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Wordless Wednesday ... Vrooooommmm

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Posted by Bikramjit Singh Mann

58 Response to "Wordless Wednesday ... Vrooooommmm"

  1. UmaS Says:

    FIRST hai kya ???? YAY !!!! :)

    Mind-boggling 110km/h speed....WOW !!! Its a car right ????

    I would love to go Vrroooommmmm on a bike.... ;) ;)


    wow! my mom goes crazy and gets tensed when my dad reaches this speed ;)
    who took the picture?

  3. rohini Says:

    speed is alws exciting ....but i m scared of it...indian roads are nt meant for such speed..there is no traffic control..i dnt advise people to go for such speed..risk is nt only urs...\\
    today only i changed my FB status-"Drive safely - someone needs U, if not U"

  4. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    UmaS Heyy you u r firsttttt yayyyyyy :)
    and thats 110 MPH not kmh :O

  5. RiĆ  Says:

    Wow!! I love speed. :)

  6. Punam Says:

    That is quite a BIG risk.. driving at that CRAZY speed and TAKING a picture at the same time!!

  7. Tanvi Says:

    Being crazy at the height of craziness!!!!! Sure speed is life, but life is more important than speed... Drive safely... :)


  8. Phoenixritu Says:

    Not good, not good. Scares me!

  9. Shilpa Garg Says:

    I read a message on the roadside by the BRO, which is very apt here... Take Heed, Don't Speed!

  10. Madhav Says:

    Cool Down Buddy !!

  11. DiDo Says:

    How did u manage to click tht :O suchaaa speed :O ...My god

  12. Sandhya Says:

    Did somebody else from the backseat take the photo...110...if you had taken, it is a risk, please be careful.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Really? I do 130 km/h everyday on my way to work while applying mascara and sipping coffee! I thought UK didn't have speed limit!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Never mind! I just read all the comments. 110 M/h I salute you u are my new hero!

  15. dr.antony Says:

    Bikram.. Man..

    Speed is exciting.There is the feel of control over time.
    Keep it lower Bikram and write more blogs.And when you reach my age pass this sermon over to your kids!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! I've often driven a car at 110 but never tried riding a bike at that speed :)
    Cool shot!!

  17. PNA Says:

    Vrooooooooooooom I love speeeeeeeeeeeeed

  18. Amrit Says:

    First I thought it was 110 KM per hour...then I looked carefully 110 Miles Per Hour....oh my god...that is too much.....

    Be careful mate :)

  19. Jas sekhon Says:

    Paaji Chakki jaane ho fatte.. I guess the new car is good then hainnn :) but holy yaar

    2 weeks left bai ji will be there then hopefully touch the 130 mark WHAT SAYYYYYYYYYY

  20. Kavita Saharia Says:

    Bura na manana vera ....mennu theek nahin laga !Be safe brother ,drive carefully !

  21. Tomz Says: many more kms to erehwon?

  22. Bikram Says:

    he heeh bike would be a touch dangerous at this speed .. you need the one i have in my garage a bandit or 900CC they are awesome :)

  23. Bikram Says:


    Well dont tell your mom.. what she doesnot know wont hurt :) is my funda he he ehe

    I took the picture myself its just a click... :)

  24. Bikram Says:

    Rohini Ji
    It is awesome .. yeah indian roads r not meant for such high speeds here also the speed limit is 70mph but kabhi kabhi .. :)

    i was getting late was on way to heathrow to pick a friend who had come for a holiday with family ...

    YES yes i got the message :) I shall drive safe and try not to speed I dont do it generally but when u got a big car sometimes i guess you get taken over :)

    and i get ur point on the FB status shall keep it in mind :)

  25. Bikram Says:

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy excellent me tooooooooooooo :)

    yes ji now that i think it is a risk .. i shall keep that in mind next time i shall ask someone else to take the Picture theek hai
    ha ha haaha :)

    YEs point taken life is more important then speed , this was just for fun ... yes i shall drive safely :)

  26. Bikram Says:

    Ritu bhen dont worry , fit and fine :) i know i know not good ..

    Shilpa Garg
    Yes i agree with you .. seems wrong idea to put the pic up today :)

    yes i am fine .. :) thanks

  27. Bikram Says:

    well with my fone camera , one hand on steering wheel and the other click clikc , the fone i got now is easy u jsut touch the screen it click automatically so that helped :)

    and that speed was ok had it for long time on the motorway it was late evening time and no rush on the motorway so i guess it was not that risky

  28. Bikram Says:

    Hey please dont copy it PLEASE.. :) Uk has a speed limit 70mph on motorways .. and lesser in built up areas...

    and wah wah mascara and coffee thats coool how do you do that and where is that ... :)

    and please leave your name so i can address you.. Welcome to my blog do keep visiting :)

  29. Bikram Says:

    Dr. antony

    yesss its just an adrenalin rush to feel the motor buzzzzzzzzzzz
    yes SIR i shall write more blogs and then tell my kids the same Point taken..

  30. Bikram Says:

    oooh where do u drive i need to know so i can try it toooo.. too many police unmarked cars these days on motorways here .. a bit risky
    fine and 4 to 5 points on license ...

    thank you :)

  31. Bikram Says:

    yesssssssss vrooom vrooooom :)

    yes sire i shall be careful not to worry .. god is great :)

    aaajaaa aaaajaaa BAND BAJA tyar haigaaaa...
    yeah its a cool car, but not as good as the mitsubishi.. this one does not run that fast...
    aho yaar holi holi theek hai chinta na kar ... marna taan hai hi ik din aj ki te kal ki :)

    yes yes yes 2 weeks 130 ki yaaraa tun aa taan sahi heathrow-home one hour hor das... waiting always to meet you ... jalid jaldi jaldi jaldiiiii how is the BABYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and my darling bhabhijaaan jaldi jaldi jaldi

  32. Bikram Says:

    Ohhh .. this was just for fun i did , I did not realise
    I am sorry and beleive me you saying touched me .. Thank you so much for thinking of me like that ...
    I am really sorry ...

  33. Bikram Says:


    :) i reached the destination in one piece... on my way to heathrow that was ... thank you.

  34. chitra Says:

    Where were you heading?

  35. CutePriya Says:


  36. Gaurav Says:

    Man thats thrilling!!

    My bike cannot go past the 95kmph mark.

  37. Erratic Thoughts Says:

    Okay...Here is your speeding ticket(comment) :D:D
    But-o-but it's so thrilling!:)

  38. Rajlakshmi Says:

    how did ya click at that speed!!!!!!!
    wow hope you were driving safely :D

  39. Anu Says:

    Wow! Must be an exciting ride for you! I like this speed in bike than cars! Especially the bullet ones!!

  40. Enigma Says:

    Whoa! That's some speed for some thrill and excitement!!

  41. Says:

    ..Speed is good as along as its safe,which is would say Drive safe.. one life we have ..enjoy it or ruin it!!

  42. sm Says:

    India needs such a speed to find corrupt babus and politicians.
    like the pic

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!!! Vroom for sure.

  44. NRIGirl Says:

    Agree, you win!

    80 mph is my fastest.

    ~ NRIGirl

  45. Unknown Says:

    can i give u some bekaar gyaan here??

    speed is thrill,but it also kills

    BAH! :P

  46. Harini Says:

    wow! Speed is exciting. Btw, what gaadi is it?

  47. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    I was going to heathrow to pick a friend who was coming from india :)


    yeah india roads get a bit difficult but easy here , i was going at that speed and some bikes were overtaking me so u can imagive the speed they were going at :)

  48. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Erratic Thoughts
    Welcome ot my blog, thank you so mcuh for the comment please do keep visitng :)

    and oh please no speeding ticket :) he hehe

    How did i , easy peasy, with my mobile phone ..

    well i survived and no one got injured so yeah it was Safe enough :)

    YEsss that the way to go vrooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

    :) i love speed toooooo

  49. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    yes it indeed felt good at that time :)

    yes i get ur point, i was safe and this was only for some time not all the way to destination...

    he hehe yeah i wish i could say AMEN to that cause i doubt if this would have helped there tooo..

    thanks for liking the pic

  50. Bikram Says:

    yayyyyyyyyyy :)

    Thank you thank you.. i have gone to 120 once but only for a few seconds .. and i am planning to go for a weekedn at the race circuit to go much higher then that :) fingers crossed


    Yes ji madam I get the message loud and clear.. :) will keep in mind

    This is mitsubishi carisma

  51. BK Chowla, Says:

    My dear friend, I will never drive at that speed nor will allow my son to do so.

  52. RGB Says:

    Try that on Indian roads (err...pot-holes)!

  53. Ananya Says:

    Crazy fun! :D

  54. Angels Never Lie Says:

    OMG...whr were u driving...must be real fun ehh

  55. Unknown Says:

    This is not at all cool...No comments.

  56. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    BK Chowla
    sir i understand , i think going by the comments this pic was the wrong choice to put , i got to be more throughtfull next time ...

    Yeah i know , i have tried it but its like breaks every 10 metres :) it takes 6 hours to go from chandigarh to our village ... which is about 150odd miles and here i cna d othat much in 2 hours i guess or worst 2:30hrs

  57. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Hmmm well dont get ideas though and dont try it at home :) it was fun though

    Angels Never Lie
    This was in england, late in the evening empty roads :)
    yeah fun till it lasted

    :( sorry i get the point .. as i mentioned earlier maybe not the best pic i put here ...

  58. Anonymous Says:

    I wasn't planning on copying you... I tend to keep it under 150 Km/h to keep my license/insurance clean.. :=)

    and mascara, driving, and coffee is Easy!! - It's called multi-tasking - apparently, women are awesome at that as everything else ;=)

    Drive safe

    - Mannat!