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Wordless Wednesday :- SCARY ME.......

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann


57 Response to "Wordless Wednesday :- SCARY ME......."

  1. girlsguidetosurvival Says:

    Thank you.

    Now DG can bring here all the kids who refuse to drink their haldi milk. This is what happens to them...

    Desi Girl

  2. Sandhya Says:

    I agree with Desi Girl! Even I am scarrrrry...runnnnnn....!

  3. NRIGirl Says:

    Ha ha ha ha... Had a good laugh! Thanks for sharing... Ha ha ha...

  4. raji Says:


  5. kavita Says:

    bacchon home work karo nahin to Bikram uncle aa zayega !!

  6. Scribbler Says:

    hahahah not scary but funny Bik :D

  7. Enigma Says:

    He He! Nice capture..

  8. Jidhu Jose Says:

    wordless Scared wednesday...hahaha

  9. Swaram Says:

    I agree with scribbler :P :P

  10. Nona Says:

    he he he

  11. BK Chowla, Says:

    O yaar, aye kee keeta je?

  12. Tanishka Says:

    Couldn't find anything else???

  13. DI Says:

    More funny than scary?

  14. Nethra Says:

    You look scary otherwise. This picture is alright. :P :D

  15. Deepika Vasudeva Says:

    I would rather call it funny. Hehehe:)

  16. Punam Says:


    kya hua, sare ke sare 100+ visitors ko bhagane ka programme bana liya hai, Bikram?

    Trying to ward off pestering fans, may be?

    Ya phir kisi ek ko darane ka plan hai?

    Ya phir, koi ladki stalk kar rahi hogi.

    Which one is right?

  17. saritha Says:

    Scarryyyyyyy,but u spolied ur face :(

  18. rohini Says:

    hihihahahuuhuuu...scary for kids i think i will be more scary for my kid than this pic..hihihihahahhhuhuhu

  19. rohini Says:

    and yes my bday is on 18th more scoripion

  20. Anonymous Says:

    To me clowns were never funny... but they were scary... I'm changing my opinion now... Clowns can be funny and scary at the same time... your picture is a proof...

    Mannat :=)

  21. Jaunty anima Says:



  22. arvind Says:

    that is actually "Funny You" :)

  23. Deeps Says:

    Hee hee hee hee,I'm going to have to agree with Scribbler too :P
    You're funny, Bkk!

  24. Destiny's child... Says:

    Funnier than second thoughts...may be it IS scary ;)

    Have a nice week..:)

  25. Harman Says:

    this is how bikram behaves on Wednesday's ..I guess!!!ha haaa when he jus wants to work .....all day makes Bikram a Scary guy!!

  26. Harman Says:

    I really like like kavitha's comment!

  27. sm Says:

    thank you for sharing.

  28. Bikramjit Says:

    Chalo koi taan faida hovega is ugly scary face da :) it will come to some use then :)

    Thank you

    Thank you ji , glad you got scared that was the idea behind it :)

    Thank you , i thought it was scary looks like you are not afraid then :) hmmm will have to think of something else now :)

  29. Bikramjit Says:

    Thats you errrr what :)

    lai Kavita bhen aapne to UNLCE bana diya mere ko
    bikram Bhaiya bolo he hehehehee


    I guess i will have to find more scarier one then .. :)


  30. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you :)

    Jidhu Jose
    thank you , scare hue na that was the idea :)

    Hmm then i will say the same thing, I will have get more scarier then to scare :) he he hee


    Thank you so much, :) you are supposed to be scared not laugh at it he hehe

  31. Bikramjit Says:

    BK Chowla
    Chowla sir, eh lokaan nu dara riha si :) but koi dar hi nahi riha :(
    he hehe

    Nope could not find anything else scarier then my own face, so thought might as well try it :)

    Hmmm now now i need to do something more scarier next time i guess :)

    wowow I did not think of it that way , well now i have a idea for next wednesday put my face and make it scarier , Promise me you will act scared :)

    he he he thank you

  32. Bikramjit Says:

    Hmmm but yyyyyyyyyyyy is it not scary at alll :(

    Wowo for a change you wrote more than one line :) on the comment yayyyyyy
    seee aapka kaha sach ho gaya only 30 comments so lesssss :)

    Na not that lucky to have fans or stalkers .. Shakal dekho meri kaun stalk karega .. :)

    dont mind a beautiful girl though.. koi pasand to kare lekin

    so none of the things you have written are right :)

  33. Bikramjit Says:

    Hainnn spoiled nahin.. my face is like that :) cant help it thats the PURE NATURAL BEAUTY OF MY FACE.. look look again :)

    rohini Ji
    first of all I hope you read the comment on your blog that i left..
    its 18th in india even if its 17th here so according to IST
    happy birthday to You and many happy returns of the day :)

    ok now stop lokking at my pic dont want you to get scared on your birthday :)

    happy birthday again to you ...

  34. Bikramjit Says:

    right so you calling me a clown then hmmm :( and that tooo on a public place , in broad day light how can you.. this is not fair .. :)

    but hey at least i ma glad to put a smile on ur face :)

    Jaunty anima
    Hey , wowo ,you came after so many months how you doing...
    and glad to see you have a laugh at my scary picture :)

    Thank you .. alaas all my tricks to make people scared have gone bad ....

  35. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you for agreeing with nu, i will have to reply the same then :) or on second thoughts jsut read the reply to her he heheeheh
    thank you deeps :)

    Destiny's Child
    :( no no its scary and yess on second thoughts its funnier

    he hehehe ok i confused you now or i ma myself confused :)

    you too have a nice week :) thank you

  36. Pepper Says:

    Lol! This was very funny... You look like Donald duck :D

  37. Bikramjit Says:

    He he he Yeah today was actually a funny day i had to come to a client site and the whole day wnet here, and the travle in the morning i hated a 50mile trip took me 2 hours , its a hours run, so the day did not start good, too much shouting at the fellow drivers :)

    yeah thats how i beahve on wednesday he he heeheh

    trsut me i wish i could bunk i could not .. but hey one thing is good the hotel i am staying , Now thats a nice one and i am loving it :)

    Not every day do i look this scary harman , i have looked better on a few days he he eheheh :)

    thank so much

  38. Bikramjit Says:

    Thank you for looking at it and not getting scared ... :)

  39. Neeha Says:

    This makes me remember Horror nights..The title mentions the word 'HORROR',bt I would love to rename as 'Comedy nits'.The same way dis pic isn't scaring,looking a bit wierd and sum sort of funny:)

  40. saritha Says:

    I have seen ur snap,u look smart not scary....

  41. Madhu Says:

    ouch..that hurts!

  42. Pratibha The Talent Says:

    really scary.

  43. rohini Says:

    thnx Bikram ...i read it on time...>)

  44. A New Beginning Says:

    ha ha if ghosts were like that, I would have loved watching horror movies and roll out with laughter :D

  45. Bikramjit Says:

    Donald duck .. thats not scary .. i thought i looked scary ..
    but hey thanks for that at least you made me feel important he hehehe :)


  46. Bikramjit Says:

    he heeheh :) thank you.. I guess i have failed to scare anyone i need to think on it :)

    Have you .. hmmmmmmm yayyyyyyy thank you thank you for saying that ..

    ok i can walk with my collars high now me the smarty guy he heheeh :)

    Thank you

    what hurts and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

    look look someone else said i am smart .. now dont get jealous you he hehehehe :)

    thanks madhu... you off on a trip , have a good one all the best

  47. Bikramjit Says:

    Pratibha The Talent
    THank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    ufffffffffffffffffff someone at last is scared
    mission occomplished yayyyyyyyyy


    Rohini Ji
    You are always welcome , i did not have ur email or anything so this was the best way to wish :)

  48. Bikramjit Says:

    A New Beginning
    Hey where you been hiding, seen you fter ages :)

    not funny .. no no no not funny you aere supposed to be SCAREDddddddddddd :)

    thank you

  49. Smitha Says:

    lol! That was scary :)

  50. Sh@s Says:

    Ha ha ha...thats so funny. You are looking like a Chinese :)

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Oh God!!!!!! Save me.. :'(

    My bro used to look super cool.. Dunno where I am now.. :-S

  52. A Says:

    Oh My made me laugh not scared.

  53. Bikramjit Says:

    thank you so much, thank god i found a few people woh are afraid :)

    thank you.. chinece now thats a new angle :) he hehe

  54. Bikramjit Says:

    ooops . dont worry I still look the same
    and did you say SUPER COOOL
    thank you thank you :)

  55. suruchi Says:

    awww...u look cute here too...?????
    how do u do that?:-)

  56. Bikramjit Says:

    I could depend on you to say that yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    hum to aise hi hain cute se ha ha haah a dont have to do too much now do i MUUU HA HA HAHAHAH

    thank you so much for the lovley comment made my day

  57. Madhav Says: