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DEAR Mr. Umashankar Pandey SIR

Monday, November 19, 2012 Posted by Bikram

Today is international MAN day :)  and I come out with this post ..  ah well never mind. I have something to clear and ask in order to MOVE ON..
Most of you must be aware of this petty post “The Truth, Dear Bikram” (which was everything BUT TRUTH) an avid blogger  Mr. UmaShankar Pandey who is well-known in the Blog world for some time now. This post – was written as a RANT, for a harmless comment I made on generally having less time and trying to comprehend how people read books and write reviews on them. It was a GENERAL comment I made, and one, which will be found on most bloggers’ similar book review posts.

What was in my comment that triggered  Mr. Umashankar  Pandey to write a whole post on ME, is beyond my comprehension!!
You Sir went ahead, wrote a whole blog on my name, and targeted several bloggers in one shot. I did not understand what the reason was, for bringing me into it – I don’t even know the background of  your other issues, and yet, YOU declared my comment to be the “tipping point” for his angst???  I mean, what have I done and why me?   further You did not ask me to use my name, Now  I am sorry if you were referring to some other Bikramjit singh Mann.. Do let me know in that case I will delete this POST and Say sorry to you in advance.
It is sad that you embroiled me in this fiasco, without even sharing the whole scenario first with me . I don't want to be a part of a place where other bloggers are called scum or replied in RUDE ways , I do not find it hilarious or funny to have my name ridiculed on any blog space.  I took an exception to it and hence you said whatever you said to me.


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