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Justice for a 10 month old

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Posted by Bikram

Bombay high court reduces punishment for a man who sodomised a 10 month old girl because the man lost control over himself because he was living away from his family.
“Trial judge was aware of the fact that the appellant (Harijan) was married and (had) two children and his family was staying in Uttar Pradesh… No doubt, this by itself may not be a reason for lenient sentence. However, had it been considered in the proper perspective, the learned trial court probably would have imposed lesser sentence than 10 years,” Justice M L Tahaliyani wrote in his judgment recently.
IHM Has blogged about it and Shilpa Sharma too
PT has created an online signature campaign to protest against the reduced sentence of Ramkishan Harijan who sodomised a ten months old baby girl. His sentence was reduced by Bombay High Court because his lawyer argued that the rapist was poor, a father of two, living alone, away from his native place and therefore probably he lost control over himself.


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