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Thursday Challenge - Music

Thursday, October 07, 2010 Posted by Bikram
Thursday Challenge -  "MUSIC" (Singing, Dancing, Playing, Instruments, iPods, Concerts,...)

Jahaan chaar yaar mil jayen wahin raat ho gulzaar ...
jahaan chaar yaar ............

Daur chale dhoom mache ......... jahaan chaar yaaar ........


58 Response to "Thursday Challenge - Music"

  1. Neha Says:

    nice picture..must be very nostalgic for you..

  2. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Nice old memories.

  3. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Shilpa Garg Says:

    College time??

  5. Shilpa Garg Says:

    College time??

  6. UmaS Says:

    Hey !!!Balle !!! Balle !!!! :) :)

    Good musical times. :)

  7. pallavi Says:

    The pic says it all.. you guys have had so much fun!!! what are doing in UK, btw, so far away from home??

  8. Smitha Says:

    You guys are having a blast! The pic captures your mood so well!

  9. magiceye Says:

    that is fun!!

  10. Ananya Says:

    Arre wah! Mastiiiii! :D

  11. Sh@s Says:

    Jahaan chaar yaar mil jayen
    wahin samaa bandh jaye...

    Long live yaari-dosti :)

  12. Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side Says:

    Hey where r u in the pic?

  13. CutePriya Says:

    Reminded me of Lohri celebrations...Miss those good 'old days'...

    The picture makes me smile...(want to whistle too)

  14. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    @shahid :- I am the one on extreme right... next to the guy in track suit and in front of the DOOR...
    This was the after party we had after finishing our FLying camp at sahnewal airport ludhiana, i think got our wings here :)

  15. hitesh rawat Says:

    yea hua na.... yaara da tashan....

  16. Scribbler Says:

    This picture reminds me of my hostel days...we used to have these dance parties in our rooms any day-without reasons and used to put loud music and danced till we dropped :D

  17. Girish Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  18. Girish Says:

    You guys are having a blast! :D
    Cool :)
    btw, which one is you in the pic?!!

  19. Tomz Says:

    thanks for posting these youthful pictures..they r nostalgic..

  20. Harman Says:

    good old memories!
    The bst part of life!

  21. Tara Says:

    Golden days !!

  22. Tulika Says:

    Yaara da tashan !!!

    Golden days of life..!

  23. Punam Says:

    See? Others are wondering too ki aap kaun ho pic mein..! :)

  24. kavita Says:

    Such a happy picture !

  25. NRIGirl Says:

    Looks like loads and loads of FUN!
    Joyful memories I am sure. Keep the fun alive in you!

    ~ NRIGirl

  26. Jama Says:

    Looks like you had a blast!

  27. A Says:

    That looks like lots of fun :)

  28. Phoenixritu Says:

    Music .... Masti .... Magic

    The pic really captures the mood

  29. Sandhya Says:

    Golden memories, Bikram? This must be an old photograph, eh?

  30. Swaram Says:

    Olden golden times :) Nice pic :)

  31. rohini Says:

    Bhangra..wah wah,.....nice precious golden moments:)

  32. Ria Says:

    He he nice cute pic.:)

  33. Tanvi Says:

    Hey very nice lines.... Try writing some lyrics too.. :))
    The pic is cute!


  34. Bikramjit Says:

    Yes it is nostalgic, this was the day we got our wings for flying, the party had just finished the officals had gone back and we had the guest house to ourselves.. party time it was Thank you.

    Chandrika Shubham
    Yes nice memories.. THank you

    Shilpa Garg
    YEs you can say that , although this was after college hours he hehe Did not get time for college because of the other stuff we were doing This was in ludhiana .. Thank you..

  35. Bikramjit Says:

    Balle balle it was yes, indeed musical times and party time
    I got this thrusday challenge thing from you and Shilpa.. so i should be saying thank you to both of you for motivating me to do this challenge :)

    I know I know I ask that myself all the time .. WHAT AM I DOING here.. but then back home tooo everyone has moved with there careers most are abroad in usa and canada , i shud have gone for usa or canada where most of my mates are ..
    But home is sweet home... Thank you

  36. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you so much, yes it awas a blastttt

    Deepak ji Thank you, it IS fun, It was Fun , it WILL be funnnn

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    YEss indedddd time stops when this happens ..
    Long live yaari dosti... :) Thank you so much

    wowo you came wah wah , been ages
    now.. Yes hopefully those good old days will come back soon ...
    To kar do whistle CHAKKK DEEEEEEEEEE :)

    Thanks for the visit

  37. Bikramjit Says:

    heh ehehe indeed YARAAN DA TASHAN but the tashan is with YAAR's only .. Thank you so much

    Nu yes nothing can beat the hostel days , I had fun in hostel too, colelge time even though i was not a hostler i was always in the hostel ...
    Those were the days indeed you rememinde me of those days

    YEs when we got together we di have fun all the time ,
    I am the one in front of the Door, between the guy whose hand is only visible and the guy in track suit .. :) Thata me

  38. Bikramjit Says:

    WHAT do i look OLD NOW :) abhi to main jawaan hun :)
    he hehe hthank you thank you :)

    Yes indeed golden days as they say no fikar no fakka .. maujan hi maujan

    yesssssssssss golden days thanks

    haanji yaraan da tashaan yaraan de naaaaaal :)
    good golden days :)
    how are you doing, seeing you after long now ...

  39. Bikramjit Says:

    YEs others are asking too, but I had put a comment quiet early so i guess you did not read that ..
    anyway I hope now everyone knows and are comparing the pic with the one on blogspot and thinking Which one is the True COPY :)


    Thank you yes I was very happy that day ... bring back all the details of that day .. IT was a good day ..
    Thank you

  40. Bikramjit Says:

    YEssssssssssssssssssssssss so true loads and loads and loadsssssssssssssssssssssss of funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    I am trying to keep it alive TRYING hard :) Thanks for the wishes

    YEssssss we did.. and the best part was this was without the BOOZe... which is quiet astonishing in punjab :) he hehe
    Thanks for visitng my blog, please do keep visiting

  41. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you, it was fun indeed

    yesssss the 3 M's do the trick all the time ...

    thank yuo so much

    YEs golden memories , yes its college times pic... Thank you

    Thank you Good old days indeed

  42. Bikramjit Says:

    Rohini Ji
    haanji bhangra.. yes beautiful days but i am lucky i got such good friends we create these moments every time I land in india :) the celebrations start the moment i put my foot out of the airport ...

    Thank you thank you...


    Lyrics and ME.. I am not that good, if i write people will stop visitng me for goood :)

    Thank you so much and cheeers to you toooo :)

  43. Rachna Says:

    masti, mazaa aur doston ka saath -- aur kya chahiye? :)

  44. BK Chowla, Says:

    Very nice pictures--you look so happy and excited.

  45. umapoems Says:

    looks like you are having the best time in ur life..enjoy ever
    Just Visit my blog...if you like something abt it, vote ME

  46. Indrani Says:

    Great one shared.

  47. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    Are you in this pic?

  48. chitra Says:

    Nice picture, I am bit late here.

  49. UmaS Says:

    No probs...always welcome to take fodder for post... ;)

    But I like TC, which makes me think out of the box to put up diff pics !!! :)

  50. Ravi Singh Says:

    Hey hey how long ago was this?
    I vote affirmative :)

  51. p00ja Says:

    Hey I know I'm the last 1 to notice that U won the finish it to win it contest, CONGRATS! but still trying to find out which 1 was yours!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! what a wonderful fun filled shot!!
    Cool times with friends :)

  53. Madhu Says:

    awesome pic...nostalgic me*

  54. Bikramjit Says:

    yesssssssss what else can one need :) thank you so much

    BK Chowla sir
    Yes I was happy that day , did something whicl i always wanted ... it was a good day indeed ... Thank you

    yes had a fun time , thanks for the wishes ..

    welcome to my blog, please do keep visiting
    I did go to that page and I did Vote for you .. :)

  55. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you, welcome to my blog please keep visitng ...

    Yes i am in the pic, the one in the door THATS Me , blue shirt and jean...

    Dont worry about late.. Thanks for coming and thanks for liking the pic..

    Thank you. yeah it makes you think the TC i ma already going through my stash of pic to find next weeks entry ... :)

    This was Ludhiana, second year of college we had gone for flying .. cherry and bally are in it tooo :)

    Dont worry about that, you came thats great. and No i did not win the contest, that certificate is just for participating in the competition and my entry was title Dubeties...

    The other one the trophy was for guessing whose story is what :)
    I am not great a writer :( Hope you find my entry he hehehe :)

  56. Bikramjit Says:

    Yes it was indeed excellent time , Thank you so much.

    all fotos make you nostalgic, thats good news because you seem to have done all this

    when do u come online if ever :)

  57. Cherry Says:

    Oye ..Aaa kithon lab laye.... Mainu tan yaad v nahin hai yaara........

  58. Mahdav Says:

    It reminds me my college days and birthday celebrations.!!