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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Posted by Bikram
I had a horrific day yesterday and it was not snowing either. On my way to work, I had just finished talking on the phone. I usually take the motorway in mornings so as to reach office on time, in evenings i go through the town, as I am in no rush can afford going at a leisurly pace.

Well it had just gone past 6:20pm, dark outside, single lane traffic, clear sky. The speed limit on the road is 30MPH, thats 30 miles an hour, At the roundabout, I was to go straight on, I could see about 60 yards there is a set of traffic lights, which had just gone to amber ready to go to Red, Suddenly a flash motor car, Yeah you guessed it a BMW sped , overtook my stationary car, the car in front of me , did not give two hoots to traffic from right, the guy on the roundabout coming from right had to break sharp.

This guy went over and then a loud bang, I mean this was right in front of my eyes, The speeding car had went straighton, meanwhile the traffic lights had gone to Red, a young girl was crossing the road, BAM .. the car hit her, then the driver probably breaked hard , skidded went into the back of another car parked on the road.
I went over, parked my car , put the hazards on a few people had collected around the girl, Went to her , she was hurt, I rang 999 called for the ambulance and police.

A few people had gone over to the car, the driver was hurt, had a split head, clutching his harm, But I felt no remorse for him, wish i could just get up get the hockey stick from the boot of my car and BEAT the Shite out of this guy. What was the Rush that he drove so fast, Why cant people be more careful and drive within the limits, I can understand the rush to drive fast, do it .. Go to the car racing circuits get the animal out of you , unleash it there. Roads are not meant to drive rashly, they have been made to let people drive sensibly , to reach from one place to another.

The reason why they don't go to the racing circuits is because there are better drivers then them out there, with better cars So they get to show off on the road. The speed limits are set for a Reason, Please follow them. Its 30MPH for a reason, A person has more chances of surviving the crash if hit by a car running at 30MPH or less, but the chances of survival reduce dramatically on a higher speed.

These are the Statistics...

20 mph - in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a one in 40 chance the pedestrian will be killed.

30 mph - in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a one in five chance the pedestrian will be killed.

35 mph - in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a one in two chance the pedestrian will be killed.

40 mph - in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a nine in ten chance the pedestrian will be killed

Please Think. Watch it to see the impact.

Please be safe, If you are not interested in your own safety then you have no right to put others in danger. THINK before you go on speeding.

The poor girl was taken to the hospital, where she was found to have broken her pelvis, her shoulder and had other injuries all over. The guy he can rot in hell, was home after a few stitches.. While this girl would be in hospital for a long time , once she gets out it will be a long road to recovery not to mention the pain she, her parents, her well wishers will have to go through.

I am going as a witness to this accident I hope and prey the judge sends this guy to prison for a long time , takes his license away for ever, impounds his car send it to the crushers to be crushed. People who are reading this please if you see anything like this make sure you are a witness and dont be afraid to go in front of the jury, We all have a sense of responsibility and duty towards others. If we use the road then we should stand up against such attitude.

I wish harder sentences are given and people are brought to the book for such senseless driving, they should be tried for attempt to take life, as I wrote in my previous article. THE CAR IS A LOADED GUN, a tool to do serious damage with, it is a serious WEAPON.
Drink and Drive.

14 Response to "Speeding"

  1. Says:

    ..true!! yup..he should not be spared by jury.. and judgement shld be example to others!!! ..Man.. there are this world!!!
    this is one example.. of it!!!

  2. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    The guy should be put in jain for such a long time that he forget his driving and drinking skills.
    next he should be walk on the road when the light is Green!! everyday its a punishment.
    I am turning a bit physcic yes I am after a very recent post of mine.

  3. Y Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Y Says:

    happnd wid hit by a speeding vehicle, broke my leg, scraped my hands, got stitches on my NOSE (it was painful.very painful. and d scar is still der) :(

    not to mention, a permenant brain damage(JOKE!)

  5. Y Says:


  6. Insignia Says:

    Shucks!! Why the heck was he speeding? He should be fined heavily and thrown into a correctional center.

  7. Dharmjit Says:

    if someone was so much eager for death then go and hit the wall why should innocent people had to face .people like this should be given harsh sentence but i think the law was not that much hard especially in india and people like salman khan and many more are moving freely.pardon me if someone here is big fan of salman khan

  8. Neha Says:

    I am so proud of you least there are few people around who know their responsibilities.. you have set an, people have the attitude, ke ye kaha apne ghar ki baat hai..why to get involved?

    about the punishment - for sure his license should be taken away forever..and a rigorous imprisonment for sure for a few years..such harsh punishments will only help a bit..

  9. smitzy Says:

    The world is such a chaotic place today because of idiots like that speeding guy. I don't understand one thing. If one gets a gorgeous car or bike why do they start thinking they are STUDS who can do NO wrong on the roads. It is always because of their STUPIDITY that innocent people get injured. He deserves to be punished.

    I'm glad that you're ok and you are putting your foot down on this. There are not many who would come forward and help out others in such situations. Really praiseworthy job you did :)

    I hope you put up a follow up to this to tell us all what happened at the court.

  10. Bikram Says:

    @Harman :- I totally agree with you, I hope too that the judgement is made as an example. The problem is there are too many DO-gooders in our society.. but lets see what happens.

  11. Bikram Says:

    @Raj - Yes totally agree with you.

    @NoFaIrYtAlE :- OH my Really, how are you now. This is what i mean, IT has to be stopped. and hey
    HA HA HA nice joke.. Same here :)
    Thanks for visiting .. do keep coming

    @Insignia:- Well I should have asked him the question and maybe i could have answered it here ha ha :) YEah Fined and jailed for LONGgggggggggg.

    @Dharmjit :- Lai why hit the wall, just go and drown somewhere.. Totally agree with you, why putnnocent people at risk. Law is not hard here either, too many Do-Gooders everywhere..

  12. Bikram Says:

    Neha :- thank you , Thank you.. blushing here now :) Yes we have to take responsibilities thats the only way things will improve. Yeah i know that attitude "nothing to do with us" but thankfully here in Uk its a bit better, people will call the police or ambulance if nothing else.
    I know punishments will just help a BIT, but hey have to start from somewhere.. and Law needs to change

    @smitzy :- Welcome here nice to see you after ages, THe thing is these guys have nothing else to show off on, other than in most cases DADDY's Money so they buy flash cars, most of them cant even afford themselves. I think girls are responsible too, they swoon over such studs with flash bikes hence to impress girls they buy (ooops I know I am in trouble now ha ha hahaah ) just pulling ur leg.. and yeha the Follow up will come up next week for sure :)

  13. BK Chowla, Says:

    Citizens and the Police must differentiate between offensive and defensive driving.
    Few like you do set examples.

  14. Y Says:

    i m fyn bt i still got a weird scar on my NOSE! right in the middle of my FACE! It's lyk i m some harry potter or sumthn except a scar on the forehead can be acceptable(cuz it cn be hidden by hair) bt NOSE? And don't evn gt me started about the pain i hd to go thru...imagine needles being pierced on evry inch of ur nose...horribly painful!

    I wish his soul NEVER rests in peace wen he dies! he got away widout a scratch! :x cn u believe it?!

    there's no justice in this world. x(