. aapka blog hai na bug karne ko he he he he he :)

  68. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    R Ramesh
    Ramesh bhai thanks a lot.. and Amen to that :)

    Thanks madhu.. thank you for saying that i appreciate all taking time out reading me and commenting its indeed a honour to me ..

    Kahan ho .. dont see you ... Thnaks for the wishes :)

    Rohini ji
    Thank you. I am glad you said that and i hope all those who are angry or whatever do that and we can all be happy with each other :)
    Thnaks for the wishes ...
    I will go back and see what you wrote there tooo :)

    Hey friend howdy , i should say to you too WElcome to my blog, please keep visting cause you hardly come he he hehe :)
    Thank you for saying that

    Thanks a lot.. Yes indeed its been special so far and i hope it is so for times to come ... :)
    Thank you

  69. Erratic Thoughts Says:

    Yay! My first visit and it is your blogoniversary...How cool is that!
    Keep blogging!


  70. Erratic Thoughts Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  71. Pratibha The Talent Says:

    belated happy birthday to your blog.

  72. Tanvi Says:

    We have an ability to infuse life even into something as intangible as a blog? :) Happy Belated Birthday to your blog. Cannot wait to catch up on all that I have missed so far!

  73. Angels Never Lie Says:

    lakh lakh badhiyaan...hope u continue like dis for yrs n yrs...n many more pple join u in the journey...hav a nice time dear

  74. magiceye Says:

    belated happy blogversary!!!!

  75. Chinkurli Says:

    Congrats, it's a big milestone :)

  76. Chinkurli Says:

    Congrats, it's a big milestone :)

  77. Shail Says:

    I am late, but Congrats any way and wish you more years of blogging.
    If you wouldn't mind me going off topic, a thought occurred to me while reading your, "The ones who are younger then me let me say I love you all , All who are elder to me I respect you all."
    Reminded me of its Hindi version, 'Badon ko namashkar and choton ko pyar' or something similar. Why is it that we only give respect/namashkar to the elders?? Hmmm... I wonder why it cannot be love to all.
    Don't mind me. I always have such thoughts! ;) :))
    Happy blogging!

  78. Bikramjit Says:

    Erratic Thoughts

    Thank you so much for the wishes.. Welcome to my blog, please do keep visiting :)

    Pratibha The Talent
    Thank you so much :)

    Thanks so much for the lovely wishes, yes please , I am greedy for comments so do read all of them he hehe :) See you aroeund now... :)

  79. Bikramjit Says:

    Angels Never Lie
    Bahut bahut dhanwaad ji tuhada.. and tuhade muh which ghee and shakaar , Hope your say comes true and i get tons more comments and people as friendssssss yayyyyyyyyyyyyy :) what more can one ask for :)

    Thanks for the wishes Deepak sahib...

    Thank you. and yeah it seems to be what started as something out of blue has continued so far is indeed goood :)

  80. Bikramjit Says:

    Hey Thanks for visiting me , and welcome here .. and its a saying better LAte then NEver :)
    so thank you and yes i understand what you say , and get the point I dont know whay i wrote like that .. what you say is indeed so true, so I shall amend that now .. and yes I LOVE YOU ALLLLL :)
    and Also I respect you alll... tooo for i beleive one should treat others as we wanted to be treated :)

    thanks for the thought very valid and no i dont mind anything..
    MIND hai hi nahin Mind karne ke liye so chinta not ... :)

    Thank you once again... and see you sooon

  81. Uma Says:

    Belated Birthday Wishes to your blog :)