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Wordless Wednesday:- ADRENALIN.. RUSH

Wednesday, October 06, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann

49 Response to "Wordless Wednesday:- ADRENALIN.. RUSH"

  1. Amrit Says:

    Oh My God !!!! That is awesome

  2. Sandhya Says:

    I can notice that you are enjoying, Bikram, but for us, it looks scary!

    The background of white ball doesn't look like the sky, is it real?!

  3. Kavita Saharia Says:

    This is awesome !I envy you !

  4. NRIGirl Says:


  5. Rachna Says:

    Super cool!

  6. Gaurav Says:


  7. Unknown Says:

    Woww... awesome...what height were U at? something I've got on my wish list for a long time!

  8. RiĆ  Says:

    Wow thats looks awesome!!

  9. BK Chowla, Says:

    Are you not scared?I wont do this even at a gun point.

  10. Phoenixritu Says:

    Wow! Looks like you had fun! Way to go Bikky

  11. UmaS Says:

    Ritu...what a name...Bikky....COOL !!! :)

    This is what I want to do before I go up there really....face my fear of heights... :)

    What did u do ??? Jump from the plane or bungee jumping or what ???

    But superb...your face shows the excitement of the whole thing. :)

  12. Sh@s Says:

    Wow! This looks super kool.
    The pic says it all :)

  13. Shilpa Garg Says:

    Scary for me!! But you seem to be enjoying it!! :)

  14. Punam Says:

    Singh is King??

  15. rohini Says:

    truly to want to do of my frnd in SA did this..and he too shared his pics ..that time i also got excited...and now man...when did u do it and where..???

  16. RGB Says:

    whoa! I envy you. I would have loved to be there, do that!

  17. Smitha Says:

    Wow! Wow! wow! I so envy you! I so want to do this! Is it somewhere in the UK? Husband tried it in Vegas last year - and I could not , so I am constantly on the lookout to see if I can give it a shot too:)

  18. Tara Says:

    awesome !! by the way thanks in bunch for being on my space and eager to c those long comments ..

  19. magiceye Says:

    wow wow wow!!!

  20. girlsguidetosurvival Says:

    Cool O Cool

    Karti Balle Balle...

    Kissed by a water princess, jumped from sky so What next...?

    Keep enjoying,
    Desi Girl

  21. Anu Says:

    Bravo Act!! It does rush a lot of Adrenalin into our veins..just by seeing this pic!!

  22. Sahithi Pallavi Says:

    WoW! Too adventurous!!
    Seems you are enjoying!!

  23. pallavi Says:

    Woohooo!!! AWESOME!!

  24. Says:

    good one! having some real FUN..all thrills and chills of life..
    Gr8 goin :)

  25. Ananth Says:

    wow... I can imagine what sort of an adrenaline rush you would have got.. Having great fun... :)

  26. DiDo Says:

    Wowww.... m jealoussss

  27. Bikram Says:

    THanks A yeah it felt awesome tooo and i loved it :)

    Oh yes I enjoyued it , one of the things i wanted to do before i say Adieu to this world :) It was scary when i was stitting with my legs dangling from the plane.. but once pushed it was sheer THRILL...

    It is the sky its the clouds 14000ft... the free fall was in the clouds yes beleive me it was for REAL :)

  28. Bikram Says:

    Nothing to envy , go and do it .. its worth once :) he he he Thank you.



    SUPER THAnkssssssss :)

    How u doing, come after a long time.. THanks matey

    that was at 14000 ft, its a good wish go and JUST DO IT ... its fun toooo a bit scary when the plane is going up and the doors open.. noisy tooo :) and the air when it hits u.. the cold and water drops but AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE

  29. Bikram Says:

    THank you , it felt awesome tooo

    BK Chowla sir
    I was scared but i thought might as well, wanted to do it before i die so gave it a shot.. Worth doing once...

    yesss had lots of fun.. but it finished toooo sooon jsu a few minutes and DONE.. not fair shud have lasted a bit more .. :)

    yeah thanks to ritu Bikky it is he hehee
    Yes do it i would say , this is sky dive, jumping from a plane for a free fall and then the chute opens...
    my face was going all over due to the air pressure it was fun though...

  30. Bikram Says:

    Yes it was fun, Thank you so much

    Shilpa Garg
    Scary for me tooo, but i just went for it ... and I enjoyed it yess a LOttttttt Thanks

    yah king when i finally landed , till up there it did not feel like :) he he he he esepcially the free fal it was like WHAT IF..

  31. Bikram Says:

    Rohini Ji
    Yes one of the things i wanted to do before i die. You shud do it if you get a chance it feels goood .. I did this in Australia a place called Wollengong by the beach

    Thank you , dont envy me if you get a chance do it ... come to uk i can take you to places where they do it here :)

    No this was in Australia, but i am sure in uk also they do it in a few places cambridgeshire, london and other places , you shud if you can , i did it because my wish list before i pop off :)

  32. Bikram Says:

    Hey thanks , yes indeed you will find me at ur space.. Thanks for visiting me

    Thanks deepak ji, THank you thank you and THANK YOU :)

    THank you ... haanji kar hi ditti balle balle :) hmm what next well watch the space i would say :) lots more to come ...

    Thank you so much...

    Thank you so much, indeed it was a adrenalin rush for sure ...

  33. Bikram Says:

    Sahithi Pallavi
    YEs i did enjoy and had a lot of fun, it was worth doing it Thank you so much...

    wooo hoooo to u tooo THank you

    YEs might as well have them now, later one might not get the time and it was worth it the fun and the rush

    Ananth Majumdar
    Thank you so much.. it was indeed a adrenalin rush for sure .. i loved it ..

  34. Cinderella Says:

    Such fun!

  35. Bikram Says:

    Thank you and dont be jealous , when you get the chance do it its fun and amazing...

    Yes fun it was .. Thank you for visting my blog, please keep visiting .. :)

  36. Ananya Says:


  37. Hitesh Rawat Says:

    i'm so scared of heights...... and couples of days back... on my home, Delhi, i had this thought in mind...would i be able to this....jumping of a plane...... damn.... i had shivers only by the thoughts of the pics are freaky....... don't if i'd ever have the gut of try this...

  38. Girish Says:

    I so wanna do that!!

  39. Suruchi Says:

    arre waah...aap yeh bhi kar lete hain!
    aisa kuch hain jo aap nahi kar sakte?:-)

    the pics are awesome...
    wondering though how u felt before n after it all!:-)

  40. A New Beginning Says:

    Woooo that must be loads of fun!!!!

  41. Enigma Says:

    Seems you have done all sorts of adventures and other things(like the dolphin one) that I wish to do.

    I'll also definitely do all those things sometime in my life. :)

  42. Bikram Says:

    yesssssss thats the spirit , the pis motivated you goood goood ...
    DO IT its fun .. :)

    hmmm but hey if u try this you might cure urself tooo.. I am sure you can.. come on I will come with you If i can do it anyone can do it .. beleive me :) moreover once u r jump there is nothing u can do :)

  43. Bikram Says:

    well find out where they do it and give it a go and see if you like it its good fun though...

    wah wah aap aye mere blog pe kya baat hai .. dhanya bhaag hamare :) he he he
    YEs ji this also i did thought might as well do it before i topple over :)

    before this i was scared a bit, especially when the plane went into the clouds and they opened the door and i sat with my legs dangling outside , they felt lifeless but I closed my eyes and went for it

    That was the thrill , the free faal , as you can see my skin was everywhere and also because of pressure and all ears burst but the adrenalin was goood

    and when the chute opened it was magic to see the view beach and everything , as we came out of clouds and nearer i could see my family down waving at me and my mother probably praying i land safe..
    The parachute fall was good but other than view not so exciting as i had done a lot of para sailing and all load and loads of time

    so all in all it was GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  44. Bikram Says:

    A New Beginning
    Thanks it was fun... yeah

    not all , still to go on a safari and see the lions and tigers out in open..
    swim with a shark tooo
    loads and loads of things in the wish list still to do ahhhhh life is so short

    YEs you do them , when you get a chance just do it ... thats what i tell all my friends ..
    ALL THe best and also tell me how you felt :)

  45. raji Says:

    uff ..incredible.I would love to do that too..that would have been a huge adrenaline rush!!!

  46. raji Says:

    bikram ..i enjoyed mr BK CHAWLA JI 's comment.he wouldnt do it even at a gun point!hehe.even my husband tells this that even if people pay me dollars and dollars i wouldn't jump from tht hieght.But i always enjoy all these ..

  47. Bikram Says:

    Well i would surly say yes go for it , one shud try it.. and yes chowla sir wrote a nice comment..

    well then prove your hubby wrong and this time go for it, the day i did it there was another girl who was celebrating her 30th b'day that day by the jump :)

    THank you so much.

  48. Gaurav Says:

    @Bikram: I'm fine buddy, having problems with internet at home, that's why came here aftr a long time.

    Take care.

  49. Thinking Says:

    hmmm....I am afraid of would say...scarry....