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Sporting Memories

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Posted by Bikram

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Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose, it is everyone's private literature. I have indeed been blessed with so many things that have happened in my life which are all so important. The sporting enthusiasm, the will to win, succeed had been so much drilled into my system, I was in 4th class when I went to a boarding school. One of the best in India.

The school had a rich heritage of sporting events, the boarding school was divided into 3 houses which each had its own tradition of values, almost all sports were played hockey-cricket-Polo etc. The annual sports day use to be the one everyone looked at all year round , because it was held at a large scale, Old students were invited, parents were invited, it had a certain zing in the air when sports day would be approaching.. The sports competition would go on for two days culminating into the grand finale, it started with the usual taking of the sports torch, lighting the tower which burnt for three days as per the Olympic rules.

I distinctively remember One event which was the 4 * 400 mtrs relay event, For some reason in the 10th class I did not participate in any of the athletic events because of it being the Board year, I wanted to concentrate on my studies as the whole year I had been the most OUTSTANDING student by the OUTSTANDING I mean "STANDING OUT OF CLASS" which had nothing to do with me being a bright student.

In the 400mtrs race 2 students from each house had participated, the first in the race was from PH, the second and third position had gone to students from MH and fourth - fifth went to our house. That night we were all sitting in the hostel preparing for the next day getting our best shirts out, ironing our blazers because so many outsiders were to come.

For the first time in all the years of my schooling my parents also decided to visit that year, prior to that my grandfather use to visit. Now the 4 * 400 relay had a trophy with it which had been with our house for a few years now, that year we were sure to lose since we did not have good runners, going by the 400mtrs race we had the 4th and 5th best.

So the night before we were all sitting discussing what to do, trying to find which two boys to get hold of to make the team. The sports were very fiercely fought over, we had special slogans for cheering up, and everyone sat watching the game and cheering, yelling shouting so much that sometimes we lost our voices.

Soda lemon ginger pop DRH will be on the top
Old gold if the color of ours come on DRH show them starts..
and so on.. We had two names Chandrakant, Rajkumar no one came forward so in the end I and Vivan Singh volunteered to do it.

As I had said earlier I was always very competitive, all four of us sat down to decide who will run against who, The boy who had come second was Kamal, I had once run faster than him practising, I was confident I could defeat him. So we decided that I will run with Kamal when he ran.

Come the Day of the sports day, the Race was called for, we went to the Stadium to warm up, and my parents were there cheering me up, we were called upon to take positions... The first three got ready, the gun went off, the race began...

Next up Kamal went up to take position, I went with him stood next ready for the baton change , but suddenly he shouted at someone else to take his place, I shouted for chandrakant.. Second baton got changed... I had it in my heart that if I ran neck to next with kamal I would defeat him only if there was no lead...

Third exchange Kamal again took position, I with him, you know when you have this feeling Today is your Day... I felt that... But again he jumped away , at almost last moment, I had to shout for Vivan who came running, that cost us a few seconds , MH was a couple of steps ahead , Vivan took the baton and RAN as if his life hung on the race..

Meanwhile the teachers were shouting at us, what are you doing, this is not good, Vivan Singh was good, he was almost running neck and neck with his guy, we took our place for the baton... this time it had to be me and kamal.. We were the last ones... Standing there with the Whole house shouting encouragements, hoarse voices... On the last stretch I could see how Vivan had run, he was just one step behind his guy, giving his all...

Vivan handed me the baton, oh what a feeling it was we ran, for the first 200mts Kamal was ahead of me, slowly at the bend of the 300th I started to gain... First came level with him... I could see some of my classmate girls shouting Cum on Bikram, Come on DRH... the last 100mtrs.

I can remember it still so clearly in my head, I gave it all I had, I could see from the corner of my eye kamal still by my side, I was breathless, legs were giving way, the last 10-20 metres I don't remember anything, I was just running wild, legs were in motion like on auto pilot, just taking the next step.

I remember my House master Mr. Sharma almost running with me outside the track, just a bit more, a bit more...

What I do remember is passing the line , I had given my all , Trying to stop, I probably tripped I tumbled and fell on the track.. as I hit the track I got a bit bruised , the other three came running , grabbed me , jumping in JOY that's when they told me We had won.. I had run faster as I had said then Kamal, we attained the trophy for another year.

Someone got me a blanket to cover myself, the Nurse on the track got a glass of glucose for me, everyone was coming congratulating.. Far in the crowd I could see my mother waving her hand in joy... at last her son had done something to win :)

From a hopeless situation we ended up winning the race, which felt so good. That evening for the prize distribution I held my house colours flag, and first they called the winners of the race... and then came the Trophy time my teammates were so good they gave me the honour to go and accept it... What a thrill it was...

I always remember that race because of the hopeless position we were in a day earlier, how just the determination, the will to run faster by all four of us got us through. As the saying goes anything can be achieved if you put all your heart into it. I just read a quote today

"The size of  your problem is nothing compared with your ability to solve them..........By over-estimating your problems, you under-estimate yourself!!!!"

What i wrote that day


 Thats me falling down, and look at the faces of the teachers


61 Response to "Sporting Memories"


    wow! nice experience that you have shared :)
    i liked the last quote that you had quote. nice one.

  2. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Outstanding post by outstanding blogger. :)

  3. Prateek Says:

    Whoa!! You have already won so many blogging competitions. I am new to this. :P
    Gosh! Relay race reminded me of my every race. Topic indeed is nostalgic.
    All the best mate. :)

  4. PNA Says:

    We had that one too...soda lemon ginger pop Blue Diamonds will top top top... :P

    But our house was bad at sports, but nobody could beat us in the Lit-cult week I say... we almost always ended up last in the sports tally with a win in tug-of-war, but there were two years in a row we topped and it was a pleasure to receive the trophy on everybody's behalf and march with the flag as captain of the house :D :D

    When we make up our minds to win, we win and you guys just did that ... congrats bikram :)

  5. Sourav C. Pandey Says:

    Now you really know how to get emotions out of people, loved every word of the post. Takes me back to the best time of our lives! :)


  6. Anonymous Says:

    An outstanding post :D :D
    Congratulations for all of it :)
    Thank you for sharing this Bikram :D :D

  7. Anonymous Says:

    He he, awesome!!! So was it the 'cheering by the girls' that goaded you to win? ;-)
    Btw, Bikram, you have an awful handwriting ;-) Lol :-)

  8. A Says:

    I could not stop laughing for few min when I read 'Outstanding' means 'standing out of class'. hahahaha

    I really liked your story. Good job - I mean good job in winning and winning race of life too.

    The last statement is superb "Overestimating and underestimating...'

  9. Madhu Says:

    Belated Congratulations :)
    Well said; if only we have the will, we will find a way to get things our way.

  10. Bikramjit Says:

    YEs i know , thats why no more writing .. jsut typing does the job.
    Now you know when i told my teachers that my answer was correct they cud not read it thats why no marks else i was good :)

    he hehehehe I know its aweful its got worse NOW ....

  11. Someone Is Special Says:

    So.. What do you say?

    I don't have words to say. What a memories, those tracks, those falls, those wins. Those days can never be brought back. Each and every words here tells the story behind it.. This is too good..

    PS: Thanks for the lovely comment for my entry.

    Good luck for the contest

    --Someone Is Special--

  12. Pratibha The Talent Says:

    I am visiting you blog for the first and after reading your post I realized that you have been an all rounder and outstanding as mentioned ''not standing out of class'' and that is visible in your blog.thanks for visiting my blog and giving me an opportunity to read your post.very well written and expressed memories of childhood.wish you all the best for the contest.

  13. Enigma Says:

    Wow! It was nostalgic. I was also in a situation nearly same as you when I was in 5th grade.

    I don't have the photos of the event though. Also, our house won that year.

    I too couldn't curb my laughter when I read 'Outstanding' means 'standing out of class'. :D
    Nice post!!

  14. DiDo Says:

    Awesome post Sir ji :)

  15. Raksha Raman Says:

    Hey Bikram, I owe you a thank you for making me read this :)

    I'd lost touch with lovely moments like these owing to the process of growing up...It refreshed my memories of school days :) (I was one of the two lady commanders in the history of my school and there have been none after, which is my best memory so far)

    The little humor here and there like 'outstanding' student sure bring a smile on to the face :)

    You pitched in when nobody wanted to and that is the true spirit of sportsmanship. Taking initiative is the foremost character of a winner irrespective of the outcome :)Not giving up when you so want to is another characteristic of winners.

    The pictures are so cute! Sure made me go awwww! :D

  16. kavita Says:

    Outstanding student !I am amazed at how you remember every single detail so clearly.You described it vividly .Enjoyed reading your post and really liked the pictures.I tried to read the name of your school on your blazer but no luck ..tchh !
    Good Luck Bikram ...i hope and wish that you win.It is a beautiful post.

  17. Bikramjit Says:

    THe school is Yadvindra public school , in patiala punjab.

  18. chitra Says:

    I just loved reading your winning moment . It was very absorbing and what a determination. That is putting heart and soul into what ever you do. Nice post.

  19. Swathi Pradeep Says:

    Really a well written post. Its what everyone goes through in their life. They are determined to win,but will not have proper resources. But,in the end,the determination wins the race!!!

  20. Obsessivemom Says:

    O I loved it Bikram... It's great to win something for your house.. the feeling as you stand holding the flag.. incredible.. I could almost feel it all. Good read.
    Best of luck for the contest

  21. Babli Says:

    I appreciate for your brilliant post. Keep it up!

  22. Rajlakshmi Says:

    adrenalin rush - you have rightly tagged it :D brilliant narration ekdum filmy style se win kiya :D

  23. Harman Says:

    Nice Bikram...good narration..and excellent win..

  24. UmaS Says:

    U brought the race so realistically in front of my eyes...damn good narration. :) Congrats on winning that Race...we got a post on that. :) :)

    Arent u a lanky kid then ??? U look so thin and long legged in that pic...which is good for running... :)

    All the very best for the contest...

  25. NRIGirl Says:

    Bikramjit! I truly loved your quote, "By over-estimating your problems, you under-estimate yourself"

    Quite enjoyed reading your sports memories.

    I wish I could read what you have written behind the pic. Care to post?

    ~ NRIGirl

  26. Ananth Majumdar Says:

    Very inspiring post Bikram...Love your quote at the end of the post.. :)

  27. RaNiiiiii Says:

    wow.. i felt so good after reading ur post.. very nice memories you have got from ur childhood days.. nice post !

    thanks for sharing ur bloglink ..

  28. A New Beginning Says:

    The one who gives away the idea of giving up is a winner indeed..thats a very very inspirational post Bikram and I hope that this determination always stays with you, making you win every challenge of your life! All the Best :)

  29. Rachna Says:

    Superb and outstanding pictures and emotions. BTW, did you catch the gold won by 4X400 women's relay team at CWG. It was an extraordinary moment for them to be running with the tricolor.

  30. The Holy Lama Says:

    Wow. A medal winner. Great Bikram has been an achiever though once a while outstanding:D

  31. The Holy Lama Says:

    Wow. A medal winner. Great Bikram has been an achiever though once a while outstanding:D

  32. Ria Says:

    Thats such a cute n nostalgic post. And i loved the pics. :)

  33. Vibhuti Says:

    Heyyy Bikkyji,
    this is such a sweet and nostalgic post. And what a treat to see lil Bikram Mann there. This reminds me of the 'Oye Lucky' transformation..:P pls take it as a compliment. :))
    Congratulations on being a winner all the way! :D

  34. Renu Says:

    what a race ! you reminded me of my daughter , she kept saying that she couldnt run so wouldnt participate, but when everyone insisted she took part and came first.
    So your quote is always true.

  35. Bikramjit Says:

    Yes thats me .. the think lanky one and long legs he hehe

  36. Swaram Says:

    I lovvvve the words behind that pic :)
    Congratulations and best of luck for the contest :)

  37. suruchi Says:

    Kya baat hain oustanding student ji...
    Padhai mein bhi n khel kood mein bhi:-)
    One man army,eh?;-)
    This sounds like ‘Jo jeeta wohi sikandar’
    You made me picture the entire event scene by scene...
    Tussi to cha gaye:-)

  38. Sandhya Says:

    You have got very good memory. You write about events of the past as if it happened yesterday! You have got great sense of humour, typical Punjabi humour!

    'By over estimating your problems, you under estimate yourself', how true!

    You look like a typical teenager in the photo - tall and thin!

    All the best, Bikram!

  39. Mingled Minds Says:

    wow buddy.... i was literally imagining it..... i still cherish the memories of sports day that were held during my school days....the spirit...the competition...the feeling of winning...the joy of all has its own magic...i just re-lived those days after reading u r post... nice 1...

  40. Jaspreet Says:

    Such an inspiring post it was! It was a pleasure to read it..the way you've narrated it, made it all the more interesting.Keep writing such stuff Bikram :)

    P.S. couldn't recognize you in the pic!

  41. Harini Says:

    We had few of these sports in our school too. We were good in some sports and pathetic in others. Those are really fun times.

  42. Asha Says:

    Nostalgic posts are always touching and this is no exception. The narration of the post gave me a feel of live telecast. Good luck for the contest.

  43. Tanvi Says:

    We learn only after we fall, we learn to get up and fight.... I am sure those experiences have taught many things to you, those small races teach you a lot about life and its foundation..
    Nice post!


  44. sm Says:


  45. Raksha Raman Says:


    The words on the back of the picture are not legible or rather clear. Mind telling me what is written on it?

  46. rohini Says:

    good old days..nicely written

  47. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks for visiting me and liking what i wrong.

    Chandrika Shubham
    Now now now , THANK you for saying that , Its indeed a pleasure and my ego has been boosted so much by what you say, it feels good :)
    Thank you so much.

    Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting. Glad it reminded you of your school days and thanks for the wishes SAme to you ..

    nice one , we had so many slogans , it was sort of mandatory for the whole house to come and cheer up the team..

    well sports is not everything , excellent and congrats to you on winning that and I can understadn the feeling of pride to hold the flag and everyone watching ....

    THanks a lot

  48. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Sourav C. Pandey
    :) thanks my friend, thanks for liking the post... I hope you saying the truth and not just keeping my heart , i wish :)

    THanks for saying that .. and you yourself write so nicely that you saying it makes my day THANK YOU.

    :) obviously the girls, had to impress then na , last year in school and time was lessening :) and also we were told that girls are impressed by sportsmen.. so aur zor lagaya he he ehe :)

    and yeah i know about the handwriting .. yahan likh diya ab sab wapis scroll karenge ooopar padhne ke liye he heheheh :)

    yeah its true OUTSTANDING, I was , god knows how i managed to pass somehow..
    Thanks for the wishes about winning rave of life well lets see how it goes where it takes us .. but i am trying and trying hard to make something out of it ... and with the grace of god and all my friends and well wishers hopefully it will work out tooo :)

  49. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks a lot, for the wishes yes if we have the will we can find a way to win

    Someone Is Special
    yeah memories are what we are left with in the end ... true those days cant be brought back, thanks for the wishes ...

    Pratibha The Talent
    Hi welcome to my blog, please do keep visiting .. THanks for thinking of me as OUTSTANDING he he he i do beg to differ though,
    Thanks for such a lovely comment and the wishes ..

    I always made sure to have pics , that way u can remember each and every detail of what happened
    and glad you liked the post ...

    Thanks a lot

    haanji madam ji Thank you jiiiiiiiiiiii :)

  50. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Raksha Raman
    So it worked , the pestering and forcing you to come to my blog yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) he he he he
    Glad it made you rmeember the childhood days you had, WOWOW and cheers to being one of the two ever commnaders in your school BRAVO to that

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment .. REally oh wowow the pics made you go awww I hope mine was the best one he hehehe :)

    Thanks for the visti and now dont forget not to else you know I am good at pesteringgggggggggg :)

    :) thank you.. GLad you enjoyed reading the post and the pics.. THanks for the wishes .. lets see what the judges say :)

    Thanks , I am glad you liked them, Thanks

    Swathi Pradeep
    Welcome and thanks for visitng me .. yeah determination is important to get through the lifes roller coaster rides ...

    THank you THANK YOU So much for saying that, make me feel goood :) yeah that feeling nothing can beat it especially with all the school watching and parents and friends watching ...

    Thanks for the wishes , and welcome to my blog, please do keep visiting ...

  51. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you so much for reading the post.

    THank you so much for saying that it indeed was a adrenalin rush , winning was all that mattered at that moment :)

    Thank you harman.. yes it was a good win and i loved it :)

    Nice Thank you for saying that , it means a lot coming from you.
    Thanks for wishes and i replied to the question yes thats me ...

    THank you for enjoying reading the post.. behind the pic i had written the following lines

    "THe end poing at last arrived and we stood First , nobody within reach WOW, A impossible task was made possible"

    Ananth Majumdar
    Thanks mate, thanks for liking it

    thank you for visitng me , and liking this post, glad it reminded you of your childhood days :)
    hope to see you around , whats your bloglink or do you have one, its jsut on your profile its not visible...

  52. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    A New Beginning
    Thank you for saying that , and thanks for the wishes i hope so too that the determination stays with us all, to make a better life for ourself...
    Thanks for the lovely wishes AMEN to those :) I hope god is listening to you ...

    YEsssssssssssss i watched the relay womens in CWG , awesome , that is surly the best thing to happen to our country in athletics the girls have made us all so proud ...

    The Holy Lama
    THank you so much and not once in a while outstanding its always :) I am outstanding but with my meaning "standing out of class always " :) i was so bad in studies ....

    Thanks for liking the post ... :)

  53. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Vibhzyyy JIIIIII
    THank you thank you, yeah the little ME in there, now in my prime though i look bettr now he he he hehe :)
    and yes i do take it as a compliment hope all those riches also come to me now :)
    Thank you so much for the wishes vibhzyyy

    YEs what a race it was, glad it reminded you , yessss we shud not underestimate ourselves ... and try hard and work hard ...

    Thanks for saying that.. and thanks for the wishes ... :)

    Lo aap bhi aye aaj mere blog pe, kamaal yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..
    haanji outstanding student but with mere wala meaning to outstanding :)
    kahan padhai me to ZEROOOOOOOOOO , negative main nahin jaate number warna negative dete mere ko ...

    Chaa gaya na main yayyyyyyyyyyyy ok he hehehe Those were the good old days ...
    Thanks for the lovely comment your posts and comments make me smile now :)

  54. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    THank you. yeah thats me .. :) Thank you for the wishes ..

    Mingled Minds
    Thanks matey for saying that.. and welcome to my blog do keep visitng please.
    sports days were special i guess in school, yeah its magic .. thanks and i am glad you rememberd your magic days too.. and a bery good night to you toooo Take care

    Thanks for saying that.. Well I am the smartest one in the foto he he heeh :)
    I am the tallest one the thin guy second from right in the first pic

    Yeah those were the goold old days... Thank you.

    Thank you for saying that. and thanks for the wishes .. WElcome to my blog please do keep visiting

  55. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    YEs thats true we learn more when we fall, yes all those expereinces of loosing has taught me a lot of good things... you say it so right.
    Thanks for liking the post.

    Thanks for the wishes ..

    Raksha Raman
    the words behind the pic

    "The end poing at last arrived and we stood First , nobody within reach WOW, A impossible task was made possible"

    Rohini Ji
    haanji good old days the BEST days .. Thank you.

  56. Samadrita Says:

    The quote at the end sums it all up. I was never the kind of person who was into sports and other activities. In fact I hated the P.E class very much. :P
    Winning the race must've been a very significant achievement to you! :))
    All the best for the contest!

  57. Tomz Says:

    Memories r soaring..n I can feel its warmth..well u still have he same kind f handwriting? if so, we share the same quality f illegible handwriting :)

  58. Madhu Says:

    u are one awesome guy..{back to drooling* Damn me!]

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Hey! Nice post! I must say its the pictures that steal the show. Reminds me I don't have a picture of my win.:( Should have had mobiles in those days! :P All the best for the contest :)

  60. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thank you so much. As the post says i was crap in studies so to me sports was something .. i did fairly well in it ... I am what i am becuase of that :)

    YEah memories are warm.. oh yes my handwriting has gone worse :) thats why i try not to write ...

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chalo KOI to hai jo drool kar raha hai mazaak main hi sahi warna no one ever gave me a look ... feels goood :) he he hehe
    THANK YOU........

    YEah shud have had mobiles in those days , i would have had so many funny ones toooo :)
    thanks for visiting me
    and thanks for the wishes :)
    please please do keep coming I am bery greedy of comments he heh e :)

  61. Anonymous Says:

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