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Thursday, October 28, 2010 Posted by Bikram
HELP :- I need to answer a few questions on XML, SQL and and JAVA .. Can someone please HELP ME OUT .. very URGENT ... Mannbik (gmail id) , is yahoo id .... HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRY

Someone ANYONE ............


24 Response to "URGENT HELP NEEDED"

  1. Punam Says:

    kaunse questions? SQL and Java thoda bahut yaad hai. Put the questions up too na.

  2. rohini Says:

    SRy....not my area:((

  3. A Says:


    It is not my direct area but if you are looking to understand at conceptual level I can help.

    What platform are you using and what is the backend database?

  4. NRIGirl Says:

    Bring it on!

  5. Harman Says:

    SORRY...ANY thing related to fashion I can answer :)

  6. A Says:


    I really liked your comment. :)

    Actually I know what Bik is looking for. It is pretty 'fashinable' to claim to know the stuff he is you can help...

  7. Vaish Says:

    Sorry, they are like Greek and Latin to me :)

  8. sm Says:

    not my area

  9. UmaS Says:

    if u hv any doubt on food, i'll be glad to help u... :P :P

  10. The Holy Lama Says:

    What's this? Trying to find techies. Hope you get the list.


    SQL, java... ?
    i don't know what they mean. you got any doubt with buildings and constructions i can help you ;)
    did you get your doubt clarified?

  12. magiceye Says:

    sorry pal... am equally at sea..
    hope you have your questions sorted out by now!


  13. Anonymous Says:

    what are these things :P .? ??
    I am into testing :P

  14. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you evreryone and helping me out with so many answers .. much appreciated and Harman I liked that indeed my questions on fashion will be on your way all the time :)

    and yes february i got to do some extension to the house so CIVILPRINCESS i will defintely send you a email for help on that he hehe :)

    Thanks everyone
    Punam Rohini Ji Harman A
    CIVILPRINCESS NriGirl Vaish SM UmaS The Holy Lama Magiceye arvind1187

  15. Madhu Says:

    No idea Bikram. Sorry. But I hope your answers got resolved.

  16. Harini Says:

    Sorry :(

  17. saritha Says:

    No idea :(

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I can help some..not with everything but some.. Let me know if you need something

  19. Tomz Says:

    sry m helpless..btw i face the same problem u experienced regarding my blogs. it may be because m using high resolution graphics..

    and i updated my blog ;P

  20. raji Says:

    well if you are serious ,my husband can help you in this ;but to me this looks like some"trick"afterall it's "halloween "season..

  21. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you all


    I have now sent it .. :)
    and yes Raji i was serious maybe next time i can ask .. :)

    Thank you alll

  22. CutePriya Says:

    This is so very good Mann Ji...Enjoyed ur answers ^_*

  23. Shafali Says:

    Fabulous Post!
    and thanks for stopping by:)

  24. uma.a Says:

    lol..nice..enjoyed it...weell written..kudos to your creativeness :)