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Wordless Wednesday(40) – Mummy’s Boy

Friday, December 21, 2012 Posted by Bikram
Is duniya which Jinne Rishte
Sab Jhoote te behrooop
Ma da rishta SAB ton Sacha
Maa hai Rab da Rooop
Most relations in this world are all untrue and sham 
Mother’s relation is truest of all 
Mum equals God 
vekh lai vilayat yaro– vekh lai Vilayat
goriyaan rangaan de which dil ne black
Have seen and been at foreign lands, have been there and done all
Fair skins have black hearts
wal suwalle gaane gake fir v dil nahin bharda
mera maa de hathaan diyan pakiyaan rotiyaan khaan nu bada hi dil karda
aj maa de hathaan diyaan pakiyan rotiyaan khan nu bada hi dil karda
Have sung different songs yet my heart remains empty
My heart yearns painfully for pancakes made by mum and filled with love

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