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Wordless Wednesday (30) - What does this remind you of ..

Friday, January 13, 2012 Posted by Bikram
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I.H.M. posted a picture today , which reminded me of this pic that a friend sent me ..

Philosophically it reminds me ..
aje nilaami hundi meri, main vikdi which mandi
oh meri zaat dharam na mera , main kothe di randi
mere pairaan ch aje zanjeeraan
bhaven Desh AZAAD
ve lokko main naari hundisutaan di
Even today I am auctioned, I still get sold in markets
I don't get to have any Religion, Creed , Race.. I am like a whore
My feet are still tied with chains

Oh people I am the WOMAN of HINDUSTAAN

So what are your thoughts people ...

PS :- Picture courtsey . Arun Bhardwaaj The lyrics are Debi Maqsoospuri


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