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QUESTION ?... Please Do answer

Friday, November 12, 2010 Posted by Bikram
I was reading this article on  comfortablynam's blog.. and that got me thinking

Indeed so very true.. I feel that kids have so much faith on there parents when young... BUT on other side there is a different story that we see happening , I will give a small example

Pity is the state of PARENTS these days who don't look after there kids, I have some strong values regarding children, Why do parents want to have them when they cant take care of them .. WHY there are plenty of  ways to NOT have them ..

I go MAD when parents don't look after the kids..

This is the scene, Wednesday night walking down the car park, see a Car alarm go off, walk towards it, What we see is a Posh car, lights blinking, inside a 8 months old baby in a child seat asleep on back seat, and a 6 year old girl on the front seat sobbing.

We stand there for 15+  minutes talking to the little girl, asking what she is doing , where her parents are , manged to get her stop crying.. the baby slept through all this noise Bless her :)  awwwwwwwwww

Then walks in a old woman(60+)  , along with a guy(40+)..  They see us and nothing open the door of the car to sit in ...

On questioned the reply was  "We went in for a quick pack of CIGGIES"..  (cigarattes)

How can you ..

I can vouch here it was not 2 minutes... its was at least 15+ minutes

Now what I want to ask is What would you do in this case ? 

I will tell you what I did, and beleive me this Parent had a lot of nasty things to say to me ... but all that later let me have your views on it first....

82 Response to "QUESTION ?... Please Do answer"

  1. Amrit Says:

    Legally in the USA, this would be consider crime and charges will be filed against parents and children will be handed over to Social workers.

    Morally it is wrong too. Very very wrong. These people don't deserve kids.

    There is absolutely no justification to it but most of the times, when parents fights children are neglected.

  2. DI Says:

    I am not sure how many parents are actually this way. But just like there are thieves, and murderers, there would also be this kind! I agree that the kind like these probably do not deserve kids, esp when there are so many who would be awesome parents, but cannot have kids of there own.

  3. Amrit Says:


    Just to be sure...I would follow law and call police and social worker. If I am a law officer, I would hand over the kids to Social worker or human services. No second chance..because you don't know this might be a routine for them.

  4. shail Says:

    I ask the same: "Why do parents want to have them when they cant take care of them??"
    And this is not simply in the above sense, in the type of scene you have outlined. Some of them are just not inclined mentally emotionally to care for children. Then WHY have them?? Children are a great responsibility. They need love and affection, care, effort, time.
    If you cannot give all that wouldn't it be better to just not have them??

  5. Phoenixritu Says:

    >Shudder< I havent seen anything like this!

  6. Kavita Saharia Says:

    Sad and dangerous situation for the kids.This kind of mistake must be reported ,i am sure there are laws against it.

  7. Sandhya Says:

    Now, many sensible people think twice before have children, which is good, I feel. In this fast world, taking time off from their busy schedule is difficult. It is better not to have children and make them suffer like this. Abused children will become criminals later on in their lives.

  8. Rià Says:

    Gosh that was such a sad thing to happen...i guess ppl are bcoming more n more selfish with each passing day. :( Everybody wants to think abt themselves only.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Kids are a big responsibility, neglecting them and leaving them in dangerous situations definitely makes one wonder on your lines.
    I too would have been very upset had I noticed something similar :( :(

  10. Tanishka... Says:

    This is highly irresponsible on the part of parents and they should surely get a lesson and so i would report this issue....

  11. rantravereflect/ jane Says:

    first thought 60+ mom, n 40+ dad??!! no wonder they're weird parents or rather- grandparent-parents! well, i would've told them, if you couldn't use protection @ such a ripe age, atleast use ya brains.. if ya can't be a parent, atleast be human! but i guess no matter what ya say or do, it wudnt change them!

  12. Ananya Says:

    what the hell?
    anything could've happened to those kids. why take them out on night anyway if you plan to leave them is car all by themselves?
    And if I was there, I would have scolded them so badly :/ even if they were so much more elder to me.

  13. sm Says:

    i agree with you and A also.
    Regarding India no one cares about the law,
    but people are good they will do what you did , helping the baby.

    We do not any such law but yes in USA they got such laws and one should call the police officers or social workers.

    What you did was great act
    Now a days in India this does not happen.

  14. Bikram Says:

    Exactly my senitents and you know me i went beserk.. :)

    same is the case here in uk on the law

    YEs that the way to do it .. and i agree with you no second chance to be given , they dont it today they might have done earlier and might do again tooo who knows

  15. Bikram Says:

    YEah i hope so too NOT many are this way, but its a growing trend in western countries and I find in india too.. kids are left with AYAS and helping hands .. which i am sorry i dont beleive in.. I mean if you have given birth to the kid then you shud look after it ..

    Yeah how desperate are the people who want kids and here is a situation where they dont care ...

  16. Bikram Says:


    :) yep That what i asked him too.. the other woman was this guys mother..

    Oh I know what u mean I see it regulalry , the idiots are using drugs and all, haveing a smoke and all and a little kids will be walking around them PATHETIC...

    They indeed are .. yes totally agree with you ...

  17. Bikram Says:

    Well I have and beleive me its not a good sight ..

    It is for the grown ups it was jsut 2 minutes , and in that 2 minutes anything can happen anyone could have taken the kids and walked away and god know where they would have gone ..

    How can they rather the old woman she was the grandma, i mean how could she be so carelesss

    There are laws oh yes, I will update everyone what happened :)

  18. Bikram Says:

    Yeah i agree with you totally on this, people are busy and here i have seen now there is a trend NOT TO HAVE KIDS At all... seriously they dont want it for couples can enjoy more

    Its harsh to say but a lot of people here prefer to ahve a pet then a kid .. that too is a sad situation ...

  19. Bikram Says:

    YEah , not becoming selfish THEY ARE SELFISH :) we can see examples everywhere around us

    it has become basic human tendency to be selfish now, we are forgettign the values. and its all me me me me me :)

    thank you.

  20. Bikram Says:

    CB yes they are .. yepp you got that right , I was waiting to update the article later but i will tell u there was chaos, knife, blood, heating arguments , pushing and shoving .. Car accident ALL That included in the little episode

    I will soon put it up :)

  21. Bikram Says:

    Hey welcome to my blog, thanks.

    Oh beleive me THey got a nasty lesson :) will update soon ..

    rantravereflect/ jane
    he he heeh ooops Sorry i forgot to mention it was not couple .. it was the son and his mother .. I understand what you thought ha ha haa :)

    but yeah that could HAVE been a possibility you never know even the celbrities are doing that a 60 year old marrying a 20 year old :)

  22. Anonymous Says:

    it is a sad sight...
    these days that people keep speaking about the children not taking care of their parents in the later stages of life while they don't take care of young ones that too when they need it so badly.or is it that parents have come to a conclusion that either ways the children are not gonna take care of them when they get old?

  23. Bikram Says:

    YEah exactly my sentiments WHAT THE HELL
    yeah so true you are right.. i agree y take them out at night its COLD now .. I almsot froze standing there

    Thank you..


    that's so sad... but i'm sure this is not the case with everyone. there are parents who make sure they provide all the comfort for their kids. but parents like this have to be taught a good lesson.

  25. rohini Says:

    its an disgusting and shameful behaviour...
    thnkfully here in India such cases are nt seen/.//atleast i have nt seen ///although there are many other crimes against children...
    fed up of hearing and noticing it...

    on the question y do they have children? then i think its the pressure of relatives...and next he doesnt want another to say that they are nt physically fit to produce a child...its mentality...

    irresponsibilty towards children is worse....

    tc u parents

  26. Punam Says:

    Well, Bikram, I dont know about others, but I can tell u what kind of grownups these kids wud have turned into.. I for one, have been at the recieving end of a parvarish gone seriously wrong.. and.. u know, the sorry state of such parents at a later stage is even more scary.
    Jo bachon ka nature bigadta hai, wwoh toh hai hi (incase nothing untoward happens to them), but they give it all back, u know.. to the parents and the other ppl in their lives.
    This topic is very very sore for me.. and I will probably write a few more about this..!!

  27. girlsguidetosurvival Says:

    Why do people have kids?

    DG guesses may be they want to prove they created something because work/career etc. is like creating something for someone else under their command not independently.

    Also children are the people one can control absolutely (until children rebell) and will rever you. To me it is a kind of self aggrandizement.
    DG has seen poorest of the poor who cannot even feed themselves want kids, ok their reasons are like life insurance another pair of hands to earn.

    Calling 911 and reporting the negligent parents. Do not know how good that will be coz' they'll remove the children from parent's custody and send them to foster homes. Foster homes have their own mess to clean- lots of abuse and neglect there too. Also, children will develop abandonment issues.

    DG thinks lisencing baby making will be helpful but then all human rights people (DG is one of them) will come bashing DG. We don't want unsafe drivers on our roads then why unsafe parents in our society??

    Desi Girl

  28. Amrit Says:

    Bik and all,

    It is not a good idea to compare India and the UK.

    In India even if someone leaves children in a car, there are million of people around and someone would help in case of an issue. That is the culture. People do interfere in other people's business and sometimes it is helpful this case.

    But in the UK (and in the USA and in Australia), no one (NO ONE) except Law Enforcement would speak with 'left alone' children.

    Just to add onto it, as far as I know if unfortunately in this case a child dies while left alone, both parents would be charged for manslaughter.

    Also getting cigarettes is a pretty stupid excuse...if there was an emergency people would understand. If I were in police, those children ought to be with social workers and do background checks on both parents.

  29. DiDo Says:

    JErks..!! feel like bashingg them... idiotss.... If they dont knw how to take care of their kids...y have them?? ....ciggi r more imp than kids?? wot kinda attitude is tht...

  30. Titaxy Says:

    I would've called the police probably. How can such young kids be left alone in the car for so long?

  31. RGB Says:

    Outrageous! Are they parents of such little kids? Whatever, they acted irresponsibly and should be punished for it.

  32. Nrupen Masram Says:

    I feel pity for such kids but there's no way to make their parents understand how much their kids need them.

  33. saritha Says:

    There are so many couples who do every possible thing to have babies,they go to temples,docs and what not.God should give kids to those couples not to couples who doesn't want to care for the kids.

    But the incident u have mentioned i have never come acrossed but i heard of such things in UAE where kids died in the car because of the heat.

    Recently in tv they showed a women who used to beat her 4yr old kid because she thought that girl is a hindrance for her affair with a guy.That girl was rescued by a tv channel and she was given treatment for burns and broken bones.

  34. Sakshi Says:

    There are people who are dying to have kids, and there are people who do not appreciate the gift of life that they have!

    High time that Parents start acting like parents. And if they can't then, they should never take it up to themselves to be parents.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I agree...

    But I have heard of these things here as well. We have a law that if parents are caught or even suspected being a threat to a child's upbringing or existence (physical or emotional), Social Services get involved and they take the kids away and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Now, having said that it doesn't necessarily mean that the kids are going to have a great life as they then go through a series of foster parents (who have their own issues) and the parents loose the kids forever...

    If you can't take care of the kids don't have them to be begin with.

  36. Chandrika Shubham Says:

    Naki ker kuyane meine daal.

  37. Vibhuti Bhandarkar Says:

    this is an absolutely shaking tale you tell here..And why I have seen many parents like that!
    Quite candid about their kids..I completely agree with you..If you cant give personal care and attention to your own offspring why have it in the first place?
    I think all parents have to hit the right balance between letting your toddlers/ kids learn to enjoy their own company and doting on them constantly...
    Just the other night the 4 year old kid from our opposite building woke up at 2 am to realise parents werent around and she was all alone, locked in!!!
    All the neighbours calmed and consoled her from their own balconies..Someone managed to call her Pa and had her speak to him over the speaker phone...
    God drive some sense into such negligent parents!!!!

  38. Rajlakshmi Says:

    gosh they don't even deserve to be parents... outrageous!!!!!!

  39. Harini Says:

    This is heights of irresponsibility. They dont deserve to have kids!

  40. Enigma Says:

    I always feel that you should never do things that you can't handle or can't take responsibility for.

    It's so hopeless and shameful to leave your own children by their own, and on top of that not showing even a small sense of regret. Just too horrible!

  41. Says:

    ..Its sad!!but I go with comment "A"
    has given its very true...the laws dont permit irresponsibility with kids in US they are taken by social workers,there will be charges against them should have called the police...for an appropriate action!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    That's atrocious!!! why do they even have kids if they aren't responsible enough????

  43. Angels Never Lie Says:

    wtf! big loathe fr such pple. r dere kids jus anothr accessory fr dem. i wud hav def reportd da matter to da cops....

  44. Angels Never Lie Says:

    wtf! big loathe fr such pple. r dere kids jus anothr accessory fr dem. i wud hav def reportd da matter to da cops....

  45. Rachna Says:

    It is a crime to leave young children unattended in the car. It could lead to the kids getting severely hurt. I share your anger at parents who have kids and do not look after them well. I have two sons, and despite being an MBA, I gave up my career to raise my kids. I now work from home and part time to ensure that my children do not suffer. I really cannot understand why one must have kids, when, as you rightly pointed, they don't need to. It's disgusting, and I hope that you got these two people arrested.

  46. Unknown Says:

    thats sad..but let me be a little biased, not such incidents happen in INDIA..atleast it is lesser than the rate at which it happen 80+ man can also have a 90+ gf and a ten year old child..ridiculous indeed!

  47. BK Chowla, Says:

    In india this trend is picking up and I am sure we will catch with them soon.The problem is TIME availability.Both the partners do work now, because of exposure-economic needs-need to make it in life.That is where the children get neglected.
    Had we not disbandid our joint family system ,it would have been different

  48. Anonymous Says:

    As a parent I cannot understand this at all. I struggle with it sometimes when my daughter is strapped in to her carseat and I have to run to get something inside the house. The time to get her out and get her back in and to run in and out of the house is way longer than me running in and out..but I still can't do it. What if for some reason it takes me longer.. how long in long enough..and this is when the car is standing in my garage. To leave kids in the parking lot of a mall..I can't even imagine.. That would get me mad like hell.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Sad state. Why have kids if you can't take care of them?(At that age???)And by care, its not the amenities, its the basic security that kids need. The kind of parents we are, we can't sleep peacefully at night, worrying whether the blanket is suffocating the baby. So yeah, the blood boils when we see such irresponsibility!

  50. Prats Says:

    I so agree with you....Parents these days have become so irresponsible... No wonder the values are getting lost these days...

  51. raji Says:

    This was disgusting.I cannot stand injustice,and i just revolt back in anger usually;so if this was the case I would have just shouted at them ,which would definetely be of no use!

  52. Bikram Says:

    Thanks .. yeah in india no one cares .. agree with you but then there are bad people tooo... who would just take the kids away

    here also we have in UK the same thing...

    People have become too busy i guess and self involved who wants to bother about others

  53. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Hey welcome here, thanks for visitng please do visit again.

    Yeah Indeed I know what you mean but i doubt if parents think that way, if they do think the kids are not going to take care of them when they grow up then its simple DONT HAVE THEM ...

    But if you have them then there comes responsibility which as a grown up adult you are bound to ..

  54. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yeah it is sad.. No this is not the case with everyone, there are always good and bad ..
    yes they do need to grow up i guess

    Rohini JI
    So Am i , Well you will be amazed to know it happens quiet a lot in india too, its jsut people there dont know much about it, and cases are not being recorded.

    Yeah i kno about the realtives pressure, but that was a statement i made :)

    yeah mentality i guess


  55. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    hey, I agree with your point, about what kids grow up to be. I see it day in and day out, anti social behaviour from kids is one the biggest crime happening here in Uk and all these things contibute to it how they get along when they are young and how they are brought up is one of the things.

    Well i hope you write looking forward to reading it all ...

  56. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Well i agree with your point, but that was not the question, that was a statement i made..

    Totally agree with you. Yepp DG I would prefer not to have kids if i cant afford or dont have time for them..
    yepp 911 is the call to do , we have 999 here :) yeah i also know how the social services work, thats not good too as you mentioned they have there own problems, I would try my level best not to let the social services involved is possible, they are the last resort..

    I have written what we did and will put the post on ..

    Licensing Babies Hmmm I like the idea , let me not start on human rights they are a pain in the arse and would do anything to make things wrong, they hardly do anything right..


  57. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    You are mistaken my friend that help comes in india, I guess we are still living in the era when we left the country an came abroad, Things have changed a lot , no matter what people say Things have changed and that too for the worse...

    Yeah you are right on the manslaughter charge.. and YES THEY SHOULD BE ...

    You answered the question if you were police, guess what i did he hehe :)

  58. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    :) yupp jerksssss :) ohh cant bash them Dido, law doesnot permit that..
    totall agree with you, do read what we did ..

    Yes good choice, indeed that the right way to handle it .. :)

    :) yes it was the Father and the Grandma.. Indeed they were punished as you will find out...

    Nrupen Masram
    Hey welcome to my blog, thanks for ocming please do visit again..

    Me too, yepp cant help if parents are IDIOTSSSSSSSsss...

  59. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yes thats what makes me mad too, people are doing so much to have kids , going trhough so much pain, and as u said temples .. docs .. spending tons of money
    and those who have sometimes do such silly things...

    Yeah i heard that too about the kid in UAE..

    yepp we got shown that scenario too where the kid was beaten and malnutritioned and recently here in uk same happened the parents killed the daughter , they went partying and gave nothing to the daughter to eat..

    The father use to padlock all the food, homeschooled , the social worker was not allowed to meet and the SOCIAL services did nothing , they did not have a clue what was going on.. and the poor girl died..

    Sad stories

  60. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yes so true. Agree with you.. Totally agree dont have them if you cant look after them ..


    YEah same law in uk too :)
    Social services and foster homes have there own problem and they might not be the right thing in the long run... the parents jsut got to be more responsible..

    Chandrika Shubham
    YEah i know what you say .. but to me its more than that.. :) hope you get the hint

  61. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Haanji it is ..
    and WHAT .. oh my god they left the kid sleeping bad bad decision..
    dont beleive it.. here the parents would have been charged :)

    Yes they dont , the indifferetn attitude that people have .. totally agree with you

    Yes it is ... they dont deserve

    So true so true , dont do what you cant take respionsibility of.
    Yeah they did not show remorse read what happened later...

  62. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:


    yeah same here in UK.. but we did a bit different and i hope it was the right thing to do..

    Yes it is, I know that WHAT I ASKED HIM.. and it went horribly wrong after that :)

    Angels Never Lie

    yes exactly WTF.. in bold and capitals :)
    and i like ur reply yessss

  63. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yes it is a crime, yeah
    and hats off to you, for doing that and I am sure the kids grow up to be good human beings because of all the care you have given them and all the love.. All this effects the growing up of the kids ..

    Well yeah thas what happened, I have written a little post on what happened with a few censored parts :)

  64. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Well they happen Madhu, read the comments above.. they happen its jsut people dont know about them yet.. or the law is not there against this ..

    BK Chowla
    Chowla sir I know, and yeah what you say is one of the reasons and yes joint family did help but all those things are changing now ..

    for good or bad i dont know we shall find out soon enough i guess ...

  65. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Well they happen Madhu, read the comments above.. they happen its jsut people dont know about them yet.. or the law is not there against this ..

    BK Chowla
    Chowla sir I know, and yeah what you say is one of the reasons and yes joint family did help but all those things are changing now ..

    for good or bad i dont know we shall find out soon enough i guess ...

  66. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yeah i know what you say , but then the car is in your garage or at least on your property.. you would not leave the child and go out of sight...
    you may leave but will make sure to have them in your sights all the time ..
    Exactly what is it takes a bit more.. it only TAKES a minute .. less then that .. you stand outside your house, close your eyes count 10 and open i am sure something would have changed in that time.. cars passed people walk by THATS all it takes .. blink of an eye
    It makes me Mad and you area mother i an understand how you will feeel :)

  67. Unknown Says:

    hey, nice bolg. if yu could take time to view my blog and do leave a comment.


  68. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Yeah agree with you totally. yeah i know what you mean, my mate andy he get so worked up, he will call at least 3 -4 times home calling his wife how are the kids .. and i joke with him
    yeah blood boils :)

    Welcome to my blog, thanks , please do visit again..
    Thanks for agreeing with me .. values indeed are changing and that tooo at a very high speed ..

    Yes .. :)
    No i did not shout , We did what was the right things to do .. well in our eyes and according to the condition so have written about it , lets see if you all think it was the right thing to do ..

  69. Smitha Says:

    Goodness! How could they do that? I mean, it is beyond crazy. They leave the child alone for a pack of cigarettes? Why could one of them not stay with the child?

    While there are loads of lovely parents all around, but there are some like these who are totally, totally not deserving of being parents.

    I think they should be reported to the authorities. I think they take such things very seriously here.

  70. varsha Says:

    Awful incident-they need to be put in jail,counselled,educated.
    The first criterion for becoming a parent must be to Grow Up first.
    Sadly there is no law to ensure that.

  71. varsha Says:

    Awful incident-they need to be put in jail,counselled,educated.
    The first criterion for becoming a parent must be to Grow Up first.
    Sadly there is no law to ensure that.

  72. Dr. Pratibha Singh Says:

    You have raised a question which every parent must think and relate.Being a parent I could say and feel its crime to deal with insensitivity towards little ones and neglecting them when they needed you most and it will reciprocate by the kids in future.Such parent repent in future, but to discourage such neglect; law enforcement is important.

  73. Suruchi Says:

    Hi Biky, could they?
    Some people are so weird that it is weird...
    Going now to read what you did...
    What I would do...pata nahi...
    Probably start a moral lecture then n there..

  74. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Thanks for visitng me ..
    I will surely visit you..

    exactly my sentiments how could they but they did..
    Why they cud not leave one with them, becuse the getting of ciggies was jsut an excuse they obviously went for shopping.

    YEah they were reported to authorities, yes they do We make srue the public is safe and sound and a priority

  75. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:


    It indeed was. YEah grow up first is the prority.. yepp no law for that , cause we are adults and we are supposed to take responsibility of our actions pity not everyone things the same way..

    Pratibha The Talent
    Thank you for saying that, indeed parents are responsible for the welfare of there kids.

    It is a crime it is treatd as crime here .
    Thank you.

  76. Bikramjit Singh Mann Says:

    Hey ji Hello
    yeah they are weird.. he hehe moral lecture i bet aapko SUN ke woh samjah jaate I need to know the art of talking ..

    how to do it without loosing patience :)

    Thanks a lot

  77. Swaram Says:

    Gosh! Hw I wish they realize they r lucky to hv the kids in their life.
    I hope and pray God grants them good-will!

  78. dr.antony Says:

    You see abnormal things every where.There are parents who torture children.Who lock them up and deprive them of their childhood. They are not normal people. If they are mentally normal, they have done a crime and it is punishable.

  79. Homecooked Says:

    Thats sad! What can be done except telling off the parents. In the US atleast we can report it, but I would have felt a little bad to do it cos maybe this was the 1st time they left the kids alone. Who knows? But I admit 15 mins is a long time to leave the older child crying and scared!

  80. Ketan Says:


    I guess, am here for the first time on your blog.

    Interesting topic. Coincidentally, I had already discussed this in one of the blog posts here (click).

    I don't think many parents actually think about the ethical issue of deciding on behalf of child to give it a life.

    In your case something also seems suspicious - how could a 60 year old lady have a 6 year old daughter. Surely, very few women can produce a child at the age of 54! They might be the gradnparents or something.

  81. Bikram Says:

    Yeah i know what you mean

    Dr. Antony
    Sir, It is so true . it is a crime and they were punished

    Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting , please do visit again..
    yes 15 minutes is a long long time leaving the kids like that anything can happen ..

  82. Bikram Says:

    Hi , Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. Do visit again.

    No no you got it wrong, i did not mention the 60 year old was the mother, I guess you should have read the next part of the article..

    the 60 year old was there Grandmother and the 40 year old was the Father ...

    But i like the way you calculated it all he hehe and hey a women in here 60's did have a child it was all over the news.

    We got them in the end, but since the car was the fathers , the granny was let go as she was not responsible for the kids.. the dad was ..

    have a read of the next part :)

    THank you very much for taking time to read and commenting.. thanks.