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Thursday Challenge : TIME

Thursday, November 18, 2010 Posted by Bikram
Thursday Challenge -  TIME (Hourglass, Clock, Sundial, Calendar, Wristwatch, Old, Young, Aging,...)

(Each crease tells a story of an ERA let alone TIME..... My Nani JI.. Sardarni Harbans kaur Brar)

vo Naani ki baaton mein pariyon kaa deraa
vo Chehre ki jhuriryon mein sadiyon kaa pheraa
bhulaae nahin bhuul sakataa hai koi
vo Chhoti si raaten vo lambi kahaani

(sorry cant translate this in english, you got to figure it out yourself , translation will spoil all the ambience )


67 Response to "Thursday Challenge : TIME"

  1. NRIGirl Says:

    That's a lovely Grandma! Thank you for sharing.

    As per the translation I am looking for Israel or @A whoever is available...

  2. Scribbler Says:

    HUGS to granny!

    Perfect picture according to the theme...

    Rightly said:Each crease tells a story of an ERA let alone TIME

  3. Neeha Says:

    Your grand ma is looking great yaar..
    I completely agree wid d stmt 'Each crease tells a story of an ERA let alone TIME'
    But didn't get two words
    Jhuriryon and pheraa..
    Could you plz translate dem??
    *A bit poor in Hindi*

  4. Punam Says:

    Perfect representation of the invincible ways of time, Bikram.

    @NRIGirl and Neeha:
    As for the translation:
    vo Naani ki baaton mein pariyon kaa deraa
    The ever-presence of angels in Grandma's tales

    vo Chehre ki jhuriryon mein sadiyon kaa pheraa
    The creases on her face told stories of a different era

    bhulaae nahin bhuul sakataa hai koi
    Hard to forget, try as one might,

    vo Chhoti si raaten vo lambi kahaani
    Her long stories that made the nights so short.

    Here's the whole thing:

    The ever-presence of angels in Grandma's tales
    The creases on her face told stories of a different era
    Hard to forget, try as one might,
    Her long stories that made the nights so short.

  5. Vibhuti B Says:

    An apt picture for the prompt Bikkyji and the poetry stirred some emotions in my heart, some memories surfaced too..Thanks!
    And Poonam I believe has done a fantastic job at translating the piece into a beautiful poetry again!

  6. Sandhya Says:

    She looks so soft natured! Should have been a good mother.

    Jagjit Singh's ghzals are unbeatable! I love this song. The lyrics are so apt for your grand ma, Bikram!

  7. Mediacre Minds Says:

    Her face tells that she is an affectionate lady !Wonderful tribute to your Nanni.Nice blog !

  8. saritha Says:

    This snap of grandma made me recollect my granny.Hugs to nani.

    Apt pc i was not able to figure what to do,so i skiped this thursday challenge :)

  9. Swaram Says:

    Aww u got me all nostalgic :)
    Beautiful pic and most beautiful lines there :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    oh,,, i miss my naani :(

  11. DI Says:

    Relaly loked the pics, and the way the lines go with it!
    Brilliant interpretation!

  12. DiDo Says:

    Reminded me of my nani :(

    loved the poem...itss really touchyy

  13. Alka Gurha Says:

    Lovely apt. Reminds me of my grandmom...

  14. Pratibha The Talent Says:

    such a cute daadi/naani types.such photos speaks the time spent in childhood days.
    naani aur daadi ki kahaniyon ka basera
    bhulaye nahi bhul sakta hai koi
    woh godi mein sar rakhkar sunnana kahani
    laye hoton par muskaan aur ankhon mein paani .
    thanks for sharing and reminding me my dadi/nani.

  15. Deepika Vasudeva Says:

    i miss my late nani :( but yet again, i don't have enough memories to remember her.

  16. radha Says:

    Lovely. Seems a little like a Jagjit Sing song. Is it?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Like you said, she is really beautiful...

    We should all be blessed with at least one person in our lives who loves us and prays for us despite our stupidities and evident idiocracies, and I think Grandmothers are very much capable of that... this post reminds me of my Dadima...

    As for wrinkles... they merely indicate where the smiles have lived...

    @ Punam:

    You did a wonderful job translating... very impressive!!

    - Mannat :=)

  18. Deepika Vasudeva Says:

    @punam- gr8 job in translating :)

  19. Tanishka... Says:

    Ur grandma looks so cute Bikram...
    Even I'am really attached to my Nani... She is one lady who i aspire to be like... The lessons of life that she has to share are simply wonderful and the way she explains me everything is simply unmatchable....

    And loved those lines... :)

  20. Ananya Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
    I've never seen my grandmom :(

  21. Harish Says:

    nice verses.. and so true..

  22. Geeta Says:

    Grandma's are always special and you have a lovely looking lady there. Enjoy here.

    A ghazal with a nostalgic touch. I doubt if anybody can do justice to these verses other than Jagjit Singh.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.

  23. Sakshi Says:

    You have no idea how these lovely lines gave me major goosebumps! I have also heard so many stories by my paternal grandmother and I just adore her with all that I have.

    Lovely pic!

  24. rohini Says:

    namaste naniji
    bikram, pic truly says truth ,,,smtimes cant be avoided...

  25. Madhu Says:

    I cant understand Hindi properly Bikramji!

  26. Harman Says:

    very cute!SSA naniji....
    nice...thats my fav ghazal!

  27. A New Beginning Says:

    Amazing words!!!! Could relate to them, and the picture of your nani is very refreshing :))

  28. Purba Says:

    Oh dear, those lines brought tears to my eyes.
    And long live Naani!!

  29. magiceye Says:

    wah bikky wah!!!

    bahut khoob!!

  30. Bedazzled Says:

    lovely verses and beautiful pic ..

  31. Nuttie Natters Says:

    love the way u have linked the theme to the pic...

    and what an awesome pic

  32. Smitha Says:

    So apt, Bikram!

    And those words! beautiful!

  33. Rachna Says:

    Beautiful sentiment, Bikram!

  34. dr.antony Says:

    Bikram,You are full of surprises!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Touching lines..!!

  36. wanderlust Says:

    She is beautiful! This is what is called aging gracefully :-)

  37. Devil Incarnate... Says:

    She is lovely.. u took me back to sme of the memroable yrs of life.. i miss my naani.. :(

  38. Harini Says:

    Your Nani looks lovely. Reminds me my Nani and Dadi :).

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Woh Kagaz ki Kashti....I love that Ghazal. Its so true. I miss my nani too. :(

  40. Banupriya Says:

    Beauty doesnot depend on age and the picture is a proof to it.. Lovely one Bikramji

  41. deeps Says:

    With time changes everything…
    But not perhaps memories, the ones that have touched us dearly….
    I m sure everyone has stories to tell about the people who have influenced their lives....

    Liked the way you come across to your readers....

  42. A Says:

    Sorry I am late. I did not have access to blogs. I am still in China but can access blogs from this hotel.

    Lovely pictures. Made me sentimental.

    I can translate it for you. It is Jagjit's album where he remembers her childhood

    Angels in my Grandma's words

    Ages in my Grandma's wrinkles

    Long stories yet so short nights with her that I can never forget
    It is a very beautiful verse.

    Good job Bik.

  43. Ugich Konitari Says:

    An ever welcoming lap,
    wrapping you in the
    the sweetness
    of a fertile field,
    the twinkle
    in the eyes
    that gives that
    extra dollop of malai
    on the fresh lassi,
    a heart that looms huge
    to encompass
    everyone's secrets,
    and such a bearing
    that has
    England ki Rani
    pining ....

    Thursday hi kya,
    kabhi bhi challenge kare,
    Nani ji wins
    hands down....

    Pranams to her...

  44. Deepak Says:

    hmmm nice bikram. sat sri akal to nani ji. and i'm posted in a different city, chandigarh to be precise, and dont find much time for blogging. sorry for that.

  45. Bikramjit Says:

    I hope you got the translation, I did not want to put it cause my english would have sucked in the tranlation ..

    The ever-presence of angels in Grandma's tales
    The creases on her face told stories of a different era
    Hard to forget, try as one might,
    Her long stories that made the nights so short.

    Thanks to @Punam for doing it for me ..

  46. Bikramjit Says:


    Thanks and i shall forward these hugs to her when i see her next , whcih should be sometime next year, cant wait :)

    Thank you so much


    yes she does, and beautiful tooo :)

    Jhuriyon :- creases
    Phera:- time
    but @Punam has done a commendable job of translation ..

    I hope you got it :)

  47. Bikramjit Says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time visitng this article and then doing such a beatuiful work of translating it all..

    and you have done such a commendable job, thank you.. hats off to you :)

  48. shail Says:

    What a beautiful and apt picture for the prompt! As for the song, Yo! Are you a Jagjit Singh fan too?? :D

  49. Bikramjit Says:


    Thank you so much, glad if brought back memories , those were the good old days ...

    and yeah @Punam has done a fantabulous job in the translation...

    She is so soft natured , i cant recall a single time when raised her voice to us, and i was so pampered by her all that dollops of fresh makhan in my saag and the pure gheee Choori she would make when i threw a tantrum at not eatin a particular sabzi or something
    I was spoilt by her

    and yes jagjit is a class , no one within miles of the man..

    thank you sandhya bhen for writing such a beautiful comment :)

  50. Bikramjit Says:

    Mediacre Minds
    Yes she is .. the most lovable woman in the whole wide world :)
    Thank you so much

    and thanks for liking the blog Welcome here please do visit again :)

    I shall forward ur hugs to her for sure ...

    thank you for saying that.

    Thank you so much.. its good to get nostalgic , cause we remmeber those good moments
    those good old days and so much happiness :)

  51. Bikramjit Says:

    sorry to make u sad .. that was not the intention...


    Thank you so much.

    Thank you for saying that , sorry to make u sad though..

    Alka Gurha
    Thank you .. glad this reminds you of grandma..

  52. Bikramjit Says:

    Yes i had such a good time in my childhood it was awesome , sometimes i wish tme could go back..

    haanji indeed
    all those time
    aapne to itna acha likha hai ... kamaal kar diya ...

    thank you so much for the lovely words ...

  53. Bikramjit Says:

    Deepika Vasudeva
    sorry to make you sad ...

    thanks , yes it is a jagjit singh gazal..

    I cant write such beautiful poetry :(

    YEs indeed blessed our we to have such people in our life who love us so much.

    and i like that take on the wrinkles they are where smiles have lived indeed so true

  54. Bikramjit Says:


    Thank you for saying that :)
    Nani's are so cute are they not .. i am sure your nani is also very very cute..

    Yeah its all that knowledge they have gained from all the experiences in life they have had.

    Thank you

  55. Bikramjit Says:

    Hey all grandma's are same , they are lovable, huggalbe and such good people..

    Thank you and welcome here :)

    Yes she is lovely and beautiful.. :)
    so true jagjit singh is a class apart and indeed the lines do justice :)

    Thank you for coming here , welcome to my blog.. please do visit again

  56. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you for saying such lovely words ...

    Rohini ji
    I shall make sure i convey it to her, next time i talk to her..
    Thank you so much

    Oh ho
    ok go up @Punam has done a wonderful job in translating the lines. I will cut paste what she writes

    vo Naani ki baaton mein pariyon kaa deraa
    The ever-presence of angels in Grandma's tales

    vo Chehre ki jhuriryon mein sadiyon kaa pheraa
    The creases on her face told stories of a different era

    bhulaae nahin bhuul sakataa hai koi
    Hard to forget, try as one might,

    vo Chhoti si raaten vo lambi kahaani
    Her long stories that made the nights so short.

    Here's the whole thing:

    The ever-presence of angels in Grandma's tales
    The creases on her face told stories of a different era
    Hard to forget, try as one might,
    Her long stories that made the nights so short

  57. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you harman, i shall convey your salutation to Bibi ji, when i next talk to her:)

    A New Beginning
    Thanks a lot, Thanks for saying that :)

    Oh ho.. sorry did not mean to do that ..
    YEs thanks for the lovely wishes , long live bibi ji

    Deepak ji thank you so much

    Thank you and welcome here :)

  58. Bikramjit Says:

    Nuttie Natters

    Thank you , welcome here, Please do visit again..
    thank you so much..

    Thanks a lot ...

    Thank you so very much

    Dr. Antony
    :) now i dont know shud i take that as good surprise or otherwise..
    he he he he

    Thank you so much.....

  59. Bikramjit Says:

    Welcome to my blog, thank you.
    do come again ...

    Thank you so much, yeah aging gracefully..
    thank you

    Devil Incarnate
    Welcome here...
    Thanks for saying that, she is a very good human being..

    sorry to make you sad..

    she is lovely, telling you the truth .. one of the most beautiful lady in my life ...
    Glad it brought memorries to you too ...

  60. Bikramjit Says:


    Yes the gazal is beautiful... hard fact of life too :)

    YEs well said , its doesnot depend on age no way..

    thank you for saying that

    Yeah time may change but memories dont .. all those good times .. Yes we all have our little stories within us all..
    yes true..
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, welcome here
    please do visit again

  61. Bikramjit Says:

    Not a problem A, Now you are here and you got access and THank you for writing such a lovely comment..

    and indeed the translation is beautiful toooo :)

    thank you A so much... Its great to have friends like you around...

  62. Bikramjit Says:

    Ugich Konitari
    What do i say to this now ..

    THANK YOU SO MUCH.. this makes me so happy reading and worth putting the picture up..

    Your somment says it all..

    I will make sure i pass on ur Pranam to bibi ji, when i talk to her next .. promise

    GOD BLESS adn Thank you so much

  63. Bikramjit Says:

    oh sir ji thank you so much, you come after ages now ...
    and you in chandigarh MY CITY.. wowow how are you finding it

    Its my city so how is the city beautiful doing, i miss it so much... how long you there for

    anything you need or whatever let me know , after all you are our guest and its my city so anything :)

    take care

  64. Bikramjit Says:

    thank you so much .. for saying that and yes i am his fan .. well i only listen to him as he is the best

    thank you

  65. Punam Says:

    Thank you everyone and Bikram, who have complimented me on the translation. :) I loved translating those lines as well. Jagjit Singh's ghazals are my favourites too.

  66. Shobha Says:

    Nice post and beautiful ghazal.
    I never get tired of listening to this one.

  67. Bikramjit Says:

    Welcome to my blog, Thanks for the visit please keep visiting ..

    Thanks for liking the post.. :)