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Sochda haan Ik gal :- I am thinking of one thing

Monday, October 25, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann
Sochda haan aj baitha ik gal
Sat samundar door baitha
Puchda haan apne dil ton aj ik gal
Puchda haan apne AAP ton aj ik gal

                                          I am Thinking one thing
                                          Sitting seven seas away
                                         Am asking from my heart

                                         Am asking myself something

Kyun vichad gaye
meri duniya nu chaar chand laun waale
Kithe chale gaye ne oh Jehde kehende si
Chuk laange modhe te mere modhe da bhaar

                                        Why have they departed
                                         those who added stars to my world
                                        Where they gone who said
                                        they will pick my weight on there Shouders

Meri arthi nu modha den waale
Mere dil ke kol baithan waale
Ki oh sochde honge eho gal

                                       Ones who will pick my coffin on shoulders
                                       ones who sit in my heart

                                       Do they think sometimes likewise

Jadon Meri Arthi nu lai ke jaange makaan
Ki Honge uthe ronde yaad karde mainu mere yaar

                                       Who will be there
                                       when they take me for my last rites
                                       will my friends my loved ones be there
                                       thinking of Me remembering me

Sochda haan aj baitha Eho Gal
                                        I am thinking today this VERY THING!!!


50 Response to "Sochda haan Ik gal :- I am thinking of one thing"

  1. DiDo Says:

    did u write tht??

    too good bikram....liked it..

  2. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    lai aapne fir se poocha.. who else would write it haan
    Yes your highness I wrote it ..
    so now you read again and comment again and this time say its VERY VEERY good bikram he heeheh

    Thank you for liking it :)

  3. A Says:

    Wow Bik.

    No honest. I did not think you wrote it. But then I read your answer to DiDo.

    Very very very very very very good Bikram.

    Hey if you want to know how to write (I mean use Panjabi fonts) easily, email me. There is a very easy method to do it.

  4. Enigma Says:

    Same here! I was really wondering if you had written it!
    The translation was so good that it almost seemed that it was a completely different poem.

    Way to go Sirji!! :)

  5. Bikramjit Says:

    THank you so much my friend. I do try not to CHEAT :) or cut past he he heeh
    Thank you so much it means a lot when readers write such appreciating comments, makes it worth working on it ...

    and yeah the punjabi font would be great please do let me know ...

    you shud have known its mine when it did not rhyme or mean he heh ehe :)

  6. A Says:


    I said 'no honest'...hahaha..double negative.

    It is actually a pretty good one - now that is honest and serious :)

    I always thought you wrote it. Sending you email with Panjabi fonts.

  7. CutePriya Says:

    ki words to touched...Hatt's off to you Mann Sahib...

  8. Jeet Says:

    Tanha tanha mat socha kar
    mar jaye ga mat socha kar

    Apna app ganwa ke tu ne
    kia paya hy mat socha kar

    Dhop main tanha kar jata hai
    kyun ye saya mat socha kar

    Piyar ghari bhar ka b bohat hai
    jhota,sacha mat socha kar

    Rah khatin or dhop kari hai
    kon ayy ga mat socha kar

    Woh bhi tujh se piyar kary hai
    pir dukh hoga mat socha kar

    Khwab,haqeeqat,ya afsana
    kia hai dunya mat socha kar

    Dunya ke gham sath hain tery
    kud ko tanha mat socha kar

    Jeena dobhar ho jaye gaa
    Jana; itna mat socha kar

  9. NRIGirl Says:

    Loved it Poet-ji!

    BTW, awaiting your mail... Is it on the way?

  10. Abha Midha Says:

    enne agge di aur mayoos galan no zyada my panjabi is terrible. A thoughtful, reflective poem. wonder why u r thinking this?

  11. Punam Says:

    Yeh sab sochna.. not good, Bikram.. aise kyun soch rahe hain aap.. ? Dekhiye to sahi.. 100 followers ho gaye aapke.. century maar li.. wah wah.. Mr. Popular!

  12. Ria Says:

    Oh wow this is good!

  13. Vaish Says:

    Very touchy poem! I could follow a little bit with punjabi words, but definitely not completely! Thanks for those english phrases too! They are simply beautiful Bikram! Great work!

  14. Tomz Says:

    hey bikram,
    the time has not come to think such many things are there in the world to think abt..?

    any way i like the poetic quality.
    thanks for providing an English translation.

  15. Sakshi Says:

    Hain? I had to land on your blog for the first time when you were in such a Sochful mood??

    Sochne wale logon se zara darr lagtha hai..kyun ki it reminds me of my unstable mental condition...sobs!

    Waise Kake tenu Poem vadiya si :) :)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, you wrote that? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Madhu Says:

    for all who thinks whether or not Bik wrote that..only bik could have written such lovely stuff..hands down*

  18. dr.antony Says:

    Don't think of such things my friend.Does it really matter?.
    The truth is..some one will be there.Think of bright things,and life will be brighter.

    Lamentations often touch the heart,but generally do not serve any purpose.

  19. rohini Says:

    nice work bikram...too touchy...

  20. swarnjeet Says:


  21. ....Petty Witter Says:

    I'm so impressed by your beautiful words. Many, many thanks for posting this wonderful verse.

  22. chitra Says:

    Bikram too good yaar, Good creativity!!!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Nice One! But why this "Ik gal"? Think about love, life and stuff like that!
    P.S: Is Bikramjit and Bikramjit Singh Mann the same person!

  24. Madhu Says:

    Wow Bikram, very nice poem.

    Dont worry about who would be there; you would be there for yourself.

  25. Anonymous Says:

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  26. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:


    Poet Bikram :) superb!!

  27. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:


    Poet Bikram :) superb!!

  28. Rajlakshmi Says:

    its beautiful... i too often think abt it when i find myself running the rat's race... you have expressed is wonderfully.

  29. Harman Says:

    nice Bikram...very touchy...I was in tears my friend...plz we wud love to see good health and happiness..spread around
    GOD Bless!!

  30. Sh@s Says:

    Lovely lines.
    Made me stop, re-read and ponder :)

  31. Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side Says:

    beautiful....but i hope it is not what I think it is

  32. Vibhuti B Says:

    Bikramjit Singh Mannji
    Why such a morose thought I ask??????
    Ask if you must whether your loved ones and friends think of you as much as you do...
    BUT why this way?
    why talk of something we'd never even want to imagine..
    Yaaaarrrraaaa talk of life please..
    A very beautiful punjabi poetry, truly!
    But I never like to even talk of those black moments you mention!!

  33. Harini Says:

    Wow! This is really amazing. Too good!

  34. UmaS Says:

    Very well written....looks like u think abt Punjabi illiterates like me and do a parallel Eng translation...thank u sirji. :) :)

  35. The Holy Lama Says:

    OOnda likha hain.
    If you feel like cming back to India, do it now.:)

  36. Bikramjit Says:

    Thanks for saying that, Glad you liked it ...

    he hehe Thank you.. glad you liked it and you saying it i do appreciate :)
    and yes got the mail thanks

    tuhada inna kehna ki kaafi hai.. bahut changa lagiya ...
    I am glad you liked it thats whats most important :) thank you

    Wah ji wah kya baat hai , eh gazal ne taan watt kadhe paye ne
    maza aa gaya sun ke te padh ke ...
    Thank you so much.. means a lot that you took the time out to read mine and then find this for me THANK YOU.

  37. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you so much.. and no not email in POST :)

    Haanji abha bhen i know, but kadi kadi soch which aaa janda hai , jad apne hi dhokha karan .. ah well not a problem god bless them all.. as they feel happy

    and punjabi is fine i got the point :)

    why i am thinking well will tell sometime later...

    yeah 100 followers aaj 101 ho gaye hain he hehehe oh man i am so blessed yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Thank you so much

    Thank you so much , i am glad you liked it and did understand it ... i understand not many people could understand punjabi so i put the english version tooo

    Thanks my friend for saying that, I am glad out there in Blogosphere there are people like you who think that way for me .. I am blessed God is great...
    yeah i know lots of things to do in the world yetttt...

  38. rantravereflect/ jane Says:

    love ya for the translation :) very well etched, kinda reduced ma fear of death- dunno y

  39. Bikramjit Says:

    :) sorry for that.. well check the latest article its pleasant one he hehe

    Welcome to my blog, thanks for visitng and taking time to read .. Please please do keep visiting ...

    zayada nahin sochta hoon main itni akal nahin hai ki sochoon yeh to kabhi kabhi aven :)

    and dont worry about ur unstableness all will be fine as time goes by ..
    shukriya ji tuhanu vadhiya lagi poem thank you thank you

  40. Bikramjit Says:

    Pallavi Yes ji I wrote that.. aapko shak hai .. he hehehe

    thanks for saying that :) I mean saying its awesome he hehehe

    Heyyyyyyyy Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :)
    and millions times more thank you :)

    Dr. Antony
    Well i know it doesnot matter, but sometimes one gets into such a positiong in life that such things come to mind all the time .
    yeah i am sure someone will be there for sure HEY I MYSELF WILL BE THERE he hehehe :) so no worries

    I hope so that life is brighter :)

  41. Bikramjit Says:

    Rohini Ji
    Thank you so much...

    Thanks bro.. thank you so much

    Petty writer
    Thank you so much... for saying that

    Shukriya meharbaani :)

    This Ik gal cause i am far far away from loved ones , so it comes in mind ..
    and yes They both are the same person .. why two profiles please dont ask.. long story and shows i am not good with blogspot :)

    Thank you so much for visiting me please please keep visitng

  42. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you so much, and yeah i like what u said .. I will surly be there else whose last rites will they perform he heh ehe

    Brandy Flouee
    Hi thanks for visitng and ur link is ooops .. sorry
    i will try to change the look out now and then

    Raj ne comment kiya yayyyyyyyyyy :) he hehehe thank you thank you .. though i got a long long longggggggggggg way to go yet

    Thank you. yeah it indeed is a rat race.. lets see if we can find the answers some day ... Thank you

  43. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you, glad you liekd it .. Oh I am sorry if it hurt you..
    I am glad you said that and I ma so happy that there are people around who think that way Thanks harman now that brought a smile to me :)

    Same to you God bless you and family with lots of happiness and health and wealth tooo .. it goes a long way he hehe :)

    Thanks , i am glad you liked it and thanks for reading it again :)

    You know it all :) thank you shahid bhai for visiting ... take care now

    Oh teri poora naam likha :) and a JI tooo wah wah aye shabaaash :)
    Well dont know why this .. If i ask my loved ones and friends if they love me I will get a kick and some of them are very strong :) he hehe

    haanji i got you point really, yes i agree with you why think of it like that .. I will try pakka
    thanks for appreciating it ... :) Thank you vibhzzz

  44. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you for reading this :)

    yeah most people dont understand or know punjabi so english translation :)

    Welcome madam ji :)

    The Holy Lama
    feel like , I am dieing to come :) only if life was that simple ji.. i would have packed my bags and be there just like that :)
    But i am coming .. got to visit a few places, mumbai-bangalore- punjab yayyyyyyyyyyyyy...

    rantravereflect/ jane
    Welcome ot my blog, thanks for visiting me please please do keep visiting ...

    Glad you liked it , and thanks for saying that means a lot to me ..
    see you soon :)


    hey! nice poem bikram :)
    good that you put the english translation side by side. or i wouldn't understand ;)


  46. radha Says:

    Even at my age, I believe those who have departed are stars looking after me from above!!

  47. Milan Salaria Says:

    Everything u write is Beautiful and from the core of ur heart ... Good on u Bro.

  48. Simmy Says:

    Too good

  49. Anuradha Says:

    The truth of life,, beautifully put into words :)

  50. Ajay Says:

    Why are you thinking like that, everything ok Paaji.. MAro goli yaar those who have gone .. Good riddance to them ..

    IF they cant think of you then why are you thinking of them.. and long time for the ARTHI to happen..

    and Dont worry much SOCHNA band karo .. simple tareeka