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College - Part 1

Friday, June 25, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann

I was reading a article by one of my blogger friends, reading her article made me think of my times ..

College .. The word itself is so nostalgic.. we have so many memories attached with it .. I sometimes think of the time and seem to get lost in the huge ocean of memories , makes we want to go back in time to those days, Its been ages since I have left college but the stuff we did , the memories, the history we made .. each time I remember one such episode it lightens me up.. I have that twinkle in the eye, that energy , rush of blood which goes missing otherwise in the normal day to day routine that we call LIFE.

We have left college in search of new adventures, new roads, new ambitions.. but i for one still remember those days.. the 5 year of my life that I spent in college. The friends I made , the way we became friends , the silly things we did , the attitude, The no nonsense way , giving two hoots to life as if we were unbeatable.. nothing could touch us .. Not even KARNAIL SINGH the SHO of sector 11 police station.. :)
Or the taunts and abusive language of RAJ KUMAR the new SHO of sector 11 police station.. Going back the very next day to college and almost beating up the same guy because of whom we were taken to police station, Onkar singh a friend shouting Abuse to Karnail singh and then dashing into the college lecture theaters , so as he is not found..

Parents almost going nuts coming to know.. My dad almost threw me out of the house, when he found we had been rounded up and locked up, My grandfather I admire him so much, he stood by me and gave my bail.

The last night looking at the books for next days exams, having your friends stand outside the window to help you with answers and Ravjote singh my Friend standing in the exam hall asking the teacher to Allow me to Cheat.. :)

Not attending any classes then having to run after teachers to get the lectures sorted.. MR AGGARWAL my physics teacher swearing No matter what he will not sort them.. then the scheming of stopping the postman on way to college to get the roll numbers .. trying to Patao the clerk to get the roll number.

Come diwali the burning of crackers in Mr GAUBA's class.. Attaching it to a slow burning thing and 15-20 minutes into the lecture DHAAAAAAMMMMMM and Mr GAUBA (my chemistry professor) .. God bless him.. trying to be phylosophical about it trying psychology on us, saying its the bad spirits or demons who are doing this.. and we students are so good ..

Sitting for hours in canteen, asking the guy to get tea and if ask for money throw a cup , and his saying ok ok leave it give it next month , then when he came next month , taking his book of accounts , slashing the days which had most money "IS DIN TO HUM COLLEGE AYE HI NAHIN"... (we did not come to college this day) a bill of 200 Rs slashed to 100 then give him rs 50 "BAAKI AGLE MAHINE MAIN ADJUST" (rest adjust next month)... and when it came to get NO dues signed he trying to be funny, cause it was his time then..

Petrol in bikes gets finished , going to teachers car park with a pipe and polythene bag, sucking the petrol out .. filling our bikes .. the uphill trips we made ...

Standing at the gates, any girl passing she is mine.. blah blah trying to find ways to impress girls.. sometimes end up picking a fight.. beating up a guy thinking it would impress girls .. NO LUCK.. :(

Sitting in canteen and someone coming running "PANGA HO GAYA".. without asking what , just running for it, shouting "BABBAR" , "CHERRY" ,  "RAVI",  "BEDI", "HANDLE"  come on and they in turn coming folding there shirt arms up to elbows..

I am going to write about stuff in parts, those were the good old days , beautiful days..

33 Response to "College - Part 1"

  1. HaRy!! Says:

    Bikram jiiiiiiiii yu just brought me memories flocking!!!! am waiting for yur story in parts!!...

  2. Amrit Says:

    My memories are back...

    Bik, but why five years.....does not add up...

  3. BK Chowla, Says:

    You know, what you have done is to have brought back old memories to most of us.

  4. Neha Says:

    nostalgic post..

    but what amused me the most is that you remember your professors names..while I don't even remember their time pe i never ka i remember everything :)

  5. Unknown Says:

    nostalgic for me too..:9 looking forward to read the rest!

  6. Bikram Says:

    @HaRy:- Come on now you dont sta?rt with the jiiiiii thanks for liking this i will be putting up soon. College times were best had fab time

  7. Bikram Says:

    @A:- why not 5years 11th 12th bsc1 2nd 3rd so thesr you go five years. Thanks and glaad memories came back thanks for visiting.

  8. CutePriya Says:

    Time (or in fact good time) flies so fast and college is the most happening phase of was fun reading that you had such a wonderful college life...Mr GAUBA...just loved the name...ahhh...nostalgic indeed

  9. Sangeeta Iyer Says:

    quite a 'bhai' during college days i must say!

  10. Phoenixritu Says:

    Wow! This could be my story!

  11. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Those were the days......:)

  12. Bikram Says:

    @Chowla Sir ji thats the idea t obring bak memories and have a laugh and a smile .. those were the good old days and anthing for a smile and laugh...

  13. Bikram Says:

    @Neha :- oh yes .. appka article padhke I remembered so many episodes good and bad.. hence the article ... Oh yes i remmeber every teacher , they maynot remember me But I do for sure ... School I have been back a few times going this october for founders day of school too, Will go to college too and meet everyone ... Thanks for the lovely comment

  14. Bikram Says:

    @Madhu :- oh yes a different picture of me will come out for sure .. I was a different person then ... Nostalgic oh ye for sure ... THanks for the comment ...

  15. Bikram Says:

    @Cutepriya :- yes it does fly fast.. as I rmemeber the dialogue from Rang de basant University ke is taraf hum sab ko nachate hain.. us taraf zindagi hume nachati hai or Naach hi rahe hain tab se ... :) My gauba is Now the principle or was ... He threatened my friend "HANDLE" that he wont get his degree.. he remembered all the things we did to him ha haha ..

  16. Bikram Says:

    @Sangeeta :- oh yes for sure RULED it did what we wanted to when we wanted to .. how we wanted to .. No fikar no nothing all the time .. we were the kings it seemed funny things we did there ...

    @Ritu :- I ma sure you did a few things too so why not share with us :) match the notes he heheh

    @Chandrika Shubham:- Oh yes Those were the days indeed .. Thanks for the visit...

  17. Insignia Says:

    Ebb of emotions and memories Bik. Wonderful reminisces. Its really great that you remember all these events. Shows how eventful your college life was.

    Mine was a regular one, nothing of this sort. Waiting for the next one.

  18. gayathri vishwanathan Says:

    Dedicating this song to your post:

    Enjoy! BTW very nice post...made me nostalgic :)

  19. Bikram Says:

    @insignia :- Thanks for the comment, Why wait for next one .. let me come over he heh he :) Yes I did have a exciting college life cause my School life sucked big time with the bullying and all.. so all that anger and stuff that was inside came out in college.. which is not good cause a lot of people got hurt in the way right or wrong i dont know about it ... but If I had not had the school life then probably i would not have been the way i was in College. Though I must say I never did anything wrong to anyone deliberately.. we had fun but Boy fun the usual... End of the day I was always afraid of the slap from my father and grandfather, so i did have some values then also...
    Thank you

  20. Bikram Says:

    @Gayathri :- wowo I am humbled really am .. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.. the song is beautiful.. i sent it to all my mates and the comments i got after that ...

    So veyr true as the song says dont know where we will be but will never forget the college days ...

    Thank you so much. Glad to see there are so many people who think the same way ...

  21. Thought for the day Says:

    Ha Ha those memories bring a smile on my face too brother. We were surely 10 feet tall and bullet proof those days with the antiques we did - to think about it now about those times and thought less actions we used to do - MAAAANNNNNN those were some crazy times or we were crazy - but only in a good way i would defend all our actions - and for a moment dare to be self absorbed in how cool we were - yes we did the guys stuff for sure - however we were on a remote level righteous dudes too, so no worries - life was well lived and i hope every guy gets to go through that phase for a fulfilled life and above it to have friends like you to truly engage in the simulating journey we shared.

    Good times - Amen

  22. Anonymous Says:

    isshhh... masti khor...
    ekdum rowdy eh... dadagiri..
    baapre locked up beee :O
    baaapreee baap...
    tussi tho tope nikle :D
    yaaarrr muje mere college ki yaad dilaadi :(
    ekdum masttt post :D

  23. Bikram Says:

    @Ravi u remember that.. Kar lain diyo Cheat ji.. and that answer sheet ... cherry sitting and completing the answers outside... and That mr aggarwal remember you and me went into the lab to get the lectures sorted and YOU ACTUALLY SLAPPED ME .. in front of all the people...

    SATURNALIA at patiala you remember... and Wait baaki sara NEXT PART CH :) love you brother Thanks for standing by me right or wrong EVERY TIME :) ABNM

  24. Raj - Only name sake !! Says:

    What a post , Nostalgic :)

  25. A New Beginning Says:

    Great days sure are nostalgic!!

  26. annucool15 Says:

    and i was so inspired, i wrote abt my college canteen too

  27. Anonymous Says:

    hey that was a nice nostalgic post Bikram..reminded me of my college days and this has to be chandigarh!!right ? I just know it by the look of it

  28. Bikram Says:

    @Meghzy:- You commented wah wah aree abhi to next parts padhiyega .. aap kahoge was that you bikram... it was MAST time we were RAMBO's , 10 feet tall.. and bullet proof tooo .. Lock up sirf EK baar.. uske baad HAAT Hi nahi aye unke ... thank you so much ..

  29. Bikram Says:

    @Raj:- thanks my friend ... it indeed is

    @A new Beginning :- yeah sure nostalgic they r indeed

    @Anuradha:- I just read your article and commented too.. you had fun tooo...

    @liveonumpulse:- yes it is chandigarh, Govt college for men sector 11... Thanks for visiting do come bakc :)

  30. Gaurav Says:

    College life is a permanent memory which can never fade away.

    I'm experiencing the same life now.

    Bikram, you were quite an interesting 'bhai' in college, ha!

  31. Tomz Says:

    well..let me rad d second part also...

  32. The Holy Lama Says:

    yaadein. Liked the funda abt fees:D

  33. NRIGirl Says:

    Nice to know a little bit more about "those days" and "that you"!